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Taliban Discovered in Huaquillas Ecuador

Taliban Discovered in Huaquillas Ecuador

Maybe not the best for children?…
I go around and around in my head trying to decide what is correct for
people to read. I try to be tasteful, however also truthful, this is
the world folks, I just wander around and sometimes I find the Taliban.

I just left Santa Rosa, Ecuador today, a city with zero tourism where a
person can enjoy normal Ecuadorian culture without the annoyance of
tourist. I knew I was close to the real Ecuadorian culture because I did
not see a pizza sign anywhere.

I left after two delightful days of fresh bananas, great markets, and I
did not find one souvenir shop, life is good.

I left the Hotel going to Guayaquil however; the Cifa bus at the stop
had the marquee that said,

I though, the owner says less than one hour, my computer calculates the
miles at 87.5 miles and what the hell, only an hour short if not bad
for a Latino on time. Never trust them, it took me six hours to reach
this desolate and boring so far city of Mancora, looks like another
Mantanita with pot smokers and drinkers, and the beach is a distance.
However, my hotel has a pool and life is good. I will give it 5 days, because
I have nowhere else to go. I go back up to Guayaquil to meet a friend

I am at the border.
I believe were are leaving Ecuador, however they do not stop and shoot
you so you can walk across the border, you need to search for the exit
and entrance stamp.

I see this huge sign.

I am in the bus, just nosing out the window and this sign appears on
the side of a building. I read the sign see the photos, Osama Bin Laden
and it says in Spanish… I think.

“Taliban Here.”

I am thinking, what are the Ecuadorians up to; this is really a strange

I am making a couple extra dollars now on the site and it has
advantages, I think to myself, I can spare the two-three dollars and pay the
taxi to get a photo at least. I argue with a couple of taxis, border taxis
are the worst; they must take lessons in lying. However, I walk to the
street and flag down an uninterested taxi, always the best.

I say,
“Letrero Taliban”

He looks bewildered, and I soon discover why, he takes me out past
where I was suppose to get an exit stamp. (I had to return, the bus did not
stop for the stamp.) We finally wander up in front of the building. I
am confused and keep asking,
Why? I do not understand.

He says,

I guess this means night club, I am wary enough to know this word is a
trouble word, he proceeds to see this as fun, so he say to get in the
car, I am not sure if we are leaving or going inside. He drives the car
inside, parks, and starts to lock all the doors. At this juncture with
any taxi on the planet, I am going to ask how much for the taxi.
However, this time, I thought this is too funny.
I am in a very organized place where women work selling their bodies. I
cannot say the word or the anti-spam machines will kick.

Everywhere in this highly organized business, there are Taliban and
Osama Bin Laden drawing and advertisements. The theme of the place is the
Taliban. I am on the edge of Huaquillas, this is not in the city, and I
made a joke to the taxi driver.
“Good location, you get a taxi fare to bring people here, because they
cannot walk.”

Very organized place.

There is a price written on the wall there, it says
Five Dollar or 20 Soles per punto.

Punto means point, however this is a new way of using the word for me,
so guess this is an educational and a cultural lesson. The whole world
is full of Prosssstitutes however; it is not often I have seen this
type of organization. Asia is extremely organized, however…. Aagh… Asia is
different, more like rent a girl for the night, not by the room. If you
have traveled, the world and you do not know about this stuff, and then
keep traveling because as far as I am concerned, you have not traveled.
This stuff is impossible to avoid.


Taking photos is a no no, I am sure soon the bouncer will come out, yep
here he come right after I got the photo below. She was smiling and
winking until she realized I took here photos.

Note I took a much better photo, however for sure this is not for
children, so I edited, much less than a bathing suit.

Five Dollars
The value of a woman in Huaquilla Ecuador. Personally, I think it would
be great to parachute these girls down fee paid to a few of them not so
open countries with Taliban and such. I think they would self-destruct
from guilt. To me this is what the whole Taliban is about, guilt, and
trying to destroy all temptation.

Note the taxi did not charge extra, Latino guys love to talk about
women, this is your ace in the hole when you need to find a common subject,
if you know Soccer good also.

US Immigration

US Immigration

I received an email from a person that want to help a person visit the USA from Ghana, Africa.

I had a conversation last night with a girl that asked,
"Why is a hard to go to the USA?"
She meant for Ecuadorian people.

I normally answer,
¨Because they do not leave.¨

Contrary to what the illegal aliens in the USA do, it is still illegal to enter a country without permission. I do understand people want to enter, however it is not a right of a country to enter another country.

The girl wants to go to the USA, and wants it to be easy, however I am sure if she went she would not leave. She does not want to visit, she wants to live in the USA as does half the planet.


- ... where nothing to do travel to USA.
Hello Andy,
2. What must you do in order to make arrangements to travel from Ghana to the United States?
That's about it... lol. I currently live in the United States, and in the summer of this year (2005) I am planning on having my penpal, Simon, come to visit with me, and I do not know how to start to get him to come. He lives in Kumasi, and he has a passport, but I'm not sure what else must be done. Must he get certain vaccinations/immunizations/testing? Must he get a visa? Must he do any other somewhat pointless things that the US requires? If you cannot tell, I am not a huge fan of the United States government... but I deal with it.
If you can, please write me and help me find out. I need to know what the requirements are for a person to travel from Ghana to the United States are. And also, do you know where you can book a flight from Ghana to the United States without transit?

I have very little idea on how to help a person from Ghana visit the USA, the plane ticket is the least of your worries.

Ghana is presently becoming one of those countries who exports problems. I seen prostitutes in Amsterdam, drug dealers in Nepal, strange black people in Vietnam. They are smuggling counterfeit money and involved in all sorts of illicit business. The are savvy on the internet and are becoming a country know for internet scams.

My advice is this, be a penpal. Help with information however never money, I see many people in the internet cafes, chatting, flirting with MULTIPLE or MANY USA citizens at the same time, they are doing the gamble they can talk someone into paying or helping them to go to the USA. A cheap way of escaping their country.

If you do not like your country then why are trying to help a person to come, it is obvious he like your country. Go and visit him before you help him to come over, this is a huge can of worms.

You are not a big fan of the USA because you do not appreciate what you have, the person from Ghana went searching on the Internet for a girl from the USA like you, so he is a big fan of the USA.

Contrary to how it seems, I like people to visit the USA, I do not see any advantage in them moving to the USA. It does not help them, if they one told me...
I want to see the Grand Canyon, or Skyscrapers, or Cowboys like the Europeans I would believe they wanted to visit. They only talk about work, so their intentions are always in doubt.

The next question from the Ecuadorian girl was about marriage and entering.


Monday May 2, 2005 3:00 PM

I went to the DHL office here in Cusco or Cuzco Peru and sent 14 Kilos of my secret pockets I sell or try to sell on my page to Indiana, USA. The weight of the box was 1.3 kilos however, they charged me 1 kilo, so I paid for 15 Kilos total.

It cost me 139 and change U.S.
Or 455 Soles for 15 kilos
One Kilo is 2.2 pounds more or less.

DHL in Cusco is located next to the Lan Peru Airline office on Avenido Del Sol, so for two Soles I took a taxi and was there. Have to be careful with the Taxis or they will take you to any agency that has LAN Peru above the signs and this is maybe 30-40. There is only one actual office for LAN Peru.

Nonetheless, get the address off the internet and do not get out of the taxi until they arrive at the office of DHL.

Avenido Del Sol 627
(084) 24-4167

This is interesting as the give only the world or USA website on the receipt I have, or received. Everything is in Spanish so who knows what it says exactly.

The woman was professionals, probably on a very high level for any Latino country, although as normal they do not like you to ask questions, although I did my best to drive her crazy asking questions. The security guard complete with bullet proof vest spoke some English and this is highly unusual, guards do not normally speak English so this was exceptional. They did not seem to appreciate me wanting to pack my own box, or to at least help and watch them pack the box. They let me do so and we stuffed all the pockets into the box, and all was good. They then set the box to the side….

Guard in the DHL office in Cuzco, Peru with a bulletproof vest; hope he does not need it.

DHL worker posing with my package as I try to induce him to put the shipping label on the box, he give me a pen and I write the address on the box. Trying to connect the box with the label, not so easy.

I proceed to push to get the address actually on the box; I finally wrote the complete address with a pen, the girl then finally gave me a shipping ticket after I paid. They I went back in the shipping area and made sure they go the correct number on the box; the bulletproof guard put the FWA on the box. He could not read my ticket and he first put TWA on the box, however since I was sitting on top, more or less it was corrected to say the airport was FWA.

I looked over the ladies shoulder checked that she typed in the computer correctly and had the telephone number correct, I suppose it will get there, I never did see the shipping labels get attached to the box, however the correct shipping number was on the box and the FWA, so hopefully it gets to the USA safely.

I had to pay like maybe 10 dollars insurance or that is what the lady said I MUST pay, I had no choice, who knows, however I she told me…
“IF there is a problem you can collect in the USA.”

I hope this is true, who in the world trust anyone on this issue; I have realized the origination of a problem is normally where they want you to collect. She was not happy, I keep trying to say my address was not the Hotel and she kept saying I had to fill out the Hotel, as if somehow they would contact me there if there were a problem.

The bottom line is DHL has to be the only company I would trust to ship in the world, as all other are a series of sub-contract situations. DHL is the only that I believe is everywhere in the world, I do not see FedEX or UPS everywhere in the world, only in the very largest cities.

Maybe you could say I am trying to import / and export item to the USA, and however you do this, and the cost of shipping is atrocious. I really am not happy with the cost of shipping, and then there are the customs problems. Who can tell what the rules are and really impossible to understand, as best I can tell anything under 2000 dollars USA is not really a problem, and I would never send over 2000 dollars in one package… That is a lot of stuff to purchase anyway you do it.

I signed and complete some type of Customs paper for them, it was all in Spanish so I more or less trusted them, who knows a contract that is not understood, is not a valid contract, however that is Contract Law.

Ok, I am learning that I only want to ship with DHL and forget the others methods because I do not want to worry if the package arrives. Normal governmental post is so full of problems, all I do is think about whether it will arrive and I then maybe it is hung up at some Customs port along the way and the package disappears.

I have never sent personal items home, and have no idea why I would; I normally would trash the stuff before paying 140 dollars to send home. There are very few things in my backpack worth that much money, and I am amazed that people believe their personal possessions are worth that much. I suppose some people buy 20 Kilos of gifts or such; however, it is about the same price to pay other overweight charges on the airlines, and a lot safer to carry with you as excess baggage.

I have no idea when I go home, so I must send or carry along many extra bags. I suppose this is the same as most travelers, however for sure I see people buying and buying and buying stuff to send home. The world for sure is a consumer, not me, I do not buy many trinkets and do not put much value on souvenirs, and I will only remember the photos.

Importing items to the USA is simple; however, the cost of shipping is best I can tell about the same cost as anything I could buy.

Therefore, if I pay 100 dollars for a product, I am going to pay 100 dollars for shipping, a rule of thumb.

Therefore I to price something to sell, I take the purchase price times two, and then add on profit, more or less. I hope that is confusing, because it is confusing.

When to Leave a Travel Destination

This is not a problem for most tourist or travelers, however for me it is a problem, I do not have any plans, therefore I can stay or leave whenever I wish.

I am leaving on Tuesday for Lima by airplane, and then I am hoping to hop to Quito, Ecuador very rapidly, I think, however plans always change and I really do not like to say what I am doing, because then I change my mind.

Therefore, when to leave, I know when I am leaving, however the reasons I am leaving are not so clear. I can not find anything interesting to take photos of here anymore, and I am bored. I am having trouble finding things to do, so I need to find a new location with more temptations.

The mananas are killing me here, and I can too frustrated to listen anymore to the stories, they are doing the normal cultural behavior and I it is not fair to ask them to be different. I am the one that must accept them. I cannot change other people and especially other cultures.

I was in the same Hostal maybe four years ago more or less and there were people “Hanging Around.” There were people available to talk and have discussions with, they were looking for conversations. Now I talk to anybody and everybody all the time, I am an equal opportunity converser. I am a blabbermouth in all manners.

However, I am in serious problems the last couple of years, as I have nobody to annoy.

I went into the Internet Café last night and it was full, I suspect that maybe 80 percent of the people inside the Café were chatting with either Yahoo Messenger or Hotmail whatever.

Internet chatting and cell phones may be destroying the one of the major reasons to travel. There are zillions of reasons to travel, however one of the best it to meet all the various people from all the countries of the world in the hostels or hotels. In the past, they were in need of conversation and friendship because they were away from their friends and family. Now with the invent of chat and the more universal cell phones people do not need to talk with anyone and they spend their whole time talking with home. Therefore, they bring their friend and family with them. They have the intimate conversations they need by chatting or by actually talking on the telephone.

I need people; I need to have conversations and to feel that I am not alone. I do not like to feel lonely. There are less and less what they call “Independent Travelers.”

I think this is the term, I am starting to look now for the person that is traveling alone, it is becoming unusual, as everyone in Europe travels and they bring people to travel with, I am trying to think. I have not seen one person here in the last two weeks that was alone. There were only couple or pairs of people; they even share the same room in a country where you can have your own private room for 3 dollars a night.

Monday, May 2, 2005 5:26 AM in Cuzco, Peru, I am declaring the “Independent Traveler” is becoming an extinct animal.

Can travel change while I am not looking?
Is it necessary I find a girlfriend to travel with me?

I have noticed the guidebooks are becoming only for couples and not for me, as they recommend the restaurants, the couples type activities and the hotels for tourist. The idea of traveling on a “Shoestring” is not a focus and more on creature comforts, tourist stuff.

I am all in favor or tourist, contrary to what it may appears, however I do not want to be a tourist or hang around with tourist, however for sure people should visit the world in total comfort, why not, comfort it good.

I need to work this out in my mind so I can find a solution to the problem of the disappearing independent traveler. I have less and less people to share the trip with. The last places I remember many independent travelers was in Mongolia and in Iraq.

Both places are very low on the list of places to visit, so it becomes very difficult to talk anyone into entering with you, so you must go alone. This may be the solution; I need to go where nobody will go because they are afraid. People that are not afraid to be alone, will go to the off the track places.

Duh? So here, I am in Cuzco, Peru, the center of Tourism for South American and I am wondering where are all the Independent Travelers? I guess I figured out my problem…. Hehehe

I am not in a place where people are afraid to come; I am in the place where everybody comes, time to get out of Dodge City.

Maybe I should stop trying to make this gear for a while and focus on traveling around more, which would be fun, maybe; however, I am trying to remodel my house. I live inside a backpack, and sometime you need to remodel.

Every wall is a door.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So I suppose I am searching for the door, to find the place to enter.

My friend Richard Roe the person doing the Oprah thing with the Senior Bachelor is maybe doing a very complicated way of finding a wife or girlfriend or maybe travel money. Whatever works I suppose is good; however, it does seem out in the open and unusual. I applaud his audacity and innovation, this in very creative. I like creative and innovative people, they change the world.

Maybe I should advertise for a travel companion…

What would I say?

Wanted girl to travel with me, send photo, between the ages of 25 and 35 with a good passport, will try to accommodate the Israeli passport and encourage Israeli girls.

Prefer these passports.
Israel, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium.

I will try to avoid, however will consider, USA, and possibly Australia, New Zealand.

England and Canadians are on hold. (All of Great Britain.) Switzerland.

If from Asia, India, Africa, South America, Central America, Mexico, Eastern Europe you must be extremely rich, and able to buy your VISA way around the planet.

I will pay for everything, however must be able to take photos, make web pages and write. Voted for George Bush.

Not afraid of anything!
Able to overhaul the motor or a Volkswagen van.
Hates to shop.

I am having fun today writing, trying to clear up some very old cobwebs in my brain, my website and some sideline goals have been clouding my vision, I need to get some focus, I am off the path.

The first goal of being a Hobo is to find a job; a Hobo travels from place to place looking for work, not great work, just a job to maintain a low level of existence. A tramp travels however will not work, a bum neither travels nor works, probably a more of a beggar.

The Hobo normally left home to try to find a job where there were jobs, most Hoboes existed in times of very bad economy, the depression or in in times of need. A Hobo did not normally say, in my opinion and only my opinion,
“I want to be a Hobo.”

Nobody want to be homeless and with no way to pay for themselves. I am not saying that people want to work, I do not think people want to work, however I do believe people want money, they would like money with no work. I would suppose a Hobo would work only when they have too, however the lines probably are blurry between hoboes, bums, and tramps.

Train Hoppers are normally almost synonymous with Hoboes, however not completely; it is an interesting person, the Hoboes.

Well, goal number one of my travel is to find a job, I must thank all the good Gods that I believe I have found my travel money thanks to, best to read this so I do not compromise myself and cause myself headaches.

Second goal is to travel, while that was always accomplished, it was not really the first goal, and it needs the money to travel.

I suppose the third goal is to enjoy the day, I really do not have any goals after that, what is the point.

Travel is the goal, I have no Travel goals, I travel because I like to travel, and I discover new things about the world and myself. I can look at many curious and strange things. How can I have a goal, I never know what I will look at today, so hard to plan to see a place where I do not know what I will see. I get a temptation and I go look at the temptation.

This is one of the nuance terms, really is not a very good term, more of another label to label when we really do not know how to define what we are talking about clearly.

I would say though when someone tells you not to think what you are thinking, they are trying to get you to be politically correct. To say what everyone wants to hear, not what you are thinking.

It is fun to annoy people that wish to hear a predictable story, the world is great, life is perfect, and the life of a traveler is perfect.

Life is good, the perfection is that it is not perfect, when anyone tries to tell me how to think, or what I should not think about, and then I start to avoid him or her. I like them to moralize and explain, however not to enforce.

What brought up the “Politically Correct” term?

I defined what I wanted in a travel companion, this is making judgments and categories of what is better than others. This is not what people like to hear, they want you to say you are open to everything. Quite the opposite I am extremely selective in who I would allow to come travel with me, nothing could be worst than to be with the wrong person. Nothing can destroy a marriage or relationship faster than to go travel together. This is the proof in the pudding.


There is a train whistle in the distance and it is calling me, I am not sure how to answer…

Yes, there is train that climbs the hill close to my Hostal in Cusco, Peru it is 7:42 in the morning and it is arriving to pick up passengers to take them to Machu Picchu.

I really do not care where I go presently, however I need to leave soon. I have no home here, and the place is starting to really annoy me.

I have the feeling I am going to jump to Quito where I know in the past there were some travelers. I need to get far away from the glitter of tourism and find some people, wonder where all the travelers have gone?

There are signs you need to follow, and I need to keep my instincts intact and follow my heart, not any path that is an illusion.


I like a good normal begger anyday compared to him.

It cost me one Sole or about 25 cents U.S. to take this photos, as I had to put one Sole in his can to get him to pose, little does he know I am trying to convince people to stop putting money in these cans.

He has a badge, a can with a label, he has every sad story in the world, and I do not trust him as far as I can throw him.

It is jaded, I know; however, I do not trust anyone in the world walking around with a can in his or her hands. I have learned too many times that these types of people are thieves. In my town, I would trust about 99 percent of the people, and if there was a person walking around collecting money for the wrong reasons they would throw them in jail. Everyone is trying to take from everyone so this is normal.

If you are going to donate, give money to an old beggar, you have a better chance it is going to be used. There is no shortage of beggars on the planet and they need it more, than the help themselves collectors or money.

Places I Want to Visit as

I am having fun, need to think of places to visit.

I am here in Cusco, Peru contemplating where to go; it is becoming more difficult move as I am excessively confused.

I have many projects I am working on and they are all fighting for my attention inside my mind. I am doing my best to be lazy and sit in one place reading books, however there are some very big temptations and a few problems.

I had my passport stolen on the train in Madrid, Spain more or less seven months ago, it is necessary I return to the USA and get a new ten year passport as this one is only good for one year. Chicago is the closest place to my home where I can do this quickly.

In Solon, Ohio is a place that sells parts for backpacks; I am at a standstill on prototypes of Backpacks until I get the worlds best quality parts. I think they sell them, or would be able to help me find them. Talking on the telephone or writing emails is not going to do it for me, I need to go and look at what they have in stock and compare the difference. This project just goes on and on, and never ends, the search for perfection is work.

I cannot find the quote, however this project to make a room heater keeps me thinking about Thomas Edison.

They asked him one time how he failed on making the electric light bulb maybe 400 times before he found the right way to make a light bulb.

He said,
“I did not fail; I discovered 400 ways that do not work.”

"Results? Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward.... "
Thomas Edison

I am driving Victor a little crazy, however he is the same as me, he keep trying to see the next step. There is problem in making a model or prototype of something I invent or make, the person helping me becomes too frustrated with all the changes and stops working.

Victor is an eight on a scale of 10 of abilities to keep going, however most people are a two, and maybe Kikko my backpack person is a five, he will work for money so I can pay more and induce him to try again. Victor does not work for money, however money gets in his way and he needs to try to work on jobs people bring into him, so there are people walking up to him and asking him to perform jobs.

I keep finding out what does not work, and hopefully I can suss out the bottom line of all the things that do work together. It the taking of a bunch of small idea and placing them in a pile that is the problem. They all fight and do not agree to work together. I know what does not work on a room heater; however somewhere in simplicity is the correct answer.

The little fan is in the bottom, and is pointed up inside, it make a lot of racket and vibrates the metal, plus way too heavy, breaks, etc.

This works for ME, however the average Joe Blow is probably going to burn down their room. The fan is a 220 fan for use inside of speakers like you would use for a Rock Band, I think, not real clear, they keep speaking in Spanish. It will run on 110, however slower.

Edison said on ideas.
“Keep on the lookout for novel ideas that others have used successfully. Your idea has to be original only in its adaption to the problem you're working on.”
Thomas Alva Edison.

It sounds confusing, however in reality I am retired and can sit on the beach reading my books and looking.

That is the priority level I a have as a Hobo.

I may make a mad dash for the USA, stopping in Ecuador and Colombia on the way, as there is a big thing happening in Chicago… maybe….

Cusco or Cuzco Hotel in Guatemala


I found this boy sleeping on the job here in Cusco Peru, he seems comfortable. Maybe you do not need a Hotel in Cusco Peru when you come, you can just follow this example.

Fresh Chicken, I think those feet were staring at me.

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