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Tickets to the White Sox in the World Series

Anyone that knows my parents needs to tell them to go to the see the World Series.

I am told you can buy tickets here..... I think or am told.

List of Low Cost Carriers

Here is a great link I found for most of the Low Cost Carriers around the world.

If you know more that are not on this list please put in comments, note a LCC or Low Cost Carrier is not just a good airlines that gave you a discount.

This definition is difficult to define, however there is a list of IATA...another acronym that has all the published fares for airlines;

You have two types of Airlines.

1. Listed in the computer of the Travel Agent and sold as a published fare.

2. Not Listed in the Travel Agents computer and the only way you can buy is on the internet direct.

I have started a Domain that will hopefully have all of them and easy to click on, no round the barn methods, just a good direct link.


Singapore Photo

I keep thinking about Singapore, where or how did they create this city in the middle of Asia? I has to be one of the most organized, clean cities on the planet. Beijing in China is like this, however it is too big and too much, however does the same.

I am thinking that somehow Singapore is something I do not understand, the culture is still very Asian and you see scattering of people doing what Asia do... However for sure there is a ruling force in this country that is fully connected with some master plan.

I am Manila, Philippines and this place is 10 times more dirty, however has a lot more Ice Cream Flavors of culture and better for me, however I am not normal, so I would assume the malls and boardwalks of Singapore are great for a tourist that does not want to get dirty.

Return to Paradise

I am enjoying life in Manila, I am doing nothing, only thinking about where to go to the beach. I have been reading one of my favorite authors.
James Michener

I think the book is older than me, however very good about Fiji and all the South Pacific Islands.

Lots of good explanations of culture, nothing like James to explain in clear terms life.

Note: I really like this upload feature of for photos, however I hope the photos are being stored in a systematic way...

Note... That photo on the front helps my life.

Relaxing in Manila

It is great to be back in Manila, I am relazing in 24 Air Conditioned Internet Cafe and catching up on a lot of messes and cleaning up the world of Internet for me. I have my computer connected to the internet.

The Hostel is great, free coffee in the morning, private room and there is some older 68 year old Gentlemman from England that is absolutely a great conversationalist. Many conversations about the state of the world and how the influences of many forces through history evolves. It is sometimes really great to talk with a person that can see a little more of the whole picture.

I am debating about beaches, there are a couple of beaches I have on my list to go and explore, I will need to move quick, I only have 3 weeks here, before I fly to Macau.

I will start to put up some photos, I have one of the best internet connections I have had in my world travels here. England has that Kings Crossing which is also a great place for me stop and upload and download may files.

There are projects where it is better to have my own computer connected to the internet and not just my thumbdrive. I can relaz knowing that I have all the information with me. When I go to an internet cafe with my thumb I often forget one crucial file. Too much organization needed, I normally do not have problems. I am buying a few domain names, and hosting so need to take care and keep the configurations.

Manila Philippines from Singapore

I am in the country of the Philippines.

I am in the city of Manila.

The plane from Singapore one Jet Star was completely full of women, one Philippine lady said they was hard workers.

Life is good, however I am very sad, the Shawarma place has closed and replaced by something awful. This is one reason I do not recommend much, here today gone tomorrow.

Singapore Airport

I think Singapore may be one the most modern tourist places I have entered.
The airport has free carts and free Internet, they are really thinking in Singapore on how to be of service. The place is extremely clean, the only place I have seen this clean is Estonia.
The secret to cleanliness is lots of trash bins, people will throw trash in the bin if there is a bin.
I leave in two hours for Manila, I am in the "No Man Zone" of the airport in Singapore, I have cleared the passport controls and waiting for the gate to open.
Note, normally they stick all the free stuff on the outside, then put you in a pay to play or do anything zone on the other side while we wait. I am in the waiting zone and Singapore is still providing service.
Hard to say anything bad about Singapore, other than it is very expensive, however it cleaner than about any European Country for sure and safer than most. Sort of a very clean version of Bangkok with less people however they do have these high end massage places and bar girl places.
The perfect place to take that fat wife that wants to shop all day.

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal
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Fly to Manila Tomorrow

I have to say, Singapore is clean and easy.

What I would really like to do in Singapore is have an Architect give me a tour of the city and explain all the styles of buildings. This city is a wonder in the type of building it has.

I leave early tomorrow morning for Manila, I am excited, there are some interesting Expats that used to hang out there doing all sorts of business and from all walks of life.