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It makes me so mad that this Italian journalist is alive, she deserves to be killed.

I was reading CNN and this story about their car going into a roadblock and getting shot is absurd, typical arrogance of the media. Thinking they are special and endangering lives.

I am postive it is their fault, and mostly the bodyguard.

I will tell you, there is nothing more obvious than a USA military checkpoint in Iraq, any normal taxi driver or person that was in anyway shape or form aware of the country would not have been shot. The big problem is they are too naive of dangerous travel to understand who to trust, they pay bodyguards that have no business doing the job.

His job was to protect this lady, and obviously he did not do his job, so he suffers.

I spend 35 days in Iraq and the one thing I am positive.
The journalist are wimps, they sit in hotels and fabricate stories, trying to make them as controversial possible to make themselves famous and to sell lies in the name of journalism.

I am not sure who are the biggest liars on the planet.

1. Journalist
2. Taxi Drivers
3. Used Car salesperson's

Next time, do not miss please. These soldiers are sitting targets, they do not need egotistical, arrogant journalist and bodyguards testing their metal.. It is impossible for me to believe this lady.

Me and Peter read a sign once as we seen the weaving between cement stoppers entering a stop.
It said,
Caution, beyond this point deadly force will be used.

We asked an Iraqi person what it said,
He said,
"If you go beyond here we kill you."

So be it, good job soldiers, doing your job, risking your life.


The group of American Tourist I was with had a camera stolen in Cuzco, so Peter the Brit that caught up and traveled for 20 some days together in Iraq with me could not stop himself, so he sent me a commentary.

I keep trying to get him to set up a blog, but he resist.


I was really sorry to hear about that camera getting stolen. I am getting to hear so many of those type of stories. Baggage getting stolen from buses, armed theft, countless scams etc etc. I have to admit that if it wasn't for Anne coming over in May/June, I'd be sorely tempted to skip Peru and take a bus straight through to Ecuador (where it may be just as bad!!). I also have to admit to getting a bit jerked off with those who say things like "theft happens everywhere and South America is no different than anywhere else on this planet". I believe that theft/scams etc can of course happen anywhere on this planet. The point that almost everyone seems to forget it that (for whatever reason), tourists/backpackers/westerners are seen as far more of a target than they are in almost the rest of this world. Therefore, the odds of one of us being a victim are greater in South America. I know that there are things that happen in Asia and other parts, but I have never been to any part of this planet where there is so much crime against people like us. I have never read any range of guidebooks where there are so many warnings against these type of criminal activities. I believe that we are a far greater target in South America (especially, it seems, Peru) than in most other parts of the world. This is mostly because we are seen to be "rich" and therefore, a legitimate target. Naturally, we do not have that particular situation in our own countries. Obviously, we can be victims in our own countries, but not because we have been targeted because we are "rich". It seems to be more random in our home countries.
Also, let's not forget that there are probably dozens of robberies every day against folks like us that are not being publicized.

I find myself being a lot more wary about chatting with locals. To me, an important part of traveling is to meet local people and interact with them in a positive way. I am finding myself shutting myself off from meeting people as I doubt that I'll trust any of them. This is all rather unfortunate. PETER COMMENTS STOPS

Being an easy target, this is why you get robbed.
It is obvious you have a camera, gold ring, airplane baggage tags, dressed too nice, rented a car, just lay your stuff around anywhere.

Note though, I have only been robbed in Madrid Spain of my passport and coming off the island of Koh Samui, Thailand of 50 plus dollars. Sophisticated robbers have got me, not the average, I am trying to figure out and working diligently to make a backpack that would protect people. Especially the older people, I am going to try again here in Peru or Bolivia to make another bag as the snap, buttons, zippers are low quality in Nepal.

Both time though I made a strategic errors in my beliefs on how a person could rob me or how I should protect my valuables. I still lose more than I am robbed, but my guess is one in five travelers is robbed of over 200 dollars of valuable or more.

Why do you not hear about tourist being robbed in Europe?
People will not admit they have been robbed, similar to the stock market, do you ever hear a person say,
"I lost 10 grand on the stock market."
The no lose face syndrome
People hide their humanity, now that is the ultimate stupidity.


For those of you that have been reading newsletters for years you know I went to Koh Tarutao, Thailand and made some fun of the CBS Survivor show, for way too long.

I had some Survivor groupies write me today and say there is a rumor that Survivor will filmed this spring or summer in Peru.

If anyone gets wind of when and where, please tell me, if you are in Peru and hear of GAME SHOW or see way too many Americans around, please write or comment below.

Thanks Andy in Arequipa, trying to make a Hostel for a month.
Please put in COMMENTS area below.


Here in Arequipa Solar Energy is the popular craze, and most Hotels have Solar heated water, what this means is everyone gets a cold shower. I am always amazed at the level of abuse that can be handed out, the hotel I am in has a 5 gallon electric hot water heater, and then is augmented by solar heat, what this means is in the morning with 15 units you have a cold shower after the dark of night and one person takes a shower, and in the late afternoon you can get luke warm shower. At 23-2500 meters or something like that above sea level, trust me you need hot showers.

On the other hand the girls here are a lot better looking and warmer than the girls in Asia, so maybe this is needed.


I discovered and adventurer that would qualify for my EXTREME HOBO traveler, but his trip is not very long as he is flying around the world with one tank of gas solo.


I attended the Berkman or Harvard Blog club, or something like that, it is located in the Cambridge area and I am confused on how to define it, but for sure it full of extremely intelligent bodies, all talking about the blogosphere or I am out of the loop, not sure what they call the process of online journals or blog.

Well, the crew of Nightline filmed the meeting, so it is possible I could be on TV, because I attended and did not hide or really could not hide. I really wanted to learn about the group, so my no photo perspective was compromised. Well I am not sure when it will be on, and for sure I HAVE NO IDEA IF I AM in the show. But for sure they pointed that big camera at me, making very nervous.

This group at Cambridge has a discussion newsletter that post a LOT:
One of these links will lead you either into confusion or brilliance.


I am in Arequipa, it is warmer and I have left a 80 percent Quechua race to a maybe core part of Arequipa that is 90 percent Mestizo or part Spanish blood and part Indian blood. Thinner people, and taller. The weather is warmer. I am trying to settle in so I can be clear on my world.


Sacsahuaman, that word does not sound as exciting as Machu Picchu, however it appears at this site they have some 20 ton stones moved by the Incas. This would impress me.

Tikal in Guatemala sort of spoils Machu Picchu, but the big stones at Sacsahuaman could change my mind. I have been reading that at Apurímac the Incas constructed 300 foot long bridges over gorges, this is very noteworthy also.

I learn from the Encarta that 10 million plus people speak Quechua language, this is a major language but racism seem to stifles the culture in many ways by the Mestizos.

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