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Voice of America

Voice of America

The television here in Manila or the Philippines has VOA or Voice of America; it is a strange channel, definitively not, what I would expect.

Right now, they are having a show in the Serbia language, there was just a press conference in English, explaining the Presidents views on issues, and this one was the same as normal.

I would have thought the channel was more of Propaganda show, however it to me seem more like a PBS Public Broadcasting System type new channel. There is a twist as it does announce or explain the new in various languages.

I do not understand the show, I have only browsed around on it and watched it sparingly, I need to change now as it is in the Serbia language and I do not understand anything. I suppose I need a TV guide to watch effectively.

Voice of America

Utang Na Loob

Utang Na Loob

The Philippines

I was reading the Encyclopedia; I have also been reading the Lonely Planet guidebook, found a lot of information, however for sure the Encyclopedia is more cogent or clear.

There are overviews and there are snippets, a snippet is maybe a sidebar or a 2-minute sound bite, when I say snippet I mean a random piece of information, however, not connected to any other information.

Paper is the problem with a guidebook, the cost of paper limits or restricts the value of a guidebook.

Nonetheless, I am sitting here reading about Utang Na Loob.

- in which an act of voluntary assistance creates an obligation that the receiver must attempt to repay through reciprocal assistance.-

I would guess this is Tagalog, the local or dominant language I have discovered in the Philippines. This is all is speculation, extremely complicated to learn about the Philippines here in Manila.

There is a reoccurring them though here in this society.
- Sending money -

Western Union - The word Remittance, sending money somewhere is a way of life in the Philippines.

Utang Na Loob is than an interesting phrase or concept. I hear many Filipino persons mention,
- I must work and send money back to my family. -

I sometime feel the youth are the slaves to the adults, as if they would sell their children to any and all types of trade, including the worst if it made money. The fortunate appear to become Nurses, or maybe a Sailor. The unfortunate women or boys may be sold up the river to Angeles city or other bar centers. There is many bar stool women in the Philippines.

The phrase Utang Na Loob as said by the Encyclopedia implies that if I voluntarily help a person they will feel a compulsion to return the favor.

I do not know. I gave some time on the cell phone to the Maid in Cebu, now she is asking for time on her cell phone everyday. I have to stop replying to text messages, she has become a problem.

I personally am afraid to give anything to most of the persons; it would create a situation where I am asked daily for more.

I do see though, not between the foreigners, I believe the Philippine person could take daily and not reciprocate to a foreigner. However, there is a need of the women, I have not heard or seen this so far with the men. There is a need to help their families.

This reminds me of Mexico, maybe it is a Catholic thing, the corruptive natures of Mexico and the Philippines are very similar.

I have had extremely large numbers of people write or tell me,
- Never trust a Filipino -

I do not see this as true, they are trustworthy for at least a day, they do not seem to grab or steal everything in the Hotel or lying around.

The level of bullshit is high, however that is hard to reason with, I cannot seem to escape the tourist areas.

I am starting to think the reason is I do not feel safe. I do not know, I walk outside my door and there is a never-ending line of persons wanting to sell me fake watches or Viagra, girls, or something. I never stop and listen, they want me to come with them to enter rooms or places. They do not deserve a conversation.

Retirement Plans
This Utang Na Loob or obligation to me is a sad lack of understanding on the part of the United Nations to solve the world problems.

When you are in a country that has poverty, does not help or support the elderly or older persons. They have 10 children, then make them all feel guilty. Give me money, keep giving me money, marry someone that will give me money.

They know.
- I must have enough children, hope that one is kind, love them and will pay for them to live when they are old.

Selfish or survival, this is not a charity, this is a need. This needed compulsion must be created in the youth to survive when you are old.

I feel that population growth is tied one to one with not having a retirement plan or social security. Corruption stops social security or social monies from existing. This is a grab for the money while you can country, not wait or plan for the future. The plan for the future seems more to be how to move out of the country.

Again and again, I am in a tourist area, the worst areas on the planet for culture observation unless you want to see the bad in people, then a great place.

Utang Na Loob

Problems with Philippines Vitamins

Problems with Philippines Vitamins

20 Cents U.S. per tablet in the Philippines,
2-3 Cents U.S. per tablet in the USA.

There is a common saying,
- Take your vitamins -

Maybe we will say,
- Eat your vegetables -

- Eat a balanced diet -

There are essential nutrients, vitamins, foods, things a person could or if they would put in their mouths that makes them thrive. I would say is needed, however this is not true, nothing is needed, it is just a want. They are needed if you wish to thrive, on the other hand if your only goal is to survive, then needed is just some dream.

Fruit Drinks versus 100 Percent Orange Juice

I went to the Mercury Pharmacy yesterday, went to the Robinson�s Supermarket; I wanted to buy Centrum Multi-vitamins because mine are gone. Actually, I have some sold in Wal-Mart brand called Equate, the list of whatnots in the tablets seemed overly enough to make me happy. Plus I take two per day and not just one, then also eat some Vitamin C, I have no real reason, just believe this is enough.

20 Cents U.S. per tablet in the Philippines,
2-3 Cents U.S. per tablet in the USA.

There is this comment or word, it means very little in reality, however is a clue.

- denying cells the nutrients that they need to thrive -

When a body does not have the foods it needs, it become smaller or more fragile looking. There are many or more than normal numbers of street children, mothers, and families in Manila on the streets asking for money.

Poverty is difficult, malnutrition caused by poverty is even more difficult to stop or interfere with, it is money. When I stop and give a child money, the child eats what they can to survive, not to thrive.

What I need to do is to give them some form of multi-vitamin enriched food complete with proteins and whatever else is essential. I think a can of
- Slim Fast -
That get thin, go on a diet, food supplement would be best. I am still annoyingly working on analyzing foods; therefore, I cannot say what is best. The books, websites, all are oversimplified; they do not do a work up or processing of many foods. They do very good on one food, however is not a - Balanced Diet - it is only talking about one food. I need to know all the food the poverty kid eats.

I can give them a multivitamin snack, which could do nothing. I need to give the kid, and the mother of the kid, when she is pregnant this multi-vitamin snack daily.

I keep thinking about the tourists that carry around small candies to give to the children. The need to carry the granola snack bars, the candy is the problem, not a solution, it just teaches them like candy.

Sugar is addictive.

I am making a list or collecting a list of the top 10 Medicines needed on the planet. I have a hypothesis or speculation that:

The cost of the top 10 medicines is 5 times more expensive in the poor countries than the rich countries.

The bottom line, I could have my mother go to Wal-Mart, buy a bottle of Equate Multi-Vitamins Retail, and send them to the Philippines and if I was able to distribute them and sell them, I could make a great profit.

Something is awry.

I do not blame the vitamin companies; they are selling for what the market will bear.

I blame the government of countries, they can and should swamp their countries with mass purchased medicines and vitamins.

My problem is me, I want to purchase multivitamins. IF I buy a bottle of 220 tablets here in the Philippines, it will cost me:

44 U.S.A. Dollars

I purchased the same for about 6 dollars in Wal-Mart.
Aagh, maybe I should have someone UPS me a big bottle. I wonder what the cost to UPS of FedEx a bottle, - No need for the bottle - to me here in Manila.

Economically there is a fox in the hen house.

Fruit Drinks versus 100 Percent Orange Juice
- To purchase orange juice, not an easy task, colored sugar water is a problem. The labels are extremely deceptive.

Problems with Philippines Vitamins

How to Travel in the Philippines

How to Travel in the Philippines

I am confused, I have been to the Philippines maybe four times now, and I am not sure how to travel around this country. It would seem that all countries are easy, however they are not. There are always various levels of understanding of a country.

I just do not know where the layers are here, or how to see the layers. I am 98 percent sure there is much more here than I can see. Last night, I heard or talked with a very obnoxious American, I listened, kept my mouth shut, listened to him explain, purport, brag, tell, make too loud talk, do everything wrong culturally you could possibly do, however in the end he is accepted by the other Expats.

This is maybe the cloud over my judgments, I also talked with Tao, an Australian who is open, clear, listens, wants to start a Hostel here with me and he is a good person. There is some type of cloud over my eyes; I cannot see the clear paths here in the Philippines to interesting locations. I can almost guarantee it is because the male Expats in his country only offer up information that is selfish, self-serving and has something to do with women.


I feel a need to explore, there is a painful threshold of confusion here also, the taxis, transportation, explanations on how to move around the country are embedded in the sounds of a taxi driver who wishes to confuse me.

I think the solution is this, I just go 2 hours to a city, do my exploration slowly, and completely, every time I start to go to a city, I hear some negative commentary, or some Expats explanation that gives me a bad feeling. The only solution may to totally stop talking with Expats, or possibly to find girl travelers. This is amazingly difficult; I just do not see female travelers.

I guess I may make in about 4 days a bus trip 2 hours away from here, then stay two day, then jump two hour again, take a circular route because I fly to Bangkok on May 10.

How to Travel in the Philippines

Secret Cell Phone Rules

Secret Cell Phone Rules

I am sure, quite sure, in fact, I am positive; there are rules on how to handle or ride a cell phone. I am sure, quite sure, in fact, I am positive, everyone knows them but me. The Philippines has a distinct cell phone culture, it is rumored and bragged to me, that the Philippines is the text message capital of the world. There are more text message sent here than anywhere on the planet.

Now, I have this play toy, it is a cell phone, I thought I was buying a great methodology for receiving some sort of get rich money making scheme offers by advertisers on my web site. I find most of the time; the world is not smart enough to call another country. Therefore, I am forgetting and forgiving them; I will call them on and track them down. Not a good way to play coy, however I do not really want to talk with them anyway.

The rules.

What are the rules?

Some girl just called me and hung up� it must be a signal, I think it means.
- I have no money, you call me -
Someone called it a dropped call, I call it a hang up, or test, are your there, is your cell phone working, why have you not called me. There is some evil monster queen out there of the cell phones who wants my number and if I give them my number, they proceed to play.

I received a text this morning at 6:00 am; I was awake in the internet caf�. They were the lyrics to a song from Cecile. I did not reply, then another came, then another, finally in the afternoon I text back,
- Hello, where are you -

I figured it out, it was the 20-year-old maid in the house in Cebu, but what is up with the text, and she is flirting with me.

I know, it has to be a rule, text messages are flirtatious because they are not real, people are not real. I do not know, I had another girl who wanted a job with my friend Chris and she started talking crap on the text. It is as if the pushing of the button is connected to a vibration, it runs there mind to a frenzy.

Dropped call, I will ignore, I have no dysfunctional hooks or insatiable curiosity to find out what is in the mind of a person with a cell phone weapon in their hand. I know they are not thinking, it is just a barking dog. I will not bark back or enter the fray.

Cell Phone Culture

I have been playing, nosing around, why do they do this, why would you make an insane clatter on someone else�s cell phone to say nothing.

I would say,
- Meet me here -

I have given up, I just call them back, but there is a rule.
- Do not call -
It cost you 50 cents USA and that is too much money.

Rules, I will figure them out, however I know I am saved, I will leave the Philippines in 10 days and the text message will stop, because even though the cell phone company advertises international roaming. I know this,
- It is only for the top five places that Philippine people roam -

They export girls to Singapore and Macao and Hong Kong to work, sometimes at night and sometimes as a maid, sometimes I wish my mother did not read this�

What they export is not for prime time or general audiences. They exports nurses to the world, I do not know how they get out of in the countries, I just know they export nurses.

Truthfully, I know, or I have learned.
- IF you want to like a country, do not to learn too much. -

The more you learn about a country, the more you will not respect them; you really do not want to know. It will become impossible for me to overlook the big and small things of the country if I understand.

I just want to appreciate what I imagine, not what is real.

I had a great experience in Indiana culture today. When a person in Indiana says hello to me, I have this overwhelming compulsion to answer. I do not ignore, if they are respectful, I say,
- Hello, how are you, I am fine, etc -

I went to Robinson mall today; I was the first person to enter the Supermarket to buy some instant coffee before I need to make a midnight run.

When I enter,
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -
- Hello sir, -
- Hello sir -

I guess I needed to answer a minimum of 40 times. I wish I were exaggerating; however, I was the only foreigner in the store. They have one target. Me, they all must have taking - Hello Sir - lessons. It was an amazing gauntlet. I wanted to stop and say, leave me alone, or how do I say hello back one time to all of you.

Every aisle has another Hello Sir.

In a country that is full of street scammers, I have to admit, they have some really good-natured persons, which love to say Hello Sir. It is ying and yang world. Who could comment, they was just too funny.

I found the Nescafe, ran for the counter, made a few joke with the girl at the checkout, explained in English how everyone is saying Hello Sir to me, and what does she do, she says,
- Hello Sir -

I think it is the Philippines version of the Stepford Wives.

RULES, there rules, I am sure, I am positive, I know for sure, they all know them and I do not. I am becoming a geek or nerd. I need to lose 20 years of age, I need to be younger. I try my best to date younger girls, this is not working.

Cell Phones, the secret rules, and the hidden tax of the Philippines.

Secret Cell Phone Rules

The Manila Office of

The Manila Office of

First Office established and is not an office, it is just a place that works good.

I am trying to find an office, hahaha or hehehe or jejejeje in Manila, Philippines, therefore I keep returning to the scene of the crime.

I want a mobile office facility, I want a way to live and travel and have an office, however in reality, and I do not want an office. I just want all the services of benefits of an office, without the office.

I am having some brain clutter, or maybe a burp in decision making process, I am not sure what I want, I had unlimited access in Antigua, Guatemala in my room and on hindsight this stressed me out more than it made me happy. On the other hand, it did allow me to randomly remember to perform some task or jobs. There are these small, petty, not an A demanding jobs to perform, they never become a - I have to do to today a job - they just on the periphery and never on the front lines. When I have unlimited internet in my room, I perform these types of jobs.

I read this book called, or I think called, if I have, unlimited internet access in this room, and I would look it up; however I do not, therefore my personal journal is prone to mistakes. The name of the book was
- How to get control of you time and your life. -

It was basically this, you have A B an C priorities in a day, the A are absolutely have to perform jobs, the B need to wait until they become an A before you do them, and it was notched or showed how to prioritize this. After many years of doing this, I have made it much simpler; I just have a list of


I can only perform three things today, IF I actually worked more than 2 hours per day, I would be able to do 5, however that is too much work for a Hobo.

I tape a list on the door of my room and try to look at the list as I leave, then I try to mark off three of them in a day.

After that, I only try to put myself in harms way, I mean, I try to put myself in the path of accidentally getting something done. IF I go to the internet today at 10:00, I am almost positive I can chat with Ellie, some hopefully new workers from the Philippines that is going to work on or says she is going to work on

This means she will make progress and I will maybe answer or steer her in the correct directions, always under the premise, we
- Make two steps forward, and one step back -

This means I will net out one correct step when climbing he stairs.


The mobile docking station for my body is almost working.

Internet Caf? - Station 168 on Adriatico in Malate, Manila, Philippines
- Internet 24 hours per day.
- Print Pages
- Free Long Distance Calls on phone to USA
- Air-conditioned and friendly staff.
- I am able to connect my laptop
Cost: 1 dollar per hours for internet access

476 United Nations Avenue
Suite 312
Ermita, Manila 1000
Cost: 10 Dollars per month for box.

- Adriatico Pensionne Inn
- Quick Mart outside the Hotel, free breakfast.
- Many other choices, however, I MUST be able to walk to Station 168 Internet Caf?.
- Cost: 10 dollars and up per night, there is cheaper in the area.

- Across the street
- Robinson?s Mall within 4 blocks

- Down the block towards Robinson mall on the left

I am greatly simplifying this, however the bottom line is if you live in the Adriatico, Pensionne Inn your are in the middle of all the necessary facilities to live and have a life and enjoy Manila, IF that is possible.

Sadly, I believe that most person work randomly or only when the boss says, this has to be done today. Therefore, because of bad working skills, they need to have a 100 percent access in their room or they will not be able to prioritize their work. Plus the normal person can only do one A priority job per day. Whatever the case, a person should start out by only performing one per day, shooting for the stars just makes you depressed, only do one per day, when you can perform this PERFECT, then go to two, never fail, absolute perfection is needed, or absolute forgiveness.

Extremely long list makes a person give up, forget, and throw the list away, overwhelmed to a standstill, only do one thing per day, do it, and when a person can do this, trust themselves, than go to two thingies per day.

The Manila Office of

Head Noise

Head Noise

I am with strangers 90 percent of the time and the other 10 percent of the time with a new acquaintance with the hope of acquiring new friends.

Thus, most of the people in my life have zero stakes in me, and have no compulsion to share, be friendly, or treat me like a friend. There is more or less this indifference or fear, who are you, why are you talking to me, what do you WANT?

Head Noise
The eyes of a person are the
- Open for Business - Signs

A person can hope the business or they can close the business, some cultures I believe are almost sociopath in their ability to give you the BLANK, that expression of nothing.

The Philippines is not good at giving the blank, they are good at not caring, hard to know if you can get them up to a good A-1 quality inspection and eating meat makes me nervous, however this is everywhere except the USA.

Nonetheless, what happens I feel when a person is not good at shutting off the - Open for Business Sign - in their eyes, they then go to procedure two.

They create a white noise or head noise that occupies their brain so they can ignore or tune out the world.

There are normally three primary ways to do this.

1. Talk or Text on a cell phone.
2. Listen to music with a headset or very loud in a room, hard to believe how loud the music is in many places. A direct scream to the world, I do not want to talk to you.

3. Television in public places.

In the USA, if you are in a Chicago Bus or on a Subway, you will see people reading books or newspapers, whole rows, this is also a way in my concept of life of creating a white noise or head noise that tell the world.

I am not open for business; I do not like to talk with people.

I suppose talking incessantly only with your friends is also away to shut out the new world.

Head Noise

Where is the Hubbub

Where is the Hubbub

Hmm, where did I learn this work - Hubbub - it probably came from some down home on the farm Indiana culture.

I looked up - Hubbub - in the dictionary, it does exist.

1.  Confusion of voices: a confused din, especially a number of voices speaking at once 
2.  excited fuss: a fuss or period of excitement.

I am not sure what happened in the last few years, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the - Hubbub - of backpackers talking about tourist attractions. It is as if they all decided to leave the room, in the past this was my number one guidebook. Presently, I must read or have a guidebook or I am totally lost, misinformation by the Hotels, Tour Companies, or Internet causes tremendous problems. However, I like to listen to the - Hubbub - or consensus building of a group of travelers talking about the best place they visited.

Where is the Hubbub

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