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The Islands of Philippines

I really need to go to an Island here, when I read the guidebooks on the Philippines it has so many places to visit I have trouble moving.

This is my third time in the Philippines and I for sure need to visit and Island or Palowan or however you spell the Island. I suppose I am on the Island of Luzon for somewhere here, however a little big to be calling just and Island.

I was able to purchase a guidebook in Bangkok for five dollars and this will help me to move faster, without a guidebook of some sorts in the Philippines I feel lost.

Baracay I believe is the tourist Island and Palowan is more the cheaper primitive island, on the other hand the country really makes it hard to meander around when the only give me 21 days of Visa time. I am going to make an application quickly for an extension and hope I can do it now so I would have maybe 50 plus days.

I guess they spell the place Palawan, oh well...

Manila Philippines

Happy Thanksgiving to the USA.

I am in Manila, Philippines again, I wonder if that is with an S or without an S, oh well, another question to the many questions of life.

I am greatful to be here and to enjoy this great country, I am amazed always at the level of English, plus also amazed there is so few travelers. I have had a few comments saying that Singapore and Hong Kong speak good English and I am wrong about my understanding of the English in these locations.

I feel the difference is I am a person that talks with everyone, and anyone, I will sit around saying hello and how are you to the strangest people. I am from Indiana, we say hello to people. We acknowledge the existence of other people in the room. If a person from the city that is very selective in conversations or hellos would go to Singapore or Hong Kong they could easily select the persons that spoke English.

Singapore to me had a lot better English skills than Hong Kong, however for sure to me the Philippines is the best.

It really does not matter to me and obviously I go to Bangkok and the Thailand people speak the worst English possible for having 1000's of Tourist speaking English walking around. These are just observations.

I was laughing to myself as I came to the Philippines. It would be nice to talk with tourism department of the Philippines. I have never been in a country with so many great tourist attractions that does so badly in attracting them.

Oh well, a whole country to myself to enjoy.

Guidebook to Philippines

I am thinking a lot about trying to write an online guidebook, that you could print and use offline for a country. The Philippines would be a great start, because there is no good guides I know of for this country. The country is perfect, however the guides concentrate on you knowing the country and not on easy landmarks.

Maleta: Pan Pacific Hotel
Angeles City: Fields Avenue.
Makati: Burgos Street

There is always a landmark for the taxis to take you to and you can work your way around from there. There is plenty of buses and easy to travel many places, however they try to tell you too much and all you need is to leave.

I am not sure what to do, however it is shame the Philippine people make this country so difficult, and the rest of Southeast Asia they make so easy. The scammers and cheats do not help, they do make life confusing as the taxis or the people are always making a decision whether they can get you or not. However anyway you do it, it is only one-tenth the amount they get you in Europe, so the value is great.

Bus from Manila to Clark Airport

I took a taxi from the Maleta area or say the Maleta Pension to the Pasay Bus Terminal

Say: Pasay - or Pah Sye

I paid 72 Pesos or about 2 Dollars USA for Taxi.

There are many buses to Clark:

Say: Clark or Angeles to the people around the bus stop.
They will point you to many, more or less the next bus is good.

Cost for bus to Angeles city: 130 Pesos or about 3 Dollars U.S.

Taxi from Bus stop to Fields Avenue:

Fields Avenue is the center of the Angeles area or the boom boom street or bar girls street, whatever you call it, it is the center of Angeles city in the Philippines.

I paid 80 Peso. I should have paid 50, got ripped and he wanted 100.

It is 8:00 - I need to be at the airport at 1:40, so I have 5.4 hours to waste.
(Field Avenue has many 24 hour internet cafes.)
I left the Hotel at about 5:30 so the time it took was about 2.5 hours.
Note: I am pretty sure you can do this easily at about any time of the day.

To go back, I would take a bus to Manila and then ask for a taxi to the Pan Pacific Hotel on Adriatico and I would be down the street from the only two major Backpacker places, the Friendly and the Maleta Pension.

Bakit Hindi - Why Not Philippines

I am in the Philippines, and often they have this unusual way of answering...

They say,
"Why not?"

In reality they mean,
"Of course."
Like why not, or course I will.

Interesting twist on the English language, I had a friend teach me how to say this in the native language of Tagalog. Pronounced:

Tah Gah Low

Or at least that is the way I hear it, nonetheless when I order something and a person says,
"Why not?"
I will in turn answer,
"Bakit Hinde"

Bah Keet Hin Day

Why not the Philippines?

Purchased Used Cell Phone

USED Nokia Cell Phone
- 26 U.S. Dollars - Includes: Lithium Battery, Charger, Sim Card

I purchased a used cell phone yesterday in an area of Manila called "Quipo". I am not sure of the spelling, however it is quite famous for most of the travelers here in the Friendly's Guesthouse on Adriatico in the Maleta area. Many have visited the place, it the place where you find the copies of anything, and I believe the sale of anything cheap. Nice place to buy anything and they seem to have a better "WESTERN" selection of items, it looks like they have both the Asian type items and the USA type items. The cost of what not is the same price as Thailand or cheaper.

I purchased a Nokia with a Lithium Battery
Cost was 1500 Pesos and included the Charger.
I needed to pay 100 Pesos more for the Sim Card.
Now I need to buy a charge or reload of Pesos so I can make a telephone call.

I think this is 26 U.S. Dollars for 1600 Pesos, I think the exchange rate is about 60, however I am not positive and without an internet connection right now, I cannot check.

The phone is small, light and easy to carry, however I need a hard box for my backpack so it does not get smashed when I sit on the bag. I believe it has two bands and I am not sure which ones as the venders had no idea what I was talking about.

I believe it probably one or two of these numbers, I gambled and hope it has at least two and I can purchase a second phone with the other two numbers.

850 / 900 / 1800 /1900

Benjie in the Hostel told me to go to the Nokia site and type in the model of the phone, however I have no idea of the model yet because it is not written on the case and I guess you can exchange cases.

I am sure this all seems quite naive to a person that has a cell phone, however to me trying to learn from a person that speaks Thai, German, Tagalo the language of the Philippines it is difficult. Normally I would just talk to the Radio Shack guy four times and the cell phone people in the USA, however they are not here.

I find that the purchase of Cell phone, Handy as they call in German or the Mobile Telephone as they call in most of the world is a fashion or spontaneous purchase, not really anything to do with rational behavior, they want to call someone in the country they are in and they buy a telephone. They want to be part of the gang of text people. The cleaning guy here in the Hostel knows everything about this phone, however he knows nothing about how to clean, the toilet is a disaster.

I guess my best recommendation for a Hobo priced telephone system is to buy two phone used in the two major areas of the world, I do not know them exactly, however I am sure I will discover them soon. I am hoping... or trying to hope that I can purchase prepaid time for Roaming.

Ash sent this link, I think it is very good:

I have to go check it again now that I have a telephone and understand the systems a little better. If I can refill this telephone or the SIM card I guess, for the Smart Philippines telephone system by buying time on the internet, then maybe I can roam or use the telephone number with the card in Asia. I have go to admit, this is both simple and difficult. It is simple to buy a telephone and start text messaging people here in the Philippines, however nobody know how this will work when I go to Hong Kong or Thailand. They all say yes, however nobody has really done it, they just believe it will work. I believe I need a contract with a USA company and a Philippines company to do this really well.

I have learned I need a ARC--- I hate Acronyms, Alien Registration Certificate or maybe ACR I am not sure, however there is some type of registration that you need to open a bank account or buy things on contract here. They went into a frenzy when I said, can I just pay cash for the whole 24 month period...

Oh well, life is steps, baby steps, then adult steps.

What is really funny is me learning, when I was in the USA 9 years ago, I had the state of the art cell phone in my van as I was a Real Estate Broker. It cost me 2000 USA dollars a month for two lines one for voice and the other for fax. I had a cell fax machine in my van forwarded calls from my office to the van so I could receive offers while driving. I received 100 percent of my calls anywhere in the USA and all land line phones automatically forwarded to the cell. So when I am feeling stupid about this new phone systems I know I am not, however what I am really happy about is now to get in the game it cost me 26 dollars and not 2000 dollars. Note the 2000 dollars was for me to use all the time for business, and I think in the USA I could do this same method for 200 Dollars per month.

I want the price of satellite telephones to go down to 300 Dollars to buy, then we all can throw away the cell phones and all the countries of the world will compete to sell you a satellite telephone. What a time we live in, however I am not sure the human animal is capable mentally of dealing with this much brain activity, I think is it is bad for the brain. I am amazed at how many people think I am on the computer 24/7. I am really only on the computer between 1 and 3 hours per day.

The reason why I have not sent a newsletter, it would require I am on the computer more, presently I have one of the world best internet connections in the Internet cafe here in Manila and am using this time.

I am learning I like to blog by email though, much better than cutting and pasting and much easier. The spell check in my Foxmail program is better than the Microsoft Works, however it does not have grammar check.

Cell Phone Anywhere on Planet

I have finally figured it out, I hope.

I want a phone that will work anywhere on the planet that there is a cell or repeater for cell signals.

The maximum is a four quad.
This means:

Anything less is not anywhere on the planet.
A person in an developing country will say yes anywhere because they can do it anywhere in their country. I ask this question all the time, I need to check.

I think this is the best phone possible to buy that I could use anywhere?

"Motorola V3 Razr GSM Quadband Unlocked Phone"

I believe I need to buy this telephone to use the absolute most places on the planet. NOTE: I know that satellite telephone will go anywhere, however that is not a CELL, it is the word. "Satellite."

When they get down to 300 dollars I will buy one, the BGAN Imarsat or something like that is a better worldwide access for satellite and only cost about 30o dollars I believe.

Text Message Capital of World

I just had a person tell me that the Philippines is the text message capital of the world.

This means or is talking about the ability of a person to write and send a written message over a CELL or Mobile Telephone to another person. People do this because here in the Philippines it is only one Peso per message or maybe about 2 cents U.S. per message. Very cheap way to walk around the Mall here and never stop playing with the telephone. It is so common here you can see as much as 25 percent of the people in the mall walking around with a cell telephone in their hands.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to me because...

1. I want a cell phone that I can use anywhere on the planet.

2. I need a contract.

3. I want cheap monthly fees, because really, I do not want a phone.

4. Cheap Roaming cost.

I want a phone so I can blog or access the internet through the telephone and upload or download emails when I go on a Camel Ride in the Sahara or some Jungle in the Amazon, and surprisingly there is Cell phone access on most of the planet. Plus in Europe to get a reservations to make my life in Europe less torture, and easier to visit.

However I need two things.

1. Cheap monthly contract.

2. Able to pay over the internet.

So many people live outside of the Philippines and write text message back or work outside there is a big market for this, the same with Western Union. There is a Western Union everywhere here so people can send money back to the Philippines. It is like El Salvador, more people sending money than people earning money. I am just interested in cheap contract price and cheap per call roaming cost.

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