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The Real Cultures of Peru Selva

The Real Cultures of Peru Selva
I say I want to understand other culture, however I play games in my mind and am hopeful, when I should just be accepting. A person should never expect much from uncivilized cultures.

I went up the river about 10 kilometers, the boat motor was junk, I had a goal and Samuel the person driving the boat had a goal. I finally realized at the village of Dorado I had no chance of achieving my goal and forced him to return to Breu.

Breu, Peru
Isolated Tribes Expedition 2010
Yurua River a feed river to Amazon River
Monday, February 2, 2009
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I want to learn about cultures, however sometimes it is extremely difficult to like some cultures. The closer you get to the bottom of civilization, the more uncivilized they become. Uncivilized people have no manners and are very selfish. I have observed the baseline cultures for years, there is a nothing noble about them, and I will one try to explain them in a conclusive manner.

One reader made a comment about me entering the “Heart of Darkness,” this is a good interpretation; there is a need to be clever here, when you enter the darkness.

I turned back today, after I knew, the only way to achieve my objective was to become like the people around me. I can be the Alpha Male very easily.

The last thing that happened before I decided to turn back was a man came down from a village and begged for gas. We was only about one third the way up the river, my driver was from the same tribe and looked at me like I was supposed to give him some. I looked at him as if he was a piece of shit and stopped that idea.

As I proceeded down the river, I realized the driver was the problem, not the man. Anyone walking up to this river with a jug of gas can get a ride anywhere, the better tact would have be to ditch my boatman and hopped on the other mans boat with my eight gallons of gas.

A gallon of gas cost 10 dollars here.

Complicated situations, however my primary goal was accomplished, I know the No Contacted Tribes leave often leave their tribes and make contact. I have met 11 families that have departed the no contacted tribes and entered the no motivation world of the T-shirt wearing tribes lying in hammocks here. I am not wandering if the eye of the tiger is still within the no contacted tribes.

The Real Cultures of Peru Selva

Mancora Peru Hotel

Mancora Peru Hotel

Hostal Sol y Mar

Hostal Sol y Mar
This is my hotel, completed with Swimming Pool, and as close to the beach as possible on this stretch of sand. Hard to understand the Lonely Planets rather negative explanations as loud music and some thefts reported. For sure, the music can be too loud and it is possible to be robbed in any Hotel in South America; however, the one they recommend is not a beach Hotel.

HI La Posada

HI La Posada
This is the recommended hotel.

My gut tells me a person that wrote this spent time traveling through Europe where they developed a special love for Hostel International, thinking that that means anything. In South America it means crap, and you should probably avoid them, as in Asia also, as it is only marketing, However the annoying part, and normally trust the Lonely Planet when they say “recommended” or “Popular with the backpackers” is this Hotels is not close to the water and very bleak. I did not stay there after taking a taxi to visit the outside; I saw ZERO people hanging around and decided enough of desolation, and ask the taxi driver. He recommended the Sol y Mar, and he was correct.

Theft is Hotels more about the client and normally less about the owner; you need to make sure you know… Never trust the owner, never trust the staff and you will not donate cameras to them. If you are told the staff is safe, then you will be robbed.

Hard to say anymore about guidebooks as they are becoming more and more disjunctive, the researchers are repeating or using the past information so much, that there are little good clean observations as one guidebook writer is afraid to disagree with the prior.

Personally, I am very careful to choose Hotels on beaches, as they need to be close to the water, or you may as well live in the city. This beach is a little different though because all of the taxis cost one sole, and you can live anywhere and go right to the beach in seconds. Therefore, in reality, the hotel on the beach in Mancora is not necessary, and you can opt for the great in the center hotel close to people and take a taxi to the beach. I am amiss on the fans, they do not seem to have fans, and I am spoiled by Asia and have forgotten just how primitive or rude the South American culture can really be. They are warmer and friendlier as people; however, they have zero problems in letting you live in total discomfort providing you do not complain.

The person yesterday tried to give me a large pitcher of Lemonade with no ice, now they are good in Mancora on Lemonade and give you lots of it for about one dollar, not by any means cheap. This was for 1.50 dollars so I said,

He looked at me as if how could I ask, and I looked at him like if you want cash, to it, this was in the Sol y Mar. The Sol y Mar is cheap, 15 soles for a room, however they go for the gouge on the drinks and food, smart because most travelers will drink themselves blind however complain about the cost of the room, so very smart management.

Humboldt Current

Humboldt Current
There is a water current that rung along the west coast of South America from Chile up past Ecuador called the Humboldt Current. The reason why the water in Mancora or Trujillo are freezing.

These waters come from the Antarctica at the South Pole in the South Pacific. Every few years the water is actually a little warmer and it is called the El Niño, the El Niño is not unusual, it happens ever 3-7 years and caused headaches for the locals.

The bottom line is if you wish to lay around in the waters as you could in some bay in Southeast Asia and bask in the sun, it is not going to happen, the waters are not comfortable, and however for sure they will cool you off very good.

Mancora Beach

I happened to look at a page about Mancora as I was starting to use the Internet, it is amusing to see what they write about the local places I visit.

This is hilarious, as every picture has been doctored or created so reality is just a dream.

Mancora is probably the best beach I have seen on the Pacific Coast of South America, however this is not the area of the world to come for a beach vacation. There is a surfers path that is followed and this is one of the stop.

Mancora is one of the best drinking, party, drugging beaches I have seen, and if you are a party person, then this is perfect. Lots of Lima girls looking for action.

Mancora does not have warm water and there are very few palm trees, the ones that are here are small because they planted them. This mean very little shade.

I am happy to find there may be a good surf beach as Cabo Blanco as for now I have seen nothing at Mancora that seems good for surfing. Kite surfing may be good here though, as the winds are steady. This make the sand on the beach blow and fill up your towel.

Cabo Blanco is not close so I cannot go and check the surf, howver they say it is an expert, so being they probably lied, it is still probably half good.

For sure the beach is cheap enough and pleasant enough, you need to take extreme care in choosing hotels though because of the very loud music all night and all day.

What to read some fiction, see some doctored photos go here.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

In a no-name city of Santa Rosa with zero tourist in southern Ecuador close to Machala is a sprawling market on Sunday, no tourist junk, however a potpourri of culture. Here is a man with multiple grinding machines.

Coffee Grinder

Peanut Grinder or a machine making Peanut Butter, maybe Crema de Mani in Spanish.

Cocoa Grinder or grinding the seeds of the Cacao tree, the basic ingredient to make Chocolate.

Lighthouse of Faro off Mancora Beach, these Lighthouse are normally very old, or in place of importance, this one looks new, however, there is always a small history with a lighthouse.

Very funny sign.
No Hippies

I am in maybe the Hippie Hotel on Mancora beach and this is like saying literally that none should enter. They are talking about the dread head jewelry sales persons and not the tourist. There is a sub-class of the no future world, which has no money, and not Mama Money.

Very interesting the Ecuadorians have equated this word Hippie with the trouble, however not a proper use probably.

Mancora Peru Newsletter from Surfer Beach

Mancora Peru

My newsletter from Mancora



I am safe and sound, and no headache, fever or sickness in Máncora, Peru, a smallish long stretch of Hotels on the gravel of Peru. I have yet to see the beach and hope it is good, because the orientation of the row of hotels is facing more of the highway than it appears to be facing the ocean.

I need to be fair; however, my instincts are not happy, this seems to be a party outpost more than a beach. For sure, the beaches on the West Coast of South America on the Pacific Ocean are somewhat bleak. The Brazil side is about 5 time better for beaches, I have not really been on a good beach on the Ecuador, Peru, Chile side, however for sure the reef along the Brazil, Coast make those beaches great.

I suppose the type of stones in the water is the problem, the sand along the pacific here is more of dirty brackish color, while crushed shells make for a better color or sand, makes you feel cleaner. The water coming up from the south makes the water cold also, so overall, not the best side of the lake.

I will walk around and give an inspection, for sure Thailand beaches are ten times better, however the people are not as friendly, however they do not steal everything so many pluses and minus to everything.

Mancora Peru Has Beach to Visit

Mancora Peru

A beach town for a guy that needs a beach, I will see if this beach is up to standards tomorrow. I asked some local girl for directions to a good hotel, she said and talked and I went to one, later she and another girl from Colombia come searching for me.

Note, I am obviously look over 30 in a city full of Surfers, so I am sort of wondering what is up?

The Colombia girl gave me a three kiss introduction, then a three kiss goodbye, normally this is the cheeks, however she went for the middle on the second time. Pretty forward bridgeras in this town, or imported from Colombia, not a bad idea, she is from Medellin.

I will complain in great detail later... hehehe
About an 8 and Colombia is strict with guidelines.

Definition of a word I am not sure how to spell. Bridgechara

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