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Selling Luxury Travel

Selling Luxury Travel
General Santo Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I watch BBC and CNN too much, I really do not have any choice if I want to have a clue what is maybe happening in the world. I say maybe because there is little reality to watching BBC or CNN, more or an illusionary, try to sell controversy as News, when really just a slotted segment, scheduled weeks in advance.

I am watching now, and they are pushing Luxury Travel, there is some Luxury Market or something in Cannes.

Quote from Encarta Encyclopedia:
- Cannes, city, southeastern France, in Alpes-Maritimes Department, on the Mediterranean Sea, near Nice. A fashionable resort of the French Riviera, the city is built on an elevation that slopes to the sea and is sheltered by a range of hills. Tourism is the chief industry, but Cannes also has a busy port and is a trade center for flowers and fruit produced in the region. An important international film festival is held here each year. - (2)

Luxury Travel, in some ways is the same as going to a casino, they are selling dreams. A person goes to Las Vegas, or a big casino and tries to buy a dream, it they only put the right coin in the right slot machine, it will spill out a fortune and all their dreams will come true.

I am 100 percent in favor of luxury travel; I am also 100 percent in favor of a person getting the best value for their money. I am also 100 percent AGAINST trying to convince a person to gamble their lives saving away in Las Vegas.

It has been a moral dilemma, a quagmire of confusion for me, as I am, besot with advertisers who wish me to sell something I do not believe in, and would not recommend to anyone. I suppose they look at it as this, they will sell and they will recommend to anyone but their best friend, and for their best friends they will tell the truth. (IF they even know the essential truths.)

I suppose this is why I like the book and movie - The Beach - by Alex Garland so much; there is an inspired genius in this book. It is explaining about a map, where the other travelers are never to tell anyone, not even their best friends about the paradise call - The Beach. -

I try to find spotters, it seems like a travel agent would be a great spotters. I want a person to spot the great places to go, the place where they would tell their best friend, yet they would not tell anyone else. The reasons they will not tell anyone else are:

1. If they tell others, it will become touristy, trendy, and disappear.

2. They cannot make money as a travel agent on this location, because it does not yet have the built in commission and moneymaking opportunities for travel agents.

3. If they are smart enough, understand enough, they realize the best things in life are free. For example, the wonderful view of paradise, the love offered by a mate.

I try to get Travel Agents to drop their commission only brain, say; I will give you X amount of money to tell me your favorite place on the planet. They sadly are subject to their own hyperbole and always seem to recommend a place that has sold them on expensive luxury.

I think they need to separate their desires, I am 100 percent in favor or luxury travel when a good value. I like to be…

- Pampered, every creature comfort provided.
- Say you were there, the fame of travel.

However, this is good for a couple of days, then I want something real to do, maybe this is why a two week vacation sells so well, anyone with an sense would know after two weeks, a person can get very bored with luxury and needs some self enriching activity, they need to go home and do some work where they feel they accomplished something.

I wonder and think, movie stars, singers; millionaires will drink themselves to death, or just commit suicide.

I think they purchased the dream, and not a enriching lifestyle and where they are the master of their fate, and not just going where somewhere else says it is wonderful. I suppose this is often my quest, to find the places, which are real paradises.

BBC and CNN have big advertisers, and travel is the big money advertisers, they are trying to push a big ticket item to someone who probably cannot afford it, this is the emphasis, get a person to buy what they cannot afford, and for sure do not need, it luxury.

The best in life is free, however, it would be simpler to find if I could just pay for it, however, I cannot, it is my own journey to make.

Selling Luxury Travel

General Santos Philippines Hotel

General Santos Philippines Hotel
GenSan Philippines Southeast Asia
Monday, December 11, 2006

Anchor Hotel next to Public Market 850 Pesos.

A complicated set of thoughts made me return to the city of General Santo and not to Sebu Lake, in the end, there is just too much of the same same. General Santos has a huge market, a beach by the name of Lions Beach that has not been explored by me, and miscellaneous things. While I expect that if I visit Sebu Lake I will be in another Tboli with a lake, sort of boring, good chicken, fatter than the ones in GenSan, but still just another small city in the Philippines.

I am becoming ever aware, there are too many people in the Philippines and nobody goes to the beach. Most of the more primitive ethnic cultures are just now, Filipinos.

I was on the bus.
20 Pesos from Tboli to Surallah.
20 Peso from Surrallah to Marbel
40 Pesos from Marbel to General Santos.
20 Peso for a Motorcycle Taxi alone to the Anchor Inn.

Ok, I was on the bus, on the way to the Tboli Hotel and I just could not do it… The Tboli Hotel is nice, yet it is a Motel on the outskirts of the city or the highway, it is not in the center of the city. Maybe, I should call it a Taxi Hotel, you cannot just walk around, and you need to take a taxi all the time to go anywhere.

I am in the Anchor Hotel, almost a perfect location for me in General Santos, as it is next to the Public Market, just down the street from the Lions Beach, on the ocean or close. Then just a walk away from the PakMan Internet Café, or the one above the PakMan Convenience store, free internet if I have WIFI enabled computer.

Just is a 10 times better place for a man who wants to see the Philippines culture and not the inside of a Motel. A bonus is the HBO, CNN TV and the Hot Water, the bad part, is I must pay 300 Peso more, probably a next increase of cost of 150 Pesos, I deducted the amount of extra fees for taxis and time… hehehe, if I paid myself for time the cost is the same.

General Santos Philippines Hotel

Tboli Philippines

Tboli Philippines
Tboli Philippine Southeast Asia
Monday, December 11, 2006

Tau bilib: Tboli or T’boli
Those who live by the side of the mountain.

I am disappointed in the village of Tboli, there is nothing wrong with the place, friendly, nice people, and all is great. However, I saw some photos of Tboli or T’boli people and was hoping to find a more primitive area of the Philippines. It maybe is possible if I went up into the mountains, however, I am not sure how to do that, or sure, I want to in a place that could be dangerous.

It may be a place where I would get weapons to travel into the mountains.

Ok, the problem is this. I wanted to see the Ethnic group by the name of the Tboli people. They are the natives here, as I can understand before the coming of the Christian from the north to settle in this area round the 1930 to 1940s.

There is Tboli people, they live in Tboli, yet they do NOT dress or look like photos on the internet. They look and dress the same as any normal Filipino person. This is good; I would not wish anyone to stay primitive. However, not what I was thinking would be here or hoping for, sad, I was hoping for poorer people.. hehehe

I am told the illongga people came here and settled, I did not capitalize, because of Ilongga make the (I) look like L. has information on the Tboli people, however, my offline Encarta Encyclopedia does not, however it does show the city on the map. This is strange, I cannot find the city in normal viewing, however when I search for Sebu or Tboli I can find a reference to a map and see iit on the map, yet it does not normally exist, except in a search.

I am a big fan of encyclopedia, however, the although a great website is still not the best Encyclopedia until they give me and the rest of the world an offline version. I was told they was going to do this at the Wiki convention, yet never have heard or seen an offline version. I do hope there is one soon.

Hmm, I can download something; maybe it is possible to download the whole database.

I am going to leave and go to Lake Sebu, there is not much to do in Tbloi or nothing obvious, the market is ok. I suppose a gay person could find a lot to do in that strain of entertainment, as last night there were many of them standing on the corner, I am amazed at the number homosexuals in these small towns and the over all acceptance of them.

I do not force interesting life to happen, I just enjoy life as it happens.

Tboli Philippines

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines
Tboli or T’boli Philippines Mindanao
Monday, December 11, 2006

Francis Lodging -

This is the entrance, hehehe, but some ok room for a backpacker at the end of the lane. Maybe the name should be,
- Do not block. -

A person can think what I just did is silly, unless you are personally going to Tboli, then you need to know, there is a room for you.

I am not sure 300 Pesos is cheap in my world of Hotels, but 6 Dollars USA is cheap for the Philippines as most hotels go for about 10-11 dollars or 500-800 Pesos.

I personally think cheap is one dollar per day, or the same number as what is below is poverty by the United Nations. I try to coordinate the room price around the daily pay rate, difficult to do, but possible. As a rule of thumb, 80 percent of the planet pays less than 10 dollars US per day; therefore, a room should never be more than 10 dollars. This is for developing countries, or the normal countries of the planet.

Ok, in the USA, if a person gets 6 dollars per hour, then 8-hour times 6 dollars would be 48 dollars in a day. Therefore one days pay is about the right price or maximum I will pay for a room in the USA.

Gene, a concrete worker told me about business hotels, I do not think I have ever had better advice on business travel. This is just too stupid, the best advice I may have ever received was given to me by a construction worker out in the field. We were sent to lay concrete for a tomato sauce place, and the boss put us up for one night in a hotel.

The business hotel price should not set the price for what is normal for a normal person…

Gene said,
- A person should live like they do at home. -

I think a resort is a place where you should live better than you do at home.

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines

Lake Sebu or Tboli

Lake Sebu or Tboli
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have four maps.

1. Encyclopedia Encarta
2. Lonely Planet
3. Accu-Map
4. Some hocus pocus tours of the Provincial Planning and Development Office.

I suppose the number 4 is the best; however, the tours seem by far, magical mystery tours and more focused on sales and less on reality.

The Accu Map seems to have the city of Surallah on it, and that is a plus.

Number 4 list a small city by the name of T’Boli, and has a little symbol saying there is culture there or close.

There is too much tourist information on Lake Sebu, I do not believe it has retained a Tboli cultural influence, everything and everybody is talking resorts and other words. It is not to say it is developed too much, however, there is a tourist game or tour company game that happens. We go looking for real culture and because the tourists do not enjoy this, they give them what they ask for, it is difficult if you really want to find some normal culture, and not souvenir sale people or faked authenticity.

I am doing a quick perusing of the maps, keep them current in my brain, as I will leave in less than an hour for the small village of Tboli is possible, hope for housing and if not back track to Lake Sebu for sure there are hotels there.

I will not use the word Hotel, maybe Pensionne or Guesthouse. The word hotel make locals look for only the best rooms.

(Note, later I get a room in Tboli and the I ask the man, what is the correct name for his rooms, he says, - Lodging -, I cannot win with this.)

Lake Sebu or Tboli

Wood Architecture of Philippines

Wood Architecture of Philippines
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

The neighborhoods here are laid out in quadrants, blocks, and very organized. There are older wood building scattered around the area, mostly along the river or streams.

This building has a protruding top area, which is covered by bamboo slats; the building is made of wood. 90 percent or more of the building in this area are of concrete or concrete block with a splattering of cement on the block to make smooth.

The bottom has a beveled area and protrudes out.

The bamboo slat are not for mosquitoes, I wonder if for animals, or why, it is a window, yet not able to open, or I cannot see how. Many times a window is opened and people will hang clothes outside, however not here.

Wood Architecture of Philippines

Philippines Taxi

Philippines Taxi
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have traveled less than 50 miles and the type of tricycle taxi has changed. I see the taxis in terms of production, how can they make so many types of bikes, taxis, and then manufacture cheap enough to stay in business?

Tupi Philippines Taxi

General Santos Taxi

I realized, these are sidecars and not really a trycycle.

Philippines Taxi

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