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Searching for Travel Truth

Searching for Travel Truth
Friday, June 16, 2006

I really need to drink to learn information in Angeles City here in the Philippines. I refuse to sit on a corners barstool and listen, pay two dollars for a diet coke. I cannot be bothered.
Taxi Driver and some Boom Boom Massage Girl.
I have two sources of information; there was a Boom Boom girl in the street, laughing and funny, who was explaining me the area. The taxi driver will pick me up at 8:00 am and take me to the bus stop; I will pay him 100-200 Pesos and buy some advice. He says he knows some hotel in Olangapo, he thinks I want very cheap, this is true, however what I want is NOT RESORT information.
This is one of the most connected expatriate communities on the planet. I know if I figured out the system, there is information out the wazoo on the area. It is not looking good though so far, I am a snob, I really do not wish to talk with most of the Expats.
There is this advertisement paid brochure or magazine for Subic Bay, I say it in Manila, I tried to find one in the Tourist office of the Clark Airport. They did not have one; it has good advertisements that explain a lot. Again only the resort crap.
Internet was down yesterday, the internet has information, and however the whole area had a problem with the Internet yesterday.
95 percent of all tourists already know the information I want. They know their Hotel, they know where the are going, they know what they want to look at, they do not have the questions I have.
I refuse to study so it self-prophecies what I encounter. If I read, I will find what I read about, and ignore what is here.
I also will not look the other way on prices; I know what the prices should be, or how much money is a good value.
Searching for Travel Truth

2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines

2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines
Friday, June 16, 2006

I am in Angeles City, the city that accompanies Clark Airport. I flew from the Singapore Airport today with . The flight was easy, the airport was a mess. I suppose it was organized better almost than Manila; however, the Taxis are a pain.
The Taxi situation in the Philippines is challenging the world for the worst, hard to say, I have not seen them all. I suppose Mexico is a close competitor for having the worst Taxis on the planet. I just want to ask simple questions, how to get to Olangapoe, not listen to so much misinformation. The Official Tourism counter did not speak English as I asked,
- I want a beach -
The showed me a brochure of a resort.

I paid 200 Pesos finally to come to the Thunder Hotel.
I have the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia, and I cannot believe it, the book does not have Clark Airport, Angeles City, or Subic Bay.

The Lonely Planet Philippines only does have it, I am really annoyed by this as I feel for safety and understanding of a country, all major, and all if possible passport entry stations need logged, and explained.
Example, Angeles City is one of the dodgier cities on the planet; it is maybe one of the Sex Tourism Capitals of the planet. Some naïve person books a ticket online, which would be smart from Macao, Singapore, or somewhere and ends up in Angeles City. This is a great jump point to go to Sagada or Banaue.
They arrive late at night; they need to get a room if they are a good traveler. Every border city needs a safe harbor for travelers.
2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines

May 9 Leave Manila go to Bangkok

May 9 Leave Manila go to Bangkok

I am  leaving Manila, Philippines and flying to Bangkok, Thailand.

May 9 Leave Manila go to Bangkok


Philippines Copy of Da Vinci Code Movie

Philippines Copy of Da Vinci Code Movie

I am bogged down in my morals, my mother and father did a good job. This does not mean I am a perfect person, however I do know the difference between right and wrong, and I know also it is not always clear.

Two days ago, I purchased the movie.
- The Da Vinci Code -

I keep seeing the previews; it has Tom Hanks in the movie.

This is the cover or a photo of the packaging of the movie I purchased. I was on the way to Robinson�s mall to walk around and look at people. Just outside the mall in the street was one of the stands or street Vendors selling movies. The quality of copy movies or illegal movies in the Philippines is sub-standard compared to Thailand, therefore I do not purchase movies here, and they are crap.

Therefore, the moral dilemma is this, how can I complain about a movie that is illegally copied and sold, and I purchased it.

In defense of my stance or lack of good moral standing, I do not think I have a choice. I think it would take me a week to find a legal copy sold in Asia.

So go figure, in a typical Philippines sort of way, guess what happened when I put the movie in my computer to watch it.


Aagh, a scam a minute.

This is not the movie, it is some documentary or semi-documentary or some made to sell explanation about how the Da Vinci Code came to be or where it came from.


I suppose I can blame myself for buying a copy of a movie, however, it is annoying; you cannot even depend on the crooks to sell you what you wanted to buy. This is a scary thing about the Philippines and always under my skin, I know there is a side story or something I should be paying attention too when I am here. Culture and funky low levels of behavior have skins, or various peelings. You can peel off many layers to a culture, not all people are the same and not all of us are made the same, we are not all equal, it is not that easy.

Philippines Copy of Da Vinci Code Movie

Calling Home or Writing Home

Calling Home or Writing Home

I do not have a Home, I have a Home where my family is, and this will always be my Home. Home is where the family is, however, I also know or slowly come into a full realization that I am a
- Man without a country -

I have this toy called a cell phone. I love gadgets; I can go into a hardware store and e in heaven.

Well, my computer, cell phone, internet, web page and all these techie toys are to me gadgets or play toys.

I use them to call or write home.

Now, the problem is this, I now have many homes in many countries. I have friend all over the planet and they are not choosy. They live where they want, and I am not living where they live. I am here living in Manila, next week I will live in Bangkok and hopefully soon in Katmandu, Nepal. I live where I am, not where I used to live. It is the perception of life that is changing. In the past, the world needed and was required to communicate with a location. The reason why I say,
- Calling Home or Writing Home -

I can call my parents or friends at their homes. I do not have a home. Many say to me,
- I will wait until you are back in the USA to call you -

I then know, they do not read my blog or newsletters or they would know, this is, could or would be 3-6 months from now. Then when I am in the USA, they say, you left so early and I did not have time to call.

The culture of perception of living is a location. Even though we says - paperless work - or - truly mobile - these are just buzz words in reality and are not true. Even though many people say they are a traveler, you can see,
- They send things home -

I do not send things home; I do not have a home. I have sort of a place I would send things I never want to lose.


This is all about me playing with my cell phone; I am in my little 4-walled room, typing on my computer, playing on my cell phone. I connected my V555 Motorola Un-locked Quad Band Cell or Mobile phone to my computer by a cable. I have a Motorola program called - Synchronization Suite - actually it maybe be called Motorola Phone Tools. I am not sure, however it is a Motorola program when I purchased the telephone.

I am playing with my telephone; there are NEW phone numbers of friends on the telephone.

I leave tomorrow for Bangkok.

I will not return for maybe a long time.

I accidentally ERASED all the numbers on the phone. Gone, finito, I cannot find them.

LUCK has it that this program has a thing called RESTORE - I was able to find and restore all the telephone numbers on the telephone.

You can save telephone numbers on the phone or on the SIM card, I change SIM cards ever 2-3 weeks, therefore I save on the Phone.

Whatever the case is the bottom line is I travel and I do not want to lose my friend. My friends have a location, I can return to the location. However, I may never pass this way again.


In computer lingo or ideas, concepts, we strive to back up or make redundant or repetitive systems that will allow us to restore or keep information if we have an accident and delete all the information.

I have to have ways of remembering and keeping my new friends telephone numbers. I am afraid, I do not want to lose my pictures, however I really do not want to lose the way of contacting my friends.


IF I asked a computer person or almost anyone how to keep telephone numbers, they would say,
- It is easy -

What the are telling me is either
1. They do not care if they lose a number.
2. They have no numbers or friends to lose, therefore not important.

A Traveler, a true traveler has lost contact with a good friend, has no idea how to ever find this person again. I can return to the locations where I met them, however I may have met them in Ecuador and they live in England. I can go to where they say they lived, however what if they was in college or university, they are now not at home.

I keep thinking about President Clinton, I believe he proposed an Email Address for life; I do think the world needs to somehow or someway stop people and assign them a contact for life.

The government of the USA, IF we want gives us a Social Security number. This is our number for life; we can if we apply for it have a way for the USA government to contact us in a very long way for life.

Somewhere over the rainbow in a land of never never there is a way for all of us to find a friend and never lose that friend. They can move, travel, be who or what they want to be, and never lose them.

I look for redundant, impossible to lose ways of keeping my friends telephone numbers, addresses. I have this constant worry.
- If someone comes into my room while I am in the shower, steals all my toys, computer, cell phone, camera, etc? -

Will I be able to find you again? I wish I did not care, however I do.

All these thoughts because for one minute I thought I lost all my telephone numbers in the phone. A panic, a feeling of loss.

Calling Home or Writing Home

Why there are very few backpackers in Philippines

Why there are very few backpackers in Philippines

I often wonder why there is really almost zero backpackers in the Philippines, have been here about 4 times now, it is becoming clear.

My instincts says that the Philippines is too dangerous for the average Asia traveler, I started out in Mexico, Central and South America and this country is easy for me, however Thailand is very safe in comparison to the Philippines.

I find that I ignore so many things that the average traveler would find extremely annoying, and I have learned by going to India to ignore many things.

- Beggars
- V I A G R A Sales persons
- Poverty of small children walking around with no clothes, hard on the heart.
- World Class Taxi Driver, probably some of the best at trying to cheat you on the planet.
- A daily scam attempt or someone trying to fraud you.

I have been thinking about starting a Hostel in the Philippines, I am putting on the very back burner as this place has a problem. It is not the corruption that worries me; it is the fact that there are no backpackers.

I realized, I want to have a Hostel or Hotel where fun backpackers could hang out.

How could this happen, when there is no backpackers in the Philippines?

The Expats are fun, they are hilarious, and the girls are funny here.

IF I listen to the Philippines persons or the Expats it is like watching a soap opera, or better yet, like going to the border towns and listening to the border people, a whole separate culture.

However, I realize, this is hilarious for about 2 weeks, then it start to buzz my head, I start to get impatient with the stupid comments. I really do not like soap operas, and the Philippines are one big soap opera.

This has made me realize, if I made a hotel in the Philippines is would be another soap opera unless I could figure out a way to screen the visitors.

What I am fighting is a tourist department and country that is actively promoting only one type of person to feel good in the Philippines. They all go to Angeles City, and hang out or Subic Bay. The ones that are not there have a Philippines girl in tow and touring the country.

It makes me weak after awhile, not a good snapshot of life or people.

My gut says that Peru is the best place to start a Hotel or Hostel, a better type of traveler.

Why there are very few backpackers in Philippines

Andy HoboTraveler.Com Travel Blog: SOGO

Andy HoboTraveler.Com Travel Journal: SOGO

The Shame of Passing Judgment

The Shame of Passing Judgment

I am a redeemed man, saved from my shame.

Yesterday, I was walking down Adriatico Street from the Station 168 Internet Caf� back to my Hotel called the Adriatico Pensionne Inn. As I was strolling down the street, I noticed to high-heeled girls to my right, there was younger man or boy walking directly in front of me.

I look over the right; I know I do not trust anymore, I never know what I am looking at, or what I am looking at, so I am cautious. The girls look over to me, I am not sure why, however I was suspicious. The girl opens her mouth and with a disguised male voice say,
- Hello Sir -

I say,
- Hello BOYS -

This was two boys dressed like girls.
This is normal in Asia in a way and nothing is special about this experience, other than most people are semi-homo phobic and just ignore. I enjoy saying hello and seeing how stupid life can be some days. Saying hello boys drove these wanna be girls crazy.

What was unusual is the boy in front of me thought I was saying hello to him?

He introduced himself as Marco, I introduced myself as Andy, and he proceeded to want to ask me where I was from and what not.

This is my shame, I passed a quick judgment on this boy, and I thought to myself, Philippine men do not talk to me unless they are on some type of scam. At least in the street, they only talk when they want to do something stupid or sell something stupid and more times than most country, they are scammers.

I started to give him the wave of the hand, and I did, I basically gave this man the sense,
- You are trash, stay away from me. -

Walking, down the street, he said goodbye, walked towards a business and I kept walking, thinking,
- Was his name Mario or Marcos -?

I felt bad; I know it is not right to judge people before I know them. I know that and believe that in the Malate area of Manila, or the Philippines 98 percent of the men or even women that come up to me are trashy in nature. However, it is not fair to the 1 in 100 to treat him as if he is trash. It was my shame.

To lose 1 persons of respect is too many.

I just do not know some days what to think, I am becoming hard, too hard for a healthy mind, I have experienced too much.

This morning, walking into the internet caf� the young man was mopping the steps, I stopped, said hello, shook his hand and said,
- Mario -

He was happy,
It was Marcos; however, he was happy I remember his name.

I am redeemed; I was able to show him the respect he deserved. I suppose he cleans up around the internet caf� and was happy I said hello. Now, I say hello to all the staff, anywhere I live, and any level of staff.
I judge by fellow man, not how they treat me, however how they treat the lowest of persons.

I still treat trash like trash, they just need to prove it first.

The Shame of Passing Judgment

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