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Tobacco Photos in Philippines

Tobacco Photos in Philippines
I have been visiting the Bauang Central Market almost daily it is full things my Mother would like to see. I am sure she is bored reading about my Medical problem.

My Mother is an old woman; I suppose the photo of this old woman showing me tobacco will give her a laugh. I think this old woman is younger, but looks older than my Mother; my Mother is I think 75 or 76.

The Philippines culture is a mash of both modern and primitive, I find many of the same type of products being sold here as I did in Ethiopia, East Africa or say Bolivia, South America.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 24, 2009


Nobody in the whole area spoke English; I tried to ask where they were growing this tobacco. The Philippine are sporting, they love their photos taken. I can take a Jeepney for 8 Pesos from my Hotel to the Market, it is an enjoyable trip, I can socialize with about 1 in 10 people on the Jeepney, and this means 1 in 10 speaks enough English to talk with me a little.

The girls at the Dunkin Donuts told me that Bauang has a market on Thursday and Sunday.

Hoz want me to take photos of food, I found a typical food diner up on the second floor, there are many. There is also enough light to video the food. I am now looking for a person who speaks English to go with me and explain all the foods. I tried at the “Comedor” type restaurants, but nobody spoke English.

Tobacco, all types, I kept asking, is this for chewing, is this grown here, is this and that, etc?

I am doing the same things with Coffee, except the girls who sell the coffee beans spoke some English. Tomorrow…

Note if your best friend tells you everyone in the Philippines speaks English, assume he is towing along beside him a small girls to help. I am often amazed at how little interface there is between the Expats and the locals, face, but not interface.

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Maybe has evolved, I know I have, I would suspect they have while I was not watching. I hope they have evolved, I am thinking maybe they have. I am hoping I can utilize their links to make some money.

Who knows, this type of work takes days, months, and years of experimentation. For sure, the only people who can make money from Internet sites are the persistent and anal bunch like me.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 24, 2009


I am just giving my hard-core readers a heads up, I am experimenting with So do not get annoyed, just try to understand. It takes a lot of money to travel the planet perpetually. I am not on vacation, I never go home. I live traveling, I must continually make money or eventually I would need to stop.


I live traveling, I do not live in the USA.

As best I can tell, I am one of the only people on planet earth that actually travels and writes. Most Travel Writers get free vacations given to them, they then suck up to the resort, say all sorts of bull about the resort or tourist destination in return for their free trip.

If they have an office, they are not a traveler… hehehe

This is not me; in fact, I would assume the majority of travel advertisers are scared to death of me. Oops, he said something bad about their moneymaker. I have the luxury to tell the truth, of course, this is my basic nature, and I truly think Travel Writers are the scum of the earth.

I have made a policy; I am not going to dwell on any of the bad features of a product. I love my BlackBerry Storm given to me by Verizon to review. I truly love this baby; however, what is the point in telling you all the shortcomings. We hope these smart phones evolve and I eventually and remove all their shortcomings, nothing is perfect.

Well, Wade, I am experimenting with, I think your idea to live on a boat may very well solve the eternal problem of perpetual travel. “How do I pay for my room?”

I subscribe to a daily Newsletter from I delete about 8 out of ten emails after reading the title, but the two I read is worth the time it takes to delete the 8.

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Note, there is a lot more money to be made explaining how to make money, then making or writing original content… so be it.


Sneaky, that link is an link above. I thought it was going to be a banner. they can afford to be brazen, they do not pay me per click. I think they pay only if you buy. Truly they must make money or I do not get paid, I guess I can be very cavalier in how I talk about them. Monetization Experiments

Disabled American Veterans in Philippines

Disabled American Veterans in Philippines
I think I am physically disabled, if I was an American Vet maybe I would qualify for free money. The Philippines is a great place for disabled American Veterans.

I am NOT an American Veteran, I truly do not understand, I am just giving an opinion.

Why the Philippines for Medical Treatment?
1. Cheap to live here.
2. Other Veterans to help answer medical problems fill out the forms and help you qualify for free money.
3. Physical Therapy cost about 5-7 US Dollars per visit.

Why is Andy the disabled?

I broke my left femur in a motorcycle accident when I was 23 years old; a drunk person with no insurance hit me with his car. I believe because I had a Fatty Embolism the doctors decided not to operate, they did NOT put a rod in my femur. Instead, they put me in traction and allowed the bones to connect. Presently my thy is not straight and has a huge lump where the callous precipitated into bone to compensate for the break.

I personally think they should have made plates and screwed the 3-4 bone pieces into proper alignment, they kept telling me it was in perfect alignment, I would say Doctor Hadawi in Bloomington, Indiana lied to me.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 24, 2009


Disabled Defined
Unable to perform particular activities: describes somebody with a condition that makes it difficult to perform some or all of the basic tasks of daily life.

When people ask me about my broken thy bone or femur, I say,
“I cannot high jump 6 foot anymore.”

The Disable Americans Vets in Baguio discuss percentages.

“I am 60 percent disabled and I get 3000 dollars per month”
“He is 100 percent disable and gets 6000 dollars per month.”

I tend to think the goal of many disabled American Vets is to increase the percentage from say 30-80, or 80 to 100 and thereby increase their monthly pay.

What problems I have today

Ever since I broke my femur, I have never been able to push off with my toes properly, I cannot jump correctly, however more important the left butt muscle atrophies. When I worked in the USA, I would work out in the gym, do specific exercises to keep the muscles in the left leg closer to the same size as the right leg, it never worked.

Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome is caused by imbalance or structural problems in the bones.

Example: A very fat person’s stomach strains the spine until it pops…. Hehehe. The vertebrae pushes against the spinal cord and you have Sciatica or pain down your leg.

I am not fat, I say I am fat, but I am only about 20 pound overweight, in comparison to men in my same age group, I am skinny… this is sad.

I am sitting here in San Fernando, Bauang, La Union, Philippines asking myself this question.

“What is the advantage for me, Andy Graham with this disability to be in the Philippines?”

There are many, I mean the list is so numerous I am going to have trouble explaining simply. Generally though the reason is this, I can waddle my way through all the possible problems, question, answers and solutions cheaply.

Example, I am going to go get an X-ray of my femur, I have not seen one since I was 23, and I want to know what the status is today. I want to have a doctor tell me what he or she thinks.

Maybe 20 Dollars to do this or maybe 30.

Playing the “What if game” is possible to do here; I can explore possible solutions cheaply. I can compensate, learn, train myself to circumvent these medical problems, I can minimize the disability.

Doctors perform Trial and Error methods

I talked with a Doctor in Thailand.
I talked with a Doctor in Lorma Hospital here in Philippines.

I said, I have a nodule or cysts on my back, I then say I have sciatic nerve pain. They answer,
“We need to get an MRI.”

I say, what is this Cyst, this baby hurts?

They ignore the cyst and continue towards the MRI, I have now appeased them and they say, yes you have a bulge pushing against your nerve. I say fine, but the cyst is still hurting.

There answer is for me to go to physical therapy. I see this as just passive treatment to try to get me to stop talking about the pain. More or less pain management, not solving the problem.


I can afford to go to this Hospital daily until I am happy, this is great. It cost me about 10 US dollars per visit, or about 500 Pesos.

Trial and Error until I succeed, this is truly the art of success for any business, eliminate all the negatives and what is left is the solutions. I will continue to ask question until I solve this problem. Better yet, I will continue to explain my broken femur, the lack of muscle, get an x-ray and do this until they see clear, the well-defined problem explains the solution.

Here is the link where I information for my sciatica disability: Sciatia Solutions

If you are critical thinker and want to learn about related information on how we work through this mental masturbation, I would recommend you read this book called Psycho Cybernetics, a book showing you how we work toward goals by doing the wrong things.

99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration…

Disabled American Veterans in Philippines

Lockerbie Bomber Released

Lockerbie Bomber Released
The release of the Lockerbie Bomber this week makes me ashamed to be American. The Western World has again demonstrated we are wimps, and incapable of staying the course. Yes, it shows the compassion, but it sends the wrong message to the Arab Culture, they do not think the same as us, they have a radically different way of gaining respect. We again proved we do not understand the Arab culture, we are empathy deficit.

This man was found guilty of killing 270 People, he is about the same as Hitler, Pol Pot, and Saddam Hussein. These people are mass murderers, this man is the same, just the number is less.

Oops, we let Hitler loose yesterday...

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Saturday, August 22, 2009


Oil Deal
This is a good reason to Lockerbie Bomber; this is an excellent reason, buy a huge oil deal in exchange for a dead man. However, if they Western World is wrapping this up in a blanket of compassion, when in reality it is our money greed, we are almost the same as the Arab culture. We will say anything and do something else, we are not strictly honest, and we are wimps.

Say to the public,
"We made a business deal, we want oil."
I think the public can understand the need for oil.

I am told weekly and sometimes daily,
“You are strict.”

This is the global word for people who do not listen to excuses. This is the way the liars, cheats, and normal people of planet earth try to convince a deliberate person like me to NOT compromise.

My stance is this, do it or I will beat the shit of you, this is the way of the world, talk softly and carry a big stick.
(I will tell a Philippine person they are stupid, not a problem. Many guidebooks advise you to never do this... hehehe)

We are told daily, there is only one way to salvation, however as best I can tell, the general mass of the world want to negotiate with the devil… hmm, this is ok, this is maybe ok, this is not ok, in this instance it is ok.

Pretty easy to see, if we are going to go to war to stop weapons of mass destruction, we should also kill the mass murderers. Iraq is Arab, they did not mess around with Sadaam, they just did it, and they were resolute and deliberate. Hang him, get it done, do not get hung up in mental masturbation, kill him. They killed Sadaam fast and quick.

Remember the Movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson
Remember when the King finds his son with a boyfriend talking up in the tower, he walks the boy over the window, says something like,
“Look out there.”
Then he pushes the boy out the window.

I give that scene a two thumbs up on how to be strict, it was just too stupid and the King had enough of listening to crap. A person needs to learn to push the crap out the window.


Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi
(born 1 April 1952) is a former Libyan intelligence officer, head of security for Libyan Arab Airlines, and director of the Centre for Strategic Studies in Tripoli, Libya. On 31 January 2001, he was convicted, by a panel of Scottish Judges sitting in a special court at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, of 270 counts of murder for his part in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on 21 December 1988. Megrahi was sentenced to life imprisonment. Suffering from terminal prostate cancer, with less than three months to live, he was freed on compassionate grounds by the Scottish Government on 20 August 2009.[4] His release was met with controversy. His co-accused, Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah was found not guilty and was acquitted.

Geez, did you ever read, let your yes be yes and your no be no?

Lockerbie Bomber Released

Chili at VFW Post 9892, Bauang, La Union Philippines

Chili at VFW Post 9892, Bauang, La Union Philippines
The VFW, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post here in Bauang, Philippines has great Chili con Carne. I have relocated my Chile desires from the 50’s Diner in Baguio, my new Chili seat is now located at the Colonel B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 restaurant.
VFW Post 9892

By the way, I think the only good reason to come to Bauang is the VFW Post 9892, maybe there is a nice beach somewhere I have yet to find it. I think this VFW Post serves all the Vets from Baguio and the Lorma Tri-Care Hospital system in San Fernando, La Union is better than Baguio.

Maybe I am supposed to call it Post 9892, a person should be careful when talking about men who used to carry guns, I am not sure political correctness is correct, but proper respect needs to be given.

By the way Veterans,
“Thanks for getting shot at in my stead.”

Anybody for any reason who gets shot at for me deserves my respect, appreciation and salute.

Thank You,
You are appreciated by Andy Graham

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Friday, August 21, 2009


As best I can understand, the have a Chili Cook Off, a contest held yearly to prove who can make the best Chili con Carne. I think this year, 2009 it will be the 18 annual event, here is a PDF file to download link from the 2008 invitation.
Bauang, Philippines Chile Cook off

This is the large portion of chili, this is really a large bowl, the cost is 140 for the large and 115 Pesos for the small. I recommend you get the small, the I think the bowl is larger, I am not sure the portion is larger.

The million-dollar question is this, is this the winning recipe?

Is this the 17th annual hellfire Chile Cook Off recipe?

The girls behind the counter are not too talkative, this is club, anyway you do it, and the VFW Post here in Bauang is a club. I need to do the right things, behave the right way, and eventually I become a fixture on the barstool. The bar stools are American grade, I mean they are comfortable, nice and enjoyable, they will accommodate extra large size Americans. The place is open from 7:00 am until 6:00 and to answer my friends Chet’s question.

Beer is 30 Pesos at Happy Hour, and I do not know the other prices, I think this is about 65 cents US for a beer.

This is the Colonel B.J. Smith VFW Post 9892 building.

I think it is in Paringao, Philippines.

It is half the distance between the city of Bauang and the city of San Fernando, La Union province. You can say the bus you want get off at the Ariana Hotel and look for a squatty building, the sign is confusing. I think VETS get a discount at the Bali Hai East and pay 750 Pesos, which for the Philippines is reasonable, the normal price of 1150 is a little too much, I am not paying that, I got a discount.

Bali Hai East in my opinion is twice as good of hotel from the Bali Hai Main, that Hotel is too crowded and smells of the ocean, there is not a pretty beach over there. I think for you truly want to get-it-types, they can stay at the Ocean Breeze and hang at the Butterfly bar, this is for the true aficionados. I think Footlights is the place for your seat at the bar.

JD from Baguio kept talking about the Cinnamon Roll women, some old lady who is nice and the VFW men support by buying them. This thing cost me 35 Pesos, about 50 cents USA and was delicious; you can buy a softer version in many bread shops. This is welcome after Thailand which does not have bread, I think Bread is s French or Brit thing, too bad for Thailand it was not colonized. Pay attention to your Colonization and you will know your foods.

I do not come to the Philippines to visit the Philippines; I come to the Philippines to visit Americana away from America. There are four VFW Post, Angeles City, Subic, Bauang and in a way the Red Lion in Baguio to visit.

I do not need to pay taxes in the USA providing I am not in the country for more than 30 days. I can earn up to 88,000 or something like that and not pay taxes. Therefore, as a perpetual traveler of planet earth I need to wander over to the Philippines to get remember I am American, “American culture” … without the girls…
(The Philippines is maybe Hell on earth for an American girl and Heaven on Earth for the American bad boys.)

Contrary to any noise or crap, you want to put forth, Expats, European, Australians, Brits, Germans and Americans living overseas do not want to live in another country. They want to live in their own country, an island of their own country within another country. They are not here to immerse themselves in local culture and for the most part they divorce themselves from locals. They just want the best slice of pie from the Philippines. I am the same, I just want the best piece, I do not want to be Filipino.

Actually, I think when Pool Players die, they come to the Philippines, and this has to be Pool Player Heaven.

Chili at VFW Post 9892, Bauang, La Union Philippines

Swimming Pool Fungus Cure

Swimming Pool Fungus Cure
I would like to propose or suggest a possible cure for skin fungus. I am not saying this cures fungus, it just seems reasonable.

Swimming Pools loaded up with Chlorine.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, August 20, 2009


Little white spots, this is the sign of a rather benign fungus, you can see it on many people, when fungus is really bad it become more like a rash or open abrasion. Note, not a way to make friends telling people they have fungus, I have stopped trying to help.

I caught a fungus on the Amazon River, it got out of control in both Thailand and Iraq. I finally killed it by taking pills in India, the creams I used did nothing more than put the fungus into remission.

People catch skin fungus in or around swimming pools, however if I understand correctly, the chlorine is put in the water to kill fungus.

If I was in heavily chlorinated water for about 30-60 minutes, my body would become waterlogged. Wouldn’t this kill fungus that is not in the blood stream?

Maybe drinking chlorinated water would get rid of the acne like junk on the skin of many Filipinos.

Swimming Pool Fungus Cure

Philippines Love I Can Still Recognize

Philippines Love I Can Still Recognize
Oh well, I may as well increase the amount of hate mail…

The Philippines is simple, the people love you in simple ways, even when they are trying to be clever, cheat you, and it is still entertaining. They love me in a way I can still understand.

Keep reading you political correct idiots, you are going to get your injection of hate, your endorphin rush, your control freak fuel.

I tend to believe the amount of dysfunctional behavior is increasing on planet earth. This truly does not mean crapola, it is just a comment.

However, one time long ago in never never land, as I was sitting in an alcoholic treatment center talking with Doctor Rolf the Psychologist of the Huntington Treatment Center
He said,
“All everyone wants is intimacy.”

This was elicited after I said,
“All people want is money.”

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, August 20, 2009


People are truly unhappy when they think too much.
1. Analysis Paralysis
2. Over-intellectualization

Ask yourself, what do you like to do, what makes you happy?

Generally, this question baffles people, if you asked me, I would say.
1. Reading a book
2. Watching a movie
3. Walking around in office supply stores.

OOOPS, what is that last one, for some strange reason I enjoy walking around in office supply store. I am not sure why, and truthfully it is irrelevant, when I am near an office supply store I walk in, I enjoy the rush.

What I want in life is not simplicity; I want to be surrounded by all the small things in life that puts a smile on my face. Right here is the clue, when you have a natural smile on your face, seal the moment, can it, and remember the moment.

Repeat and repeat again.

Generally, the Philippines is about small girls who make me laugh, I enjoy going to Greenwich Pizza and buying the double pepperoni for 139 Pesos. The girl at the counter says,
“Hello sir.”

It is a joyful noise, this is simple, I enjoy getting in the back of a jeepney and blabbing with the locals.

Yes, generally the men who come to the Philippine are real crap on a stick, not the people I would invite home to visit my parents. But there is one thing they know.

1. They like girls.
2. They like to play pool.
3. They like to drink beer.
4. They like to smoke cigarettes.
5. They like to have people listen to them.

The Philippine is heaven for this type of man.

The repeat, repeat, and repeat again this endorphin rush, they truly just keep pressing the button, give me some more.

What I respect about them is their understand of themselves, they truly are enjoying their life. I was talking with the Ms. Acacia the Physical Therapist in the Lorma Hospital, I said,
“Relax, come and sit by the pool at the Bali Hai East.”

She says something like she does not have time, needs to work, and just made noise. She is incredibly intelligent, but rather stupid also. I thought to myself.
“She wants to teach me how to recover.. I think she need to relax a little and lighten up.”

I know 100 of my problem is taking my life too serious, this is why I am in the Philippines, I want to be surrounded by people who do not work, refuse to work and refuse to do anything perfect.

Now, getting down to work, lets think about Todd Rundgren, a singer I hear about from my parent… hehehe

But she loves me in a way I can still recognize
Lyric from song by Todd Rundgren

Say it in a different way,
“Do something that makes you happy.”
Try to understand what make you happy, that is not complicated, your brain does not evaluate properly, you are dysfunctional, it does not function, it does not accomplish your goal, to be happy.

Song by Todd Rundgren

See that girl, watch her dance
If I knew her name I wouldn't have to sit on my hands
If my mouth don't work I get some help
And she don't mind if I don't keep my hands to myself

You're all right
You put up such a good clean fight
I'm afraid that you lose tonight
She may be a slut but she looks good to me

You're so clean, so refined
You don't care to get messy just to have a good time
She's got saggy thighs and baggy eyes
But she loves me in a way I can still recognize

Philippines Love I Can Still Recognize

Stopped Physical Therapy in Philippines

Stopped Physical Therapy in Philippines
I stopped physical therapy so I can recover from my injuries.

I know I am a pain the butt, but I have conflicting goals. I am 100 percent sure there is inflammation, swelling and pain that would stop or subside if I gave these sciatica related problems a rest.

Charlie Foxtrot Therapy

I want to do therapy, however I need to limit myself to 1-2 hours of physical activity per day.

Oops, there is no way to travel to Lorma Hospital on the north side of San Fernando, La Uniion without a Charlie Foxtrot situation.

Bauang or San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I need to lose 20 pounds; this excess weight is compounding my medical problems. I can easily tell when I am stressed, I eat, and I am still eating too much, and motivated to stop too little.

I am stopping the four hours of Charlie Foxtrot Therapy. It is just nuts traveling across a city in the Philippines.

I truly do not want to walk around for longer than 2 hours per day.

Therapy must be highly educational here to validate me going; I am not going to live here. I must learn all the tricks to make this problem stop, self-therapy that I can do in my Hotel room.

First thing first, slow down my world and get down to 170 pounds, I am at about 190 presently.

Slow the world down until my smile returns, I am finding those happy thoughts.

If I could not walk, the exercise going to and returning to Lorma Hospital would be strenuous and beneficial, if I needed exercise, the cure is less exercise.

Read this to understand my Sciatica Research:
Sciatica Research

Stopped Physical Therapy in Philippines

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