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SENIOR BACHELOR on Oprah Winfrey

My friend Richard Roe, the person I met in Thailand was on Oprah Winfrey a couple of days ago. I am hoping I spelled the name Oprah Winfrey correct, as I have never seen a name with so many ways to spell, not a normal name, I wonder if it is here real name?

I have looked at his website a few times, and the photos are not good of him, making him look too SENIOR… hehehe.

I think the guy really looks like some type of California Movie Star. Take a look at this page, the photos are better, what do you think, does he look like a movie star?

My mother taped the show so I can see it when I stop in Indiana.



Well, Richard was on the show, because he had a link on his page to my site and this and a few search pages I made to help point to his site made my page jump maybe 7000 visitors on Wednesday, the 27th. The boys at my hosting company for held the task and stayed solid and serving pages great.


Hi Andy,
I have a favor to ask you to consider. Did you know that the cartoon character Bugs Bunny is being changed this fall by Warner brothers to Loonatics instead of Looney Tunes? Bugs will look dark and scary. Kids and older people are upset about this new Bugs. We all like the old Bugs. How would you feel if they changed the Wizard of Oz characters? This young man, age 11, in Tulsa, Okla., by the name of Thomas Adams set up a website to petition Warner Brothers to make entirely new characters and save the old Bugs Bunny. There was a CNN story on Thomas's web site in mid April and since that time; he has had 80,000 signatures the family said. Could you please put this web site on your blog? The web site is

I am wondering if Bugs Bunny is a favorite all over the world. I appeal to the child in you to post this web site.
Thank you. Love your mom.

Originator of Bugs Bunny Cartoon.


I personally believe that Warner Brothers would never mess around with this Branding of Bugs Bunny, it sounds like what Coca Cola either did by accident or on purpose when they wanted to change to the NEW Coke, now I believe they have two brands.

New Coke and Coke Classic.

Sometimes you can get a lot of business by saying or attempting to destroy something and everyone will come to protect the first. Hard to make Bugs Bunny in the news, unless you try to get rid of Bugs Bunny, then everyone will say.
“What’s up Doc?”

Here is a funny way to meet girls.
Try to fix up the girl you like with one of your friends, she may end up liking you more, this is playing on a lot of dysfunctional and co-dependant behaviors with a mix of the “I’m ok, your ok” mentality. Hard to explain briefly and really not needed. However when you try to fix her up it confuses her, because she thinks something is wrong with her, because you do not like her.
Maybe a “She Stoop to Conquer.” type situation.


Manaña is getting on my nerves; I am getting impatient while waiting for people to learn that I will leave soon. The concept of travel is hard to believe for people, they always think that I am staying; they believe they have time to see me again, or whatever.

Time is a funny beast, it waits for no one and yet no one pays attention to the time. It is the only thing we have to give or receive from people is the time we spend with them, and yet they take it away quickly and or refuse to give time.

I used to work in the USA and talk on the telephone a lot. I realized one day when I was trying to type on my computer and talk on the telephone at the same time that I was being rude. I did not try to listen, this makes people feel unimportant.

MY Manañas

Manaña I will receive my special, super dooper, room heater that works in 110 or 220. This started a week ago.

Manaña Kikko will finish his one job so he can work on my backpack, that was one week ago this started.

A friend came to visit one hour late.

To be happy with the Latino culture it is best to never have an appointment, I learned this years ago; however I am trying to make some gear for me. I have already taken into consideration and expect the time to double, so now it is triple or four times the wait.

I want to leave Cusco, I am tired of this place, I need a new adventure, and new page.

I am giving up on a new model of my backpack being made, and am now only waiting for the heater. It was for sure going to be completed yesterday, however, I am waiting for Manaña.

Victor the person that making the heater is good, I am anxious to see if my experiment works, I go again today at noon.

I tell people, I leave in 5 days.
Next day I say 4
Next day I say 3
One day I leave and do not even say goodbye.
Why? They never listened. There are people that listen and care, and other that have no time.

The great thing about being a real traveler, I have time for anything, except people that say… Manaña


I am asked,
"Do you like children?"

How does a person not like children?

They laugh at any joke.
All they do is play all day.
They are curious about everything.
They can look cute even when ugly.

I have to like children, then are just like me...


Richard the Senior Bachelor is on Oprah Winfrey today.

I met him in Thailand and he is looking for a date I think, hopefully someone tapes the show and I can see is when I return to the USA. I do not think it is on television here in Peru.

Have fun.

Email from Richard

Dear Friends, I just received word that the SeniorBachelor segment will be broadcast on The OprahWinfrey Show Wednesday, April 27. I hope you will beable to see it and I would be most grateful if youwould pass this information on to anyone you feelwould be interested. I will pass on details as soon asI get them. Thanks for following along on The SeniorBachelor Journey. Richard Roe

My blog on when meeting Richard in Thailand.


I hope the newsletter is arriving in your box shortly.

Here is the online link, photos of Bolivia and such...

Who is the "Senior Bachelor?"

Andy the
"Life is Good"


This is the word for gossip in Spanish.
My friend Jack in Pie de La Cuesta, Mexico would say to the workers when leaving.

“No Chisme, No Cantina.” No Gossip, No Bar.

I suppose there are moral dilemmas in the world and gossip is one of them, if everyone kept their mouths shut than every corrupt part would stay hidden. On the other hand, false gossip can hurt people; I have been having lots of fun on the subject of Volunteering.

I created a page, designed as in the concepts of forums where people can submit their comments, now the forum is working as designed. However of course there is the possibility that people lie. Now I know for sure people posting on my site lie or totally misrepresent their sites. I hope that we will put these little threads or lines where people can comment on the sites and such.

There is a balance in life; I am not sure the saying, however normally bad news will be spread better than good news. Therefore, it is obvious why the media of the world are big gossips.

OK, so how can Hobo separate the gossip from the truth?
Especially on this issue of Volunteering.

I am investigating with help of the readers the issue of Volunteering. This is quite taxing on my emotional side because most Volunteers think they are actually getting dirty… hehehe

Moreover, it is not fair for me that has seen so much to be critical of some well-meaning college kid traveling on mama’s money.

Hmmm.. A little harsh, but that is what I thought…

However, Bruce needs to take great care in his wording and how he mentions things as I am getting annoyed.

This person is seething with anger it seems as he is doing the wrap, the thing my mother wants me to do, wrap the good with a bad. Makes it hard to be clear and lessons the blow.

I had a friend Dave say, or help me to understand the angry mails I receive.

1. If they call you names.
2. If they draw conclusions.

Comments from post on page:

He said,

I was surprised … actually turned up.

If you change … come back with a different impression what you presently hold.

But you would apparently rather look at where the volunteers live (which has to be in a safe part of town),

“someone who - like you - dismissed what we do because he had never been and was unwilling to go to where we actually do our work”

Bruce has a lot of domains and websites for Volunteers and soliciting donations, however on my a few people have posted warning about his organization.

Now, I did not do the posting and really do not care anything about his Volunteer organizations (S). I have only made specific pages designed for this, a place for people to post comments and he is suffering a little.


When you go to and search for,
“Volunteer Peru.” is high up in the listing and if you search for,
“Bruce Peru”
you will find the post the person made quickly.

So what does he want me to do, this is an honest straight forward posting and essentially the reason I made the pages so there can be a open forum of ideas.

I am not sure; there is a thing about…
“Bringing into the light.”

Fortunately for me is getting a lot of traffic, this insure that I have enough money to keep making noise…

I have thought an awful lot about Volunteers, I was looking for them in Iraq, and then in Cambodia and everywhere I go when the going gets tough I look for volunteers. I looked up and down on the Amazon; however, I did not see them. Every once in awhile I see a missionary, not the kids volunteering though.

There are some places on the planet that need some volunteers, in some of these locations there are the Peace Corps, I suppose that is volunteering with pain involved, and they pay you, you do not pay them.

There is a need for volunteers I suppose, however they never seem to be doing what needs to be done.

Like they are always in the middle of tourist areas staying safe, they are not out in the mountains or jungle.

How do we get people out in the mountains?

I suppose you have to pay them to go there… no bars, no clubs, no safe streets to live on, and no tourist food. No tourist traps to snag volunteers into paying to volunteer so they can get the CV or Resume stamp.

I cannot believe I am thinking this because I do not want to do this… Mainly because I would need to be awake at 3:00 PM in the morning and I need my beauty sleep because I am not getting any prettier.

I suppose I could go look for the orphans on the street, this could be fun and dodgy. I will need to go out around 3:00 PM to find them and then maybe I can see who is out of bed in the dirty areas of Cusco.

What fun, a little adventure, a little danger, a little or lot of dirty and paparazzi in action.

I suppose I need a taxi to some shantytown…? I will have to research, normally I know where the shantytowns are located, however Cusco is not so poor so not so many shanties. I new a few in La Paz, however wrong subject.

Encarta Dictionary:
Shantytowns: shack settlement: a settlement consisting of crudely built shacks.

I do not use the world Shanty or Shantytown so I looked it up in the dictionary. A little on the brief side for me, however probably correct.

For those that have read along for years then you have seen photos of shanties and me showing the different levels of development both in construction techniques and also in materials used.

Maybe Belen in Iquitos could be called a Shantytown in some ways yes and no,

Belen Iquitos House

Birds eating trash.

I would say the world I would look for in Shanty is the word squatters. A squatter is a person that builds on land they do not own, therefore illegal; however, there are many squatters on the planet.

My guess is 20 percent of the planet is squatters. They have no legal right to live or build on the land. This is a huge problem especially in places like South American where the Spanish King and Queen owned the land, or the Church and they then gave all the land to their cronies. The cronies have had this land for generation in a non-surveyed sense.

They can then induce the police to define as they wish; land ownership is a problem on the planet.

Photos in Siem Reap, Cambodia of Prostitute and family along river.

There are spaces where nobody care or wishes to care about along rivers or in ravines, sides of mountains, anyplace that is not easily farmed or is scrub ground people will build houses providing they can get water. These places become shantytowns. They are difficult to understand however many people on the planet live on land they do not own, the squish comes when the finally want the land for some reason.

Chiapas Mexico is prime example of the problem, the land was good for farming however, and people owned it for years and did not have the ability to farm it so they allowed squatters. One day they come in and want their land… Big problem.

Therefore, I will try to find a shantytown and go find where the street kids sleep at night, or more likely, where the old bums sleeps.

Then I can take photos, maybe this will happen.

I suppose the solution would be to find these people and give them jobs and a home, not as easy as it sounds.

Mongolia or Nomad Squatter society.

VOLUNTEER in PERU is Possible or
They have a lot of domains names so hard for me to list.

I received a comment or post on my blog yesterday about a volunteer organization.

The comment posted:

“Coo Coo, Andy - We're waiting for you. "av Saphy 661" two and a half blocks from the Plaza de Armas - come before 9:AM and you'll get to go out with us to meet Cusco's poorest . Bruce Peru Cusco

Have been enjoying the churning, fast turning of your brain - effortlessly producing well turned poetic improvisation. You're no hobo. You're not even a traveler. You're a poet.”
4/24/2005 08:16:51 PM

(Note: Darrien says he is 68, American and a ex-minister. I am not sure this sounds right.)

Bruce of someone posted a couple of day back also, and I trying discover what the story is? This one more or less challenges me to check out the circumstances, I rather ignore that stuff, however as always I am curious.
Read comment below this for more information.

Well, the one told me “We’re waiting for you Av Saphy 661” so I strolled down to stop the brain from thinking about this all day. It was posted on the 24th and day is the 25th, no real clarification on what day, however I decided, this is close to me, there is another Hostal down that way I wished to inspect, so why not?

Walked on down, arrived a little early and found the headquarters for Cusco in the back of a place or Hostal called “Hostal Familiar.” A very nice and clean place, cheap enough too, however it does not have a kitchen. It does have hasp on the doors so I could live here safely.

Well, back to the subject.

Hostal Familiar there is a small sign very high with on it

Ok, so I walk in and everyone was pleasant, organized, and Monday morning, I meandered around and Darrien the manager discussed place with me and I read some small mission statement.

I am not sure who was waiting for me, however there does not seem to be anybody waiting for me; I hung around awhile just in case. I do know that Expats rather learn to be late like the Latinos however no show.

Interesting place, I am not sure about the lice and such as, he mentioned, however for sure it is a volunteer organization. The goal as best I can gleam off is to find the children that are not in school and help them get back to school, the do help to pay for the uniforms that is quite a big expense for poor family.

I am cynical and not to happy with most Volunteer Organizations, as seeing they are in the wrong places.

He said, or the post said,
“found us up to our elboes dealing with the lice and smelly bodies of abandoned children”

I think he had some disgruntled post on the maybe my website or other forums that were not happy with the Volunteer organization. I am not sure, and have no clue, who said what or why, so really do not know. However for sure I do have a location where a person could post comments.

Lots of various comments on this page about Bruce.

I did not see the Lice, however I turned down the offer to go to the Schools as I am in Cusco and what by Schools every minute of every day, in fact there is one across the street from my Hostal. I am sure the cost of uniforms is high for the people, so that is a benefit.

Not sure
295 Dollars to pay to Volunteer here I am told, I think for a month.

80 percent of Volunteers want the mark on their CV or Resume to show they are nice people.

Which even the bible says something about false preachers doing things for the wrong reasons however doing good, is a good thing, so anything to get these people doing work.

Orphans are the trendy volunteer organization, this one does not seem to target orphans, and it is filling in a gap that is a problem. Money for Uniforms.

I personally think they need to set up out in the hills way away from the tourist locations, for sure the volunteers not have the fun they do in Cusco, or Trujillo, they are the tourist spots. They are not the really poor locations of Peru, far from it. They seem to be on the up and up, hard to say though without a lot of research.

Once in awhile I try to think of a way to help these people, the biggest way I can think of it to push the government of Peru to stop this, they have the power, the money, and the brains to get this down, they just put the money in their own pockets. The act of saving people in some ways enables the government to not do their job.

The only people for absolute sure in Peru that I have seen with problem was along the river between Coca Ecuador and Iquitos Peru, lice, brittle hair, and probably malnourished. Their diet was not proper because of being in the river floodplain.

The old not the orphans are whom I worry about, orphans are good at scrounging around, and however easy to collect a buck for children and old people are sadder. The world needs a retirement plan or social security plan.

I do not know how to help a group, maybe one at a time, however hard to do, as there are many bums on the planet. I normally only do extreme or more than normal for the nuts, there are certifiable nuts walking around. Not fun to get near, however they need help the most, I normally just give street kids food, they do not like that, but that is all I will give.

People with missing body parts, legs, eyes, etc. are more than the orphans also; they cannot and probably will never be able to do more than beg.

Well Bruce or whoever posted, you was not there, so where are you? Not a good way to get on my good side.

I say 60/40 on Bruce, it does give you the CV and Resume thing and the kids do need money for uniforms, they need to be careful I can show up. It is amazing how many people believe I lie and make all this up, hard to be that jaded, plus how would I get all these photos?

So some free advertising for Bruce, who knows?

/// NOTE///
I have been reading some post on my own site, they have discovered my page.

OK, better read the comments.

This is the value of a forum to sort out the problems, however most sites only show the good and delete the bad, that is not balanced. Me and Boy Genious from India are working on filters, tracking, IP systems to remove the problem children that post. Hopefully some of you will post some comments and help. NOTE: Being anonymous does not encourage me to believe you.

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