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Conserve Electricity Dip Shower

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 7, 2207

I have never thought of myself as a person that conserves energy unless I was trying to save money. I am more than willing to use extreme amounts of Electricity for my personal pleasure.

I am a practical person though, common sense, and just good old Indiana Horse sense. I look for the obviously good solution to problems.

I am lazy in a way, I think a good invention or idea needs a bit of laziness to empathize with the normal person, who is often more lazy than me.

I want my Travelers Nest, I want my room design, my creature comforts, my personal list of needs fulfilled anywhere on the planet, so as time has passed I have learned, invented, found, created work arounds for solutions to problems.

Heating water in Benin, Africa with an immersion electric water heater, this takes about 15-30 minutes. I purchased in Bolivia this thingy, and I think thingy is a word, however you can buy an on the edge of tank type in most countries on planet.

This is my system to heat water; it is my way of guaranteeing the greed of the Hotel owner does not stop me from taking a Hot Shower. Sometimes it is just plain stupidity on the part of the Hotel owner that stops me from getting a hot shower.

The reasons why a person cannot get a hot water shower are so numerous it is a never-ending list.

The normal reason and the present reason here in Nepal are because the owner does not turn on the electric heater. The want you to believe the Solar system works on cloudy days. I was laughing in Bolivia one time, there was three switches that needed turned on to use the nozzle head type heater in the shower.

(Note, a solar shower is normally on good in the late afternoon.)

Other reasons:
- Their system is broken
- There is no hot water handle
- The electricity is off
- The have one 40 gallon hot water tank for 50 people
- The hotel has no hot water ever
- They ran out of propane gas
- They have solar heating, yet they have no sun
- The solar heated system means they have the water tank on the roof, as does most of the world.

However, I realized I am conserving electricity here in Nepal, and water. The other night two Brit girls requested the owner turn on the electricity so the water tank would heat. I thought, you have 15 minutes before lights out because of some crazy Nepal Electricity saving program called - Low Setting - or - Load Shading - or Load Shedding, - nonetheless they shut the lights off at 6-9 PM some days and in a random way, not way of knowing for sure.

15 Minutes is not enough time to hear 100 gallons of water.

However… I was thinking, they wanted the man to turn on the electricity for a tank of water on the roof that is about 100-200 gallons of water. This is a lot of water, and then they need to heat the water for about three floors of pipes leading to the bottom floor. The amount of water needed to take a shower was in excess of 100 gallons, then I have tested, it take 10 gallons of water running through the pipes before the hot water reaches the first floor from the top floor.

In the above system, I take a dip shower, it require from two gallons to about 4.5 gallons when I really want a great shower. With 4.5 gallons heated with the immersion water heater, I can even put conditioner on my hair and have enough water to rinse. I also use less soap, so I have less soap to rinse out of my hair.

Therefore, in my desire to have a hot water shower in my Travelers Nest, I have discovered I am saving water and electricity. Now, I do not feel so impelled to hide all these toys from the Hotel owner.

I purchased what was a large 5-gallon juice container in Cotonou, Benin and cut it off, after my plastic gas can from Thailand seams broke when I was trying to cook canned vegetables in hot water, a failed idea, in two ways. The normal NEW gas or petrol as the Brits say plastic 5 gallon can work good cut off and put in bag. Put duct tape on the edges or they will cut the material of the bag.

I buy abroad, because I can pay 50 cents US to have them cut this very durable plastic.

Note, there is nothing new about this sytem for me, I have been doing for about 4 - 6 years, not sure...

Conserve Electricity Dip Shower

Water Pasteurization

Water Pasteurization
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

I learned a term form the FOST Solar guy in Kathmandu, Nepa, the term is Water Pasteurization, and the idea is to boil water until it safe.

I knew this, just did not know the term of the day, however with this device and my 12 Volt cooky thingy, I could also so this, in addition to cooking peas, corn, or hot water for coffee and tea.

12-Volt Beverage Heater Immersible

I am very excited, I am stopping at home to visit, I can buy many toys! The USA is just a convenient place.

Water Pasteurization

12 Volt Travel Cooking

12 Volt Travel Cooking
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

I am going to try to augment my list of ways to cook.

1. Alcohol
2. Candles
3. Normal 220 or 110

Now, I am going to add 12 Volt, I HOPE.

I have purchased a 10 pack for AA Batteries, or more correctly three of them. I only need one, but I may like them, so need more. I am hoping, with my calculations and understanding this will generate between 14 and 10 volts according to the charge level.

A person can buy anything from a small forced air heater, to a microwave. The reason is because of the RV or Recreational Vehicle market and the Marine or Boat industry.

I have to carry about 14 AA Batteries to run my cameras, GPS and other toys, I will only buy an electronic toy if it uses the AA Batteries. I have charger and you can buy all these batteries and apparatuses in most tourist zones.

The 12 Volt Appliances can be purchased at any truck stop, however if you search for 12 Volt Appliances in, there is an amazing amounts of pages of them.

12 Volt Fry Pan

Nonetheless, I can use a little spoon type cooker to heat bean, hot water for instant coffee, corn, or many other appliances. They also sell the room heater, for the cabs of Semi-Trucks, that could heat my room.

I figure, I can buy a 220 to 12 Volt Transformer and somehow rig it up to work.

Another idea is for me to hook up a bicycle to a car generator, and pedal my way to electricity.

12 Volt Travel Cooking

Nepal No Gas No Propane No Electricity

Nepal No Gas No Propane No Electricity
Pokhara,Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007
I find the cleaning girl in the Kitchen pumping a Kerosene stove,  she says small gas, or hard to buy propane.
I walk down the street and see a huddle of motorcycles and a queue of cars lined up at a gas station, it is a huddle because they do not understand a line.
Every day they say, - Low Setting - or Low Shading or Load Shedding, the bottom line every day between 3 and 10 hours there is no electricity in homes.
Yes there are Maoist, there seems to be no shortage of problems caused by them, I think there is no government now to fight them, so meet the new boss, worst than the old boss, the Maoist.
Something is broken here, and there is nothing spiritual about it, God is not on vacation here, he took the last train out.
I would normally do not think the United Nations is needed, but I think time to bring in NATO or United Nations Soldiers to clean house. The United Nations could run this place better, and they are the worst boss on the planet, but better than the new boss of Nepal.
Hmm, maybe nobody is in charge.
Nepal No Gas No Propane No Electricity
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 5, 2007

Reference - Planning - Facts and Data

This is one of my Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English language and for travelers, not tourist. I suppose or would think the requirements of a traveler supersedes the requirements of a tourist so would encompass tourist.

I would be hard pressed in a way to say which site is really more valuable, or

I like facts, Wiki is more about facts, and data, while is explaining. The big difference is has some professionals they pay to answer questions. While Wiki has people that enter free information. Wiki does not push external links, therefore they are saying to me the public.

Stay on WIKI, you cannot leave.

While say, here are are specially selected choice of best links chosen by a PRO.

WIKI can snub a PRO and is in many way, ANTI- anything big, so they would negate the value of Bill Gates... I was laughing, when I was at the WIKI convention in Frankfurt, it seems like most of the techies had Macs, the anti-PC anti-Microsoft solution.

Anti-Father solution

I just had a real life experience, I want to find out about Mobile Offices, or how to access the Internet from anywhere, any way I do it, it keeps leading me back to
Mobile Office on

There is a different between having a professional keep the focus and limit the areas, it keeps me from accidentally getting off focus. Wiki is good for unfocused searches, however on focused idea, then is better.

What is exceptional about, is they will often recommend newsletters.

RSS Feeds are pretty much worthless when traveling, however a newsletter can be of valuable. I can read a newsletter without an Internet connection, while RSS seems to need an Internet connection.

The last thing I have is an Internet connection all the time, sounds good, but if you say you are a traveler and you always have an Internet connection, I am not sure I would call you a traveler, maybe a tourist or a 5 Star Hilton person.

Last time I was on the Amazon, it did not have WIFI, Internet, or probably even a cell phone connection.

I go CONGO River, how? is focused, then they are focused on who you are, are you as Student, are you a Tourist, are you a Traveler, are you someone, then they tell you About it!

So they talk and focus on the subject and tell you about the subject. There are subjects that are related to a something, and a person that is NOT a pro would never see the relationships.

A pro needs called in to say, yep, we covered all the possible related subjects. Wiki does a great job, I just cannot figure out how to find the PRO. With I can go to a bio page and write the pro, and we can do a pay thing.

I use PRO stuff, I use a Guidebook, I use Travel Agents, I will pay for advice.

Wiki makes me nervous, you make them angry, and you could have a world of hurt if the Wiki wanna be Pros decided to attack. There are many true Pros is WIKI, however for the most part just average persons with some special knowledge they scraped from another site and paraphrased to get away from copyright infringements. Therefore, they took from the Pro and put on Wiki. give you the PRO version of Wiki, with a twist. This is a professional site and comes up easy in, and is very easy to remember how to spell so I can type into a browser when I do not have a bookmark.

Types of Internet Connections

Types of Internet Connections
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

There are many ways to connect the the Internet and work when in Africa, Nepal, or some country.


- Walk into Internet cafe, pull the Ethernet wire from the back of the computer and connect it to you computer, maybe it connect automatically or you need to have the Internet cafe worker configure for you. If they do not know how to do, go to another cafe.

EXTREMELY DIFFICULT - Finding a telephone line to use is difficult.

- Find a land line, plug the telephone line into the the back of you computer, then buy a connection from a local Internet provider, then connect.

- Find a land line, then dial a long distance telephone call to an Internet provider in your home country and connect. (I do not know if works, never done this.)

WIFI - DIFFICULT - Because not available - Really just a replacement for the Ethernet wire system that is easy to do in an Internet cafe.

- Mostly just a toy and nice to have sometimes, but to be in the back concrete room of a hotel, it is not going to work.

- A truly wireless connection the Internet.

- A connection using a cell phone with a cell phone company that has GPRS.
Computer to Bluetooth to Cell Phone to Cell Phone company.
(The problem is most cell phone countries in Africa do not offer the GPRS connection, although as of February 2007, they are expanding rapidly, I expect within about 5 year most will offer.

Sometime the cost is nuts, a good fee is about 1 dollar per day, only two countries I know so far that work I have confirmed work are Thailand and Nepal.

- A person should take a taxi to the cell phone headquarters in the city and have them connect the computer, the cell phone and the SIM card together and explain the cost. The cost in Indonesia where there are many Internet cafes was 3 dollars per meg, outrageously expensive.


I thought this would be very easy, I did just this 10 years ago, however I think the whole planet is anal. I try to say, I am going to dial up a telephone number of an Internet service provider, that is NOT my cell phone company, nothing to do with my cell phone company. How doe the cell phone work as a modem?

Blue tooth is just a wireless connection between my cell phone and a computer, it is not an Internet connection. GPRS is part of the cell phone company services. IF they company does not offer GPRS, than it is not going to work on the cell phone.

SATELLITE - Extremely difficult
- Need to pay about 8 dollars USA per meg of transfer.
- Need to have contract for one year
- Need to pay about 2000 US for the device
- I do not know, my GPS hand held reference marker does not work unless I am top of a building, I think I would need to be on top of a building.
- I was ready to purchase this, for true worldwide wireless connection, the company wants me to buy before before they demo.

- I do not know how this works, but seems to be a good option.

I want to use a cell phone connection, that does NOT offer GPRS to connect. I want to use my cell phone and somehow have a modem to connect the computer to the Internet by way of cell phone.

The only website that even comes close to trying to explain these differences is:

People dial home all the time with their cell phone.

I want my computer to dial home and connect, I am frustrated, I do not see why this is so hard, I am wondering if the problem is I need to always dial an ISP from a local telephone number, somehow the computer knows.

Types of Internet Connections

Nepal Plowing Field

Nepal Plowing Field
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 5, 2007

I want some of the good ole boys from Indina to come to Nepal and learn how to plow. I believe this has wooden plow points.

Oxen pulling a plow in Pokjara, Nepal.

Nepal Plowing Field
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
Monday, February 5, 2007

This is one of my Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 pages, not sure of the priority or number. I am sussing out the criteria better this year and realized when I said, this list of for the true travelers and not for tourist; I knew this page must be included.

I think there are at least 312 x 312 needed pages to cover the Visa, Passport, Entry Visa, and Tourist Card and in the end, the question is, what do I need to do to get permission to enter a country.

97,344 combinations with a guess of 312 countries, enclaves, islands and autonomous regions.

Therefore, if you are from Ethiopia and you want to go to Chile, which is one combination question. The answers would change by the minute.

Now, does not give that specific of help, but I think it is as close as I have seen on any site. It will tell you

Embassies in the country, as an example, maybe the USA, England, and Germany have an Embassy, Consulate, or something that issues visas, maybe in the country.

Embassies abroad or where does the USA have Embassies, which countries does Ethiopia have Embassies in?

This person that made the site, I think from Denmark, has an extreme capacity for detail and organization, just a remarkable collection of information.

A little hard to find, but nonetheless a true guru type site, a bookmark, write down, never forget the link address when you travel site.

Knowing all the rules of entering a country is not easy, a rule of thumb, if they let you on the plane, you probably have a good chance of entering… hehehe

At the border, as Stellan my Swede friend riding a bike around Africa said, if you wait long enough, they will let you in, change of shift, etc.

Contrary to anything you think, most countries want you to enter, and will find a way to allow you to enter.

I do encourage this person to make a PDA version of this or computer version so I can download and use when I do not have internet access.

As a note, most Travel Agents has some computer way to show you whether you can enter a country, but beware, travel agents have to me a 50/50 success rate. Either they lie, or they do not know how to use, so you need to get collaboration.

Three down, seven to go.

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