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Hello Sir

Hello Sir

Some countries say - Mister -

Some countries say - Nothing -
Most countries

The Philippines says,
- Hello Sir -
- Thank You Sir -
- How are you Sir? -

This is a to Sir with Love country, I am amazed at the number of times I hear the word Sir in one day, it like the salute to society of English speaking, how can one country be so full of the word - Sir -

The word - Hey - is high on the salute also, however Sir is the word they use, I am thinking there is a subtle, however distint difference in this society though between the women and the men, it is like a two step jump difference, and the men are losing.

Hello Sir

April 23 Manila to Cebu Flight

April 23 Manila to Cebu Flight
36 U.S. Dollars

I fly today from Manila, Philippines to Cebu, Philippines with

I am paying 1800 Pesos after all the noise and extras, this is about 36 U.S. Dollars for a one-way flight, not bad for only buying the day before. I was sitting in a travel agent office and they said,
- 3600 Peso, that is the best we can do with this short notice with Cebu Pacific -

I then purchased the ticket online withe the airline they quoted, just a lot of crap, and more crap, and then some more, the level of professionalism of Travel Agents needs to take a world leap or they are doomed.

I am sort of looking for a path from the Philippines to Australia that is with one of the discount or low cost carriers, that would be a good path.

April 23 Manila to Cebu Flight

Manila Early Morning

Manila Early Morning

I returned from an early morning walk around the Ermita area of Manila, somewhat close to the Malate or part of the Malate area.

I keep looking for an upgrade of hotels, mine is fine, however missing a few pieces of the pie. My theory on moving is I want WIFI or a 24-hour internet caf�. I think I would prefer the 24-hour internet caf�. I have to go back towards the Friendly Backpacker Hostel or the Malate Pension to be close to a 24-hour internet caf�.

This Canary WIFI finder is working well, I decided to really have a 24-hour WIFI in my room I need to know a Hotel is emitting a signal around 6:00 in the morning or before. Therefore, I need to check in the early morning or very late night.

There is a Best Western on my same street; I thought it bad this hotel did not have a WIFI as it would appear to be the best possibility of offering all the services. However, probably way beyond my desire to pay.

The streets are very dirty, it is annoyingly dirty, about twice as dirty as Thailand, plus many more nefarious street people.
Nothing very important, I fly to Cebu very soon.

Manila Early Morning

Does TV and WIFI Make Me Happy

Does TV and WIFI Make Me Happy

I am having many roller coaster thoughts; I am slowly realizing that when I have a Television in my room, I can be less happy. There is also the problem of having an unlimited use of Wireless Internet Access in my room, or called WIFI.

The Television causes me to want to watch CNN or BBC, these programs repeat themselves so often it become a sort of drill entering my brain. The movies I enjoy, however there is a competition with reading, a good book just is more intellectual.

The WIFI in the room although maybe good in a business point of view, it fights my desire to leave the fast pace western world behind. It is like putting a metronome in my room and clicks away.

Push or pull, shove or be shoved emotionally, I for the most part try to leave the game of being in any type of TIME controlled environment.

I like a WIFI maybe for one week per month in my room, this helps me to clear away the cobwebs in my internet site, and however after that is just and emotional vampire stealing my brain.
Movies, the question is would it be easy enough to rent or buy movies to watch on my computer. I enjoy a good movie, however hard to channel surf enough to enjoy. I remember in the USA, that I never had cable TV because I felt going and renting movies was more efficient, I was able to start and end movies, pause, resume and did not miss a movie because I answered the telephone.

Cell Telephone
Yes, I have one, however I have quickly become lax in any desire to by these pre-paid cards, I guess I am good to go with the Telephone. I am using it only as a tool, however I have not called to make a reservation, only one time, and that was at a hotel I had already visited.

I think the people around me looking at the cell phone makes me feel this device is a joke. It is a good business tool, however I do not think 24 communications with other people is healthy. I think moving a wife into my room would be healthy; to call her 24 hours a day would be unhealthy.

Emotional dependency on some type of entertainment is an addiction; I find I do not have this problem anymore. I am an alcoholic however, I have left the addictions to something that occupies my brain behind, and I have not drunk for 19 years.

I am aware of what make me feel or how I avoid feeling. The therapeutic value of typing in the blog is immeasurable, it is just good for me to talk with myself, and I like the guy.

Does TV and WIFI Make Me Happy



I think it is becoming my personal crusade for Hotel reform, what is up with hotel, why cannot they not see that I rent a bed first. Hard to imagine a bed costing more than 10 dollars, however they do, however if you are going to make me pay a lot of money for a flop, then make my bed.

There is a worldwide sheet problem. What I think they believe if the solution is the cleaning ladies, I have seen very few men, however the solution is the cleaning ladies come into the room and make the bed daily. This is another of the never-ending short-term solutions to life examples.

I am tempted to go into a Hilton or Ritz and check their sheets, do they have at the minimum fitted sheets.

This is the Days Inn in State College, Pennsylvania, a very good bed, soft, big, and spacious however I am annoyed, I must move around in my sleep and I do not appreciate being able to touch their mattress when I awake.

This is a not so well placed on the star level hotel in Manila, Philippines, They have the obnoxious plastic mattress, which is especially enabling the sheets to come loose. I am not sure; I think the hotels do not understand. Details, specific details are what makes a hotel, it is not the big things, it is the little things. I do not care about the swimming pool; I want the prime time things handled first.

I am thinking there is maybe a Hotel shortage on the planet, it is not getting easier to rent rooms, it is becoming more difficult. The reservations system on the planet it taking over and maybe because people know they can have a room for two days they rent them. People know the world is safe, they are traveling at an every increasing rate, and there is no end in sight. My gut says the world is not making affordable hotels fast enough for the mass of tourism. They are making tons of over-priced hotels that could never compete with affordable housing.


USA Friendly Country


I love the USA; it is the best country on the planet for many things, very boring, however still the best place to have children on the planet.

I have this mega website that is trying to eat me; it is causing me to think too much. I have to now plot and plan more than any time in my travels. I now have to find funny things; in reality, I need an office that is not an office. I have no need for an office; however, I have a need for a mailing address. They call these thingies Mail Drops, maybe an Accommodation Address, maybe a Boat Mail, or in some case just a P.O. Box.

I need a P.O. Box, however what happens is this, the world is having this P.O. Box identity crisis, if they identify it as a P.O. Box they believe you are not in business or real. I do admit, there is a truth to this. On the other hand, the small village I live in the USA does not have home delivery of mail; therefore, everyone in the whole village has a P.O. Box. This causes unknown amount of problems. IF they send normal mail, it must have the P.O. Box address of they send back, if they send by Fed Ex or UPS or whatnot the must have the street address. However they have this resistance to showing both as an Address, in the end two-address lines are absolutely needed.

I keep thinking of India, if I send something to India, it must have so much information that you cannot get it on a Fed Ex label, therefore you just hope it arrives. It will, however the last thing you want in India is for the government to pay attention to your mail. They seem to figure out ways to collect money.

Philippines is the Asia version of Panama, it has an arm-length association with the USA that is from Military associations. I like the Military associations; they just are more permanent than any friendly relations are. Mexico is I suppose friendly, however only when it helps Mexico.

I am thinking this, I will get a way, who knows exactly what type of way, however a way to have mail delivered to:

Manila, Philippines
- Maybe Thailand

Frankfurt, German or Munich, Germany

- I would like to have Bogot?, Colombia, however just too difficult, raises too many red flags. I will however go for
- Arequipa, Peru

I have to forego America or the USA as this only makes the IRS get horny for money, they just need to get their nose in their and they have leverage to extract money. I have discovered or the accountant said correctly.
- The IRS is a collection agency that does not care how they collect of if you owe. -

I want to receive a book, some publisher or maybe a Public Relations company wants me to read a book. I want to read the book; however, there is a real time misunderstanding of me. I laugh, most travel writers are maybe easy to find, they do not travel, however I always travel and how do you receive a book.

What happen, I think is this, as this is maybe the third time someone wanted to send me a book. I am having may people now send products to test; most of these companies just are not capable of being personal enough to send me a product or a book.

I suppose I must get impersonal so I can receive the books or products. I have to have this list of address?s pre-set or arranged for them to send to; one small amount of work and most of them fumble the ball.

Oh well, I have tested a Manila, Philippines address and it works ok, not great, however it does work. I am constantly worried that I get an address at a business that then moves or goes out of business. I really like government controlled P.O. Boxes, however than I am just a NUMBER, I cannot get any personal attention. I suppose what I need is a company that will go once per month and collect from the P.O. Box, then give me a street address that I can use for Fedex or UPS or DHL packages. I will go and see about the government box here in Manila.

IF I have both, the one for mail and the other for packages it would be good. I truly wish I could trust more hotels on the planet to keep things and to remember. IF I am not there to instruct, coerce of holler they will just steal or put away permanently any package that could be received. Hong Kong is maybe a solution as they have a number of expat type services.

Mobile Office
This is somewhere over the rainbow the goal. Everyone I talk to has some screwed up advice on how this can work. Normally it comes down to this; they want me to trust a person to never change. Plus or they have a system that works for them. They will say something like I have this friend in this country that can do this, they do not understand, they go to the country and live for 6 months, then they return to the USA to live for 6 months. There 6 month squatters, they are not travelers. Poste Restante does not work, I am not going to wait and wait for mail, then hope it comes, not returned, if I do not pick-up in the amount of time, it is destroyed or returned. I would be working for the mail and not for me.

Paying them?

I need to pay for a mail drop; this is not as easy as you think. I have finally decided either to pay personally with cash, or to pay with the online Western Union system.  Western Union has made some serious progress in payments anywhere. The cost is high, but I know for sure it works, this is safety thing also, a check may never arrive, and is just too full of glitches.

I am guessing, however to really have a mobile office on the planet or of the planet you need to pay about 200 U.S.A. dollars per mail drop per year and have on 6 continents on the plant, I guess I can skip the North Pole and Australia.

South America
Middle East

1200 U.S. Dollars just to keep the pace going, that is a lot of money just to receive mail, I am not sure the money is worth the gain. This is the value of a diary though, it is away to think through some of these problems and come up with solutions. I will have to muse on this, test on this, and try to figure out some ways to do this.

My other solution is to establish 6 Guesthouses on the planet; I am going to stop using the word Hostel as it is not correct. I want a Hotel that is apartment living? something like that.

The Hotel could be a retirement center for backpacker or a research center for me, a place that is a true office or facility for people that need the state of the art world that makes life easy.


Many Choices in Manila

Many Choices in Manila

I wake up this morning in Manila, I am having trouble finding a toehold in Manila, and the normal hotels I visit are full. I have a room, however it feels like I was stuffed into the corner and I am waiting to be thrown in the garbage.

CNN has some crazy; in MY opinion know nothing Anthropologist on TV explaining to me how the Maoist in Nepal are some type of misunderstood political group.

The British Rock band, - The Who -

Maybe this is what I think about the Maoist - The Who? -

Nepal is a wonderfully confused country, one of my top choices on the planet to make, design, and manufacture backpacks in, a place I want to go to in the next few months and work on making backpacks to sell on my backpack.

However, the Rock Band - The Who - said it correct and painfully too aware of the world of politics.
- Meet the new boss, same as the old boss -

What can I do? What can you do? What can anyone do when some Religious Group, Political Party, Narco Traffickers, Maoist Group, Dali Lama Group, Jihad, etc etc etc etc etc.

The name is not important to me; they all want to be the mafia boss. The form of government is mafia in structure and performance. The only alternative is some capital based system where the business runs the country and extracts money from it constituents by creating a model where they feel a need to buy from the boss.

Smart Telephone
I am handed this brochure or advertisement on the plane from Bangkok to Manila; I am half-asleep, not paying attention, dazed in my world of who cares about all the petty need to do things to move from place to place information. I rather ignore the not so interesting things like line, queues and paperwork. I know if I stand in line, I will eventually get where I wish to go.

Smart Telephone has a sleeve or holder for the visa application, aagh that is not correct. It is the form you have to fill out to have permission to enter the Philippines, not really a Visa more of a data collection form to give you a date you entered and when you should leave.

This Advertisement to me is probably an optimistic point, maybe an identifier of how business is taking better control of the Philippines. Sadly, no business is controlling Nepal; it is floundering in a lack of control world. Smart Telephone here in the Philippines has grabbed the politicians, starts to control many aspects, many parts that I would say they should not be involved in, however they are like this entry document for the country. I do not see that this should be wrapped or be allowed to be wrapped in an advertisement.

Maoist in Nepal exists to extort bribes from the people of Nepal. Smart Telephone exists to propagandize their people to believe they must have a cell phone and pay them. Which is better, Smart Telephone, better than the lottery system, while Nepal has this violence imposed tax on the people. In reality as Rishi told me in Nepal, they have two taxes, the Kings and the Maoist, and they are in between.

On the other hand, if one wins, meet the new boss, too powerful and can extract any amount money. Nepal is biting off a freedom they may not want, I have not seen a person to run this mess arise, where is a good Castro when you need them. Some charismatic person needs to pop up and take over to allow this country to enter a democracy - dictatorship. Nothing is every simple and clean, especially nothing is ever honest and open, there is always someone grabbing for power without a noble cause.

The entry document coupled or partnered with Smart Telephone. A partnership of business and the country.

Death to Drug Traffickers - This is like saying no to the Maoist, Nepal is full of Drugs, one of the Hippy Dippy, ex-Vietnam hideouts.

China and Bill Gates

China comes and visits Bill Gates and Boeing Airplanes. Now the future is present, a true partnership of larger planet interest. I am not cynical, I am very happy that China is meeting with Bill Gates. Bill must keep the people happy to enable himself to sell them products, if he become too out of balance and the people turns the government onto them by the anti-trust laws and such.

Many Choices in Manila

April 19 Leave Thailand enter Philippines

April 19 Leave Thailand enter Philippines

I leave Bangkok today and fly to Manila, Philippines, hope to see some friends and go to Cebu soon.

Life is Good.

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