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Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring

Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 7, 2006

I like to return to the same store, the same restaurant, the same internet café, and sometime the same juice stand. I find I am able to establish friendships and relationships faster when I do so.

I have been stopping in to this Extra Joss or Orange Tang drink stand in the public market to say hello to new friends. There is the interview, the who, when, where, what, and why of things, a normal set of questions that are exchanged between people.
The - INTERVIEW - changes with every culture.

Example: Iraq - 1. Religion 2. Country 3. Name
Philippines: 1. Country 2. Name 3. Are you married?

Ok, number 3 is interchangeable with many questions, however in the Philippines they seem to want to know the country first. However, the family is a major focus in the Catholic and Filipino world, therefore the question, are you married comes up soon.

The lady ask me,
- Do you want a Filipino wife? -

This question is difficult, and somehow they make it simple. I can say yes, and they would have me married off in the next 10 minutes. IF, I say no, then in an indirect way I am saying the women of the Philippines are not acceptable wives.

My answer is more something to do with wanting to find a wife that I love and care about, and the country is not so important.

If you are talking to a man, and he ask if you want a Filipino girl it can mean many things, in some culture they get very angry if you want their women, however they will also get angry if you say they are not a good wife. A true catch 22, and in Islamic culture, when they ask these touch and go, can be dangerous.


I said,
- I think Filipino girls would make good wives. -

She said,
- Filipino girls are, Lovable, Hospitable, and Caring.”

I am one of them recovering alcoholics, read too many self-help books, and know all the psychobabble jargon as deemed necessary by the powers that be.

I believe in the theory of - Garbage in and Garbage out. -

Not sure if I am getting this right, but not important, the idea is this, a thought or word is an object. You can throw something into a garbage pail and if it is garbage when you put it in, it will be garbage when you take it out.

What you throw in your brain is what comes out!
What you ALLOW in your brain is what comes out.

The continual battle or obsession with manners, behavior, hiding from locals, and trying to find good travelers nest is about me trying to control this aspect of my brain.

She said,
- Filipino girls are, Lovable, Hospitable, and Caring.”

This is perfect self-talk and a self-prophesizing; you get what you expect in life, a great way to make good wives.

She ask me,
- Are you honest? -

A good test on her part, I said,
- Yes, of course. -

No hesitation and no reservations.

I am happy, I can almost count on my hands, how many people in have told me they were a lovable. To have a person say they or their culture is lovable, (I am not sure she mean men?) is great.

Fun to hear how a culture views themselves, not normal, normally the conversation is about how poor we are, and we need money. There is very few culture that leave out this, they all think they need money and they are poor.

People that believe they are lovable, hospitable, and caregiver has a better than normal chance of being what they say, they are…

A person says a long time what they think they are, before they become what they say.

Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring

Manny Pacquiao Pride of Philippines

Manny Pacquiao
General Santos Philippines
Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Pride of the Philippines and hometown boy of the General Santos are of the Philippines.

- We are so proud of you. -

This is Manny Pacquiao; I took this photo in the city of General Santos, Philippines on the front of a convenience store. The name of the store was the Pakman Convenience Store.

Manny is a boxer from the Philippines and an obvious source of great pride for the Philippines people.
Last night, December 5, 2006 here in the T’Boli Hotel in General Santos, Manny Pacquiao came to the Hotel. I personally did not see him; however, there was a lot of big SUV’s in the parking lot, on a Tuesday night, thought something was up. I went next door to buy some cheese and crackers, and the girls starting talking about Manny. I finally said, what is up, they explained, they heard Manny was in the Hotel. I have confirmed, he was in the hotel, but had left before I was aware of his presence.

Nothing like a celebrity to get the gossip mill a running. I am very happy for the people of General Santos and hope that Manny continues to be source of great pride for them.

I was walking in the public market, trying to work my way out of the mass of people, a small boy is in my way, He has on shorts, walking ahead of me, he starts to swing his arms, a taxi driver looks, and I am looking. Then I understand, he is shadow boxing, he is swinging at some imaginary opponent, he is boxing his way out of the market.

Small boys, all over the world are watching, pretending, trying to be like Manny, the pride of the Philippines. I hope that Manny knows and understands the responsibility for this boy’s future, for which he has been rewarded.

This brings back some memories of Pete Maravich and a young man in Indiana, spinning the ball on his finger for hours and hours. I can still do it…

Manny Pacquiao

General Santos Tuna

General Santos Tuna
General Santos Philippines
Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I want to see the tuna fisherman returning from sea, and unloading their boats. Actually, I do not know what I want to see, I want to know how a tuna gets from the ocean to the shore.

Tuna Fishing boat, just a walk towards the water from the Public Market of the city of General Santos, Philippines.

I talked to a girl, she works in a processing plant for tuna, she said it was owned by a Japanese person and employed about 500 people. She earns about 213 Pesos per day for eight hours of work; this is about 4.5 US dollars per day. She is going to text message me on my cell phone later today, she will talk to her boss and see if it is ok for me to go the plant and take photos.

Fish in the public market of city of the General Santos, Philippines.

General Santos Tuna

Sound Level Meters

Sound Level Meters

I am in an internet cafe, the noise level is extreme, as many childish boys are playing games and music on the computers.

It reminded me of a conversation I was having with Stephen in Singapore about noise levels, Singapore has rules and restraint, in the Philippines you need to hide from people to avoid childish behavior. This is a worldwide situation, not just the Philippines.

I am thinking, the one variable that is ignored, not focused on, just not dealt with properly in renting a hotel room is noise.

It would be interesting to have a sound level meter, whereby, I could measure the noise levels of a Hotel room. I sometimes shut off an air conditioner, just to stop the noise.

Sound Level Meters

Philippines Smile for No Reason

Philippines Smile for No Reason
General Santos Southeast Asia
Monday, December 4, 2006

I am amiss to know why I like the Philippines so well; however, I think I may have discovered the essential reason. I am from Indiana, all over the planet, there is a cultural specific way a person greets another person.

Instantly a well-traveled person could think of the Y of Thailand or the bow, or the hand pull of the Arabic countries, a person will learn the formal way of saying hello.

The truth is, the normal greeting is to ignore, there is no greeting, a reception desk and ignore you consistently and forever.

There is a formal greeting, a proper way to meet a person, I believe every culture on the planet, even when you believe there is not, there is a way to be respectful to a person that may allude your discovery.

In my small village, in the specific area centric culture location of Indiana, where I was made to be Andy, there is a greeting. When a person enters your space, to be well mannered you should make eye contact and say hello, acknowledge the existence of the other person.

McDonalds and 7-11 have a small secret that makes them tremendously successful on the planet, when you enter their establishments they say hello.

This is not natural for Europeans, seems awkward, they do not see or feel any reason why a person should say hello.

However, I truly believe manners can make a business; just a welcome to most people can put them at ease.


The reason I enjoy the Filipino person is they will smile for no reason, this is like my home, and I am closer to home. When I enter almost any establishment they acknowledge my presences, look at me, and normally say,
- Hello Sir. -

If you need a reason to be nice, I am worried for your happiness, we do choose to be a happy as we wish.

Philippines Smile for No Reason

General Santos Philippines

General Santos Philippines
Sunday, December 3, 2006
Dadiangas was a former name, before General Santos.

I am happy to be in the city of General Santos, nicknamed GenSan in the Philippines. I have so far accomplished my goal, I have entered an area of the Philippines, where there are no tourist men with smaller Philippine girls in tow, at least have not seen any so far.

My hotel is great, they are excited to see me, I do not think there are any tourists here to speak of, and it seems empty. The girls says,
- We have learned to accept change. -

There have been Islamic associated bombing in this area of the world, and more or less has scared off most tourists. The girl in the hotel did not avoid the subject; just matter of fact accepts that General Santos has changed.

General Santos seems modern, wide streets, and interesting in a way, however for sure I am in city, however what feels more civilized and less seedy than Manila. Nobody has tried to beg or sell me anything in front of the hotel; I have a swimming pool, not bad for 510 pesos in the Philippines, about 10 US dollars.

I have not found anything to do yet, however I have spotted a larger than normal mountain near here, that has a name, it was highlighted for General Santos, I cannot find the name of it in my guidebook.

I think the big pull here, has to be Tuna, the fish, they even have a Tuna festival, and I should probably go down to some dock somewhere and see where there is Tuna.

My goal is to find smaller more rural towns close to visit.

General Santos Philippines

Manila to General Santos Philippines

Manila to General Santos Philippines

I will fly with Cebu Pacific Airlines for about 88 US round trip from Manila to the city of General Santos in southern Philippines on Sunday.

I will stay for about 10 and return on the 13, then fly to Bangkok, Thailand

I like to learn about Ethnic groups and how language evolves, I am presently in the Tagalog language area of the Philippines.

The island of Mindanao or maybe province is one location with Ferdinand Magellen on his around the world trip stopped. I am presuming there is a bigger Spanish influence in this area, and hope to find different Ethnic groups than Manila.

- Magellan, Ferdinand (1480?-1521), Portuguese-born Spanish explorer and navigator, leader of the first expedition to circumnavigate, or sail completely around, the world. He was born in northern Portugal.- (2)

There is hopefully a combination of cultures here, older in nature, less modern, and helpful in my understanding of the evolution of the Philippines nation.

I am going to General Santos, avoiding in a way Davao, the normal destination, and trying to find culture that has not dramatically changed by the influence of the western world. I am not trying to stay away from modern, I am trying to stay away from a tourist culture, whereby it is a man with a girl in tow.

I believe the Philippines, a mystery to me, has some tourism gold to discover, however like any other gold, it comes with a price.

There is this tourist bubble overlaid on Manila, not informative, actually stops people from learning about the good of the Philippines and makes it easy to find the seedy parts of the Philippines. This is one of my first big jumps, I hope outside the tourist bubble. I will probably go along the coast south of General Santos and see what I find.

I purchased a map, but it is not very good, only shows the main road, not the small of the small roads from General Santos to the coast.

There is a boxer from General Santos, and whether I like it or not, I am destined to learn more about him than I ever desired. If I say, I am going to General Santos, the next words out of a Philippines person mouth is something to do with...
- Manny Pacquiao -

They country is very proud of this man.

I am not going there to learn about him, something to do with a look on faces of Mindanao native, is it Indonesia, Chinese, combination of Spanish and other, what is the roots of the language there. Plus what is happening in this area with the Islamic culture, is it soft, moderate, or hard line?

Many interesting aspects to the ethnic groups of the Philippines, and maybe a great place to travel by sailboat.

General Santos

Manila to General Santos Philippines

Philippines Street Children Man and Son

Philippines Street Children
Manila Philippines Southeast Asia
Friday, December 1, 2006

This is a man and his son that decided to sleep in front of the Adriatico Pensione Hotel in the Malate area of Manila, Philippines.

My life is a deluge of people walking up and asking for money, there is an endless stream of persons outside the USA that want something. However, even in this deluge, I sometimes stop and think, there are some exceptions. When I first saw this man and his son, what I noticed was the level of grime on the mans feet and legs.

Poverty has some almost quantifiable levels.

Shoes or no shoes?
Clean or not clean?
Clothes or no clothes?
Crazy or sane, normally this is something to me about talking to themselves.
Do they have bum friends?

I suppose the worst is the person, or individual in the streets who are not capable of begging. There is also the level where they become so grimy that that they become an outcast even on some bum scale.

There is a water leak in the street, the water is coming up into a large crater of a hole, many people are either gathering water, or cleaning clothes in the hole, or as you see, taking a bath.

Philippines Street Children

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