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I have a lot of photos to publish and make into links.

I am getting closer, but still not done.

Here is a teaser of the next newsletter photos.

Plus it is a bribe to get you to read what is below...

Just having fun folks!

Andy the

The Bad Boy of all Travel Writers, and nobody or nothing is safe!



The sit in these windows and try to get you to come talk.

Price is suppose to be 50 Euros for S and F.

The have a bed behind them here and the time is said to be 15 minutes.

There was a brochure talking about this in my Hostel.

So when you wonder what you boys are doing in Amsterdam.

Magic Mushrooms, Marijuanas, and the F&S...

What do you think, this the removable patch I am putting on my new backpack I want to sell? They are removable so you can make the bag look cheaper and less likely to be stolen or you can hide money underneith.

This is the foot of the girl in Kilroy Travels in Amsterdam that sold me my plane ticket to the USA.

If I can get a girl to do this, I can accomplish anything in life I dream up.

Thank you.



The stairs are so narrow they cannot bring up in the normal ways.


I often dwell and grind a thought into the ground. I beat it up, think about it 50 times more than anyone around me would even consider necessary, and I believe other people think this is ludicrous, ridiculous and foolish.

I try to go to the end, to the logical finish.

However, in thinking there is always a problem about the capture of knowledge. But in simpler ways of looking at this, better said by a question,

“How can I remember what I learn?”


1. Someone tells me something.

2. I read something.

3. I receive and email.

4. I receive a letter.

5. I receive a fax.

I take notes on index cards.

I have in the past taken notes on a palm computer.

(I had a Newton that cost me 1300 Dollars, the new ones… Cheap.)

I then take the notes and add them to my


Sometimes I enter it into databases.

All this is more complicated than my mother and father really care to read about, but I try to give clarification or notifications to my readers so they can help me, help other travelers.

The is a big, huge, mammoth, and growing, evolving idea capturing system.

I pose the questions.

Readers can post answers.

An example: I want to know about Scams in Thailand.

A person can go to this link and post anonymously the answer.

Or any other country in the world.

But the system does not stop there.


Looking and asking you to make 500,000 answers.

The big problem is the self-serving nature of companies to put in information that is in the wrong category or just plain bad.

I can ban, delete, move, and organize this index by emails I receive. I hope to have moderators volunteer in the future, but now I do them all.

Nevertheless, what I am very excited to do is create TRAVEL QUESTIONS and then I can tap into the people of the world for answers, then I can leave them answers on the internet for people.

This is called and interactive site.

A person can perform and act and the site will respond… hehehe

You can be a travel writer of sorts; I am trying to notify the world of the existence of this, because I know that with the help of the other travelers and tourist I can have the correct questions.


Thanks to readers donations, readers buying products, but now the invention of new types of advertisers, plus advertisers like below I am making enough moneyh to pay for the time to answer your questions, and do more.

Thank you.

This company just signed up for year two of being a sponsor. Note that I only accept sponsors that I believe work for the best interest of travelers.

In addition, that other big company that I am not suppose to say thank you or talk about… that advertises on my site.


But more important I can put the questions into my site, so anyone that wished to ask question realize I want questions, try to answer questions, get some really stupid questions, and try my best, so if you wish you can ask questions, but better yet go and answer questions on the site or fill in the empty categories. Go to the site and search for your subject of interest and you will soon find more and more of them on the site.

So let us help people to roam the planet, I mold and create all these questions to help me, and I assume if I can answer my difficult questions like the questions below or about how to visit Israel, I can help capture all the answers you have about travel.

Example of my Hobo Question on how to visit Israel.

Thanks from the Road


I have been amazed at Indiana after being gone again
for half a year. This place is unique in many ways.

My family and the town of Orland as quiet and boring
as any city in the world could be. No crime, no
strike, no drunks in the street, no prostitutes. None
of the thinks that I have started to realize is normal
in the world.

While they the Maoist Terrorist want to kill a friend
of mine in Nepal, and the drunks are stumbling up the
steps to the dorm in Amsterdam, and my other friends
are paying 1000-2000 Baht to buy some woman in
Thailand the little town of Orland has three major

1. People are raking leaves.
Probably burning when they should not.
I can hear the lawn mowers.

2. The Volunteer Fire Department has a new station
that is about a big as any major city in the world,
except this town only has 500 maybe people.

3. The coffee club is getting old, the Mexican are
moving in to work at the Chicken processing plant, or
the Mushroom farm.

Only big thing of interest for me is that the mobile
home around here are similar to the huts around the

Oh yea, they all complain about the rich, the
universal conversation around the world.

If I had a girl friend to complain about I would stay
a week or two longer.

I am now plotting to buy a mini-van in the USA for
about 1000 Dollars that I an roam around the country
in about 6-12 months from now.

I am a good mechanic and I can ditch the thing if
anything big happens. My friend Scot and my Nephew
Bradley do not know it yet, but I have assigned them
the job of locating and buy a mini-van for me.

I am trying to do the same in Germany.


I received this letter a couple of day ago, and have been wondering what to do? It is not as easy as just saying to the USA government,

"Hey, I want to help a guy come to the USA."

The whole world wants to come to the USA, and this guy is probably a candidate for the


Yesterday, One maoest 40 miles from kathmandu came to my office in 7.00

P.M. and he informed me that Maoist party declared death penalty to me

for my activities against their party. I am very socked to hear this

maoist decision aganist me. This is very hard situation in my life.

Maoist are very cruel to me. I must go out of Nepal as early as

possible. I have a wife a doughtier 15 and a son 13 years old.

I am doing this ... ... business for my living and for my family

living. I have to leave all my business and my family to save my life.

I have to find a place to settle myself and my family outside Nepal.

I have my brother in law (My wife's brother) living in US (in Taxes).

He is not US citizen but only green card holder. I need a person like

you who invite and send sponsored letter to me and to the US embassy

in Nepal. I hurtfully request you to help me in this matter. I hope

your supreme god power will understand my situation and give me safety.

I come and stay with my brother in law in US.


So what to do?

I tried to call the USA Embassy and they have this touch tone service that automatically hangs up on you because they are busy, but of course there are a few hundred telephones to call.

The Maoist are a form of double taxation for Nepal.

The government comes and collect tax.

Then the Maoist come and collect money and will kill you if you do not give.

Typical stuff in the under-developed world or about 80 percent of the planet.


How To Visit Israel

Travel information about How To Visit Israel

Travelers or tourist please submit information or links on solutions to

the problems of How To Visit Israel (s), when on your trip around the planet.

OK... The problems


Not as simple as you think, if you are a real traveler. I am off to Amsterdam on the 3rd and I am try to plan and plot my route or path to the final destination of Israel.

Very easy if all you want to do is book a flight to Israel and come home.

But for me a person that probably travels more by land than by airplane this is

difficult, because there is the path along the way. What happens is there is

maybe about 300 MILLION people surrounding 6-7 MILLION people.


Plus then you got all of Europe that would like the USA to stop supporting

Israel so these 300 Million Islamic people could succeed in their goal of

killing all the Israel people. Germany tried and Europe helped, and they

contrary to popular myth in my opinion still want to exterminate the race.

This is what happens when you are smart, and rich, everyone wants you dead.


Do you ever hear anyone say good things about Bill Gates?

The common enemy of the world is always the rich and smart. To me this says why

Europe wants Bush out of office, they know they cannot bamboozle like the did

with Clinton.

OK, back to the subject.

There are multiple routes to Israel. I give up, I will go make a map, OK, now I

have the map and I realize I have at least 5 ways maybe to go to Israel. NOW,

stop of course I can always just fly direct.


If I go to Israel, then some ARAB or ISLAMIC countries will not allow me

to enter with and Israel stamp.



I am not sure, it maybe possible that if I enter some Islamic or Arab type

countries will not be able to enter Israel? I think the opposite is true, or

Israel will allow me to enter, but the Islamic countries will not allow me to

enter, but I will find out or discover.



I called the USA passport and they said YES

If you are out of the country probably use this number


Inside the USA or toll-free at 1-877-487-2778, 24

But they need about one-month to process and I have to give them my present

passport. If I was in Chicago I could do this in 3-4 days, but by mail I do not

trust them. If I was in a really big hurry I have found that I can call my US

Federal Senators or Congressmen and they can get this done. I had trouble with

the expedited service when I got my present passport.

NOTE: Just because some person on a telephone says this is possible, does not

convince me that this is possible until I see that any Joe Blow can get this, it

may require acts of God to get done and not just going in and applying.


Probably the easy solution, but what happens when they are opposite sides of


What do I do when I want to leave, is there a good land path?

Do I go to Jordan or Cairo to fly to exit.



Not the idea folks, but what 95 percent of people do.


I have heard that if I go into the countries from some border this is possible.



Which countries can NOT enter with an Israel Stamp on my passport?

From which country would I need to enter to not have Israel stamp my


How do I leave the country with just the paper stamp, and get back to Europe?

or other?

Can I now go through Libya since sanctions have been lifted.


Go to this link and help, put it on the internet to help the world and not just


I have not had time yet to search... Anyone that know the answer got to this link and submit, I hope it is working, hehehe

I FORGOT - I now have this comment thing, you can also do there, but easier to find if they are all in one locaton on the above links and that is tied into my destinations page or will be.


I receive a lot of comment about women from readers, I do not add many, or publish many because I am not sure of why or the benefit, just a way to be sure men and women do not get along, or a great way to explain the wedge that is between men and women in relationships.

But sometime the comments are very clear.

I try to trade 5 for 1 American women all the time as I travel the world as I seem that often the local cultures in the UNDER-DEVELOPED countries, not the developed countries have women that do not delight in arguing. I really like powerful women like the Israel women after army types, but have no use with walking on egg-shell type women that wants me to listen. I like the ones that just want to talk with no battle, and cannot see any reason why I would want to argue with women or men for that matter, but there is a first strike mentality with American and European girls that is annoying. They want to punch and see if I will volunteer to be the victim or listen, as the British say,

"I cannot be bothered."

But here is a couple of pages of male interest I have just posted.

Thanks to the one person that I will leave off because no use in making the guilty responsible for the truth, I will take the heat.


I got on Yahoo Messenger yesterday and chatted with Surenden of the All-Export Cargo place in Nepal. He is a worker and a good guy that works in the Internet Cafe part of this place. He told me that he had sent my 3 phase or 3rd prototype or design number 3 of my backpack to me.

I have design number 2 with me, and they are sending me the next generation.

I am HOPING and HOPING they get it right or close to right.

I am looking for the one perfect TRAVEL backpack.

Contrary to popular belief, most backpacks suck, they are made for people that go climb mountains or for backpackers in the woods, then the crazy people go get on a bus, train, plane, and travel to Europe.

They need a different bag than the one for the mountain.

This company is shipping me my bag, they are not making my bag.

But to be nice, I will put his link on my page, this is not a recommendation to buy or saying that he is good, but I am hoping they do a good job.

Here is the real kicker.

The shipping cost twice as much as the bag.


Now DHL is about the only rapid or overnight type shipping I would trust, not because they are better than UPS, but because they are everywhere. Contrary to popular myth Federal Express and UPS are not everwhere, the probably do have sub-contractors that deliver the packages everywhere, but I ONLY see DHL everywhere in the world, while UPS is only in the really big tourist places, and Federal Express is for the USA and very difficult to find.

They sent is on October 18th.

Now I will see how long it takes?


I am in the USA and what happens is I feel free to surf the net and look at whatever pops up in my mind. Normally I have to pay, and even thought the cost is normally less than one dollar per hour in the underdeveloped countries of the world I still feel a need to get off the internet and stop spending money, so when I come home I surf.

However, it is nice to be ignorant of the travel internet, because when I search for pages I am amazed at all the minor and major ways of taking money, time, and bamboozlings of tourist and travelers.

I try my best to make pages pretty and fun to look at, but in the end, I am always a slave to getting the information on the net and will worry about how it looks later. But it seems most travel sites are about looking pretty and worrying about helping the traveler later. I unfortunately for lots of pages have been to a lot of the place they are writing about and know the are feeding readers a line of crap.

This is how it works; they collect a lot of information from sites that do provide facts such as the USA Central Intelligence Agency great site (CIA).

Then they go around, surf, and find out what is popular, so they go see what the rest of the people are looking at, and then they copy. Therefore, if a person is good at self-promotion and is interested in self-promotion they can get on these lists.

So for example you take a site like mine and you bug me or write me until the webmaster gives up or they just pay the webmaster to put them in the category. I will not take money to put in my favorites or to talk about a web site, but I will tell you if the site has some merit, and they seem authentic in their desire to help me… If they are trying to help me, then they have the right person in mind, because I am a traveler for sure and have 10 times the normal problems of the normal tourist or traveler because I have travel 10 times as much.

So one they bug their way onto a site, they then try to tell other that they are on the site…. For instance, I had the above nice things said about my blog by (Look at the little logo of up top.)

This is my feeble attempt at self-promotion, I have put it up there to hope that someone see it and copies. See what happens is people want to be part of the in gang and not part of the out of touch gang, so if a company says that something is good, then they repeat what they hear or read in this case, but the same is so when someone says something is bad, the tell others. Very few people actually will make and independent opinion and pass it on, they seem to need someone to say they like something and they will repeat.

Therefore, the formula for travel pages is this.

1. Get on a big web site. On the other hand, pay for a recommendation.

2. Tell other that you are recommended by this site.

3. The other sites do not look at your site, but go with the gang.

4. Your site will be everywhere soon, and have nothing of value.

NOW, why are some of these sites so big or full of readers, it is the idea of Dale Carnegie?

Dale Carnegie wrote a book

“How to win friends and influence people.”

What he did? He was one of the first self-help master or people that helped people to work on themselves. Me, I am a recovering alcoholic so maybe 20 years ago in my insecurity and mental problems I wanted to learn about how to be OK, so I read oodles of self-help books, plus I eventually stopped drinking, nothing to do with this book.

But this book is about how to get people to like you, so when you feel you are not loved this is a good book. It teaches the socially inept how to…

Suck up

Brown Nose



Say all the right things so people like you.

Like for instance, if I say your name to you when I am talking with you, then you like me more, because people like to hear their own name.

If I get you to talk about yourself then you will like me, because you will decide I am smart, because you hear yourself and you believe you are smart, so when I listen to you, then you must be smart…

I laugh when I have a good friend that writes me for a long time and I do something that totally disagrees with them or violates some rule they have put up and they decide I am no longer their friend or a good source of ideas because I disagree on one point.

Like for instance if I say,

“I want George W. Bush” for president.. Which I do, then suddenly I loose all sorts of readers, but to me I think,

“Do no let the door hit you on the A*# on the way out.”

Who cares if you read my own journal and besides that this is private, it is my thoughts and I have a right to my own thoughts, and whether you like them or not, it really should not matter in a travel log or journal. Just because you may be reading this does not mean I should not be honest, like if you really knew what I was thinking about you would not like me…

I know already, you do not like me, you do not know me; you are reading this for kicks… I hope you are and not for some need, but if I can help this are good and a bonus for me as I do like to help people, but if I annoy you, this is good also, because maybe you will think. I do believe that in the end if you give a bunch of monkey enough time they will write a good book. So if you think or get annoyed enough you will either turn it into good or explode, so either way all of you that think you know, that are annoying us that do know will be relieved of your annoying self. (That was one of them old-time jokes.)

OK, back to Dale, he wrote this book and it a good for anyone that wants a clue on how to be liked.

Nevertheless, some pages that are quite successful create a forum or place where a person can talk about himself or herself. Like the Lonely Planet Thorntree where people spend days and lifetimes posting. It is annoying to me at the self-appointed arm-chair travelers that read a lot, but travel very little want to tell me what to do and how to do it, and they are very aggressive if I would agree, and then they have the audacity to tell a person on the road they do not know the road… aagh, ignorance is bliss. If I do not know about these sites and then they cannot annoy me.

Now there is good in everything and the Thorntree has lots of good information inside, so I do go on it sometimes. Normally when I am in the USA and not paying for the internet, because when I am out on the road it is one of the worlds worst ways of finding out information. There is a time versus information ratio.


The Thorntree has the answers… maybe if you are willing to spend 10 hours to get one answer, but for instance, when there is no guidebook, like when I went to Iraq, I was on the Thorntree all the time. But normally I will do anything but get on the Thorntree.

I suppose if I wanted to promote my page then it is good to get on their and talk about myself.

I read this newsletter when I have a LOT of time, which is not often and they annoy me immensely, but I do know anywhere where there are travel writer and this newsletter has some of the big boys in it, Hasbrouck, etc.

But it is full of liberal rambling and talking about things they do not understand and they forget they are supposed to be travel writers, they believe they are also experts on all things, as I do also, but this is human nature.

I was laughing as I got a letter from one of the readers that hangs around on this newsletter self-promoting himself. He wanted to know,

“How do you afford to travel?”

I was laughing, this person for sure calls himself a travel writer…

Duh! You must be a traveler to travel, and if you are making money, you can continue to travel.

See, most travel writer make ZERO money unless they lie and promote worthless trips for worthless tour companies. The big magazines are full of pay through the nose, bend over and say thank you tours, that in my opinion are ways of taking the USA or EUROPE to a country and then saying you went to that country, but for Gods Sake, do not leave the resort.

OK, so I am at home surfing around getting annoyed at the new world of mis-representation of the world.

But here is a hint, how to know when you are MAYBE reading the truth.

They will talk about ugly and will annoy you, they will not describe paradise. Paradise does not exist, except in your mind, there is no perfect place to visit, and only an idiot would tell you the place was perfect and they had zero problems. The was in a resort, they did not leave the resort, or maybe this was their once per year vacation and they paid so much they would not want to admit to anyone they was stupid.

Like the guy that buys bad stocks, they do not tell anyone. This keeps the stock market flying as a great way to take a fortune and turn it into a shoestring.

The reason these pages annoy me that I read is that I surf around and find no real information where they tell me what is wrong with the place, they all tell me life is perfect. Life is perfect, but perfection includes the bad.

So I have been getting on all these perfect pages and learning nothing. What I try to do is avoid all the problems and what is left over is the good.

I get some readers that do not adhere to this policy, they read my blog and then I annoy them, then they decide to write me. So not have I only tortured them, and they are angry, but they go on in their dysfunctional haste to extend or elongate their misery by seeing if they can continue their misery by provoking me, to see if I will slap them silly. I really would love to slap a few of them literally, as they are begging, but getting into an email squabble seems too ridiculous.

I had some good advice from my friend Dave on emails. If they call me names, they are up to no good, so I delete them or put them in my mean mail page.

Well enough of talking to myself, I will go see if I can find some good resources of information to put on my pages, so readers do not have to search for real information.

Note that I am finally after about 8 years of travel and having for 5 years been able to travel and talk about travel enough to earn a living. Plus fortunately has no offereed a way to earn money that really works. Plus advertisers are writing me not becuase they like my pages, but because the site is huge and has a lot of traffic, so they want to be where the people are.

I was laughing in Amsterdam in a one block area there is about 5 McDonalds.

When you go to Patpong or the sex area of Bangkok there is all the Chains Restaurants.

Note: That Dale Carnegie link above is one of them "I get paid if you buy from the link" Links. So I put it on their for fun, as the internet is not costing me nothing. I have not made enough from to pay for lunch, but if there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, then why not?

But sometime I also play, as I wanted to see if the photo of the book would show up.

I like to play.


I have made it home and will return to Amsterdam on the 3rd of November.

Nice to see a land of peace, Indiana is a fortunate place where all my parents worry about are their grandchildren and whether they can buy medicine over the internet from Canada.

When to go to Chubbies Restaurant for breakfast, and when they will be needed to babysit for their grandchildren. The big new on my arrival is that they have put in a huge concrete driveway.

Nice news after things like Maoist Rebels in Nepal, or the Red Light District in Amsterdam, if you was here you would understand why I like an ideal world, and will say what is wrong when it is not. Tolerance is not keeping your mouth shut when you travel, it is tolerating and not leaving a place because you do not agree. I tolerate the world very well, but I do not agree, everyone has an right to their opinion including myslelf.


Sixish AM on Sunday October 17, 2004

I am on the plane from Boston to Cincinnati, Ohio where I will transfer to another plane and go to Chicago. Once in Chicago I will take a train from the airport to the Greyhound / Amtrak Station and grab a bus to Fremont, Indiana that is close to my parents house.

The cost of flying from Chicago to Fort Wayne adds about 230 Dollars to the cost of the ticket and the bus takes about 4 hours. I save about 100 dollars or am more or less paid 50 dollars and hour in saving to take the bus, plus the bus goes within 15 miles of my home, and the plane is still 50 miles from my home, so it is better to take the bus except for the drivers of Greyhound have a high rating on the jerk scale.

Check-in or security check at the airport is sloppy and confusing, and the same as every other airport in the world. My belt buckle made it through the security gate and that is not good, as it normally does not. The fat man of about 28 years old in front of my was oblivious and a pain as he fought the need to remove all metal on his body, while I knew I had the buckle, but thought I would test the system, he however copped and attitude about being safe on a plane. Anyone that complains about security or being checked thoroughly to take and airplane is extremely high on the idiot scale. I can say conclusively after flying in and out or Europe they have almost zero security compared the rest of the world and Europe for sure will get bombed in some major cities, and they have their head in the sand and think they are not targets. In the Islamic Jihaad sense anyone that is not Islamic is the target and they do not seem to care how they kill people.


I could counter almost 90 percent of anti-American Rhetoric or stereotypes, except for the fat one, Americans are fat and sloppy, they dress badly and the girls look like boys.


I needed to check-in at 4:00 AM and decide to sleep in the airport was better than trying to wake people or convince my friend to drive in the morning at 3:00 AM to the airport.


I am starting to think that airports are some of the best places to sleep for free as they are temperature controlled, secure, very little riff raft and guarantees you catch the plane. The toilets are clean and the mirrors are better than any Hotel almost… It is getting more and more tempting to take and tour of Europe and sleep in the airports. I could just keep hopping the cheap flights until I had been everywhere in Europe. I think this is doable. has too many rules and they already go me once, they are sort of a bait and switch airline.

I was thinking I could open about 4 windows of easy jet and book 2-3 tickets at the same time so I could coordinate tickets to leave one day apart, I could see the major sites of Europe without having to sleep in the flop house Hostels of Europe, and living in Europe is not that fun anyway. But either is the USA, as they both are highly impersonal unless you have a car and go to small villages.

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