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Jet Lag Rules

Jet Lag Rules

Jet Lag rules my life� hehehe 2:01 AM in the morning here in Bangkok, Thailand I and I give up, I cannot sleep. My body is completely confused; it does not know what time it is or when it should sleep.

I had trouble last night, then fell asleep around 4:00 AM, then proceeded to sleep until noon. Not the way to adjust your body clock, I need to wake and sleep at normal hours.

Oh well, this is not the first time I have had Jet Lag and it will not be the last, the bigger problem is my overwhelming freedom to do as I wish and no priority to obey sunlight rules.


I am not sure which is more dangerous, CNN or IRAN; they both would like to rule the world. I was watching a James Bond movie where this new mogul tried to create a war, made me think of CNN and BBC and now the SKY NEWS.

Speculation has become the news, nothing to do with what is NEW, more to do with what is possible, could be possible, or just plain in my mind, what will sell or perk the nonsensical minds of the viewers. I really need to read newspapers and stop all together watching TV News, it is just rubbish.

IRAN though is one of them people that stands up in the crowd and tells everyone they are crazy. I think they want to be hit; obviously, you do not tug on superman cape. What is good is now the money to support Palestine is coming or trying to come from the Islamic world and not the western world. I have never figured out why we need to give money to support those who are so obviously not in our corner.

The world is getting safer, and I have a continuous stream of emails from people that think countries are dangerous. What a bunch of crap. On the other hand, it does seem that people would rather believe a conspiracy theory than the truth.

Jet Lag Rules

Travel Blog Confusion

Travel Journal Confusion
Monday December 19, 2005, 8:17 AM

I am thinking about what I am doing, maybe some would say I am thinking too much.

This morning I went down stairs and had this very good breakfast in the Yasmin Pension here on Arquiza Street here in the Ermita Area of Manila. The cost was 80 Pesos or about 1.50 U.S. Dollars for what they call the American Breakfast. I personally have no idea how you can label the Breakfast American and for sure I do not know what that includes, however it did include two pieces of toast, two eggs, coffee and very well down bacon. The reason it is a great breakfast is because if you ask for the eggs and bacon to be well done they are cooked well done. I find this one of the most difficult projects I have ever encountered. How to get egg cooked well done? How to get my bacon cooked well done? I am very afraid of meat outside the USA and Pork makes me a big wimp, I may have eaten Bacon five times in the last 9 years outside the USA and for sure I would not eat it unless it was well done.

As for the over well eggs, cooked very well, cooked until the egg yolk are all the way solid, I can say this all in Spanish and they will not bring it to me in any of the Latino Countries, most of Asia just does not care. The Yasmin morning breakfast does this if I ask, it is amazing. I was in this place called the Audussie for in Puerto Princesa for about 7 days in total and they just could not get with the program. I tried every day there, and on them I tried my best to compromise and have the bread toasted. It is amazing a the ability of the developing countries to ignore a person.

Nonetheless, I have discovered they will also put three morning papers on the table for us to read. I am not sure what they are up to in this small Hotel, it like they want me to be happy. If they got rid of the cats and the smell of cats I would be in Heaven.

Nonetheless, what cause me the blog confusion is the fact I actually got to read a newspaper in English. There was about three articles about blogs, or people who are blogging, on Priest who is starting to blog, one interview of a blogger an many other nutty things about blogs.

I find blog extremely difficult to read as all the bloggers believe the world has an ATOM or RSS feed ability to read. The bottom line is a traveler normally walks into an internet caf� and they do not have these toys. So they just wiped off about 80 percent of the planets ability to read them if they also do not send them as a newsletter.

But here I am, getting to read about blogs, amazing information, I know nothing about blogs, the only one I know is mine, I do try sometime to monitor some, however it always requires I have time on the internet. I am starting to believe I am one of the least Internet connected persons on the planet.

I am realizing and confused, I keep being literal, I thought a blog was just a log of my thoughts posted on the internet. Reading these articles made me think, they seem to have blogs to propagandize their views. Use the forum to market their schemes or ideas.

Provoking thoughts.

I write provocative thought to the never never land of the internet, they are not directed very often at a person, mostly I try to go after CNN and BBC, and after that I do not care, I do not like Journalist and would like have them learn some ethics. However I am just a guy with opinions.

However I will say a thought, a real thought, not trying to provoke, except for trying to go after CNN and BBC. Some person who I do not know, reads it then come after me in an email. Dave gave me some great advice, if they call you names then just delete, therefore I just delete the ones that start out with name calling.

Next there is the backward insult, I have learned they also do not deserve attention, however I do read all of these and ask myself,

�Is the person right, are they making a good point?�

Now, this is where I stop, just because they make a good point does not mean they deserve an answer, especially when I am just about to tell them why they do not know what they are talking about. I can change my pants, I cannot change people.

Sometime or usually if you read my reply to comments is I want to add extra to a comment or agree, I hope to not get provoked into replying.

I am very happy because blogger put on this moderate comments things and I totally can avoid making a forum for arguments.

I had my friend John say,


This is like the number one rule of Journalist, make it controversial, or I guess they try to support some controversial or argumentative thought.

For instance or example:

I can say,

�I like President Bush and think he is a noble Character.�

That does not mean I do not disagree with him, however I still like him. This almost always elicits some person that hates him to write. I often point out to Europeans why the President was reelected was because a Majority of American like him, just because the not so silent types talk does not mean he was not supported.

My blog is just me thinking I do not go back and change things, this means I also ramble, make bad subject and such.

However travel is the subject of my blog, however maybe better to say my personal thought I post or think about while traveling. I think maybe I only talk about travel about 30 percent of the blog.

Working on my webpage and trying to solve travel questions make me focus a little on travel.

I believe blogger want to be famous, this is a motivation to lie, I suppose they believe being famous will make them loved or they will get more women or men, they will be the life of the party.

I personally test out fame, I can say something about the size of my site, try to explain, beat them side the head and they still do think I am just nothing. They have to read it in a papers something. I keep laughing and thinking about my friend that paid 2500 Dollars U.S. to have an Article written and published in Rolling Stones Magazine.

I read article in Magazines Like �Conde Nast.� and think to myself, I think every article in these magazine the company had to pay to have them written an published. I think many of the travel magazines just sell article space. Pay us money and we will write an article about you that make you look great. We are available to mislead the public as you wish.

Now, I suppose I want to tell you about the Yasmin, I sort of like the place, I do not like the smell of Cat Piss, however I can live with that, I do not like out front are some really rank smells, however my experience is this is Manila, it a dirty place, it had many pile of trash on most corners and finding a begger is so easy, it is ridiculous. The Arquiza street where is located the Yasmin has some big piles of trash, hookers and many other unsavory things, however this is Manila, it if full of this type of things.

I am 60 percent in favor or the Philippines and 40 percent thinking this is the biggest bunch of scammers on the earth and challenges Mexico in the lead for corruption.

But here I am just randomly thinking, sad as it may seem, this must be an attraction to people, I think some people really believe I am just saying or typing what I think. This is exactly what I do, blogging is the easiest part of my website, it take little brain wave to just randomly type. Being a real person is easy for me, however I am not sure what these other blogger agenda is and am curious what are they doing?

Manila Neighborhood Needs

Manila Neighborhood Needs
Sunday December 18, 2005, 8:06 AM

I am dwelling on many issues and thoughts about what it is to travel all the time, I have felt some needs in the last year. I feel I need a nest, a home, a place to be. I have this, however even for me I think or believe I am on a trip and have to sacrifice my life for the trip. I am thinking this is false, I do not have to think about this as a trip, it is my life.

Travelers Nest

I am trying to think this through, I need to create the perfect travelers nest and I am going to make a tip in my next newsletter on this issue.

But it is not just making the hotel ok, there is a need to make the neighborhood ok or to choose a good neighborhood. If I was going to buy a home, I would choose a perfect location for my home close to many things.

This morning I got up and walked around here in Manila close to 453 Arquiza Street and the Yasmin Apartelle or Pension.

Laundry - 1.5 blocks - Sea Breeze Laundry is close

Internet - 1 block - There are four close, however not 24 hour like Station 168

ATM or Bank Machine for Cards - Less than one block.

24 hour food market - 2 7-11s within one block

Normal Large Grocery - Same as Friendly In the mall less than 3 blocks.

Travel Agency - Same as Friendly

Transportation Hub - Perfect for jeepney, on road between the one ways going both direction.

Telephone - One block in business center internet.
Restaurants - Jolibees, Chinese many within one block

I can have breakfast in the Yasmin Hotel and it is very good for 80 pesos. I do not like a restaurant in a Hotel, however this is not a restaurant, they will just serve breakfast

I am comparing this to the Friendly Guesthouse or Hostel, all in all there are more store in this area or real stores. Malate has the Starbucks, but really nothing close. I have a Pizza Hut and a Jolibees within one block. The USA Embassy is less than three blocks away from here. This is yes or no the girl section of the Malate area and the Friendly and the Malate Pension I have learned is in the Gay section. It is not an annoying Gay section, however it is definitely the more Gay section than here, this is straight.

There is a really nice Best Western less than one-half block from my Hotel, and a place called the Lotus or something like that, many high rise hotels also. I guess the Hyatt is less than two blocks away. I am in the Five Star USA embassy area, however according to the guidebook it sounds like the red light district.

I suppose they can get away with saying that and feel they would get in trouble if they say the Malate was more of a Gay section. I personally do not care either way, however what I do want is my neighborhood needs take care of.

For an adult this area seem better, for a Backpacker who is only in the country for less than 21 days, I think I would just skip Manila, nothing really of interest. However for a business person or a person thinking of living in the Philippines they need to figure out Manila and the Makati area and this area so they can have a base for entering and leaving the country.

However when I choose a hotel, I find I am happy when my neighborhood needs are fulfilled. I was having a big trouble walking out of the Friendly and finding a small bite to eat, I had two blocks to the only Mini Mart convenience store and all the other places were bars. Here I have the choice of many and a breakfast in the Hotel.

Manila Philippines Hotel Hostel

I left the Friendly Guesthouse and moved to a place called the Yasmin Apartelle on 453 Arquiza in the Ermita or Mabina area of Manila.

I cannot figure it out, I am really to me in the Malate area.

However this is separated in my guidebook. I am down with the Five Star Hotels, Pizza Huts and 7-11, closer to the large Robinsons Mall.

It is explained as seedy by the Guidebook and yes it is however so is the place by the Malate Pension or Friendly Guesthouse. That is the gay are and this is the girl area, I am realizing this is a much better area to be in as it has more normal type things to buy and for sure the restaurant situation is better. I do not like the Philippines food and hard for me to eat here.

I would ignore the comments on the Ermita or Mabini area, I believe for the person wanting to do business here it is 10 times better and for the backpacker, probably you could skip Manila.

What is the perfect Hotel - Hostel

What is the perfect Hotel - Hostel
Saturday December 17, 2005, 6:15 AM

A Hotel needs to be the similar to you home.

1. Common area with Television and room to sit about 10-15 person on couches or recliners. I have never seen a recliner in a Hotel, however I have seen place in Thailand where they have special lay down platforms.

2. Kitchen for the guest to use.


1. A normal super market or grocery to buy food.

2. If there are foods or vegetable markets this should be close also, however these types of markets are not as easy as a normal Kroger, Walmart, or Piggly Wiggly types.

3. Laundry facilities that does laundry by the kilo or pound, or a coin-operated laundry either in the Hotel or within two blocks.

4. Internet caf� within on block of the hotel.
5. Shopping for clothes, normal shopping, like hardware supplies, auto, electronic, tailors, and not only tourist shopping.


I do not like a restaurant in the Hotel.

1. Either a free breakfast served or paid breakfast.

2. Kitchen for the guest to use.

3. Snacks for guest to purchase and water.


1. Closet with a Hasp on the door that allows a person to put his or her own lock on the door to the closet.

2. A security box big enough separate in the room that is big enough to place a computer, camera and such. It would be at least 14 x 22 x 9 inches or big enough for a carry on bag. Again, there is a need for a Hasp on the door that allows me to use my own padlock.


A hostel can provide all the same feature of a Hotel, however just lacks on the privacy of a private room. Generally, a Hostel is an annoyance in that it will give the dorm bed but does not give any security.


I am cracking up inside, I am laughing to myself, at the ironic way people analysis the ability of various persons to perform various types of jobs. Leonardo Da Vinci was to me what any person can be.

---- Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Florentine artist, one of the great masters of the High Renaissance, celebrated as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist --- (2)

It is like saying I cannot accurately report the news in Iraq, because I do not work as a journalist. This is preposterous anyone can tell the truth and could be the first one with the �News.�

Leonardo was an architect, however he was also an artist, and he was an inventor, a scientist and almost anything he wanted to be.

What is the job of an Architect?

1. To design a room that adheres to standards of the body of a human. Ergonomically designed to adapt to the various sizes of humans.

2. To include the necessary piece or parts of the room that makes it a complete room.

Electrical Plugs, Windows, Air conditioning, heating, water, etc.

3. Layout the room so it does not fight with the furniture or person property inside the room.

Interior Designers?

When doe the job of the interior designer cross over into the job of the architect, this to me is the lacking of modern man; they all want to be only a specialist in one area and not in all areas.

To design the perfect hotel room a person would need to lay out the room as an Architect and then be the Interior Designer so it does not conflict with the Architect, then discuss with all the owners and the persons living inside the rooms what they want or need inside the room.

I personally have live in a one-room habitat for so long that I believe I can tell the pros and cons on many issues.

Manila Philippines Guidebook

Manila Philippines Guidebook
Friday December 16, 2005, 11:46 AM

I am in Manila, Philippines again, I decided to leave Palawan early, for some reason I was able to arrange to leave early with Asia Spirit Airlines for no charge. I was trapped in Puerto Princesa with nothing to do because of the rain and the amount of time I needed. I am not a usual person as I feel I need from 3-10 days in every location and then I move locations.

This all makes me think about guidebooks and how to write a guidebook. The normal guidebook and the internet I believe will merge or work together soon. How this will happen and in what format is not certain.

What is annoying to me about guidebooks is their desire to be politically correct. I am not wanting a guidebook to require interpretation. I want it to say, this is this type of Hotel or this is a problem, or why this may exist. Now they are a guide and not a answer to all questions, however they stay out of the middle and stay too much on a guide language and not telling you the real situation. I keep realizing any Hotel is like a home, it needs to have a laundry facility, Television room, close to a grocery store, in a good neighborhood for the children, and a play room for people to play games. How close the place is to restaurants is a plus also, many have restaurants inside, and I am starting to feel a good Hotel has a breakfast, and maybe snacks at night, however never a proper restaurant. Unless they have a common area that is totally separated and free and a free guest kitchen for people to use with out competition from the owners kitchen or restaurant.The job of a guidebook is to tell you how close it the hotels are to this type of home.

Puerto Princesa Palawan

Puerto Princesa Palawan
Thursday December 15, 2005, 6:47 AM

I am hoping it does not rain today; presently it does not look good. I miss Manila and wish to return, there were some people to talk with there. There are no clear solutions to a need for people.

I think about advice of opinions of people, saying a person is lucky if they have five close friends in their lives. I am not sure I agree I have had many friends and lost many friends along the way. There is this idea of loyalty involved in friendship, there is an idea of persons that are my friends will always be with me and not desert me.

A girl in the internet caf� drilled me yesterday on questions, wanting to know who I am and where I am from, what I am doing, all the basic questions. She was very nice and very friendly, she has good intentions. We even talked about that as I was explaining some subtle ways of the English language. She said she was joking me, and I was trying to explain that it is better to say she is joking with me. However when listening to a person speak English who is not native, people naturally listen to their intentions. Her English though is getting so good she is going to be taken literal and this will cause a problem in the future.

She wishes to chat with me on yahoo messenger when I leave; she asked me if I did this, I said yes, because I am honest, however I do also not want to chat.

I am thinking about friendship.

I can find friends that wish to chat easy, how I find friends who wish to hang out with me and enjoy the day.

I heard an Acronym the other day.


I am probably not doing this correct, however it means.

What is in it for me?

I was comparing this to NIMBY.

Not in my back yard.

This is the opposite in a way; the city government in one of my home cities would say this about the people. They would vote or approve of anything that was not in their back yard. It is the garbage dump problem, everyone knows we need one; however, nobody will allow or say, it is fair when it is in their back yard.

Support of friends is about WIFM, what is in it for me.

The girl that wants to chat wants me to introduce her to a man in the USA for her to date or marry. So she is wanting something or the WIFM, on the other hand I am thinking WIFM. She has well intentions and does not see anything wrong about wanting this type of help. I do not think there is anything wrong, however she is young and full of energy.

Travel Friendships

Tourists are not looking for friendships, they only want to have some fun and have nobody know what they are doing.

Travelers find they need to hook or hang out with persons, travel friendships are usually casual friendships and do not mean much; there are some however that wish to be better friends.

I know the problem here for me, it is very common for me to have persons like that girl who want to chat with me and talk with me. I talk with anyone and everyone; therefore, I have many of these types of friends. However many of the persons I meet do not talk with anyone and everyone so this type of friendship is valuable. It is valuable to me also, however normal to have casual friendships.

Travel is great for the person who has no friends at home, you can find friends who want to talk with you just because you are from X country.

Oh well, it is time to go eat breakfast, send the toast back again to be toasted again, as I do daily, they do not learn from the past.

I am realizing if I stay closer to the hotels listed in the Lonely Planet, I would meet more people. The Philippines is a strange place, no tourist for the size, it is as if people are avoiding the place.

How much is there to see in the Philippines

I have noticed I am taking more photos on the island of Palawan here in the Philippines and I almost took zero in Manila. I do consider Manila very interesting however to take photos would be maybe boring. The subtle nature of the culture is in Manila, however no blatant interesting things to talk about.

I could take photos I suppose of every Philippines girls with a cell phone in their hands and texting message on a 24/7 basis, however they also do that on Palawan.

Nonetheless, I can tell, there is more of interest in Palawan for me, not everyone.

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