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Three Baguette Day

Three Baguette Day
Saturday September 10, 2005 7:08 AM

Yesterday was a - Three Baguette Day - for me, this was a good day for food for me, I was happy.

Photo of me purchasing three Baguettes to share two with My Niger friends in the course of the day I returned to this man to purchase two more Baguettes to eat yesterday the 9th of September.

I laugh about the buzz words of those fashionable words of saying,
- Think outside the box -

I was thinking to myself,
- Andy, you have to see yourself in the box -

The world is a fun place, the life is good.
I receive many emails and have these elongated conversations with many people on the planet, this is done by emails, to say the least it very difficult to remember what they said last time, and to keep the conversations rolling.

I went yesterday to the - Doctors without Borders - office of the
- Medecins Sans Frontieres -

I spoke with Doctor Ahmed Zouiten the Medical Coordinator for the Switzerland Branch of - Doctors Without Borders - .

He is a many about 25-35 and I forgot to ask, most of the Doctors look maybe under 30 and nothing better in life for me than to meet some intelligent girls on the other side of the planet as half are girls talking with a French accent, not a bad experience.

However Doctor Ahmed Zouiten is a good guy, smart and probably explained to another level the problem here in Niger, I am not going to go into that specifically because of our conversation and the pure dysfunctional desire of the world to jump and utilize every word a person says in a bad way.

However, I will say this, the people of Niger are not eating correctly and this is causing some to die, I will try to write a newsletter today, I hope, trying to compile in one location all the proper terms, words and concepts.

So what is funny to me?

I ate only three Baguettes yesterday and I was very happy, I had a pretty good food day for me in this country as I got to eat what I wanted to eat. However, think about it…

Thinking, thinking, thinking!

OK, three Baguettes is not a balance diet full of all the daily recommended food groups, for those in Indiana that do not use the word - Baguette -.

I am from the State of Indiana, from the Country of the United States of America and I live close to Chicago, I am not from Chicago and I really hate to say I am close to Chicago; I am from Indiana a small rural farm area on the other side of the planet.

However, I do not think my Mother or Father would say the word - Baguette - in a conversation and may not be clear on what a - Baguette - is, or even more, I am sure my Father could care less, unless you gave him one with some Bologna inside.

My Father is a Bologna Man, I am a Peanut Butter Man, I am my Fathers son and very proud to be so, I am 80 percent the same Man, however I am also my Mother Son, and I am 80 percent the same person, not a woman. I am culturally their progeny.

Now I will go look up the word - Progeny - to be sure I used the correct word because I am not positive.


1. offspring of organism: an offspring of a person, animal, or plant.

2. something resulting: something that develops or results from something else.

Blame my writing skills on them… hehehe or the ability to say or explain the word as I do, I am the product of there great works, and I am forever grateful to the good Gods for this.

So I went to this porch, sat around for a half hour took up Doctor Ahmed Zouiten time and he drew a graph on a piece of paper explaining the problem.

However here I am eating three Baguettes yesterday and if I did the same, I would or could develop some of the same problems as these children or people in Niger. I am not eating properly and I do worry about it, however not easy when you cannot just walk into a grocery store and buy a variety of foods. I believe the problem in Niger is they do not have the normal set of products being sold to them and even if they did, they do not have enough money to pay for them, so this is a long-term problem and will never go away unless they make more money so they become a group of people who want to buy Vegetables, Fruits and other foods in enough quantity to sell here and make money.

There is a need for food here; however, there is not a way to sell it to them because they do not have the money, so there is no market. You may be able to bring fruit, vegetables here, however nobody would buy them because the cost would be too high, or too inconvenient to purchase.
Therefore, for me yesterday it was very inconvenient and uncomfortable for me to ride around on a moto or motorcycle looking for food, so I ate three Baguettes and did not care

A Baguette is a long white bread cooked in a long stick, seems to be made of white wheat flour, however I did not see them make it, so who knows, I am happy because I like bread, however it is not really very healthy and lacks in many vitamins and proteins, etc.

I am trying to say about the inside the box and outside the box thinking that person also need to introspect enough to see yourself of myself inside the box. Here I am thinking they are not eating properly and making all these type of opinions and I am not capable of eating properly because of time, there is not enough time or it is too difficult so I do not eat the correct foods. This is temporary with me, however for the people of Niger and let me say, this is at least 25 to 50 major nations of the planet and the Islands of the world are probably worst, I am very much annoyed when people want to say only - Niger - I have seen many places where there are no NGOs, because it would take many days of hard travel to go there.

I keep trying to check my travel route out of the country; I have to daily check the distances to make sure I do not forget to allow enough time to go by bus to Niamey. I have already realized I am screwing up a little, I cannot leave from Zinder until Monday the 12 of September, I will go to Agadez in the North of Niger on this date or on Monday and then as soon as I enter Agadez, I think I must purchase a Ticket to Niamey so I can fly to Cairo, I have no time for Tahoua in the middle of the country close to a target village of Keita, I must maybe only go to Zermou about 20-25 miles East of Zinder on Sunday if I can figure out transportation to the Village. It is a push to figure out a way to travel to Zermou; this is where experience speeds up the trip. I know what works and does not work, and can do quickly. Moreover, I am not allowing anyone to put me inside a - Western Culture Box - or at least not too much. I will just stop into the village and nose around if I can find the way, I think another friend with a difficult name to spell and pronounce will take me on his new motorcycle if I pay for the gas or pay too much for the gas. There is an interesting ability to pay too much for something and it is not paying them, however they have extra money in their pockets so they are happy.

He says his Motorcycle cost 300,000 Niger Francs to purchase, I have no idea how he would collect in one spot this much money, I think people are extending credit here to buy motorcycles, hard to believe there is this many motorcycles and everyone would save up and pay cash, not the normal way this happens.

I need to stop typing, I need to go and try to arrange the trip to Zermou.

Note that the world Anglosizes the names of village or cities, these are the Hausa or are named in the local tribes or peoples names and then they translate into French or some other language to make the map, this type of naming is fraught with problems.

I cannot find Moageri Maman Rabiou, he is the guy with the Motorcycle and maybe would drive with me and explain while in Zermou if I can make there. Babanguida the Son of the owner of the home I am living inside if is still sleeping, I think they stay up very late talking, or maybe watching television as I followed them to a TV last night where they watching cartoons. This is very low on the television count, I would guess in Zinder only about one in 100 homes may have a TV, so there is sharing among groups of people.

Cultural Testing

Cultural Testing
September 9, 2005 Friday 4:55 AM

I am thinking too much as normal, the problem with thinking too much for me is that it annoys people with my incessant questions and pushing so I lose friends. The problem for me is I cannot stay organized and classify or categorize my thoughts and ideas as fast as they arrive in the brain. Another problem is that with the brain working on various levels of analysis at the same time and there is a desire by my brain or to keep focused on the work, it consciously focuses, and sub-consciously focuses. The conscious level of focusing can override the better ability of the abstract mind to collect, collate, categorize and keep on focus of the real issues I am thinking about.

Now if that was not a convoluted enigmatic paragraph and to me succinctly said, nothing was… hehehe

I hit CTRL S or Save before, I lose that thought, which is even more frustrating to enter the data and lose the data.

- Skitoma -

In Chapter 58 - Page 204-205 of the book - The Da Vinci Code - by Dan Brown he used this term to describe a mental process of overlooking maybe what he would say is obvious because it is in the context of the whole and inconsistent with our pre-conceived desires and / or expectations.
(For those of you that do not read or know I am using the - dash instead of quote marks because the computer internet cafes are changing them too often to Chinese or Arabic something characters and messing up the HTML Code.)

eye disorder: eye disorder marked by abnormally high pressure within the eyeball that leads to damage of the optic disk and, if not treated, causes impaired vision and sometimes blindness (2)

Talking about on issue make people lose the ability to come back to the real issue. Cultural studies requires a brain that cannot be lead away from the focus, there is and over stimulation of the brain when in a foreign culture and the ability to capture and remembers some small archetypes of the culture can be lost because the person or environment we are in is trying to force us to put our first level of consciousness on one subject however on the sub-level of actual conscious level we are observing something else.

This is an example of that above as I keep changing the focus, and wondering around in my brain the many levels of the discussion for both myself and anyone that could or would read this become crazy to understand.

Before I go further, I would make a great Muslim, I am prone to wake up at 4:00 or 5:00 AM and the call to prayer could work with me, however this type of focus in the morning would definitely interfere with my train of thought, however would be good for anyone with too many guilty actions they need to counter. Or it could start out the day with a big dose of guilt.

I said, this however I have no desire to be Islamic, I just know I could abide by the rules better than most.

(My candle is being spattered by dead mosquitoes flying into the flame, I think.)

I had a conversation with a person the other day of extreme knowledge levels on NGOs and cultural problems. The question I posed in the end was what is the long-term solution to Niger that will get your NGO to leave the country. His answer was behavioral change; I in turn said you are talking about - Cultural Imperialism - he then said, yes.

I was testing him when I said the words - Cultural Imperialism - as this is a great way to piss off a - politically correct - idiot. However a great way to separate and idiot from an intelligent person. A person who intellectually cannot see that this is a logic statement or a logic test by me using word games is incapable of studying or solving problems within other cultures.

The is because we bring with us our culture and we wish to change another culture and we get entangled in all the biases we brought with us and also the huge problem of what right do I have to change another person. That is a moral problem and interestingly enough better suited maybe for preachers and missionaries as see it as a mission of their God and they believe themselves imbued with the right to do this project.

The NGOs are trying to be multi-cultural or cross-culturally respectful and to try I think to bring a respect for all cultures to the table, however and I think they often forget the goal is to create a world where they are not needed. If that is not a conflict in interest for most of the lower cultures who are employed in a NGO. If I do great, I will not have a job.

My friend is the crème de crème and easy for him to say, the best thing that could ever happen is I do not have a job. He knows also in the back of his mind this would put the people working in Niger for the NGO out of job and not him. He knows there is always room for the best of the best, a sort of cultural superiority complex and the protection held in our minds. I am in a field of individuals that cannot compete with me on any level because I am from a superior culture and they cannot change their culture fast enough to compete.

Aagh, that should for sure annoy the political correct idiots.

Note, I am under my mosquito net; this mosquito net was brought to Niger by me and is always carried by me in my backpack. I am protected presently by the Mosquito net from thousands of small annoying and potentially lethal little mosquitoes. I do not wish to die from Malaria and the best way to minimize the chance is not by medicine, the best way it to not be bitten by mosquitoes. I am under this mosquito net and wish to make another cup of coffee (really a glass) and this means; I must open a hole in the side and compromise the closed environment. It is my observation that mosquitoes increase just after sunset and just before sunrise, so I am in the worst of time for opening this mosquito net and walking around in my shorts with all my body exposed.

I am going to stand up, open the hole, close the hole, make a cup of coffee and come back. What does all of this have to do with cultural testing, this damn mosquito net is the reason I am thinking about this. It was the first thought that started me to think about behavior change and is it possible for a culture to change quickly. Can you hire or pay people inside a culture to change a culture.

The long-term solution that will stop children under five from dying because of food problem is a cultural change, or ooops, I should say behavioral change. People can be snuck up on and whacked side the head if I use the word behavioral change, however to me this is a cultural change also, so I will whack them on the head on both sides at the same time.

The premise of NGOs is they are creating solutions, yes, they are however maybe on the 100-year plan, and what would be better is a 2-year plan with an exit strategy. I am annoyed and what they seem to be doing best is creating a beggar nation and destroying the desire to work or motivation to work and maybe creating a nation full of lazy people.

Welfare is way to enslave a person; their good intentions may be the new slave masters of African people.

I am thinking and dwelling I am more than willing to say and think what I am thinking and say what I am thinking and wonder in my head where I will go, I like to journalize and have learned.. I need a cup of coffee.

I have learned how to think more clearly by typing and writing down my thoughts. I think I may have the ability to provide a solution of awareness to the NGO people or the want to save the world groups; I have the technical resources to provide online journals for free to people traveling through impoverished countries, that need their story told in any way shape or form to the world.


I am going to go and scare the hell out of the average person; I am going to go drink the tap water.

To complete my thought, there is a need to culturally test my environment to see what level of development I am living inside of, money can create an illusion of upper levels and I could be living inside a tribal level mentality, which can be extremely dangerous in very developed level of home.

I have discovered myself in a rich mans house from the Hausa people of Nigers in the city of Zinder. I have been invited to stay here by the Son and am very appreciative of the invitation. However, I am also wondering if he is being eaten by Mosquitoes or is there something genetically different about a black persons skin or chemical makeup that makes them less likely to be eaten alive by Mosquitoes. I know my chemical makeup is less than most, the no see em do not bother as much as some, Mosquitoes annoy me less than some people, we are not all created equal in our ability to physically adapt or cope with the … - Mosquito World -.

I am going somewhere I am not sure where, however I keep thinking of all those movies and stories of researchers going and living with the Apes.

I am living in a rich mans home, I am not living in the normal Hausa culture, I have accidentally been tracked or placed into a more western world environment. The world tries its best effort to show me a good life, and to make me comfortable. In this helping, it creates a situation where I learn where they may want to be, and not where the majority actually are.

The sun is rising, the day is beginning in Zinder, I am going to take a shower and prioritize my day.

The goal today is to learn if the money I living inside of can create a world where it has actually taught the culture to first world level or they have actually changed and become first world level.

I need to go live with real people, much like they did in movies I where Sigourney Weaver lives with Apes, or that one man from the Lambs movie, I cannot remember his name.

BBC Filming Today in Zinder Niger

I am in Zinder, Niger a vibrant city full of activity and noise, many Motorcycles here and some are very large. I am here in the Internet Cafe early hoping to publish about 200 photos so I can send out my newsletter with a minimum amount of push in a bad Internet Cafe.

This one is cutting edge for computers. Inlaid dropped computers. USB external connector wire, a pop up that says I can only open 7 window. That is a first on the 7 window, I am sure they are trying to keep me from monopolizing all the bandwidth.

I went to the hard to spell Medecins San Frontieres Office here in Zinder and talked with a man from Fez, Morocco by the name of Achmet, he is director or something. He had a meeting and I walked a couple of hundred meters with him and I go back to talk with him at 2:30. I mentioned the BBC show on the Food problems and said they are coming back today to film. I will try to be there, this will be good fun.

Achmet said the BBC is good, however they can twist the words, so I am trying to figure out what the hopes are with the - Doctors Without Borders - the translation of the French above.

There office is low key and seems essential in comparison to most NGO offices, more practical, there are many people sitting around outside.

I was just thinking, if you saw the BBC show that was Filmed in Zinder according to Achmet and other than you would think I just saw some dying babies. There were no small children on the outside just chubby mothers and men doing something. There may well be problem children on the inside, note this did not look like tents, this is buildings. I am not sure where they filmed, I will try to find out.

I have some really good pictures and want to blog them today, I will not go and track down the American Peace Corps.

I will leave I think for Agadez tomorrow.

Mom and Dad need to read this.... hehehe

The food crisis here is not a famine per say, it is a Chronic or Acute malnourished problem etc. And etc, I am not a doctor and do not read literally what I explain.

The problem here is a Food Problem and maybe similar to almost all very poor countries, I think in South America they could have worst problems up in the mountains or on the Amazon. I for sure think the Amazon has worst, and nobody there last time I was on it.

The all comes down to not the proper balance of foods, too much MILLET, Peanuts maybe, these are everywhere however vegetables are not. Nutritional problems.

When you have long term lacking in Vitamins and such you become vulnerable to problems like Malaria, Cholera, hygiene problems, Respitory problems. Etc.

It is not the malnourished that get you.

I will return to the Doctors without Borders office at 4 to try to photo the BBC.

I am in Zinder Niger

I just arrived in Zinder close to Chad I think, in the bottom of the country of Niger. All is good, and the internet is ok.

NGO in Maradi Niger

NGO in Maradi Niger
4:14 AM September 8, 2005 Thursday Maradi Niger

I met one of four white people working for World Vision in Niger. This is a NGO (Non Governmental Organization) that… oops.
FULL STOP as the Brits say.

Ahimsa = Non-Injury

This is a Sanskrit word that in my interpretation means,

“First, do not harm.”

I do not want to harm any of the organizations in Niger or the country of Niger, I want only to help to find a solution to the problem that children below the age of five die.

I know right now I want to avoid thinking about this, I do not want to dwell, think, or try to understand this situation, I want to just do my normal looking around, have some fun, try to understand the mess of a country and leave. I could have typed on this computer yesterday and I avoided it yesterday, I have plenty of time, or as normal too much time.

Where do I start and where do I end, and how do I say or explain a situation that maybe does not have a solution, and could possibly not need a solution.

The morning Islamic Prayers have started, it is now 4:45 AM, they are coming or permeating through the wall from at least three directions. Each of them sings or chants…. I want social change, we want you to come and change, we want you to wake up… PRAY.

I am already awake, I want you to wake up and change your people, to spend as much time helping as you do making this wonderful noise in the morning.

It is a wonderful noise, sort of peaceful in some places, not so peaceful in other places. It is also the sound of extreme danger for me, I know that I am always at the mercy of some belief I have that I will not be killed.

In most countries of the planet the way to become wealthy is to be connected to the government. I suppose there is a completed connection in Maradi between the government and the Religion.

What would my mother say, she would say,
“I will pray about it.” and I suppose she is saying she will pray or hope that all is good, I suppose I would pray that our same God will see to help.

I guess I am praying that they do not kill me, that is sad prayer, I am just here to see what is happening and hope I can gloss of the top some clear problems and solutions. I suppose the bottom line is the religions here are the only clearly powerful enough organizations to solve this problem. The Western world is putting band-aids on the problems.

I wonder if that is what that guy from the singing group meant, “Band” “Aid”? Bono, I think that is his name.

Maybe that is the solution, I was thinking yesterday as I tried to watch TV here in French. I can watch American Black People MTV Music Videos in English or I can watch Hercules in French. The world has a intriguing sense of humor, I guess I was able to watch CNN make up the news to make money, there is nothing clear and serene.

I like the preoccupation in South America with the discovery channel, and was thinking where are the Giraffes? I am in Africa, I have seen a few Camels, many Donkeys, however I have not seen any Giraffes. I could wish for a Elephant, however that is pushing my luck.

I am avoiding thinking about this problem, no that is not correct, I am avoiding getting myself in trouble about this, I am more than willing to sit around and talk to my new friend, and I hope a long-term friend I met that works for the World Vision Organization. I could talk and discuss world … hehehe Visions for day with him and we could ponder and compare notes and of course we would talk for days and intellectualize and I am not sure, I would have some good talks. I do not think that would change anything, there would still be X number of children dying for somewhat senseless reasons.

Retirement Plans - A pension plan.

What the world needs is a pension plan, there needs a way for people to retire or stop working and not die. That is the only clear observation I am positive on the planet, everything else beget below this problem.

I get old in Niger.
I am not able to feed myself.
I must have five to as many children as necessary.
I need one of them to love me enough to feed me.

I therefore love them, feed them and hope.

If I only had 170 Dollars per year, from the day I am too old to fend for myself to the day I die, I could stop making babies, I do not want or need, I would feel safe, then those extra ones would not have to die, those who are not strong enough would not have to die. I would not have to look the other way and feel guilty knowing, or I know, yes I know, they are dying so I can live.

My overly intelligent friend from World Vision told me a statistic, however I am very doubtful of this statistic, however he said, that UNICEF created this that 200,000 to 300,000 children under 5 die per year in Niger.

If you multiply that time 50 years, you get 10 Million, using the lower number of 200,000.


200,000 times 170 Dollars, the national average income is 34 Million Dollars.

Here is the Band Aid information from Encarta:

- Bob Geldof recorded a single under the name Band Aid whose profits were to be used for famine relief in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. The record — entitled "Do They Know It's Christmas?" — became the most successful single in British history, earning more than $11 million -

I would call that a Band-Aid.

Famine Relief, they need less babies to feed, and the world largest irrigation pump.

I really do not want to talk about it, it is like a huge cluster F#%$, everyone is trying to keep themselves in work, make themselves look good, and the problem is there are babies on the planet born who are needed to work to help support the mother and father who do not want to die when they get old.


I figured this one out years ago.

Everything begets from the same string, everyone is pulling on the same thread, this is the same path, it all leads back to the mother and father.

Send them Condoms and give them 34 Million for ten years, only if they have less than two babies, zero population growth.

100th Issue
December 7, 2002

Now, that is arrogant… hehehe
The answer to world problems, in a nutshell Andy a Hobo, all this is fun and interesting and in my world of dysfunctional recovery, I am positive in the end, they must save themselves. I can not do it for them.

Who knows, I do not know what the United Nations focus on, however I want the number one issue to be - Retirement Money! -

I want a Retirement Plan for every country of the world to be priority number one and all problems below this will solve themselves or go down to the minimal 4-7 percent.

5:44 AM, I am thinking about food, I am wanting something to eat.

I still have not talked about my new friend, they are in the Relief business, a big money business, as best I can see they are not in the - Sustainable - business. That is trendy word and I have a distain for trendy words, however this problem is all about band-aids and not what is needed.

Cultural Change

Send them all Televisions, then they can all watch MTV and Hercules also.

I wish I was joking, however if they had Televisions they could copy what is on Television, obviously this is the only thing that is being copied from the safe and secure worlds of non-poverty.

I suppose Niger needs to collect taxes better, then give to their old people.

I sometime get the feeling I am talking to myself, and really I am, time for another cup of coffee. The TV is broke, nothing works, CNN is not even working, I suppose I would like CNN over nothing, I will read a book with the PDF files on my computer copied and collected in the tradition of all music down loaders. I do not download music, however I have found some books.

There are a lot of Moral Potholes in the paths of the world.

4-7 Percent Problem

4-7 Percent Problem
5:52 AM September 7, Wednesday Maradi Niger

What you may have here is the normal 4-7 Percent problem of any somewhat normal societies. There is a percentage of my guess that is 4 percent that will not work, cannot work, or some way shape or another do not or will not take care of himself or herself. They expect to be taken care of; there are different statistical ways of manipulating this number.

However you then have a flux number of 3 from the 4-7 percent where they may wish to work however are not good at finding work.

The 4-7 Percent Problem is my term an Andy idea of looking at the world, however I also normally say that when you get unemployment down to 4, there is 1 percent being forced to work, that really will do about anything to avoid working.

What happens when you do not have social systems?

The Dole? - I am not sure how to spell, however in Europe, Australia, or most of the world people live on the “Dole.”

Food Stamps
Unemployment or other ways of transferring money down to people who need to be supported by the bigger society.

Retirement plans
This is by far the biggest problem on the planet to me, the lack of a nationalized retirement or social security system that pays for people that are too old to take care of themselves.

As I entered or traveled by bus from Niamey to Maradi, I looked out the window with the eyes of an Indiana Farm boy who spent about 8 summers of his life working a farm in the Midwest of the USA where corn, wheat, soybeans and Cows rein the world. I lived in a small city of 400 people and good ole boys of top status.

I noticed out the windows of bus that the soil was a red clay soil mostly and helped the locals build home easily and create the adobe like bricks.

(CNN - I am listening to CNN repeat and repeat, I have two stations on the TV and CNN is repetitive as hell, it can drive a person crazy. However, they are only about the blame game, they suck, and they are doing the best to make this New Orleans situation into a national smear. Note, I am very sad for this problem however, in reality I am absolutely positive my nation is able to mobilize and save these people. Can you imagine, they are already issuing ATM or bank card, this is a high tech solution, very good USA, I am proud of you. Bangladesh, India, anywhere there is a huge river delta, probably on the Amazon has this type of flood problem on a regular basis, and the people die in mass. The Philippines has regular flood problems as best I can see, I am not an expert however water is always a travel problem, in Costa Rica I could not go to the east coast because the buses did nor run, I was not able to put my computer in the bottom of the bus or learned that it is a bad idea while in Oaxaca, Mexico because the bus would drive into the roads covered by water and flood the baggage compartments.)

NOTE: CNN is CNN world or Europe and not the USA version, they are much more critical and speak specifically to the audience and adapt the -NEWS- to what the see is the best tact for money. I would hate to think what they do with the CNN for the Arab World.


I have not seen the huge smoke stacks in Niger, this is why or maybe the difference between a brick that will eventually dissolve or wash away and a brick that is harder than stone.

(CNN is digging on the late response to the New Orleans, they are very stupid, I hope the world starts to wake up and revolt against this type of news people that through a form of evil manipulation of well-intended people, they create a problem, this is evil, to cause people to fight. How can they say the whole USA government moved faster or slower, they moved as fast as they could, no more, no less, as if any one person can move the government of the USA faster or slower?)

The home situation is perfect for the NGOs to raise money, there is this clay soil that is great for making homes, however it creates what the normal person with a western mindset would consider or think is horrible. A clay soil is great for home, the home are cool, much better than a grass hut, and more durable, however if they do not back the clay bricks they will wash away eventually.

I do not know much about drainage or understand how well the aquafuge or how the soil works with clay, however it was raining all morning as we left Niamey and I was celebrating because water means food, anywhere with water has food. However, the water was not absorbed into the soil and quickly formed lakes and huge puddles as the clay soil did not suck up the water like black dirt does. I am wondering if this is why there is a river in Niger, if this ground soaked or sponged up the rains, there would not be enough water to make it or drain to the rivers. However, the river is big, or seems very big to me.

I just went and looked at my climate maps in the Encarta Encyclopedia.

There is a correlation between having money and the amount of water or the farm conditions of the planet. Oil has created a way for many of the worst farmland areas on the planet to have enough money to become abusive or helpful to their people.

Notice or try to imagine, where are the rich areas of this map, why is there a correlation between money and water. The SAHARA Desert is the top section of Africa.

Sometimes the new problem is not a new problem, the problem is really the solution maybe, we now hare hyper-aware of problems on the planet.

Chain of problem

1. Send them a tractor, so they can farm better.
2. One person now produces what 30 subsistence farmers could produce.
3. Now you have 29 people under-employed or un-employed.

So what do you think, did you do them a favor, or did you kill them, then the next thing is the fantasy or myth that a government in these countries wants to help or take care of their people.

As we went from Niamey to or upon entering the area of Maradi City in Niger the crops and farm animals increased, I believe that Maradi is one of the richer farm areas and commerce areas of Niger. The Niger River going into or through Niamey makes the place better suited for large number of people to live.

I have not checked the rivers of Maradi, however I think this is the area where many river start, I was looking at the map of Nigeria, the interesting development is then that Niger has about 11 million and Nigeria has about 133 million, so going from dry to wet has a sudden jump in population. Moreover, Niger I think is bigger.

What a wonder of the world to have all this information in my computer so I can sit here with zero idea what questions I am going to be curious about, however with some advanced computer skills by me, and the collecting of certain information sources on my computer, I am able to dwell on issue of the planet. What a great world I live in and what a great time. Now if I could just figure out how to tap into the internet while at the end of the planet.

There is store selling GMS phone or something in Niamey, when I was in Iraq after the major fighting ended, I could have purchased a satellite telephone easily. Maybe I would suspect some of these overpaid and under worked NGO people has some great toys, maybe I can figure out how they have had enough money to pay their way to the top of the Internet communication curve. I will see if I can tap in, or I am hoping they have paid to figure out how to have internet access anywhere. Note, that is not true, they should be going to the internet café like me and save the hundreds of thousands of dollars to save lives. I am just keen to learn about worldwide access and they are the only one I know presently that would spend the money foolishly to see where the information curve is leading. The Military is up there also, however they are not here, I should have tap into this when I was Iraq, note to self, self learn this or go into the Military and find out what or how cutting edge works.

Maradi Niger Good Life

Maradi Niger Good Life
Tuesday, September 6, 2005 6:57 PM

I figured I would have to slum it in Niger, so far I have lived very good, presently I have a room with Air Conditioning CNN Television, close to the market and the SNTV bus stop, I do not know what SNTV stands for.

However, I was told to go to the “Guesthouse,” by a Niger man and I found this is the Maradi Guesthouse, I saw the next large Toyota Land Cruiser by the World Vision Organization there, and I am laughing out loud.

I can say, World Vision has a good presence and much better then most, I have yet to see one American Looking person yet, they all look like Niger people so far, and I will go tomorrow and see.

Well, the NGOs do not slum it, however I knew that years ago, they seem to be in the Maradi Guesthouse at 50 dollars per night or starts at 30,000 to 35,000 Niger Francs. That mean in three days of living in the place they can buy the life of one person for one year in a country where 170 dollars is the national average.

I can say though for a backpacker or at least a true backpacker the place is ridiculously good at trying to stay away from the Niger Culture. I am living now close to the market have already walked around and said hello to half the city.

It is unique culture here, I did learn about some cuts on the face of the Niger people two cuts, one on each side is Niger a one sided set of cuts that is like a spectrum is from Nigeria. In addition, some person explained that in Nigeria they speak English. Wonder of all of the English places are richer than the French places?… hehehe
The Maradi Guesthouse is for tourist, not for people on a budget, you need to be sponsored by free money….

OK, I am trying to figure out the difference between

Francophone and Anglophone, I also discovered a world Lusophone, however I have also learned why there is many candleholders around the room. The electricity went off and I on my laptop batteries, time to light some candles.

Niger Trip Plan

Niger Trip Plan

This is a map of the cities I am visiting and hopefully I can up date as I go, it is an extreme push to stay organized as I go, however for sure I am in the upper 5 percent. Visiting the highly desired tourist destinations is extremely easy and sometimes I go visit them while I am traveling, however they must be exceptionally different to got me to visit. A Mosque is a Mosque, a museum is a Museum, however to me the ability to see an exceptional difference in the world is difficult, take having many experiences.