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Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

Airfare Booking Site
(Note, I have never purchased a ticket on this site, but I use all the time.)

I am again trying to get a complete thought, I have just stumbled time after time on the idea of what is the Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English language, and now I have added for Travelers, not Tourist

I am working on criteria, but I will get this done this week.

Ok, is a German site, however also in English, you can buy a ticket and Airplane ticket in English. However, you need to click on the small English link.

One of my criteria is easy to remember, and is easy, the de on the end stands for Deutschland the real name of Germany, in the German Language, I have no idea how or why they change names.

I want a guide, I want to know more or less, what a good price to pay for a plane ticket is, and then I can either buy from an agent, or hopefully go directly to the site recommended.

It is amazing the extreme difference between and the normal run of the mill USA search for plane tickets sites. One very large difference is you have two choices, you can search for available tickets or seats available, or you can search for just what prices are available.

Therefore, you need to learn both ways, what is available, and which flights have seats. I then do a search on the air carrier and try to buy direct online.

This is real; I want to buy a one-way air ticket from Delhi, India to Accra, Ghana on February 27, 2007. Note, a one-way ticket for half the price of a normal ticket is normally available anywhere in the world and the travel agents lie.

I did all these searches on the same day, and from Nepal, sometimes airlines block ticket purchases from some countries…!

I want to know two things, what are possible good prices and then second if a ticket is available. A ticket possible, and I can get on a waiting list, however the normal site does not tell you this, they only tell the high priced available, not what price is possible. Nothing Nothing Nothing HAS, very good, however for 1338 US dollars, nice they gave in dollars. A good site, maybe ok in the USA. - I gave the link because maybe a contender in ways., about 500 Euros or 750 US dollars.

Ok, now the available seats are with Ethiopia Airlines, I could book, however I do not. I go to Ethiopia direct and see what is up.

I find in the end, I can fly with Ethiopia Airlines from Mumbai to Accra for about 450 US Dollars. Ethiopia Airlines.

I find I can use a Low Cost Carrier from Delhi to Mumbai for about 59 dollars.

I find I could have flown with an Agent Ticket from Chicago to Accra for 750 US dollars.
(If you know the good price, then an Agent purchased ticket is better, they will warn you hopefully about Visas, need of onward tickets, military coups and other fun things, we HOPE.)

I am getting a ticket for around 550 US, could have purchased on for about 750 US, but need to check many times, as seats come available.

However, I like Mcflight, it give me a fair and target price to pay. I can then go to a travel agent, or online and keep trying. It is a great site; however, E Tickets are not always possible.

It does not search the Low Cost Carriers.

I use it all the time, and is in my Top Ten Sites of 2006, what position I am not sure. I am sort of dwelling on what is necessary. Is knowing about the location with more important, than buying a plane ticket?

To choose this site, I had to overcome my prejudices, thinking it is in German first, and not mainstream, and second how I use is complicated. I am saying to myself too difficult and the normal public is not smart enough. However, when it comes to the bottom line, I use this site, and forget what I think, the - What I use - test is more important than what I think or feel, or prejudge.

I try to post all my idea on this page:
Around The World Airfares

Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage
Pokhara Nepal Asia
February 5, 2007

Hindu people as I understand sometimes have arranged marriages, not always, but sometimes. They say or are separating the types here, one is a love marriage and other is arranged.

A group of three Nepali women was having a big chat session in the hotel yesterday; I was joking and asking the man owner if they were all his wife. I sat around and joked for a while, they did the interview, are you married, what do you do for work, etc. The one proceeded to pointedly ask, do you want to get married to Nepali girl? Now, not polite to just say no, hard to answer so they understand, so I tried to say,
- Yes, if I loved here and wanted to marry her. -

This is the same answer for any country in a way, however the woman said, something that she has a sister with a 23-year-old daughter and she will return the next day with her at 5:00 PM to meet me.

I cannot believe it, she came at 4:30, early, and they can actually be on time for something here.

So tomorrow was or is now last night or yesterday.

They sat me down, interviewed me again, I unfortunately passed with flying colors. She now has asked me, both the younger girl and the older woman to think about it, do I want to marry the girl?

I met this girl with three other women, she speaks ok, rather bleak English, however she is nice, pretty, polite and so on and so forth, and likes to laugh.

Now today, I think I am supposed to give an answer yes or no. For me the answer is no, I am not going to marry anyone that was arranged for me, the arrangement for an introduction was ok, but I truly did not believe they was going to ask the same day.

It is interesting how the younger girl respects the advice of the older woman; the older woman has given me the USDA seal of approval, as has all the women hanging around in this household.

I learned that two of her cousins have married foreigners, this seems to be a trend, if you find a family where one has married a foreigner then the other girls are primed.

I have also noticed that women who color their hair from black to reddish are extra friendly.

I think I am involved in a one-side arranged marriage, I am glad my mother has not met this girl, or I would be in a pressure cooker, as the girl is nice.

I do not know why they are not keying in the two young men here, yes, I think they are irresponsible boys, but they maybe have the correct passports. I have a USA passport; this often is too good of passport for families. The woman said, she wanted an American or Canadian, or German.

Strange as it sounds this is probably a great opportunity for some man older than 30 who wishes to get married. Quick, easy, and more or less permanent as I understand Hindus women only get married one time, you would have to bring the girl back one time a year to enforce this idea. I do believe marriages work when both sides agree it should work.

They or she the girl I could marry is Brahmin Caste, I think the word should be Brahmin Ethnic group or Brahmin Tribe, the word caste is too strong. The language of the Brahmin Caste is different from the Sherpa Caste; to me this is more tribal. Tribes often many not intermarry and will be very judgmental, one being lower or higher.

I am USA upper caste in a way or could be thought of in a way of thinking.

I am wondering how I got myself into this situation, I think it was simple, I said hello to all the workers and people in the Hotel. All the other residents of the hotel more or less ignore the staff and persons working, only making request. I am thinking the world needs to take treks to meet people, and not mountains. However, to meet a mountain is safe and free from commitments. I have made a commitment to be these people friend. People in Hotels are people, I know they tend to act like animals, only wanting money, but they are people, and not authority figures.

I will think carefully and try to understand or explain why I cannot marry the woman. It is rather easy, I just tell the truth, my culture does not marry this quick, I would need to know her, and I leave in 4 days, honesty is 99 percent of the time the best answers.

If a group of men come up and ask you if a girl is pretty, I think maybe best to say yes, even if dog ugly.

Arranged Marriage

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

I went up on the roof of my hotel, trying to see the lake, the clouds have it covered, however I got a good look at their solar hot water system, that serves up cold water... hehehe

I am presently at one level above, there are two large water tanks where I am standing to take this photo. They pump the water up to the holding tanks, then gravity allows it to flow through this hot water solar device below.

On the left of a the tank is a heating element, and I guess in a very inefficient way it heat the water when there is no sun. (It is not plugged in, ergo the reason for no hot water.)

There appears to be no insulation on the tank, I think so the sun can warm the tank. This is made of galvanized steel, and would reflect most of the sun, however would get warm. I do not understand why they did not just use the big cheap and common black plastic tanks. There are electric hot water heaters you can hang in the water.

It goes through this and I think straight to the rooms, I will look, but I do think there is an insulated holding area.

Notheless, I heated up water with my one-cup cooker and took a shower, so I am good to go, I will nose around and see if the other guests take showers.

The man said this cost about 60,000 Rupees, or about 900 US dollars for this, I think there is about 200 dollars in materials max.

Nothing is complicated about this set up.

Pokjara Nepal Hot Water Solar

Pokjara Trekking

Pokjara Trekking
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

Everyone in Pokhara is a trekking, I have not seen many very fit and healthy types, and therefore I would assume there are many easy treks. I think more city types out on a romp in the woods.

I got up this morning, took off on a long hike, I trekked all around the smallish city of Pokjara. This is a delight compared to Katmandu, everything is organized and pleasant, on the other hand, all the guesthouse are empty, and therefore if they were full, it may be another point of view.

I do not know where they go trekking and I really cannot be bothered. I tried to trek to the older part of Pokjara, however seemed to avoid it somehow; I do believe there must be an older historical part. My presently location is 90 percent made for tourist, and not much of interest. I am staying in what they call the lakeside part of Pokjara.

I one day hope to find a full on professional mountain climbing area or shop, all I have seen are tourist shops.

I think something like eight of the ten highest mountains in the world are in Nepal, therefore must be some serious mountain climbers somewhere.

This is the view of the lake, there is a dam on the lake, so maybe a manmade, I do not know the name. Most of the hotels are not on the lake, there is road between the lake and the hotels and I am not sure you can get a good view. I am going to try to find a hotel on the lake with a good view, I am sure there is, however not obvious.

Pokjara Trekking

Sheep on Nepal Bus

Sheep on Nepal Bus
Pokhara Nepal Asia
January 4, 2007

I am thinking, I have seen many things on top of buses, humans are normal, I am not sure about sheep. Coming from Kathmandu, to Pokhara, a long 8 hour trip to go 85 miles.

The men at the bus stop in Kahtmandu, tried to extort a baggage fee out of me for heavy bags. Always another scam to deal with, this is a baggge scam. The bag they put up was very light, Normal type of behavior in Kat, but what can you do. I ask him if he was a girl.

I wonder if they had to pay extra to get the sheep on top, the Nepali people in Kathmandu are over the top on trying to grab money, any chance they get, they try to take. Nice to be in Pokjara, less people trying to sell smoke, hash, or any other annoyance.

Sheep on Nepal Bus

Skype Not on Machines

Skype Not on Machines
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

I am trying to chat, not telephone with my friend in Brazil. I am on an Internet connection in Nepal that goes through my cell phone. It is not strong enough to call, but I can chat. Skype is not on the machines or downloaded onto machines, I would say about 90 percent of the time when I wish to chat with him.

Yahoo Messenger seems to be the best system to chat, or even call with presently in the world, the calling is free from yahoo to yahoo. Now, if I could get my friend in Boston to log in...

And DUMP that crazy, ridiculous and troublesome, and pay to have email account, He must like to change emails every year or two.

Yahoo Mail and are the two best Emails presently, in my opinion.

They techies all understand how to do anything, I am wondering if the world will ever figure a way to allow the non-technical minded person how to do the same. I think 85 percent of the population will come into the fold if they can every get a voice command operated computer to function easy.

I see the Internet only being truly available to 10-15 percent of the modern world presently. I would say less than 1-3 percent of the planet actually can function and use the Internet.

I wonder why or if has email, it would be a natural progression.

Skype Not on Machines

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

Pokhara Nepal Hotel
Pokhara Nepal Asia
January 3, 2007

I am now in Pokhara, Nepal a city about 85 miles to the West of Kathmandu, yet takes about 7-8 hours to travel to in a bus. The trip is beautiful, sit on the right going to Pokhara, and sit on the left returning and you will have a good view. I did not know I had a reserved seat, or I would have tried to choose.

I am thinking
Hotel Pokhara Annoyme

They have the normal litany of names, Karma, Nirvana, Peace, Traveler, and other names, I am amiss to say where to stay, I have not seen anyone, except the people on the bus. There are tons of Koreans and Japanese, and I as trying to figure out where the Japs were staying, but no success.

The place seems deserted, yet it is a lot warmer here and nicer in a way, yet today has big cloud sitting on the city.

There are many touts and none of them tell the truth, I got in a taxi and went to one hotel, the taxi driver was demanding I go and visit the hotel of his wishes. I met a man who was supposely representing the Viewpoint, he waited, and after I looked at the deserted Damside area, I went with him to see the Viewpoint. He does NOT take me to the Viewpoint, itwas recommended by the hotel I was in while in Kathmandu. I cannot believe it, he was talking for about 10 minutes, and finally when I say yes, he takes me another hotel, I just got out and started walking.

I found a quiet one for 200 Rupees, and it is good, the door lock is a big India style bolt, so I am happy as I love to use my own lock. I can walk around without my backpack and see if I can find a room with anybody to talk too. Nepal girls are out of bounds, travelers chics are in etherland, I need to go to Africa.

Oh well, my Mero GPRS connection is working good, so I can surf the net and plan Africa.

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

The Reality of Travel

The Reality of Travel
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 2, 2007

I keep hitting a wall, it the wall of lack of empathy. I do not know what to do, sometimes I want to scream.

I really appreciate the USA, life is just so fricken easy, pick up the phone, call up Radio Shack and ask a question. Call up Best Buys, ask a question, let you fingers do the walking, everything is cheap, the competition to sell products to the USA is so high, you can buy about anything quick. I wish there was a Walmart here.

I have 80 Liters of space in my backpack, or I can carry about 40 Kilos or 90 pounds with me all the time, after that there is no room in my home.

People spend months preparing to go on a trip, buy every toy they do not need, and what they need, they just cannot believe. What will becomes a priority on a year trip is different than what the boys in the gear shop say. I like coffee in the morning, one of my first priorities was to figure out how to make coffee in my room.

There are things I need, things I do not need, and for sure anything a person mentions about the USA is normally not here. Then there is the fantasy of what they believe is here, I get many recommendations on what to buy here, I suppose I could find if I wanted to spend two weeks looking.

Every item I put in my backpack, I choose for a reason, or I have to throw it away. I purchased a water bottle today, it does not do what I want it to do, so I throw it away, or more likely just leave in the room for the cleaning people. Something like them Camel pack just makes me laugh...

I do not need a water bottle, I need a new cup to cook my corn in, as I burned up the one I was using. When I want to carry water, I buy a bottle of purified water, these bottles do not leak, they stay sealed better than the ones you buy.

I am trying to do so many things to get ready for Africa, and is just amazing the walls of lack of empathy I hit, everyone really thinks everyone on the planet really lives in the USA, sits around planning and can just stay around until they get all the gear they need, then leave.

If I cannot buy it anywhere in the world, I normally do not buy it. Anything that is available easy in the USA, is not available here. But, if you want to buy a pigs head, I know where I can go.

The Reality of Travel

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