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Caste System

Caste System
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Monday January 15, 2007

A Hobo is low caste.

Why do you want to buy a First Class Plane Ticket or why do you want to live in a Five Star Hotel?

- The existence of superiority and inferiority due to skin color, religion, economic status, and social status is seen all over the world. -

This quote from this page about the Caste System of Nepal is accurate.

My recent trip to Africa taught me more than I wanted to know about my friends.

I think they like to feel sorry for Africa, they do not want to visit Africa, they wish to feel superior to Africa.

I myself am inferior to many people on the planet, and sometimes I am inferior. I do believe any person can change their stars. I personally judge many people by what they want in life, or how they treat the persons who have less. I really have a problem with a person who treats what they think poor people with no respect and spends all their time trying to help them....

Caste System

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 14, 20007

I sometimes am just disgusted with the Internet, it is like asking a girl out for a date and she keeps saying call me.

Buried Information

I have found a couple of good pages on the GPRS networks of the planet. This translated means the countries where I can connect my computer to the Internet.

I then find the cell phone company, I search for the price, I was laughing at the TIGO Ghana site as they admit or say,
- NO HIDDEN COST - They know this is what all the companies are doing.

These telephone companies are scammy, the cellphone roaming rates of the planet are to me just a joke, pick up the phone and make a call, go on roaming and pay anything they wish. The next crazy part is people do this, not a person that is going to be able to travel the planet and pay themselves. I sometimes think this is just a corporate trap, as the boss is paying.

There are so many ways they hide the true net cost.
- Impossible to calculate
- Must buy equipment
- Must have contract
- Activation fees

As I say,
- Advice without price, is not advice. -
Not nice.

Ok, here are two websites that sort of explain WHERE it may be possible, yet the cost issues are buried in the actual telephone company sites that offers the cell phone access.

I so far, need to go into every site and find the extremely buried and deceptive pricing of this service of GPRS offered.

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price Help Center Forum Help Center Forum
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 13, 2007

Andrew boy Genius in India has made a great system for me to answer emails. I reply to emails and it goes into this form, and I can label them so others can read.

Thanks Andrew,

I feel much better and motivated to answer the many emails when I can share the answers with many people. Help Center Forum

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday January 13, 2007

I met Mark in Delhi, India, then again in Bangkok, Thailand...

I am sad, he has been out for about one year and says he is going home. This is not good, he is probably addicted, he has go the rush, he does not know what he is doing.

Please click on this guy blog, and tell him, HOBO says,
- Never go home - (Visit yes)

I also was wondering around his site and saw his link about Student Travel on, and my blog is with his, I did not know this link existed.

There is a culture of travel, and some become members, (Whether they like it or not!0 they learn the rules, they understand, they are experienced.

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark

In the quest to find the truth, I came upon this site: - Not that anyone cares...

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January, 13, 2007

I took my laundry to four places, they all said my laundry weighed between 7 and 10 kilos.

IGNORANCE is bliss, I wish I was ignorant. I have been doing my laundry for about 10 years, the weight of my laundry is normally between 3 and 4 kilos or about 6 to 9 pounds.

So, when a person says my laundry weighs eight Kilos, I get a little angry. They use this hand held thingy and put the laundry in a bag, weighs them and nothing is ever accurate, no attempt to be fair and accurate.

I went to my friends shop, started complaining, and saying, explaining, my laundry does not weigh 8 kilos. Of course, I am complaining about Nepal, this is not so good. However, he pulls out this nice scales and weighs my laundry. The weight of my laundry was about 3.5 kilos, not the 8 kilos of all the places I entered, he than tells the laundry guy and I pay the correct weight.

Now, if I was ignorant, I would just pay, be happy, and not know they all are cheating me, some could say they are not cheating, that the scales are just bad. I disagree, an honest situation would be when some are too light and some are too heavy, these were all double, I could have understood one kilo to much.

This is a good scales, not what they normally use, but for you own piece of mind, weigh your clothes very accurately and you can save about 120 US Dollars per year or more.

I found a large Laundromat in the city of Kamandu, Nepal. I think this sets a record for the most clothes and hotel sheets hanging on the ground I have seen.

Weighing My Laundry in Nepal

Nobody Trust You Anymore

Nobody Trust You Anymore
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 13, 2007

I heard this comment in a movie about the USA.

The truth is in the middle, not one sided, if a person wants a really great product, they want made in the USA. If the world wants a person to come solve a problem, they want the USA. However, 24/7 the journalist of the planet try to discredit the honest.

When a person tries to make an honest statement, an honest attempt, an honest person look like a liar, there is a problem.


I live outside the USA, what I miss is honesty, I want to buy and talk with people and not spend my whole time checking and thinking about whether they are telling me the truth.

I want to buy some gym shoes, mine are shot, I keep looking at shoes, I even went as far as to look for original Reeboks in Thailand. I did not buy, because I do not trust the stores. I will have to return to the USA to buy shoes. Then sadly the Reeboks are made in Indonesia, yet I cannot buy them in Indonesia.

I do trust the USA, of course not always, but generally I trust the USA.

I am trying to manufacture backpacks in Nepal, I am trying to create a product that I trust. I want to say to myself, there is no way to buy a better bag.

I want the best design.
I then want the best materials possible on the planet to make the backpack with.

First I make the bag with the best possible materials in Nepal. I have to find all the suppliers in Katmandu, Nepal. Then I will trust that I am making the best quality bag in Nepal.

I find this is always the problem with the world. The world thinks...
They tell me, what is wrong with recommending something to make money.

I have a simple test to perform with people.
- A person tells me something. -
I say to myself,
- Do I trust this person? -

The answer is a simple yes or no.

Do I trust President Bush and Tony Blair?

Do I agree with everything they do?

Do I trust the people outside the USA?
The answer is somewhere close to never.

Do I trust Bill Gates and Microsoft?
Yes, if I buy a program from Microsoft, I believe it will work.

Interesting problems on the planet, in reality the world is getting safer, and more honest in a way, yet if I want to find someone to trust, I need to look at the big companies. I find that an individual honesty is normally for sale. I see and hear people say things to make money, this means their voice is for sale.

Nobody Trust You Anymore

The End of WIFI

The End of WIFI

Wireless connections in hotels, I am predicting will soon be replaced by the truly wireless GPRS or EDGE or some NAME... etc.

I am in Katmandu, Nepal.

When the HDI rated 136th county on the planet, out of a list of 177 can provide me with more or less countrywide access for less than 30 US Dollars per month. I cannot imagine why I would live in a hotel with WIFI, when I can live ANYWHERE I want. The world is implementing this at rocket speeds.

Freedom is the goal, however, freedom with the least amount of compromises. A person can go to the Mero Mobile here in Katmandu, and have their computer set up for true wireless connection and travel the country.

NTC has mobile, but they want me to buy a 200 PCMIA card to use, - NOT -

There is a belief that technology in poorer countries bad, but with cell phone towers, or cells, the poorer countries are better than many modern countries. In a country like Nepal, they do not have to compete with landlines, therefore the poor countries often are installing more cells than modern countries.

Yes, the speed is slower, yet who cares, I can travel...!

The End of WIFI

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