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I have been subscribed to a newsletter by for years, I never read it, decided to un-subscribe in my big push to clean my inbox of unwanted emails.

I do this very complicated un-subscribe thing and it says,

This is the idea, however not correct words, but close...

Our TOS - Terms of Service or the privacy policy has given us the right to continue to send you emails and advertisements.

I could not believe a big company would do this.

NOW, I need to click them now as a SPAM or Spammer when I receive spam from them.

This too complicated to believe un-subscribe stuff is annoying, there are many big companies that have no ethics whatsoever.

I go around and around with my techie on the need to have an easy un-subscribe, there is a problem with one-click types as some people accidentally click and ooops, however it should be easy, not hard to un-subscribe.

I will not do business with companies like this, it is annoying to think. Well, I never did, is like expedia, not good deals. Newsletter Problem

Fake Onward Tickets

Fake Onward Tickets

Many countries require an onward ticket to enter, I was just nicked in the Singapore Airport when flying to the Philippines. This is a requirement for visas, entry, etc, and I think a windfall of profits for a travel agent.

There are many reasons to require and onward ticket and none are very good.

1. Force you to buy a ticket from that company on the spot.
2. Keep out the trash... hehehe
3. Help a travel agent to make more money.

I probably could go on and on, however the new system that has evolved is to fake tickets, with the invention of the e-ticket it has become easier.

Many travel agents will assist... if you travel agent does not know how to do so, they are either stupid or dishonest. They should say, I know how to, but I will not do so, it they do not know how to do so, then for sure you need a better agent.

There are these small pouches that travel agents put their tickets inside of, it you snag a few of them, you can make a good fake ticket.

I do not like to encourage people to fake tickets, nonetheless the reasons to have an onward ticket are pretty bad, I feel in many ways the travel agents have conspired for this idea.

Note congratulations Craig with
I did a search in and your post was number one, the first time I have connected with your site on number one. I searched for,

Fake "onward ticket"

Fake Onward Tickets

Ants in My Bed

Ants in My Bed

Maybe a solution:
1. Baby Powder to get them out of the bed.
2. Set up a perimeter around the bed with what you can find in the country you are in...

These are choices:
Cayeen pepper
Ground Cinnamon
Borax (Laundry Section)
Bay Leaf
White vinegar

I am hyper-sensitive, I can feel the ants, they are in my bed. I am now on the Full Moon Party beach of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand.

I am not in the cheap hotel, I am in the all concrete, 450 Baht room, I cannot buy to Ant Control... aagh.

Ok, wood rooms are way beyond my abilty to work with, I need a good, normal on the planet concrete room to make headway.

Hot Springs Chris has been recommending Pepper to me for years, however, how do I put pepper around my whole room. I have decide it is possible to reduce the space free from ants, I am setting up a perimeter around my bed only, I will now only set up my bed in the center of the concrete floor, then use pepper and other easy to find products.

Then, how to get out of my bed? I hope baby powder will work..?

I think, I hope I have a solution, in many ways this comes down to the problem, if I spray the room, I will be sleeping in a smelly, insect repellant room. I do not want to spray my bed with insect repellant.

I do not know, however these two pages are helpful.

This is like a tip in progress, one of these days I will figure out the right combination to make my life free from ants in my bed.

Ants in My Bed

Philippines Cockfights

Philippines Cockfights
Bangkok Thailand
Sunday, December 17, 2006

I was in the General Santos city, Philippines, the public market and saw colorful collection of straps.

These are leg straps, used as a tether for Chickens used in Cockfights in the Philippines.

Now, I do know there are cockfights or chicken fights on the planet, yet when I looked at this display of strap for the chickens. I thought, this is a lot of them, if they have this many, than there is probably more cockfights in the Philippines than I imagined.

A man, with what I assume is his daughter; they are selling chickens to be used for cockfights. I keep wanting to say rooster, yet really, I am no sure, maybe they use both female and male chickens.

Philippines Cockfights

Exercising and Travel

Exercising and Travel

I am not 22, life is not the same as when I was 22, I am excessively introspective, both a curse and a wonder. When I was 22, I could live on my laurels, everything was simple, I did nothing and excelled.

I would like to be as physically fit as I was when I was 22, however, I have every excuse to not be, I suppose I take every excuse also.

I am not sure what to do; I can sit here and list all the excuses why it is difficult to exercise when I am traveling. Since, I never stop traveling, and then the excuses never stop. No point in listing excuses, that is the problem.

I am on the third floor of the hotel, I normally try to get on the first level, I just do not like going up and down the step, five times per day, or more.

I have been climbing the stair two steps at a time, trying to exercise my thighs.

What do I do in the next hotel? What do I do when there is only one floor?

This is the nature of excuses; there is always an excuse, why I will not exercise in the next city and hotel.

No excuses.

However, I also need to have options and choices, when I am ready to take one of them excuses; I need the alternative, the best choice that will allow me to not take the excuse.

I can live on the third floor and get some exercise or I can move to the first, this is a choice.

I am making a list of ways to exercise, I am making a list of choices, and the bottom line is there is no excuse.

Exercising and Travel

2006 December 15 Entered Thailand

2006 December 15 Entered Thailand

I have entered Bangkok, Thailand leaving Manila, Philippines.

My Cebu Pacific Airlines left around 22:55 on the 14th of December and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on the 15th of December, 2006

2006 December 15 Entered Thailand

Chinese Korean Font Invasion

Chinese Korean Font Invasion

I am being driven crazy by the small things in life, everyone pushes me to improve my grammar and writing skills. I some days am just trying to get the word out.

I sent my newsletter last night, I then came to the internet cafe to check today. I have no idea why, however, there are these A A things in my newsletter. I am hoping the English speaking world of the USA cannot see them, yet here on my computer, in the cafe... I can.

(General Santos, Philippines)

I sent from my computer, I am presently checking from the computer owned by the internet cafe, it is one fo them small things in life that can drive you crazy. We do work for perfection, yet the variables that need managaged increase as fast as we learn to manage them.

I was laughing, one advertiser was inferring that I did not know how to open a control panel, I am still amused. I have realized backend is twice to three time more complicated than the advertisers control panel.

This is all is the result of designing our own newsletter delivery system, because and google groups are not quite what we want, plus we become tied to them in a way that is not acceptable for the long-term.

I do like them, yet we are evolving and changing. has about 20 plus sql databases connected in many ways.

Oh well, gives me something to do, I cannot look at girls 24 hours per day.

Chinese Korean Font Invasion

Geopolitical Cultural Traveler

Geopolitical Cultural Traveler
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There are arrogant people on the planet, that believes they understand better than others do, they know, they somehow have learned about the geopolitical situation of the planet better than other people have.

I received a nasty email a few years ago, attacking me personally as an American; I suppose I should say, as a citizen of the United States of America. This person keyed in on the book or movie the Ugly American and went off on me, trying to explain that I have no understanding of the geopolitical situation of the planet.

The inference was, he did, and I did not, he was living and teaching English in Otavalo, Ecuador.

It was an interesting hate mail, as normal hate mail gives me zero way to track them down, this one was more transparent. I think about hate mail, as these are dangerous people living on the planet. A person, who will go to great lengths to attack a person, is maybe crazy.

However, I suppose I should thank him for in a sad way, he induced me to focus on the term Geopolitical. I never used this term, before he wrote his hate mail.

The question he posed or stated, was an assertion that I have never made, that I understand the Geopolitical situation of the world, although I by sheer countries visited believe I may know better than most.

Geopolitical is I believe, a subcategory of study of Geography, it takes forever to slice and dice these terms. Yet is interesting how Geography influences Politics.

But to have an understanding of the geopolitical situation of the planet, it appears to me, you also need to understand the culture. I see or feel this is one of the major shortcoming of the USA, we are blindsided, sometimes because we do not think in terms of culture, we are politically correct anal. Europe has a long-term experience in being racist and act racist without appearing racist.

An example of this is the European Unions denial of Turkey into the European Union. Half of this is just pure racism and illogical, than the rest is observance or knowledge that all culture are not presently compatible.

I guess, what is needed it a cultural imperialism whereby nations learn tolerance and respect of other cultures. When they learn this, then maybe there is a possibility of being compatible.

I have almost no desire to learn, or understand the inner city Afro-American Rap or Gang culture of the USA.

I then go to Africa and live with black people for three months, when I leave Africa, I hear and listen to anti-black comments by friends and what I thought were not racist persons. I will tell you what I like or do not like about a culture, I on the other hand will not enforce or pre-judge normally, I do give the person a chance. I can travel to Africa and live with black people with no problem.

I find many of my friends do not give Africa a chance, strange.

However, I see there is a possibility of a new traveler on the planet, the cost of travel has become cheaper, it is possible now for a person to know enough about three to four continents, Know enough about the Geography, Politics and Culture to be more aware, it possible to travel to over 100 countries and hang around.

I do not see gas visiting a country as important, I see hanging around long enough to nullify the first impressions as being valuable.

Darwin and Ferdinand Magellan and all these men, were maybe the same, they hung around enough to understand, it was the only way to be safe, they needed to understand the cultural motivations.

However, as the world has become safer, the need to know or understand a country has become less.

Geopolitical Cultural Traveler

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