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The MTV generation wants to be rock stars and famous, so they have dreams.

The name of the street in Cusco where they make Guitars, Violins, Harps, Bongos, and all sorts of musical Instruments. This is a Fabrica de Instrumentos or (Factory of Instruments)


X Generations, the MTV Generations, and the Clueless Generation dream all in one location. There was as serious lacking of dreaded, pieced and tattoo bodies in this location. Maybe it was because this was a serious location of people making music instruments, and not infatuations.

Ok, this is maybe one of the number one reasons I believe to travel the planet, to find the source, the place, the start or where they make things.

This is a street of small musical instruments in the middle of the Ratons. I always laugh when I go into this area because all of the locals keep warning me and saying.

“Cuiadate, mucho Ratones.”

This means literally, take care there are lot of RATS.
What they mean is there are lots of ladrones or thieves. What a great place to go, and investigate the world, and the place you should not go, unless you are a serious person that wants to look at real cultural things, the making of Guitars, outside the tourist loop. Away from the resort where for sure it is dirty and you will get dirty.

Man making a guitar, he says it is a copy of Fender Guitar; I am not sure about the words because he is using a lot of new words in my Spanish Vocabulary or outside my loop.

I just walked in as if I owned the place and walked around, they seem to never care, fun to do this in Restaurants.


This is a photo of three types of Chicha. The only one I can remember is the purple one, this is Chicha Morado or maybe the color is Morado, let me think, I think Morado means PURPLE.

Chicha is a mild alcoholic drink made from various things, they usually say corn, however my thought is they add make the fermentation and add some sugar and fruits, sort of a soft drink with an extremely small amount of alcohol unless they are on a mission.

I tried it once in Caucausia, Colombia with a girl visiting her aunt, as normal. I tasted the drink knowing in Latino culture to not try something especially in the company of a woman, while being paraded to the family is social suicide. I learned that lesson in Mexico. Therefore, I taste the food with girls.

OK, so I try this, think, this has a familiar taste, and then I asked, does this have alcohol in it? In typical Latino way of saying things, they say no, however I pushed on and they said, well a little.

So roots of the logic, SAME SAME but Different or the Asian way of viewing the world is more or less the same as Latino. There is need a fuzzy logic to interpret this somewhat variable scale way of viewing things.

Yes, however no, and the world wonders why men do not think no means no when in the whole world no does not mean no, it means maybe.

Ok, I am what they call a recovering alcoholic so I do not drink alcohol under an condition, however I drank a little alcohol before I discovered it was alcohol, so hmm… this is not good.

A man is weigh by his intentions, so I stopped, felt no guilt, remorse or compulsion. I know my intentions. What a problem for people when they can not stop playing dysfunctional mind games. I need no excuses in life to do something, I will do as I want, when I want, no excuses needed.

Relax Mom, that was five years ago, obviously it did not drive me to the brink… hehehe


I am trying to make an electric room heater; it is intriguing to notice the correlations between the analyzation of exploring a place and the analyzation of inventions.

There are variables that I need to list and categorize to make this room heater, the all interact in a causal relation to disrupt the other variables.

Everything is interrelated.

I will try to stop here, however to be an explorer of the planet does require more than just a desire to go somewhere, it also require the innovative ability to adapt and change to the destination. To explore the South or North Pole you would need to find, locate, discover and in the most difficult circumstance invent the gear or devices you need.

Then weigh and prioritize.

It is emotionally painful for me to listen to some of the other people traveling around as they explain their discovers. Mostly they are explaining something inside the envelope. Something inside the guide or easily discovered with zero work, this is taxing in my brain to listen, although I do listen trying to find the glimmer of things possible.

The world is explored, however not really. Now that is a confusing comment, the world is explored and explained generally very well, however when it comes to explaining all the little corners of the planet, then no. The number of corners of the planet to inspect, travel, and explain are greater than the stars, I shall not have time enough.

Nonetheless, this Room Heater Project, maybe you would say an invention, I would more likely say I have digested many variables and am attempting to place them together in an innovative way. Is that an invention, I am not sure?

1. created thing: a thing that somebody has created, especially a device or process
2. act of creating: the creation of something new.

How do I know it is new? How do I discover if it is new? It is really new, or just a combination of old things? At what level does it cross from just a great combination to actually an invention?

My brain is like a bad neighborhood, you do not want to enter alone.

Ooops, is it possible to pay someone to invent something, however call it your own?


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

A book and a movie, that always invades my brain.

Baum, Lyman Frank
American that wrote "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"

I am not in Kansas anymore!


I was talking with a girl yesterday and she asked me,
“Gustarias ir ala campo?”

Alternatively, something like that, sort of complicated Spanish for me to write and explain, I think or am 90 percent, sure she was asking.

Would you like to go to the Farm?

The word Campo is translated literally as farm in Spanish or Castellano as they say here, however this is not so easy to translate.

Campo is farm, Campesino is male farmer, and when you put the A on the end as in Campesina, it is a female farmer.

On the other hand, Campesino can be translated as Countryman.

The problems arise here in central part of South America mostly from lower Colombia to maybe Chile, I am not sure it may very from country to country more than I can remember. However, the point is you have two major cultures.

1. Mestizos
2. Campesinos

Mestizos are the mix of local indigenous or maybe Indians and the Spanish that came here, so the mix of their babies.

Campesinos are the Quechua or the Incas maybe according to how you look it, this is the confusion.

I see…

As the SAME

Therefore or however the locals will talk about the going to the Campo and not use the word Campesino or Quechua. They use the word Quechua to describe their language. This slicing and dicing of words is part of learning a language, it is very complicated and only by the way they use the word can you slowly or I can slowly comprehend the small variances of the language.

I am sad to say however that this changes also from region to region, location to location, normally when you jump a natural boundary like a mountain it will change the most, however for some reason it changes a lot at the borders of countries.

This change happens in the USA also, if you notice, the Appalachians Mountains separate the East Coast from the Midwest, and the language and pronunciations of English changes.

She invited me to go the farm with her and visit with her family, this is a sign of friendship and honor in a way to be invited to here family. She is trying to be proper as a decent girl in South America, Mexico, or Central America will normally almost immediately invite you to meet her parents. It does not matter whether it is a friendship or whatever type of relation a good girl or boy normally will somehow arrange very quickly for you to encounter their family.

I am thinking I should go with to the country to meet her family, as this would be a great cultural experience, with zero interference or changes causes by tourism, a true meeting of Peruvian people that have not changed to adapts to the foreigners. Her family lives three hours from Cusco and this is perfect, I am sure it is far enough from Cusco to leave the Disneyland adaptation of Tourism of Cusco or Machu Picchu.

This is what I personally would label Cusco and Machu Picchu an on demand service of what the traveler wish to see, you can sit in a restaurant and they can play songs and dress in something and try to entertain as the Tourist desire and they can easily do.

Sadly they also believe that normal people in the western world are walking around with Dreads, Tattoos, and very wild clothing, they see such a high percentage of this type of dress they believe this is normal. Therefore, there is a reciprocal interchange of fake or non-authentic culture that then is adapted by the foreigners and the locals. Both copying something that to me is not even real and strange interchange and not taking of the best.

I am not sure how to call people sometimes from what many would call Indigenous. These are people and not any different from you, or me they are just dressing different sometimes, they bridge on having more of a tribal type community, however they are not tribal and do not adhere closely to any tribe. They often have clothing that designates from which village they come from, however all these labels make it difficult to stop the stereotypes and to allow them to be what they are, without me having a preconceived notion.

Che Guevara

I could not stop myself, I had to induce this man or maybe boy to allow me to photograph him in his Che Guevara outfit. This to me is an obvious infatuation of the man Che Guevara who is the pop idol of the world presently among the clueless generation.

I would say this person has a huge desire to be noticed. The ideas of Che were noble in some ways however Communism and Socialism have problems as this boy proves.

Quote from Encarta.
"In theory, communism would create a classless society of abundance and freedom, in which all people enjoy equal social and economic status. In practice, communist regimes have taken the form of coercive, authoritarian governments that cared little for the plight of the working class and sought above all else to preserve their own hold on power."

My thought is this guy does not want to be classless, however he wishes to elevate himself and separate himself from the mass of people, he for sure should get noticed, however he is clueless in the principle or essential idea of establishing a classless society where all are equal as he defines himself as extremely different.

This is great fun as the Clueless Generation runs rampant.

Note these boys were at least 10 inches shorter than me and obeyed orders and I conducted them to stand. I think he put on his most defiant look in his desire to be famous in the mind of a tourist, little does he know he is not on this page.

Shortness causes some desires.

These people are real and far from clueless, they were lots of fun as we discussed how they used kerosene for heat and lighting in Peru. This was way up in the market areas where very few tourist entered as everyone was interested in talking.

Family values, basic needs, and laughing, this is a classless world where they do not try to be different.

Shoes, very high in South America or Peru, this girl has maybe four inch heel, and then the pants are extra long to accommodate or cover. It must be they have all their pants an extra four inches in length.

Sony CyberShot DSC-U60

I have been using a Sony CyberShot DSC-U60 camera, and after using it for a couple of months, I believe it to be one of the best cameras possible to use for travel.

1. Waterproof
2. Small enough to put in your pocket.
3. Durable and hard to break.
4. Easy to download in an Internet Café.
5. The chip is the same more or less as a thumb drive.
6. I think I could buy an off the shelf cable anywhere in the world if the one I have is lost or breaks.
7. They sell Sony chips everywhere in the world.

I am thinking I need to buy another one because I afraid or have the feeling they discontinued this model.

Most people buy cameras that are ridiculously complicated and could be used professionally. I suppose I use a camera professionally because I do publish these photos on the internet and I do make money with this noise. The internet is very different from a magazine photo, it would be great to have both available to me, however the time of converting photos from large to small is great. I really need a great powerful camera that takes two size photos at the same time, on for email size and another for making into paper photos or enlargements.

Presently I am considering paying the 1500 or 2000 dollars to have the big professional camera. What I want is the huge zoom. Then I will need a bodyguard to not be robbed.

The Sony Cyber shot does not look like a camera to people and I do not put it up to my face, this keeps the people acting normal so I get the better photos. Personally, I like to take photos however, I am not obsessed. I am thinking a lot about trying to hire a photographer to travel along with me to take photos. I think I could afford 20 dollars per day. This would pay the average traveler enough to live for free.

Hard to believe, however you can live very well on 20 dollars per day in 80 percent of the world. Hard for me to want to pay more… hehehe of course I am a Hobo and do not have the money.

Most people think they are pros however I have only met a couple of pros with cameras, and for sure most of the tourist and travelers are ten time worst than me at taking photos. It is very easy to photo a mountain and for the most part, I avoid taking photos of tourist attractions. I see them as boring and everyone is taking photos, I try to take the photos nobody is filming, unfortunately these photos are difficult to take.

If I had a photographer, then I could request them to go around look at all the popular tourist attractions, so I would not have to bother myself with the tourist attractions which normally I am not to excited about and then I would have a lot of photos for everyone and not just myself. I take photos of what I am interested in and not what I think you would like.

However, I am sure I could supply what you would really like, however I am not going to do this, and I need a photographer.

About Sony Camera,aid,112181,00.asp

Your are welcome Sony however you never reply to emails.

Hobo on LAKE TITACACA 2005

Photos from airplane of Lake Titacaca, lots of excitement about the lake, however a little too high for me to be comfortable, very cold in many ways.

The world will sell you raw peanuts, so often when I have a kitchen, I do not have a kitchen often in Asia, however in South America you can find a kitchen in about one in ten hotels to use for clients. When I do have a kitchen I cook peanuts in margarine. This is a treat to me, and very cheap. This cost me less than 20 cents U.S. to cook and nutritional. I have been told that raw peanuts are not good for you, I do know raw peanuts are like beans.

This is the reason, if you see this type of storm sewer than you will smell sewer gases. They say this is only for water, however the world is not so honest and they drain the wrong type of waste into these. Asia is full of this system an smells often, not so often in South America, however still this system exist. I believe they like this system because the water evaporates and never makes it to the processing plant. In India they come along and clean these maybe weekly.

I think he is Peruvian Genius, he is making me a 220 / 110 room heater, I can not hardly wait to play with it, it will be one of the greatest acquisitions of gear for me in the whole time I have traveled. I would say it is the most needed apparatus for comfort I know of…

He is holding prototype number one, I am hoping and he says he can perform the task. I want him to make one about the size of a extra large softball or maybe coffee mug. I need small and very quiet.

I pick up today at noon, and will return home to test. I love gadgets, however hard to make when moving from place to place, however these gadget makers are easier to find here than in the USA. They are always too busy to have fun in the USA and too expensive. People should have more fun, I worry when people do not have projects like this, or hobbies. How will they every retire and do nothing, nothing is a lot of work, trust me, I am good at it.


This girl is from Colombia, she is an Attorney and is working in Lima, Peru. It is interesting and what is really great about not being in the USA. I walked into the hotel, she was sitting at a table eating breakfast, and I said,
"You look beautiful today,"
She said,
"Thank you."

Nice to have women like to be women, and appreciate a genuine compliment.
No walking on eggshells here.

Colombia Girl.

This was a probably a tour group, making a last minute purchase of padding. These crazy obnoxious people came into a shop where I was trying to buy backpack parts and started to contruct sleeping bag pads for a tent in the middle of the floor.

Manners and being on time are not part of the culture, so I decided to show the very not organized tour groups.

Strange, when there are so many poor people, or supposed to be so many with so few job, yet there are quite few of these signs around Cuzco.

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