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Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Monday January 22, 2007

I am working on my Top Travel Sites of 2006 in English, a year in Review. By do this, I learn about travel and I learn about people, a good reason to travel… hehehe and to write.

Ok, I am trying to expand my understand of why I like a Internet site, so by explaining to myself by way of writing in my journal, I learn about myself and the site, what was abstract and unclear, starts to become clear.

On CNN, there is some show about Web 2.2 or CNN trying to couple an interview with something about a photo-sharing site with the second generation of the Internet.

I do agree we have entered a second generation of the Internet; the Internet is about the age of a 3 year old. However, the reason and almost nothing to do with, and really is because of - Contextual Advertising -, which has not created a feasible way for the Internet to make money.

OK, I was thinking, the photos on the site, the photos in my newsletter are probably the biggest reason person read my newsletter. I am not going to delude myself and believe everyone love my writing, the photos help.

Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I went to and search for PHOTOS OF NEPAL.

NOTE: is not even in the list of mine for candidates for Top Travel Sites, I am just making sure I am not being unaware of something. It is a popular site, I do not see it as much value to a traveler. When they go home, maybe of value.

I searched for - Photos of Nepal in
Results 31 - 40 of about 1,780,000 for photos of nepal. (0.06 seconds)

Number 33 I found this link from
( comes up first and not a persons photos.)

Hmm, on CNN they said that purchased, maybe I should go to and search.

your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I am not sure what is doing, however, my problem is their SEO - Search Engine Optimization. This site can easily be removed as a leader. They are either promoting themselves at the expense of their users, or just stupid.

The do not seem to be learning why is successful. The big thing is tries to first help their users first and take second, while I think take first and helps second.

Tagish Lake

Tagish Lake
Kathmandu, Nepal
Monday January 22, 2007

I met a man here in Kathmandu, Nepal that owns a Hostel in the Yukon, Canada, or somewhere up close to Juneau, Alaska. I do not know where Tagish Lake is, or why a person goes to Tagish Lake, but I purchase people, I do not purchase locations. I would rather go visit good people any day rather than something - Tagish Lake -.

There are maybe moose there, I am thinking of trying to go there some day. I can go live in the hostel for around 25 dollars... hmm Canadian or US?

OK, nonetheless, the man I met, Chris seems a very well balanced, and competent person. Easy to want to go and visit him and his Hostel. The transportation to the Hostel will be the cost, not the Hotel. I am not sure, he may have private rooms, I hope so. A Hostel often says Dorm, the worst reason to live in Hostel, he is fully aware of the idea of having a common room or area for travelers to talk. He does understand travel and a place for travelers.

Ok his webpage is:

It is MOOSE, I want to see a Moose.

Kayaks also and a course on something, I am sure he can educate me on backpacks as I have been asking him many questions and getting his opinion on my pack, and why he carries his pack and what.

Tagish Lake

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Sunday January 21, 2007

I made a GPRS travel jump from Thailand to Katmandu, it was not planned, however, I was able to access the Internet with my cell phone in Thailand, now I can in Nepal.

I will not pay more than about one dollar USA per day for Internet access, as I am cheap, I be Hobo. The GPRS in these two countries gives me unlimited access for about one dollar per day.

This is with the idea that I stay about one month in each country.

I want to go to Africa now, I am trying to find GPRS connections in the various countries of Africa. An annoying process as nobody states the price.

There are many reasons for me to have an Internet connection by GPRS on an unlimited basis in my room. The biggest goal is to be able to blog daily.

I am fighting with small rules of travelers. There is this unwritten rule of the traveler culture.

I need to travel by land, I want to travel by land. I do not need to travel by land, yet I feel like I am letting down the traveler culture if I fly from one country to the next. The cost of planes has often, with a good plan made flying cheaper than the bus, and for sure trains in Europe.

Africa is not the same as Europe, or Southeast Asia and the flights are more expensive, however to achieve my goal of blogging daily. I either need to buy a satellite connection or fly from GPRS enabled country to GPRS country. JUMP

Flying is cheaper than buying a satellite connection, so jumping from GPRS to GPRS country would be cheaper. Yet, still remains the - Go by Land - rule of being a traveler. I suppose I can skip....

I think in terms of Jump, Hops and Skips.
Jumps are big
Hops are small
Skips are longer, yet fast

I can do two day by land trips across countries, sort of skip across them, but not avoiding the country. Then another traveler rule comes into affect...

How long do you have to be in a country to count it as country you visited?

I personally like to say I need 10 days to say I visited, if you want me to start to have an opinion I need a minimum of one month. The size of the country also is important. To have an opinion of any value for India you need to probably have at least three months, but really to even learn a little about India you need a year.

Brazil must be about one year.

IF you really counted the time, you would see I have spent about one month in any country I have visited. Therefore to go to three countries, I need three months of planned time in country. Many visas make the decision for me, I would think about 30 days is an average time allotted by visas to enter a country.

Nigeria is causing a big Africa Visa problem, as they want me to apply for a Visa in the USA only, it is possible that I dollar-my-way-through. Hope if I pay or stay the course longer in Benin, I can talk the Nigerian embassy into giving me a visa to travel in or across Nigeria. I cannot just go to Niger and into Chad to avoid. I can fly around Nigeria.

Africa does not have good backpacker paths established. They just do not make it easy to go overland without tons of research. I am American, the rules change for each country, a German, a Brit, and get even more complicated. If you was Israeli, then life has little land mines.

GPRS for me should cost less than 2 dollars per day.
SATELLITE needs to cost less than 30 dollars per day.

Paying 30 dollars per day to blog, that is paying a lot to blog. On the other hand, Africa is not the same as South America or Southeast Asia where every Tom, Dick and Harry goes and blogs. It does get closer to being an adventure. Plus someone has to forge a path.

I call it an adventure when I could get killed. I do not see Africa as a big adventure, but a lot closer than South America, Southeast Asia is tourist grade all the way, hard to find an adventure.

Rambling and rambling, the cathartic value of blogging, trying to find clarity where none exist.

Travel by Jumping from GPRS to GPRS

Nepal Electrical Outlets

Nepal Electrical Outlets
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 20, 2007

The electrical plug on the end of my computer cord is not the problem when travelling the problems is the Hotel outlets, Hotel sockets, or the Hotel receptacles are bad.

In 95 percent of the cases, I can buy the converter needed to make my American slotted plug to work in the hotel, I can find many stores that will sell this converter for 50 cents US. However, I cannot go around changing outlets in Hotels.

The female receptacles of the plug outlets in Nepal may be the worst on the planet. I have not stayed in five hotels in Katmandu, and stayed enough times and long enough to believe they are exceptionally bad.

The problem:
There is a loose fit, and the connection between the plug and the receptacles is almost always bad. There is an arcing or jumping of electricity between the prongs and the inside the plug.

Loose fit

Arcing or jumping of electricity is maybe my biggest fear for my computer. It is in my mind a type of power surge. To guarantee I always have a good connection is difficult.

I took a few photos, however I realize I need to take a part an electrical receptacles and show to really explain this, I will do later or soon. I am thinking I may just go buy the Nepal version of their receptacles and see why it seems always loose.

It is not good to have to move the plug around trying to get it to connect, I have a solution for this, by just inserting copper wires directly into the receptacles, yet this is not a solution for the electrical naive.

WHY Why Why is my Hotel plug so bad.

Think about it, 365 days a year, someone goes into a room and plugs in a cell phone, a radio, a TV, a computer, after this much usage the expanding receptacles of the plug become permanently expanded.

Nepal Electrical Outlets

Load Shading in Nepal

Load Shading in Nepal
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Friday, January 19, 2007

The Electricity is shut off at pre-arranged times.

I like words, the Nepali people around me have been using the term - Load Shading. -

I sometimes feel stupid, yet I resort to thinking, I am too old, too experienced, too much water has gone over the bridge to think this, I do not understand the term.

What they mean is this, the shut the electricity completely for areas of the city at pre-arranged times. This means where I am living on Mondays and Wednesday between 5:00 and 7::30 PM there is no electricity and also on Friday morning, I think between 6:00 and 8:00 AM.

I am thinking about this, because it is Friday morning and there is no electricity in my room, I can work on my computer because it has a battery good for about 1-2 hours…. hehehe, the lights need to come on.

Biggest problem is I cannot make coffee with my one-cup coffer cooker.

So where did the word - Shading - come from, I can understand load, or the load on the electrical system. Yet, there is not in the shade or middle ground here in my room, it is an outage.

I looked up in my Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer, there is not load-shading, however, there is load shedding.

Load Shedding:
- temporary reduction in electricity supply: a temporary reduction in a supply of electricity as a method of reducing the demand. - (2)

Maybe my hotel is just spelling wrong, I looked up on the Internet and there are pages of Nepal and Load Shading, so not the only place.

I will go do the Wiki thing. I did not find Load Shading, yet I did discover the Load Shedding, however, even that goes on to be redirected to - Rolling blackout - on Load Shedding

My battery is getting weak, I need to conclude my thread of curious word following research.

There is probably a I will check.
Yep, there is:

There are hazards of following words of research, it is extremely easy for a the curious to get sidetracked. The page explaining about Dictionaries in the Wikipedia is fascinating.

No Load Shade, yet again there is load shedding.

Aaagh, low battery warning, 7:48, time to turn it on…

I think this is a what I call - India English - thing, the India people like many countries have their own version of English. I am finding this term mostly on India English pages. "Load Shading" Search

Load Shading in Nepal

Measuring the Hotel Noise

Measuring the Hotel Noise
Katmandu Nepal, Asia
Wednesday January 17, 2007

I am curious, why do some of these places seem so noisy, is it me, or is the world as noisy as I think?

Curiously has lead to a purchase, I am buying a Digital Sound Meter from, in the USA. I will pick up when I stop in to visit around the 17 of February.

Sound Meter, about 60 US for me to know, how loud it is where I live... today.

The I will be able to compare, how loud is my home town compared to places like Katmandu, Nepal. When I was in Iquito, Peru, what you would hope is a lazy quiet city on the Amazon River, I was amazed at the motorcycle noise. I remember noise, when I think of Iquitos.

Now, I can go from place to place and log in the noise level, I think people often are so excited to be on vacation the ignore the noise.

Measuring the Hotel Noise

Top Travel Site Research

Top Travel Site Research
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Wednesday January 17, 2007

I am trying to decide, which site going to be chosen and placed in my travel newsletter and made my Top Travel Sites of 2006, a year in review.

I have went through my collection of links on pages, bookmarks, the sites I can type into the browsers direct because I remember the link URL. Sites I search for in than go to an look at, what I have on my computer, somehow they are in my world.
CIA World Political Map

Hobo World News List of Low Cost Carriers

Boston Time English
Foreign Entry Requirements World Heritages Sites Travel PORTAL Travel Vortal PORTAL - Rename Photos
DCE AutoEnhance - Shrink photos from Big to Small

My evolving and changing criteria on how I choose.

1. One Hour per day on Internet is all I can use...
2. Found in search engines
3. Came into my world of view
4. Does not require bookmark, favorites.
5. Do not need a PERSONAL computer to use
6. Free
7. Is not USA centric
8. Needed not fun
9. Trust, I do not feel the sites are looking out for my best interest.
10. I remember the URL
11. I bookmark it
12. One click max
13. Traveler versus Tourist

I have prejudices to avoid, I am not on the Internet 24/7, I am not choosing site which requires exceptionally good connections or a personal computer, like Google Earth.

IF you have a web page, one you would write down next to your mothers telephone number, one that you would not leave home without, one that is saved in your bookmarks, your resource, one you would download and put on a flash drive. Please post below in the comments.

This is a cry for help, ideas, an option to enter my world.

Thanks Andy.

Top Travel Site Research

Fear of Being Judged When Blogging

Fear of Being Judged When Blogging
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I would say most bloggers are complainers, I know I complain a lot, and it is easier to do than to think of solutions. I can say why something is wrong, bad, or inaccurate a lot easier than I can create or invent solutions.

I am here in Katmandu, Nepal trying to invent a backpack. I really am not inventing anything; I am putting together many ideas in maybe an original way. However, the goal is to create a bag with the most solutions.

However, and I am 100 percent sure people will complain about the bag when finished.

However, this is not a reason, to NOT put an idea on the table.

I am publishing ideas, many times I am hoping someone, the 24/7 on the internet types, those who live on the internet will correct me, and maybe I can learn the information that I need. I am presently doing this all the time with questions about Africa. It worked in one post about Visa as a man name Rune helped by recommending a page with great information on Embassies.

I do believe the best value of the internet is I can publish and idea, than other people can add clarifications and answers.

However, I see many bloggers and travelers afraid to say what they are really thinking, they only say the ideas that most people would agree with, and this does not help anyone. It is just common knowledge and does not expand knowledge.

I am writing my journal online, it is I would assume confused. I do not think clearly, I think abstractly and confused, by writing my mind become clearer on ideas, and often I see the problems. Yes, when I post a blog, many persons complain and if I wished to be famous, I would say them in an extremely harsh and controversial way and everyone would post comments. Often the best post is probably the one where everyone is agreeing this is the clear ideas.

Nevertheless, I want to find answers, I travel to find answer to questions in my mind and soul. I do not know my questions; however, I do find the answers.

I am always sad to think a person is afraid to ask a question for fear of feeling stupid, on the other hand I have been afraid all my life to say anything, for fear of being called a know it all. I say things in a way that annoys people, I know this.

However, the goal of life is to work together, to ask a question and hopefully someone helps or guides to an answer that works.

Posting a blog to me is by nature opening up to the world for someone to say something that will expand and clarify.

It all is about, are you part of the problem or part of the solution.

Fear of Being Judged When Blogging

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