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Katmandu Temple

Katmandu Temple
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 8, 2007

I went with the owner of a backpack factory yesterday to visit a fabric supplier, after crossing the river, and driving up the hills, at the top was this view.

I am not sure, I think this is of Buddhist construction, however could be Hindu.

Hindu (Hinduism is the official religion) 86 percent
Buddhist 8 percent
Muslim 4 percent
Other 2 percent

The Hindu religion is the largest religion here, yet Buddhism has a big influence. I personally do not like to look at religious buildings, statues, or any type of monument to religions. However, I do enjoy studying the architecture of these buildings. There is always a constant confusion when viewing religious things, a confusion in the tourist that makes it difficult to observe, without listening to them.

I do enjoy to study religions, I am annoyed to listen to the public discuss religions. It normally appears to me that the majority of people when either worshiping, sharing, or explaining concentrate on the symbols and not the doctrines. Therefore, this building is a symbol of maybe Buddhism and is often made more important than the teachings of how to live by the religion.

In the Christian religion it would be to say the Vatican is important, and if you think of about it would the destruction of the Vatican City destroy the religion, or would the belief survive the destruction of the symbols.

In the ten commandments, I find it very interesting that one of the commandments I remember:

- Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: -

the worship of a material image that is held to be the abode of a superhuman personality.

This goes on and on, however it is to me the separation of things of God and the things of Man. When I view or see something I look at it in the perspective, is this a thing of Man or thing of God. I consider buildings a thing of man.
To me to hold any esteem or reverence for any of these buildings is the temptation to violate one of the Ten Commandments. I see temptations as the problem in life, and much more insidious and problematic than the actual symbols.

Katmandu Temple

Traveler Conversations

Traveler Conversations
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 6, 2007

I went over to the common area in the Hotel, talked for less than one-half hour and left to look for a different hotel.

The conversations were idealist, dreamy, and at the end just too childish. There are overabundances of fantasy mongers travelers in Nepal and India, people who refuse to accept the world on the world’s terms. They must make all the poor good, all the rich bad, and they of course are great as they smoke cigarettes, go pound down a pint, and live in a hotel with only foreigners and profess to understand Nepali culture.

I had enough, my limits were met, and I decided I like Nepali people better and needed to leave. Nepal people speak better English, and it is possible to develop friendships with semi-normal Nepal people. While in places like Thailand, the language spans is maybe 10 times worst than in Nepal, therefore friendships take longer.

I have an amazing room, in a hotel about half the distance closer to Nepal, and the sun is shining into my room.

Traveler Conversations

Frozen Hotel Room

Frozen Hotel Room
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 6, 2007

I am waking from my first night in Katmandu, Nepal; I would guess the temperature is about 38 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 Centigrade. For the normal world, the non-Fahrenheit world, I could have said,
- Waking at Zero -
- Waking at Freezing -

I cannot get a GPS reading presently because I am too cold and will not walk outside to do so, but I think I am at about 27.5 degrees above the Equator. I thought, Nepal was below 23.5 degrees and in the Tropics, I was wrong, ooops, sorry Gary. This is more or less Miami weather on top of a mountain, so a lot colder. 1220 Meters above sea level is high, yet not that high, it can get warm in the daytime and I suppose cool winds come down off the Himalayas.

This morning was difficult, the first morning anywhere is confused, the electrical plugs in my room needed changed five years ago, at the one, and there is only one, does not work. I ended up plugging into the light socket to get electricity to make coffee and to type on the computer.

My feet are freezing, I need to buy some little walking booties, made of some Yak or Alpaca or whatever that animal is up here. I am suppose to spend 40 days here, this is a lot, and I am not sure I am wanting this so much, the rooms just are not up to speed.

But, and however and nonetheless, I will be able to work on my room 220-110 Room Heater Fan, Cooking apparatus and need it, and as they say, need is the mother of invention.

Frozen Hotel Room

2007 Leave Thailand and Enter Nepal

2007 Leave Thailand and Enter Nepal

I Andy of HoboTraveler,com will leave today from Bangkok, Thailand and enter the country and city of Katmandu, Nepal.

2007 Leave Thailand and Enter Nepal

Bangkok Airport Greenhouse and Sauna

Bangkok Airport Greenhouse and Sauna
Bangkok Thailand, Southeast Asia, Bangkok Airport
January 5, 2007

I am presently in the Bangkok Airport, my Royal Nepal flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu, Nepal has been delayed for two hours.

Therefore, I appears to get to enjoy fours hours total of the Bangkok Sauna. For some reason the Thailand Bangkok Airport people have built this new greenhouse and sauna here in the tropics. It is the perfect design for a greenhouse, the sun seems to enter, and the interior heats up to supply all the travelers with a communal sauna.

This is the Mouse Trap area, you enter down the steps and enter your gate area, and there is nothing to do, but to stare at steal walls and the sides of the sauna. The former airport allowed you to buy food, watch tv, and to move about freely. This Airport seems to be designed by one of the lady boys on Khao San Road, or one of the girls in tow in the Sukhumvit area, with a way too old of man.

Levels, multiple levels, there are three levels, I was laughing as the people that retrieve cars were trying to push them up one of the inclines, I said,
- Great airport design! -
So make the fat tourist go up and down in the mouse trap, various levels does not make an airport good.

Stark, white, and who can hide from the Sun, in this airport I went to the Dairy Queen to have a Blizzard, and get into the shade, avoid getting a tan while waiting for a plane.... hmm, maybe I should just go lay out.

Note, stark white tile, does not make for a warm and cuddly world. There does not seem to be any tv stations in English, I tried them all, a couple of blue screen, that could be the holders...hehehe

Bangkok Airport Greenhouse and Sauna

Last Day in Nepal

Last Day in Nepal
I will leave by plane tomorrow, the 17th of July from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India.
Today is my checklist on the door day. I need to wrap up a couple of miscellaneous ideas and purchases. I do not know why China does not sell all products to all countries, it would make my life easier. In reallity, I buy STUFF in come countries, I have no idea why only in that country it is available. I would never trust a tag.
I will miss Nepal in a way, I think I have many friends here, the friendships are easier here than in many countries. Hard to explain, maybe it is that invitation to drink Lemon Tea that does it, however I have 5 times more friends in Nepal than in Thailand and have spent 50 times less time here.

I am talking about locals, not foreighner friends.
Life is good.
Last Day in Nepal

Nepal Malnutrition Solutions

Nepal Malnutrition Solutions
14 Nepal Rupees or 19 Cents U.S.
I went for a morning walk, it was sunrise here in Katmandu, the sun was shining and the smell of garbage was in the air. Many street cleaners were stirring the garbage both to find goodies and to clean.

I walked past these 500 Milliliter bags of Milk. I thought, I need some milk, I need to be healthy. India and Nepal, probably a few more countries in this region of the world have milk trays delivered to stores very early in the morning. I think these must have arrived around 5:30 am. I am here about 6:00. By 7:30 they will be gone, sold, and out of sight.
Most travelers and tourist are wanna be alcoholics and probably never see theses bags, unless they are stumbling home from the bar.

This is how they are sent or delivered to the store. Some of the smaller shops are coming to this stock and taking a complete box.

On this morning stroll there were few beggars, at this hour the Hashish sales and begging is at a minimum, as the soft target are sleeping. However, I did notice two groups that make me nervous to see. One is a few children barefoot, then the garbage scavengers. When a person is both barefoot and a garbage scavenger, my middle class guilt does an overload.
What this means is…
- I become a soft target for the beggars. -

I have some self-made rules on begging and I do not like to convert children to beggars by my good deeds. Therefore, seldom to children get money from me. Nevertheless, sleeping in the street, no shoes, and being a scavenger in the garbage has limits to my need to keep them upstanding citizens.
Milk, I purchased 10 Bags of Milk for 140 Rupees, or just under 2.00 Dollars U.S. I then proceed to hand out to the street urchin’s milk. I picked a large pile of trash. Stood looking, wanted make sure the were beggars or thought along them lines. I do not convert people to begging.
Attack, I gave out one bag, then another, and then the good souls started to hide the bags and try again. Nothing noble about this bunch. I knew this play, so was looking close at all the face. I knew I could only do about 10 bags before I would lose track or get trampled… (Joke, this was not dangerous.)
If every tourist did this, it would help, not much, but better than giving coins.
Nepal Malnutrition Solutions

Nepal Backpack Factory

Nepal Backpack Factory

I call this man OM after the mantra sounds that some of the zealots make in and around the planet.
- Om, most sacred syllable in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, considered in Hinduism to represent all scriptural revelation in a single symbol. Also referred to as aksara (Sanskrit for “syllable”) and pranava (Sanskrit for “to utter a droning”), om combines three sounds, A-U-M, and culminates in a fading nasal resonance that symbolizes communion with Brahman (the Absolute). In meditation, Hindus repeat om as a mantra, or sacred formula. Hindus also believe that the sacred sound of om accompanied creation and continues to echo and vibrate throughout the universe. - (2)
The instantly knew what I was doing, as I put my hand in a Y position and made the hum of OM. I consider this man the Saddu of Backpacks. I never give them begging Saddus money, but I will gladly stuff money in this mans pocket.

The use patterns or templates as a guide in cutting. This is the shelf where they store all the design patterns for backpacks they make.

Power Scissors are used to cut many layers of material or fabric for the backpack in one-step.
Nepal Backpack Factory

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