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Some photos before I start rambling.

These ladies all wear these top hats of sorts, I am not sure exactly why, however these are more or less a new cultural type thing, somewhere I hears a few hundred years ago someone came wearing a hat like this from Europe and the people copied the hat, it became the fashion and all the Quechua people wear the hats.

Fashion is an intricate part of a culture, people dress to be part of a culture, this is find and dandy, except when religious tribes place symbols on themselves to say the gang is different, and then it becomes dangerous if you are not part of the gang. Religious symbols are gang memberships, and if a gang will enforce its rules with violence, it is a gang, and not what should exist. Violence it to be used to stop the enforcement of violent rules of conduct.

This is a harmless form of fashion, except wearing these clothes keeps some of them from getting higher paying jobs.

Tried to get this girl to look, but it took too long.

I am wondering where this person is from, or what country? This is common in the whole world in bigger cities to dress up and stand like statues, now this has to be one of the most difficult ways in the world to make money, and for sure, they are not doing it only to make money, they need the attention. Acting is sort of a cry for attention, however so is writing, hmmm…


Tim this guy that worked with me used to repeat this phrase saying these are the most dangerous words in a business.

I wake early, I am hearing the sound of a cheap made in China clock they sell everywhere in the world for about 50 cents U.S. Beep, Beep, Beep, it finally registered what that distant sound was, it was an alarm. I think to myself, well someone has to get up early to go somewhere.

It if 5:00 am in the morning, they woke up about 4:30 am.

Next, I hear Richard the night worker get up and go knock on the door of some room, he is making a wakeup call, my next thought was,
“How stupid can you be?”

I have never missed a plane or a bus, I guess I did miss one bus in Playa de Carmen because this girl I was meeting to leave with spent all night getting drunk and she was late, she said the bus never leaves on time. This is not true; most buses do leave on time, and sometimes early. They leave when they are full.

A mother cooks your meal all of your life, one day you mother is gone, and what do you do?

You go to an expensive hotel and you tell them to give you a wake up call, then one day you live in a hotel that cost 4 dollars, what do you do, you tell them to give you a wake up call.

For some crazy reason hotels feel an obligation to wake people up, but personally I see no reason to trust anyone in South America when it come to issues of time. Manaña never comes, and does not exist.

My tip on: What doe Manaña mean?

What is my point?
I am trying to explain, situations change, and a person must change. This is not true, I am wrong; it is obvious that people do not change. What makes a person stay with a decision when they can see this is not the right decision?

The is nothing logical about humans, they will do the exact same thing every day of the week even though it causes them harm. If it causes enough pain, they will stop. How is it possible to learn and not have to experience pain or major threat of pain? It is possible for humans to learn in an elevated way, which will separate us from animals. I personally just believe humans are just an over glorified ape that wears clothing. There is nothing I observe that indicates we as the majorities are not apes. There are people in leadership that do seem like something different from apes, but the public mass seems to follow the cow in front of them, or the lemmings.

When you take a person out of their normal culture, all the rules change, and a person that can change, realizes, now the rules are changed. Tourist and travelers will change and suddenly adapt all the rules of a culture. What they forget to do is see where the rules are not working in some culture and not adapt.

When you look at every rule of society and see if it should apply or not apply, then maybe you are introspecting enough not be an ape.

Everyone thinks the Dali Lama from Tibet is some great person or something, I cannot see this person did anything good for the people of Tibet, but deprive the people of food, medicine, jobs, streets, highways, electricity, and everything so he would have money and live in his castle. However, you have to empathize with what it was like when he was inside Tibet and compare the feeling presently to thing about it, this takes putting yourself or your feeling in two time zones. What did it feel like 50 years ago to live here and what does it feel like now?

Therefore, the separation of humans and apes must lie in when we look at every decision we make and see if it should or should not apply. Making every decision independent of social pressure. This is what makes President Bush seem interesting to me, hard to have the whole world mad at you, and still keep on pushing.


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I am pretty sure this is good Friday, although here in Cusco, Peru it is called Semana Santa or something to the week of saints I believe.

On this day they killed Christ maybe 1975 years ago, I am not sure how old he was when they killed him, but the dates start on the day he was born.

Christ on the Cross was painted by the 17th-century Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens in 1620

So here is a guy that got Crucified.

Cruces in Spanish means cross, I guess this mean they killed him on a cross, it sound a little more dramatic, but nonetheless he died a cruel type death.

There is a play on word, but the crucial point here which I never can understand why they say in hard to understand terms or in my interpretation of this even its something like this.

Christ was a God of sorts, and agreed to be killed and suffered as a real person would suffer, pain, anger, frustrations all them temptations etc and then went to heaven to be with his father.
This is why they keep repeating the phrase, he died on the cross so we can be forgiven of our sins.

This is the deal made, he agrees to suffer, the God his father agrees to grant from that day forward mercy to people.

So there are guilty people always on the planet of sinning.

These person are granted freedom.
The will not be punished by being thrown into Hell if…
They ask for forgiveness.

So mercy is granted if you ask for forgiveness, the deal Christ made was to suffer the pain of death, then his father agrees to grant mercy.

Confusing, and hard for me to see that a God dying but not dying forever is quite the same as dying. However a deal was made on this day and from that day one as best I can understand this situation all persons that ask for forgiveness are forgiven, no questions asked.

Now, the kicker is this, if you to not repent, and change, then really the deal is removed. Repent mean you must stop and change.

Repent: Change ways: to feel regret about a sin or past actions and change your ways or habits

“The road to salvation is long and narrow like a razors edge.”

Paraphrase of Somerset Maugham or maybe Bill Murray in the Movie the Razors Edge.

Hehehe this is the good part or the intriguing part about asking for forgiveness and being forgiven. If you repeat being a bad boy, then you fall of the edge of the razor. This is the interesting and fatal error of confession, not changing…

However if this does not make people uncomfortable nothing will, talking about religion is fun, sort of like saying to people, lets have some fun, lets admit that we are not perfect….

What happens is nobody wants to think about all the guilt they have on their backs, much easier to just evade the issue. Oh well I am having fun and that makes my day. I am sure today I will do some small thing that makes me feel guilty.

I will be weighed and measured by my intentions in life.


What is a real quandary for me is why a person is not willing to forgive themselves, are they really that bad?

Can you say to yourself three times.
Nothing to do with God!

I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.
I forgive myself.

Feel better or did you choke?

I said that a few 1000 times after I stopped drinking.

Life is good!
Andy of in Cuzco, Peru


Technology is approaching the possibility of recording every movement I make, however I find I need to learn and adapt to utilize this technology.

I am making changes in my Hobo life of how I record my trip, and present the trip to my readers. New and better cameras have made it possible to take both still photos and videos faster than I can post them to the internet. I suppose that is not true, the problem is filing and making the information makes sense.

1. I make the photo record of the day.
2. I save the days photos on my computer.
3. I convert the names of the photos to a sequence or place in folders in chronological file system. 4. Publish the photos to internet in an internet cafe.
5. Create pages by a CTR H or replace the folder name in already made photo pages.
6. Label the photos or make captions.
7. Publish the pages to internet in an internet cafe
8. Post to blog or newsletter in the internet café.

I believe it is a possible to shorten this to where I can place all the photos in a folder, they become pages, and then all I have to do is label the photos.

I am sure some of you are aware there are online systems already that allow you to post photos in this manner, and then you can send the links of these photos to your friends.

Here are some photos of Senegal or somewhere, I have not looked the photos because I believe you need to register. I am afraid of Spam as much as the next, and maybe more. However, I do not register to look at people photos, especially not for a company that is making money off my friend. I think you can post photos free in and anyone can view. Peter put his Iraq photos up; I think it took many days for him to do this though.

This is one system to post photos:

These links are not search engine friendly, this means they do not get index good, and really only makes the company money because they can hook advertising into their system. The goal is to capture your permission to email you!

Me and Andrew the boy genius from India that helps me do techie type things or make techie toys are working together to hopefully allow readers for free to post their photos and have a blog.

If all works out, it will walk then slow through the process where they can have their own website and more or less do the same as I do, however, only needing to have the ability to write emails and attach photos. Trust me I want to do it this easy also, I want my life simpler and the internet less confusing, so the I can take some photos, write and email or two and enjoy travel.

Now, if we can make it so people can record their lives, will it be a better world? On the other hand, will everyone fill up the world with massive amounts of worthless clutter? No matter what, someone is interested in your life.

Many Machu Picchu Photos

This is probably a Hobo record for number of photos put up at one time, and it is become a real problem for me.

Lima Airport Bomb Squad
Airplane Photos Lima to Cuzco

Cuzco Plaza De Armas


Cusco City Tour

Cusco City Tour

Cusco Restaurant Music Market

Cusco Peru Market

Cusco Market Hotel Train

Train to Machu Picchu

Inka Trail

Mist Forest Peru

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Photos

Aguas Calientes

Aguas Calientes


Cuzco Market

Cuzco Hotel and Market

Cuzco Market and Train to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Train

Machu Picchu Train

Inca Trail

Mist Forest Peru

Mist Forest Peru

Aguas Calientes

Aguas Calientes

Cusco Hotel

Cusco Hotel Door Locks

Cusco Hotel Door Locks

Airplane Lima to Cusco

Airplane to Cusco and Market

Cusco Peru

Cusco Peru

Cusco Peru City Tour

Cusco Peru City Tour

Cusco Peru City Tour

Cusco Hotel and Train to Machu Picchu

Train to Machu Picchu

Inca Trail

Mist Forest Peru

Mist Forest Peru

Inca Trail

Inca Trail

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Lima Airport Bomb Squad

Cusco City Tour

Cusco City Tour

Mist Forest Peru

Inca Trail

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes

Aguas Calientes and Cuzco Backpacks

Cusco Coca and Gear

Cusco Peru Culture

Cusco Peru Culture


I have never been excited about paying 40-50 U.S. dollars to join a club where I am leaving in 3 days and cannot use, but the South American Explorers Club in Cuzco may have a great reason now to join.

Lucy the very intense, but prefers full of passion for her job person showed me a board on the wall with...

All of South America is an Inca Trail, and when they want 150 to 400 dollars to walk in the wood this starts to be ridiculous. So for those of you that want to trek or walk in the wood and pay, personally I do not pay to walk in the wood, but there are many that feel some escape or thrill you can now do the same as the Inca Trail, but not pay the 300 dollars or whatever.

The reasons to do the Inca Trail are...
1. See nature.
2. Challenge yourself physically and mentally.
3. Chew coca leaves and believe they are medicinal and not a drug.
4. Have sex in tents with other travelers.
5. Learn that lots of youth smoke dope.
6. Girls can do the same in the tent with the porters or guides.
7. Learn almost nothing about the Quechua people, but maybe a little because the guides or porters are probably Quechua.
8. Avoid the real Quechua people.
9. Learn that you are city kid and never left the city, so anything green is good.
10. Learn that having a guide is not an exploration.
11. Learn about topographical maps.
12. Discover you smoke and drink too much for exercise.

It is better than doing nothing.

I am not sure why people trek or walk in the wood, I was farm boy and got paid to walk around on dirt.

But for those of you that wish this Inca maybe somewhat stage authenticity moment so you can TICK the list or check off some experience.

Pay the 50 U.S. to join the SAE Club, they have maps, explanations and trip experiences in the club, so this is a great savings over the Inca Trail tours. You need maps!

OK, enough of Inca Trail for now, I think people need to walk in the woods to avoid Peruvian people.

I live close to the San Pedro Market, lots of Quechua type people in the neighborhood, the Club is up in the San Blas area where they sell made for tourist life.

I personally believe to help the people of the world you need to go live with the people.

OK, join the club maybe in Quito, you can use 9 days.
Quito, Lima, and Cuzco
She says they are putting a club in Argentina.
I think the exploration area are are more towards Iquitos, Peru, or maybe Belen, Brazil, but I like to Explore and mabye this more about trekking.

Lucy on the right, much prettier than this picture, but I did bad on pictures of her.

The board of Inca Trail alternatives, they really should hide this from non-members so they get paid the dues...

The baby of the man and wife that made a new prototype backpack for me. I think the chair is a real piece of folk art.

Prototype number 4

I will still need number 5
This one is 90 percent there, but having trouble with the top.
Parts, materials, and all sorts of clips and such are not available.


Cut and pasted the wrong link.

This is the stats on SAE Clubs for

I will go back and change in the other posting, sorry.
The other one was the club that does not think I am an explorer.
Got to go... time to go, no time to waste, time to go the CITA or appointment.


I am off today to meet with the director of the South American Explorers Club, I am not sure what we will talk about, but I thought it could be one of them impromptu non clean interview by me of them... hehehe

So at 9:00 I hope she is on Western World Time and not Peruvian time schedules I will meet and discuss the world of Explorers... Maybe I qualify, maybe I do not?

I wrote this club and they said I was not an explorer, go figure.... hehehe?

Well life is an adventure.

I wrote the South American Explorer Club asking or trying say I would like to talk to them about how we could work together.

I was sort of laughing... I think she believe I want to advertise on their website.

Dear Andy,
Thank you for you email. I could meet you either Tuesday or Wednesday at 9am at Qorichaska Hostal to discuss opportunities for publicity on our website. Please confirm which day would be most suitable.

hmmm... maybe I said this wrong..?

The problem is my website has and ranking of about 45,862 and the Club as a ranking of about 752,292 so maybe I can sell her advertising...
Isn't life fun.



EXPLORERS.ORG - I don't qualify.... hehehe

None of the is that accurate, just a guide, and guide are right and guides are wrong, but in the end just a guide.

Mis-communications, presumptions, delusions, and just plain having fun.
Thanks to all the good Gods of the world.

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