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April 17 Cebu to Manila Flight

April 17 Cebu to Manila Flight

I am flying in about one hour from Cebu to Manila with, it seems to be the best choice of hopping between Manila and Cebu. I can purchase online and this makes me happy, as the Philippine culture is annoyingly difficult to deal with on most business type issues. It is as if they love to put you in a line.

In reality, hard to imagine in about 2 years why anybody would buy a ticket from a travel agent, to purchase a ticket online is safer and easier.

I want and wish to pay for travel advice from a travel agent, however in nine years of travel I have met about three worthy of listening too, some are very good on one specific destination on the planet.

April 17 Cebu to Manila Flight

Newsletter Sent from Cebu Carrying Weights

I sent out a newsletter today with many photos.

Here is the online link

The tip is about how to carry barbells or how to lift weights when you travel.

Rosary Friendship

Rosary Friendship

I am breaking down the defenses of the Maid in the home here in Banawa, she is staring to trust me or talk to me.


Rosary and Crackers
I was eating this unique cracker or flat sugary dough thing as I was looking for a place in the sun to take a photo of the Rosary.

I am not Catholic and do not assume I ever understand religions, you could try to figure out all the flavors of religions for your whole life and all you would know is there is a lot.

The Rosary

From - Encarta Encyclopedia:

- Rosary, a string of beads or a knotted cord used to count prayers. The term is also applied to the prayers themselves. Rosaries are used in many religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. Most often associated with Roman Catholics, the rosary is also used by the Orthodox, for whom it is almost exclusively a monastic devotion, and by some Anglicans.

In Roman Catholic practice, the rosary is a string of beads made in the form of a circle, with a pendant crucifix. The standard rosary consists of five sets of beads called decades, each composed of one large and ten smaller beads. On the large beads, the Lord's Prayer, or Our Father, is said; on the smaller beads, the Hail Mary, or Ave Maria. In between the decades the �Glory be,� a doxology, is recited. As the prayers are said, the person reciting the rosary may meditate on a series of New Testament events, called the �mysteries� of the rosary, from the lives of Christ and his mother, Mary. The use of these meditations is optional. Traditionally, the rosary was ascribed to the Spanish theologian St. Dominic early in the 13th century, but no proof exists that he originated it. -

I was asking or explaining how the Islamic people will sit around counting beads and saying prayers, she seemed unaware of any type of prayer significance.

She had a bundle of maybe 20 of these Rosary beads.

We had this big heart to heart conversation, she is a 20 year old virgin, working for 1.25 dollars per day, She said her father was bad, left here and sister, she is also sending money home. Want to me a ---- go figure this, she wants to meet a man between the ages of 50 and 80.

This is a 20 year old girl, shy, timid, not a good cook, however nice, wants to go to church, lives inside this compound, has no life, but wants to marry a foreigner.

Bad girls are like water in tourist areas, I can meet and discuss life with a bad girl easily in the Philippines, however to slow one of the local girls down,  stop them from texting messages on their cell phones, have the actually explain what they are thinking is a problem. In addition, personally I am not going to be alone or allow myself from a legal point of view to be exposed or around younger nice girls in a somewhat on the ever-present corrupt side.

I have been to the Philippines now 4 time, I have and keep hearing that the Philippines men are bad men, they drink to much, desert their wives, do not behave.

The made says,
- I want a serious man over 50 -

This girl is afraid of men, however she wants a man, and she obviously will sacrifice all or any personal desires to marry a secure and safe man. I said, serious, what does serous mean, she finally or we agreed she wanted an honest man.

We had this 30-minute conversation, I explained to her that I do not think many foreigners in the Philippines would make good husbands; they are not here for what she wants.

She gives me this Rosary after the conversation; I accept and am happy, I am making a friend. She is simpler person, from the provinces, she is probably from a village where the big thing to do at night is to sit on the ground at night and watch people walk by.

I feel I should say a prayer to protect this girl from men that will prey on her innocence, and even worst, in her hero worship mentality of foreigners, she will in a very misguided way believe that Americans or Europeans are special.

Girls like this are like throwing slaves to the lions, easy to capture, easy to kill and eat. What is nice in this world is she believes in marriage and love, she still wants love and still wants to be loved and have a family.

She believes the Philippine men are bad; I am becoming intrigued by the number of girls that tell me that Philippine men are bad. It is becoming too much, hard to encompass a country that is having trouble with all their men

I suppose these little short men do go into the Catholic I can-lie-go-to-confession-mode too much syndrome. The taxi driver asked me, are you here for mischief, if I say yes he his happy.

I said, do you feel bad that the foreigners are taking all your best women? He just does not know the plot of the story and does not get it.

Rosary Friendship

Forrest Hills Banawa Cebu

Forrest Hills Banawa Cebu

This is a three story, of course completely concrete building, nice, and clean, a bright and happy feeling, behind a gate that would cost 1000 Dollars in the USA, however very common on this street.

Philippines Real Estate Values

I cringe when someone tries to tell me the value of a home here or what they paid, or what they believe is the fair price.

I think - Wow, what a problem with zoning, there are no zoning laws -

To appraise a home, you must take into consideration the value of a the property next to the home, you cannot just ignore this, however in the world, especially the Expats, they just do not seem to think, how much for the road-side Sorry Sorry stand, then I buy a home next to it.

This is a photo taken from the second story balcony of the home; if you look close, you can see a goat.

Comparable homes in the neighborhood.

How does a Real Estate Broker or Appraiser factor in the goat next door?

I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years, I cringe when they tell me this home is worth 85,000 U.S. Dollars, I want to say, how do we price the goat?

Real Estate on the planet is a shell game, never trust where you think the nut is below the shell, it is moving, the person is cheating, maybe hiding the nut. The home rents for 400 U.S. dollars; therefore, the home is max value of maybe 40 thousand. But with a leap of lack of common sense, some man that met a girl in the Philippines, had relations with her, can not convince himself to pay any amount of money to buy his dream of always finding a women that acts like they love him, for only a small tip.

Chris is renting a home with five bedrooms for 400 U.S. Dollars, him and his house cleaner live in the house. It is nice, in a white concrete feeling type of way.

I am happy to say, on the electrical side, it does have a plug on all wall, not common on the planet.

Philippines Real Estate Values
Forrest Hills Banawa Cebu

Rugby Sniffing Glue

Sniffing Glue

Apollo is the name of this glue, Chris and I sent the house cleaner out looking for Rugby Rubber cement, she came back with this Apollo Rubber Cement. It took her all of 3 minutes to find this out in the street.

She ask,
- Are you an addict? -

She seems to assume the worst; however, she understood exactly how to score or borrow some glue to sniff.

I explained I wanted to take some photos. She went searching for Rugby Glue, she came back and said there was no Rugby glue, I do not know. Chris the man I am visiting said the word Rugby to a street kid, and the kid said,
- I no Rugby -

It seems that many of the small children like to sniff glue; they get a glossy eyed look and maybe feel more comfortable sleeping on the concrete in front of the 7-11.

This is Rubber Cement, or seems to be Rubber Cement, the Maid Dai found it just outside the oversized, I am in prison gate that is on this upper end home in Forrest Hills Banawa.

It is like roaming around the nice neighborhoods of Mexico City, there are these extremely beautiful homes to see, however you do not see them, you just see the huge walls or fences in front of them for security.

Barbwire is prevalent.

Rubber cement can be found with no problem.

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Sniffing Glue

Lumps Growing on Body in Philippines

Lumps Growing on Body in Philippines

This is sort of a motorcycle taxi, I had to take this to leave the addition, it is an annoying addition, and you have to walk about 500 meters to leave the place before you can find a taxi. The more exclusive you live, the harder it is to find a taxi, go figure.

This man has a King Lizard size mole or bodily growth on his face.

I am concerned when I see these growths on people�s bodies, I have seen many lumps or irregular sized patches of skins in the Philippines, in India you may see a huge, what is about the size of a golf ball on the side of a person neck.

This is actually very small in comparison to what is possible to see grow on peoples face.

This may or may not be an actual health problem; I suspect it is more of a cosmetic annoyance. However, fashion, looks, and position in life is more important than health and food. A person will spend every penny to live in a nice home to tell their friend or have a motorcycle, cell phone with camera, or something of fashion, maybe just clothes, however, in the end they will sacrifice all to drink a beer, buy some music, or what ever they need to be cool. Therefore, when a person allows something excessively not-cool to exist on their body, I am concerned. The world would pay to fix a nose and sacrifice feeding their children.

It is not natural for a person to not care about their looks, therefore either extreme level of poverty or some extreme lack of something is ruling this person�s life. I saw or talked briefly with a girl that slept in the streets in Manila, she had a lump on her leg. I did not bring attention to it, because I think she was trying so hard to be pretty and fashionable. It would have been sad to have her see herself less than perfect, she already was aware of this by explaining how she walked around, slept on friends places, or was trying in anyway shape or form, do what she needed to do, to put together 1500 Pesos or 30 Dollars U.S. to rent a room for one month.

I asked, why don�t you move back to the provinces, and she said, that she needed to earn money to send back for her to younger sister so they did not have to live this way.

Walking down the street, walking around inside a culture.

Lumps Growing on Body in Philippines

Cebu Pacific Airlines

Cebu Pacific Airlines

I booked a cheap flight with

This is a photo of the plane we flew on, I was warned by some expat in Manila that he flew with Cebu Pacific and the flight was 3 hours late.

This was a real anal comment, it was like saying, one time the flight was late and you should never fly on the airlines. I personally feel 99 percent of all airlines are not substantially different. Except for, which is exceptionally good in my mind and Aeropostal from Venezuela that is exceptionally bad. I suppose Bangladesh Airline could be considered exceptionally full of smelly people.

The baggage claim in Cebu, there was an exceptionally follow the leader, be first in line mentality at this Baggage Pickup Carousal.

Leaving an airplane is like Kindergarten, one person stands up in the plane, everyone runs to follow the person, they all crowd ahead and act like there is this great desert with ice cream waiting outside the door, if they do not hurry, all will be gone and they will miss out.

Boarding the plane and de-boarding the plane is like Kindergarten everyone is rushing to stand in line.

I will often sit outside the plane until the last possible moment or until they tell me, I must board the plane. I often have people say,
- Why don�t you get in line? -

I say, why do I want to stand in a line for 10-20 minutes, I have a reserved seat. What is even funnier is the first class person can board first. Then have the whole plane crash through their compartment, banging side to side with too large for carry-on bags, however who cares, and they carry them on anyway bags. Banging away as they pass the first class section. Therefore the First Class got to board first and be the best experienced at watching the Kindergarten students rush for a reserved seat.

The Baggage claim was fun, I always stand back far enough to be out of the melee, when I see my bag, I just walk up and say excuse me, grab my bag, pull it out, put on a cart, and walk away. I do not have to stand inside the cluster, but I am in the University level of travel and left Kindergarten way behind.

The Philippines person are lucky to reach my chin, I pushed forward, literally moved a couple of people, shifted a slower brain into second gear and got my bag.

Airline Carousals to me are like watching or learning how primitive people really can be or are in actuality, fighting for a bag, just seems a little gauche.

Cebu Pacific Airlines

Living in Cebu

Living in Cebu

I have arrived in Cebu, one of the major cities towards the south of the some 7000 Philippines Island group. Maybe Davao is another of the major cities in the area also. Many people will say the province name and not the city, therefore when I ask them where they live they could say,
- Leyte - or - Mindanao - as the State they live in, however if I look at the map all I clearly see is major cities. I have to go back and forth between concepts, are they talking about a city or a Province / State.

Mindanao is the State, however the could say they live in Davao the large city and I would be happier to understand.


If or when you talk with a person from the Philippines they will proudly say, - I am from the provinces - then the may put the identifier in the sentence, Leyte or Mindanao. It is the same as asking me where I live and me saying,
- Indiana -

There are 50 states or provinces in the USA, why would a person in the Philippines be expected to know all of them. When they do know, it is only because of the Football or Basketball teams in the state, without sports, most people would not have a clue.

I love to not be stupid with people that talk as if you know or should know. I feel zero compulsion to know all geography on the planet; I just like to know where I am at, and maybe why. The why is not very important, I sometimes believe I should say,
- I live in the Philippines -

It would be much more correct than to say I live in Indiana, it is in the middle of the country close to Chicago, plus I really hate to say I am from close to Chicago, I am not the same culture as Chicago. I am a Hoosier.

I could say,
- I live in the Philippines, because today, now, I am living in Cebu, Philippines. Tomorrow, I may live in Manila, Philippines or who know where I live, it would make people feel safer I believe, although if you wanted a Philippines wife, you need to say you are from the USA or Europe and you go home soon. The last thing you want to do is learn the local language or care about staying, you are selling your good passport in exchange for a lesser passport.

Perceptions or interpretations are more important than reality, I feel and sense more each year of my life that in reality the human is not genetically a big jump from a dog or cat. It is obvious when traveling around the planet that people will the same as dog, stop and piss on the closest tree. I would feel arrogant to believe I am better than a dog; however, I am not sure I am the same as the person that just stops at the nearest tree and does not have a small amount of introspection�
- Why am I pissing on a tree in the middle of a city -
- Am I aware, people are watching? -

I am living in Cebu with my friend Chris a man from the USA that runs a call center, I often call him Hollywood because he like to wear the button down shirts, collar rolled upwards, and has this sort of spiked, on purpose, rumpled hair. He is a smart person; however, I am not sure I would pay to work nights in the Philippines trying to convince myself that all the person working for me worked good English. His hours are from sunset to sunrise, he has to be awake when the USA is awake as most of his clients are from the USA, and they hire a full time person to listen to them for 700 dollars per month.

Cleaning Lady Winging

Chris has a housekeeper, I commend him on his housekeeper, I think it ludicrous for a person to live outside the USA and not have a cleaning person, janitor, maintenance man, and gopher. If, I were living in Cebu long enough, I would have at least five people working for me as my personal entourage of do anything I do not want to do persons.

2000 Pesos per month or 1.25 Dollars per day.

That is the salary of the live in the house, 22 year old, wingy type maid; she is nice, however knows very little about anything and should go back to her mother for training. She is nice, just not fully trained, what do you want for 1 dollars and 25 cents per day. Chris says he is paying her double of the normal wages.

This is includes food and a roof, she can then send most of her money to her parents that would expect her to send all of her money, and who knows why, but they all do. I think if I married most women, they would then expect me to send money.

Full time cleaning person, living in the home, like and extra kid, that will actually do their chores. What a windfall, this is the luxury of living on the other side of the planet.

I personally think when Hotel is paying this type of wages they could sit one of the persons down and say,
- Sew these sheets, make them into fitted sheets -

There are many small little annoyances in the day of a person. These little mis-placed items, small clusters of problems, many ideas of things to do, all require time to perform. If for instance I wanted to clean my gym shoes, this would take me about one hour to do correctly. In the USA, it is more cost effective to just buy new ones, however here with the Maid; I could have her do it.

I was laughing though; it is time to clean my clothes. The house cleaner in reality is bored out her head, and does all these repetitive type cleanings, like wiping the counter just to look like she is busy.

I opened or a made a pile of clothes. I live out of my backpack, I do not have that many clothes, I open live by the two day for each shirt, and three days of wearing the pants before I wash. The underwear and socks are only on the one-day concept; however, I do believe most travelers are on the 3 day for the underwear. I am a very clean person, I am not normal

I make a very small pile, about 5 T-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, some socks and such. I ask her if she would clean them. She says,
- What a lot of clothes, I have never washed that many -
She then wants money for laundry soap.

All this is making me nervous, Chris has a business, he has a few employees, washing clothes is not a new concept in the world. She is probably on the two pieces of clothes to wash per day method.

She is wearing the same clothes as yesterday; I will look at here tomorrow, and count the days.

I cannot fathom paying a person 1.25 per day and not having the cleanest body and clothes on the planet. I would live in a spotless world.

She is cleaning her clothes. I told here I would pay her 4 dollars or 200 Pesos; she was still winging about this. This is four days pay for washing clothes.

I do get this feeling,
- You are lazy -

I often in the poorer countries want to say.
- IF you was not so F22king D23m Lazy, I would not have to listen to you tell me how you have no money.

On the other hand, when the going pay is 1.25 dollars per day for menial labor, hard to get motivated. On the other hand, she does not get motivated for the 4 dollars for one-hour work, hard to believe it makes a difference.

I am living in Cebu for four or five days, or less or more, I really do not care. I am looking for something to do. If another person says,
- Go to the mall -

I think I will slap them, I can go to a Mall anywhere on the planet, and it is the farthest from special or unique on the planet.

There is fish here, I think I want to find the water, find the fish, and see how they are fishing. I saw some damns on river, grouped up into fish farms from the airplane. I wish the people of the Philippines could understand English better; I could get a taxi driver to wander around the city with me.

I am starting to dwell on the idea of buying a small day tour in cities. I am annoying myself by trying to read the guidebooks.

The normal comment is
- Do you scuba dive? -

Living in Cebu

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