Peru Travel Stories, Page 29


Extreme amounts of people, had to fight pretty hard to get this close.

Christ on Cross being carried around Plaza De Armas in Cusco, Peru

Lots of sales of palm like branches and food.
This is a completely mobile pop corn popper, complete with a gas tank.

SEMANA SANTA in Cuzco Peru

Here in Cuzco it feels like the whole city and the world is walking to the Plaza de Armas to celebrate Samana Santa.

Very inspiring.


Cuzco, Peru Market

The Quechua or Campesino person that works in the market likes to call me Papa, I call her Mama because she is funny. She is fat and friendly, with many layers of clothing covering her body. She is my pepper and peanut salesperson.

I guess if I need to buy bulk spices, or maybe a big bag of peanuts, rice, or beans or anything similar to that I would go and see her. There is a whole row of the same type of products, and for .50 soles or about 15 cents U.S. I can purchase a bag of pepper or peanuts. This is a very good value, and one-tenth the cost of the tourist area.

I have been thinking a lot lately about explaining how the market culture works in the world. It would be fun to make a map of Cuzco showing the various places where you can buy different products.


1. Big city ran markets normally with a name and special building.
2. Smaller neighborhood convention markets.

In these two above, there will be sections like a grocery store. You will have bread rows, spice and grain rows, comedor or a food area row; in Cuzco, they have a juice row. Chicken row, Beef row, and on and on with many persons selling their produce. What is interesting is they are all trying to compete for the same clients. There is hardly a wink of difference between the person next to the other.

Therefore, for Mamacita I just stop chose a person and purchased my pepper, I could have walked three more steps further and purchase the same bag of pepper for the same price.

3. Market Streets
In most of the world, because the USA and Europe are not the world, but only a small part of the world there exist market streets.

1999: Population: World Population Passes 6 Billion Mark
The population of the world sped past the 6 billion mark on October 12, 1999, the United Nations (UN) reported, having doubled since 1960 and added 1 billion people in only 12 years.” Encarta Encyclopedia

Therefore, Europe and USA together are about 600 million people or only about 10 percent of the world population. It is hard to have respect for such a small percentage of the planet making such a great big noise.

Therefore, as I was saying most of the planet has market streets. It is like a convention mentality. There will be conventions in Chicago for different types of businesses; you will have various types of conventions.

Boat shows
Travel Show

These conventions are big business and are everywhere in the world, and I guess they help the companies quickly sell their goods. I suppose this is mostly wholesale.

There I thought of a way to describe these streets, they are convention market streets,

There are many type of convention streets in Cuzco
Close to me…

I am on a Sastreria street - Tailors
Down three streets and to the left is Bordados - Embroidery
(This is because they embroider religious type clothing for the large church down the hill)

Calzados or shoe convention streets.

Everyone of these street has many of the exact same type of business, so being I understand these countries and I have been trying to make some backpack and sow up some special Hobo products to sell, then what am I trying to do?

“I am trying to find the Machila street”
I want to find the backpack street.
There is no backpack streets in Cuzco, but there are some sowing streets where they also will try to make backpacks.

I can find small sowing street, which is different from the tailor streets. A tailor is a person that makes Sunday go to meeting clothes, while a sowing street is going to repair clothes for half the price and not be so good at it, but nonetheless they could be very good and the tailor could be bad. I have learned so many times in my life that money has very little to do with the skill or quality of work. I suppose it has to do the quality of the parents, that lends itself to the children, and then of course we hope to find God given talents. I personally am a natural for computer, I am not a natural for grammar, and I may in some realms be a natural for gift of gab writing.

So there many conventions of the same type suppliers, this applies to Ferreterias or Hardware shops. This makes life a little easier in ways because you can go and shop around and make a good decision or a bad decision all in one spot. What is interesting is that the good and bad decisions are distributed around so that all the places have work, and nobody really starves.

I am having multiple modifications made to my travel pants at this one Tailor down the street, I think he is about a 3 on a scale of 10 of skill sets for tailors, but I am using him a lot. Why? Because he actually works and finishes something, while the other too bright for their britches Tailors are mentirosas or liars and do not finish anything. Life is about what we finish and not about what we talk about or start.

Therefore, a slow progress turtle can beat the hare.

I am annoying the tailor and I have only a few more modifications before I have to find another, I am annoying him because I keep asking him to change his work and do it again. I want the pants perfect, and will not allow him to make modifications in the wrong way. Every time I ask him to change what he did, it is in a way a small insult, I am saying.
“I do not like your work.”

I do not like his work, he has no talent for deciding what is fashionable or engineered correctly. I see a lot of engineering going into pants. I believe I can get a great size 34-waist pants made now, but how would I do the 30, 32, 36, 38, 40, and so on. But he does finish his work and for that I will work with him, better than brilliance with no completion.

The make pants in most of the world extremely loose or extremely bad fitting. Extremely loose forgives a bad tailor for bad skills; extremely tight pants make the girl look either good or awkward. In these I cannot afford to buy top end pants countries, they wear awkward clothing. In most of Asia they do not have a body so they are flat and the clothe fit no matter the quality of the tailor.

Well, when you go to a city in South America, Asia, or India, Africa, see if there is a street full of vendor of your favorite sales persons.

Fun when you find the leather street, or the guitar street, lot of fun streets for buying. I have a link on where I am attempting to induce people to submit great places to buy great products.

Everyone knows maybe you could go to France and buy wines; therefore, people go to France to buy wine. Nevertheless, every country has a few specialties of that country. A person should know…
Peru is good to buy X, before they come, and maybe they can go and buy what they dream about.

By the way, 90 percent of a persons time spent as a tourist is buying, so they really ought to think about this…!

The old, the little crazy, the sick, where do they go in the world? The United Nations does not focus on the problem. They want to save people by getting rich countries to send money to poor countries. The solution is to force, coerce, bully, extort the bosses of Peru to take care of their own people. They have the money, they just do not care. The USA cannot save a poor country; the poor country has to save itself.

I am much more inclined to give to a beggar with a profession; at least I have an excuse. I do not feel guilty in the least when I see a beggar. I do try to help, and when I meet individual in power in these cities, I do take the time to make them feel ashamed for being so callous as to let the rest of the world come in and be idiots. Give money, but no solutions, the governments of countries can solve problems fast.

On the other hand, in any country in the world there will be beggars. There are a percentage of persons that want to be beggars.


I was laughing to myself,

I asked this Canadian not so well travel type where he purchased the books he was reading in English. He never did says, but he said,
(Him and his girlfriend, eating the veggies, dressed in travel pants, have the complete, I be newby traveler clothes.)

They are sold cheap in the bookstores
Like 7 dollars is cheap... for a used book.
1-2 is sort of cheap.

I kept pushing for the location of the bookstore, he did not seem how to give directions, now he has been in Cuzco for over two weeks.

He finally said it was in the Lonely Planet, then said,
"Do you have a Lonely Planet?"

I said,

So he did not offer to help by showing me in his, normal selfishness of the MTV generation, plus a Canadian / USA thing.

Looked at me like I was stupid, I did not push...
It was too funny, arrogance of self is funny to me.
He acted like any fool should have a guidebook, and any fool that only goes to one country in his or her life probably should have purchased a guidebook before they come.

But for me, I have to purchase as I go, plus it saves over 60 percent on the price. I just snagged a Bolivia Guidebook, but I have not found a Peru.

But here is my normal method. The more a person travels the less likely they worry about a guidebook. I always use them to find fun hotels, but other than that, not so much.


There are lots of rivers in the Amazon basin, but many start from the mountains of Bolivia and lead all the way to the ocean in Brazil.

This is the start of the Amazon, and really the Amazon River starts in thousands of locations at the same time as a small trickle of water leave the sponge of earth called a mountain and lets go of the water that become a trickle, than a ripple of water, a small current, then converges to a big tube of water called a stream or river.

Well, down in Bolivia are some big starts, I am wondering and trying to find a good or maybe what the farthest point I can go up river and start on the Amazon. Maybe I can talk Peter who is in Argentina to join me, we could work our say from Bolivia to Brazil to Peru to Iquitos, Peru then stop. I have no good maps of the whole river, so someone send me links to river maps please. I know there are so-called adventure books about this trip, but who know what the mean, hyperbole... is rampant.


Walking through the Quechua market I met this interesting man, he proceeded to ask me where I was from... Instantly he start saying the government needs help.

Well, I had to ask, do you mean the USA or the Peruvian government? This conversation was in Spanish so I try to repeat and clarify in a few different ways. What I believe he was saying is that he wants the USA government to interfere with the Peruvian government to stop them from keeping the Campesinos or Quechua type people down.

There is a subtle, extremely difficult to understand, subversive type restraint on these people, on the other hand these people are not direct and do not ask me what they want. They are subservient in nature, passive and maybe they are aggressive in a passive aggressive way.

Hard to say, I do know the Mestizo population does not include them, on the other hand I think the Campesinos want money, and if you ask them or included them, hard to know, but my gut is like an employer asking employees how to make the company better, they will answer in a self serving way and say, pay me more money. That is not a way to make more money for the company so they can pay more, that is failure to empathize.

Injustice is solved by a good photographs and public shaming of anyone that is misbehaving, we can put them all in stocks in the middle of the Cuzco Plaza de Armas.

But first a person has to take a photo of people doing the abuse, or injustice, explain the injustice and send it to the press with collaborating evidence. With world news sources from outside the country now entering the country over TV and the internet a great uncovering of injustices can reach the world pretty easy.

Do the research for the Journalist, I find they need lots of help, very lazy people, except when it comes to trying to make themselve famous.

He talks about injustice, then want the USA to interfere, while the rest of the world wants the USA to not intefere, always the same...
I start to take a photo so he digs out his violin.
He want me to photograph an advertisement for Ormeno buses.

Just too cute.

A girl of 17 followed me around for about 20 minutes, I kept pointing out tourist with more money than sense, but she said... it is easier to sell to one person than a group. I thought well, she does know how to sell her product. Funny part is she does not have anything I want to purchase, everyone make the same and sell the same.

Along the side of the church or some building on the way to San Blas street full of touristy restaurants is this 12 side stone. Laid into the wall, now that is a feat, maybe in my perspective much more than Machu Picchu.


A few photos from Cuzco and Aguas Calientes, Cuzco is the staging city for a trip to Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes is the village at the bottom of hill from Machu Picchu.

Aguas Calientes and the river in the valley below Machu Picchu.
This village is one the most beautiful in the world.

Typical Campesino or Quechua person with the cloth bags they use to carry things, food, clothing, babies, etc.

Very large kernel corn in Peru, call choklo not maiz in Peru, not very tasty, sort of bland.

Children pictures are always popular with the masses.


6:17 am, March 17, 2005 Thursday

I am amiss, lost sometimes, I am thinking I try to control my travel, my life, every aspect of my life, but I am always floundering in a sea of confusion. What is my goal? Where am I going? What do I really want to do?

Some days of my life, I only want to sit here and type in my thoughts, and then the next day I only want to work on my web pages. Then the next day I want to go to the beach and look at girls.

I went to a small movie place in Cuzco yesterday, it is on the second floor of small Hotel, and really is small, maybe 20 by 20 foot room, but very nice for watching movies. It cost a minimum of 2 dollars to see a movie. One dollar for the movie and you need to eat one dollar.

I watched this movie.

Diarios de Motocicletas
A story of two Argentina men riding a motorcycle down to the point of Chile and then back up South America to Venezuela. The stopped using the bike after Chile as it was wrecked, the proceeded a Mahatma Gandhi type trip sort of living off the good will of people they met, by hook or crook.

I am not sure, but I guess it is a loose interpretation of Che Guevara; I just went and read the Encarta Encyclopedia interpretation of Che… I suppose the movie is closer than I thought. I am not sure; I would have to go see the movie again. The movie is in Spanish with English sub-titles so a little difficult to follow, but it is a good movie.

The movie is good, there is a lot of very accurate filming of South America, I recognized most of the places in the film as I have been to most of these places, and almost everything filmed was accurate. I was very amazed at the ability of the director to capture photos or comparison of photos of peoples and places from so many locations in South America. The foresight amazes me; not often, a person films a location, but stages the scene in another. They appeared to have filmed the entire still like photos in all of these locations. These are not easy places to visit, and almost impossible to have a film crew. An American film crew has to live in luxury and there is not way this film crew live in luxury where this was filmed.

I dream, I suppose I dream of an idea… This idea is my dream, so I suppose if I dream a lot about ideas, I am being an idealist.

However, this word means… Ideal, the perfect whatever.
This places does not exist, trust me there is no perfect world, country or people, we are all the same, but different.

I travel to go find a dream, but like a dream, I cannot remember it very well and I cannot find my dream, so I keep traveling until I find my dream. However, how can you find a dream, it is a dream. What a mess, but like all dreams everyone want to hear a dream.

So in this movie they go travel, why? Because they travel.

I do not think Che Guevara is a good person, I think he was evil, as I think Fidel Castro is evil. If Fidel Castro was, a good person than persons would not get in boats and leaves the country risking being killed to go to the USA. People in the USA do not try to escape and if they want to leave, they can. A good person does not need to keep people hostage, love is about letting loose of people so they can be who they want to be.

The movie does not portray Che as a good person, but more of a nice, but full of crap individual who bullshits his way through life, trying to take what he wants. I see this as Che’s goal. He wanted to be some one, well he like many not so great people achieved this by being killed.

I keep hoping that Michael Moore could follow in Che steps, there are evil people on the planet and some of them need to become Martyrs so they can get what they want.

It is annoying to see so many travelers walking around with Che Guevara t-shirts. Why? I think they are the born clueless generation. A generation of youth that hops from fashion to fashion, trend to trend, with no introspection or thought…

Who am I?
Am I correct in my thoughts?

The children of parents that feel guilty and are afraid to tell their children to grow up and be adults. Parents that are afraid their children will leave them if they tell them what think. Fuser in the movie told people the truth, but a person that tells the truth is not popular, in fact, a person that tells the truth is living dangerously.

Last night I had a conversation with an older German traveler that is over here buying Tribal type products to sell in Germany. He is very successful in doing this and has does so for 11 years.
Well, he was talking about all the travelers that copy each other’s clothing, and all look like clowns. I am sure that many travelers think the other travelers look like clowns, too many tattoos, too many dreads, clothes to awkward and crazy to wear at home, but outside their country they scream for attention. Nevertheless, everyone is afraid to say… The king has no clothes, or the other traveler is dressed up like a clown.

This is causing serious problem for the world as the young people in other countries are copying travelers, so now we have youth all over the world copying the clueless generation. A generation of people with MTV in their brain, and told what to think and obeying every song, video, and trend that passes. No fresh thoughts.

This movie is good and definitely worth seeing, sells the old story of injustice and sadness, but is idealistic and uplifting. I think it has nothing to do with Che Guevara, but people have to make their heroes good people and forget the bad. A hero is a person, good and bad, sometime hard to say which side of the coin to choose.

Here is a little historical background on somebody who really is not important, but became important by being killed. He will live on for another 20 years than be forgotten forever.

“Guevara, Che, real name Ernesto Guevara (1928-1967), Latin American guerrilla leader and revolutionary theorist, who became a hero to the New Left radicals of the 1960s. Born into a middle-class family in Rosario, Argentina, Guevara received a medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires in 1953. Convinced that revolution was the only remedy for Latin America's social inequities, in 1954 he went to Mexico, where he joined exiled Cuban revolutionaries under Fidel Castro. In the late 1950s, he played an important role in Castro's guerrilla war against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, and when Castro came to power, he served as Cuba's minister of industry (1961-1965). A strong opponent of U.S. influence in the Third World, he helped guide the Castro regime on its leftward and pro-Communist path. The author of two books on guerrilla warfare, Guevara advocated peasant-based revolutionary movements in the developing countries. He disappeared from Cuba in 1965, reappearing the following year as an insurgent leader in Bolivia. He was captured by the Bolivian army and shot near Vallegrande on October 9, 1967.”

From Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

Travel Advice to unravel…
Good travel advice has a price.
With no price. I say, That’s nice,
Please think twice how you travel.
I know a good place to stay;
it is the cousin of my wife.
What did you say;
It is possible to lose my life.

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