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Cooking with One Cup Cooker

Cooking with One Cup Cooker
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Monday, January 29, 2007

I have discovered an extremely easy way to cook many canned foods.

I have tried canned corn, normal not the cream style. I have done peas, however I have not been brave enough to do the Boston Baked Beans or Kidney Beans.

I will try rice.

I am afraid it will burn the cream onto the cooker and I will never get it clean again. These babies cost one dollar in most of the world, not a big price to play.

The cup I purchased, I think in Thailand, however normal type stock in the cheaper countries. Do not do this with any type of metals unless you want fireworks.

Cooking with One Cup Cooker

One Dollar for One Quarter

One Dollar for One Quarter
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The master cutter in the Backpack Factory has been bugging me for days, asking me if I had an USA Quarters. A couple of days ago he digs into his pocket type wallet and pulls out a 1986 US Quarter of a Dollar.

He or they tell me they will give me 100 Rupees if I have any, this is about 1.25 US dollars. He says he can sell them and make them into rings. I said,
- How many you want? -

Nothing is clear, yet it seems there is market for US Quarters here.... hehehe

One Dollar for One Quarter

Cell Phone Battery Problem with GPRS

Cell Phone Battery Problem with GPRS
Kathmandu Nepal
Saturday, January 27, 2007

The drain on the battery is more than the charge.

I have a Motorola V555 quad band cell phone. I plug it into the charger and connect to the internet with Mero Mobile prepaid service here in Katmandu, Nepal. I have noticed over time, and am quite sure when connected it is slowly using more electricity from the phone then what is being charged into the phone. This means that the battery is slowly being drained, and eventually it disconnects from the internet and I must wait for the battery to recharge.

A second battery is needed, yet the problem is I can only charge the battery while in the phone. I personally do not like to remove the battery or the SIM card as the cover seems like it is not going to stay one good.

Cell Phone Battery Problem with GPRS

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Sunday January 28, 2007

Things happen for a reason, I am not sure why I believe this, yet I do.

I tried to book a flight from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India, for some reason there was no flights on Saturday, and I was on a waiting list for Sunday. I have an open ticket with Royal Air Nepal, I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand, therefore, I just need to find a seat, and reserve it.

Hard to understand all the problems here, in the end, I think the culture has trouble embracing the idea that you can be honest, make a good product, and it can sell. They believe making dishonest copies of North Face, Lowe Alpine, Mamut or any brand that trips the trigger of the backpackers is a better way of making a living. I believe 99 percent of the products sold in Katmandu are copies.

While my frustration levels was peaking on many levels, my friend Chris back in Idaho, USA was staying the course. He sent me a couple of emails about Solar Cookers, and reminded me of my own photos.

He found a place to buy a solar cooker online. I was delayed enough by my flights, that I reconsidered and am staying long enough to find the solar cooker, if possible.

This photo was taken in the city of Gyantse in Tibet China, behind the Friendship Hotel as best I can tell from my own web site. Jeff and me stayed in the Cheap Rooms, while the five Star folks got abused living in the closed Friendship Hotel. We had plenty of blankets and they did not.

My personal belief about solar energy is most people promoting it are fools. For the world to utilize solar energy first of all it has to work or function, then it has to be affordable by the masses, not just the enthusiast, who love gadgets like me.

Many Hotels in Katmandu have solar heated water systems and on about a 100 percent kill rate, they do not work adequate. The fail to be adequate 100 percent of the time.

I was listening to a good understanding of one Hotel about a person taking a shower in the afternoon to utilize the Solar Heated Water. I said, that Hotel has a large Electric water heater also, you can take a shower about anytime, and your problem is you need to wait for 15 gallons of water to be pumped from the first floor to the fifth floor before it will become hot. Therefore, more or less you need to let the water run for about 5 to 10 minutes to get a shower.

Therefore you have hot water, however, then cause another problem by wasting water.

I have now changed hotels three times; the one he was in has the best system to get a hot shower, and all three of them you need to wait 10 minutes and waste 15 gallons of water to get a shower. Katmandu has a shortage of water in addition to a shortage of electricity; they have few things up to adequate.

There are very few things done correctly here, however this is normal in 80 percent of the planet and in my opinion why they do not have any money. Hard to make money selling junk products and junk services, the buyers beat them to death to get a cheap price, because in the end they buy price, not quality.

I believe the real truth about Solar Hot Water in Katmandu, is not about giving us Hot Water, it is marketing. They want to say, yes, we have Hot Water; they do not want to give us Hot Water.

This is an on demand type of Hot Water Heater; they are available in most countries of South and Central America. If you took and combined the Solar Heated water of Nepal and this on demand Electric Hot Water heater of South America, you would have a system that would work closer to adequate.

This is an on demand gas water heater in Bogotá, Colombia, works very good in a way, if you have a common shower and not a private shower. I suppose true energy conservation is by having one common shower in the hotel and not having private showers. Then have only dip showers as they utilize about half the water. There is also a model like this, yet is electric and very common in Southeast Asia.

This is my filling up my 4-gallon bucket I carry in my bag with hot water to take a dip shower. If the Hotel has hot water, I put about one gallon of water in the bucket, then take a shower. If for normal, reasons and they do often, run out of water while I am lathered up, I finish my shower with the water in the bucket or finish by dip. I also can take sub-adequate solar heated water and finish heating with a one-cup coffee cooker purchased in Bolivia.

The art of travel is not just toughing it, the art of travel it to use the God given brain you have to adapt.

If the NGO of the planet, would combine all these in one location, and had a clue, they could triple the number of tourist in Nepal, and adaptthese sub-adequate services into adequate services.

While being very frustrated with Nepal, Chris has reminded me to track down cheap hot water cookers in Katmandu, I am on the trail, and maybe they have a less than 20 dollars cooker, which I could sell at cost and ship to the rest of the planet.

This is not rocket science, it is common sense. In truth, everyone is always reinventing the wheel, the technologies exist to live great, people just do not know about these things and utilize in one place. All the answers are scattered all over the planet.

Solar Cooker Kathmandu Katmandu

Third World Business Blues

Third World Business Blues
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Thursday, January 25, 2007

I have until, February 12; I must leave Katmandu by February 12, 2007 and get to Delhi, India so I can fly round trip to the USA in the early morning of February 14, 2007.

I have 21 days to sit and have the Third World Business Blues.

I came at this dreadfully cold time of the year to Nepal for a reason, to come in low season to work on two projects. One was to make 50-100 backpacks to sell on my site. The second was to discuss with a Hotel to manage and fill her up, make into the first true Hotel or Hostel.

I just do not know, the term Third World to me is kind of insult, however, I am frustrated.

I just do not know how a person or company can expect to start work at 11:00 in the morning or worst yet 1:00 in the afternoon and earn money.

I am giving up on making backpack in Nepal, as they say, some step on their (…), while others jump up and down on it.

I have the design for the backpack, I have the model, I have the money, and I cannot buy, or will not because I do not trust they show up and do what they say.

They are extremely angry with me, as I keep demanding a perfect bag, and for sure the bags made or copies of North Face, Lowe Alpine and every other knockoff they make is sub-quality work.

There is the answer, I am trying to work with a factory that spends their whole day cheating North Face, or making copies of them. It is like dating a married woman and expecting her to be faithful.

I have 21 days and nothing to do, maybe time to heal to Delhi; I could go to Goa to the beach for a couple of weeks.

I am up to my ears now in culture clash. Katmandu is a paradise in ways, not Katmandu, however during the summer; you are on top of the world. In the winter, you are on top of an ice cube. I put a thermometer in my toilet, I am going to see how cold it really is, and I do not think I want to know.

Note... I like tropical weather, anything is cold to me.

Hostel, Hotel, I am not sure, does not look good, it is about as likely as enforcing a legal contract in Nepal.

Third World Business Blues
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia - Working for sure wherever...
January 25, 2007

I received this letter from someone, I think and hope a real letter.

THE PERSON WROTE - Note: (...) Three dashes means I edited the text

Hi Andy,

I wanted to send this note to you for consideration on your blog. It's not hard news per se, but I thought it might appeal to your readers as it relates to travel and mobility. Microsoft was looking for something fun and different to promote and publicize Windows Mobile for business users. What we came up with was : it's a tongue-in-cheek look at how Windows Mobile makes it possible to work wherever, no matter what.

And while the web site is our main area of focus, here are some video clips about the site that have been circulating throughout the Net:

Please let me know your thoughts on this. If you have any questions or if it's of interest to you, I can send additional links.

Thanks and Best,
Kathryn (...)

REMOVED OR EDITED... I removed the address of who wrote me.
I am not sure who is writing me, maybe Microsoft, maybe someone else. I get tons of spoofers, when working wherever, it become more complicated to discover the person I am dealing with. Since this is the URL they are promoting, I would assume that is the representation of who wrote.


I am lying here in my bed in a Kathmandu, Nepal Hotel, my legs are propped up to hold my laptop computer. I have a GPRS connection which allows me to have a connection in my room, and work on my computer, or maybe here I am playing.

Shakira says, whenever, wherever

I am tempted to make a lot of jokes and as the Brits say, take the P...

I am working wherever, and want to This is a grand goal, and for sure I do work wherever, and am striving to work anywhere on the planet.

I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger with my techie in India yesterday, we received an invitation to - AdSense video distribution and sponsorship pilot - (Note, I cannot use quote more WHEREVER because the Asian computers change them.)

Ok... as I work wherever. We was chatting, require lower resources on Yahoo than on Gmail, and Skype is problem, no way to talk on GPRS connection.

Both me and Andrew from India are every moment of every day aware of the wall. There is this invisible wall we hit, it the wall of bandwidth. I do not have good enough speed to look at the videos sent, and the other wanted wanted me to subscribe. I did so, but it did not send me an acceptance.
( I sort of seen them.... )

Now, with GPRS, I am willing to play, and look around at these interesting videos, or better said, try to look. I am not able to download correctly, so I have seen half of most of them.

The goal is worthy, I do wish for them to continue.
Maybe someone with a good connection, who is not wherever can look at the videos and suss out what this is about.

Ok, we received this invitation to participate in a video project from

I carried a Camera in South America, then purchased a second to travel to Iraq. Both times the idea of filming a location and publishing to the Internet crashed and burned. Then we took a film of the Tsunami of Koh Phi Phi and put on the net. 25 Megs or more of publishing is difficult to publish in an Internet cafe. CRASH

Andrew, my techie said or commented about the Videos being not being related to the site, or at first reading seems more towards the MTV world and entertainment, and less towards the National Geographic world and culture of

I could say,
- Walk the walk, and talk the talk. -

Meaning, ok guys, this does not work wherever, I am there, and it would not work.

But, to borrow some terms.
- Fake it until you make it. -

I will listen and continue to listen, and encourage them to tell me I can work wherever. It is a worthy goal, and for many person in the USA, or Europe, this is true.

I chatted to Andrew and said, we need to study, learn, understand, keep researching because one day on, I will be blogging films from every location. I am going to Africa and there are not many bloggers there, a great place to show the world the real truth, not the media invented truths.

I think... hmm with a real wherever connection by Satellite.

The cost to view one of them videos sent to me would be about 70 US dollars, or to publish a video from the jungle of Africa. CNN does pay a lot of money to be live.

I have now calculated, maybe I can lose money and blog from Africa for about 30-6o US dollars per day.

We need to learn, Hobo needs to learn. This is the future. The computer, cell phone, TV, stereo will merge into one appliance of device. --- hehehe Whenever...

I do not know, maybe Bill Gates should go to Africa and install Edge or some high speed cell phone connections. I will then buy the products.

I really want a computer laptop size phone, that can be seen in direct sunlight. I cannot be bothered to do work on a keyboard so small I cannot see unless I am 20 years old with perfect eyes.

My ending thought, keep is up, go for it, go to the edge, I hope somebody buys, so you can bring this to the world. As for me, send me a toy for free, I will play. Nigeria has GPRS and it may work there. Ghana and Tigo seem to be coming online, maybe it will work.

I am debating, Satellite or GPRS, many person got very frustrated with me when I blogged from Africa for three months. I was trying to blog wherever, first try, crash and burn. I am trying to go to Africa again in one month. This time, I hope I will blog daily.

Hmmm. pay for the bandwidth, and I will publish videos.

This is the future, and I am curious whenever wherever, and the invitation to Shakira to come and travel with me is still open. (Bring bathing suit.)

Thanks for the letter, I do appreciate them.
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
January 24, 2007 is one of my choices for the Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 in English, a year in Review. I have not chosen where in the list, yet I am sure it is in the Top Ten.

It was Number ONE for the Top 10 Travel Sites of 2005, and it has not lost much ground or status if any in the last year.

I wrote this about the site in my smaller explanation last year:

Facts and data, information is has entered the game, it is a reader edited and created Encyclopedia of information in many language and for everyone to use for free. I personally first use the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia installed on my computer first, then will by design go to the Wiki Encyclopedia online, however it is normal for me to see them in a top search results in This is good, I do not have to hunt for them, they are trying to find me. The hit a home run when I discovered a well compiled and complete list of LCC - Low Cost Carriers - These are the cheapest of the cheap airlines, and NOT listed or sold normally by travel agents, you will not find these airlines in Orbitz, Travelocity or However you will find them in the WIKI -

So, what do I think a year later?

I am doing this as one of them MORE things, to create a link whereby a person could read more. Therefore when I publish the year in review for 2006, they will go to this link.

A friend was giving me the test of my thoughts, she said, what is your criteria, why, what are the rules, what or how do you make the choices. She did not like my answer,
- It is my opinion. -

She gave me, told me a different opinion, on my opinion. But, she was saying you are a travel writer, I start to push and shove, saying I am not, but I started to think about her intention. She was saying, you are writing to tell somebody your choices, so by technical default, I am writing about travel and I cannot evade.

Ok, why do I like, well first, I do not have to go looking for them. They have designed one of the perfect SEO sites, the search engines like and love them. IF and when I forget to go, then Wiki come to me, it is a search result in

I have surfed around on some other sites, trying to find or discover what the experts have to say, I have not really found, however, I have found Maybe some type of nebulous relative.

Who has time to figure out, not me, I have a room in an Internet cafe, it just does not work. is on the destination label of travel, or sides up and annies up when you are trying to choose a destination. If I am planning a trip to Africa, I can get great insight into how and where to visit by going to

Travel is not a Hotel, travel is about visiting countries, locations and destinations. I sometimes think people should just go down to the local 5 Star Hotel and take a week vacation, and forget to spend the cash to travel. If you don't leave the resort or hotel, then probably the best resorts are in the USA, no culture clash.

However, if you are going to leave the resort, then better get on and learn a little or a lot about where you are going.

Encyclopedia.... it is an online Encyclopedia. It is a tool to learn, and an extremely valuable one, probably the worlds most comprehensive and well managed and categorized place to learn.

Only the Internet has more...

What is wrong with the

The do not send me a set of DVD 0r CD Rom so I can use in the Jungle. I so far need an Internet cafe to use. This is a want, not a need.

Note, if you call yourself the intellectual type, then if you want to be a player, you should be aware of

Thank you to all the contributors of

I need to create some sub-categories and expand this list, because some of the readers do only care about Hotels and Airplanes.

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Wednesday January 24, 2007

Sometimes I drive myself crazy,
My friend Gary says,
- that is a putt not a drive. -

I believe when I recommend or talk about a Hotel, Hostel, a Travel Agent, anyone, I have a moral responsibly to be careful, try my best to steer people in the correct path. Basically, I want to recommend only things I would do, use or believe are good values and ideas.

I have said things, I wish I could take back...

The world changes, people change, and for sure... HOTELS change. I have returned to visit my favorite Hotel and discovered. The Hotel I was living in before, is gone. Normally the problem is management, I was thinking about this other day. It would be easier to only recommend people, to only find people, or only maybe I should recommend only people. The manager, owner, cleaning ladies, there are people that work in a Hotel that makes a Hotel fun. There are people I meet in the Hotel that makes it fun.

The people that live in the Hotel will always change... but people normally do not change. If I say to talk with Joe a friend, he is probably, normally, going to continue to be Joe. If the same owner or manager is there, then probably the Hotel is the same.

I just spent three hours configuring and designing a way to recommend Hotels, people, about anything without getting myself is deep doo doo. I have a way to take it back.... I can say it, and then mass remove if with a flick of a computer mouse.

I sit, blog away, talk and later realize, I am way off track, how do I go back to random comments posted in mess of blog posts. As of January 2007 (Over 2700 Blog Post Today.)

How do I go back and find every comment, it is possible, however, this takes some clear and sustain thought and good planning.

I am planning on working with this Hotel below.... hehehe... I have been living in a what I would say should or could be a 25 US Dollars room in Nepal. In the USA the skies the limit as location does determine price. Nonetheless, I am in one of my best rooms in about 10 years of travel. I am paying 8 Dollars US or about 500 Rupees in Nepal. TV, Cable, HBO, too much CNN, large bed, two nightstands, two comfy chairs, private shower and Hot Water. Balcony, etc, and so on and so forth, the idea is here. It is hard to believe I can live in a room for this price.

The benefit of traveling in the developing countries... hehehe

There is this balcony or deck up on the top of this building, on the top of the world. I can look out and see the Monkey Temple, mountains and really get the idea why people come to Katmandu.

I am pounding away working on a backpack, sometimes I need to sit and remember, I am in a paradise on top of the world.

I do not have a problem telling the blunt truth in life, now if a Hotel I recommended would always stay the same, I never would have moral problems, yet the do. I think I have figured out a way. This is good Hotel, a great value, have a good day, life is good.

Bob Seger.. I am going to Katmandu!,
That is all I ever really wanted to do.

Note, the base camp of Mount Everest will start to happen soon, in the spring and in the fall they climb the mountain. Someday, somehow, I am going to the Everest Base Camp, I want to talk with the boys and girls that climb this mountain, not the normal person.

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal

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