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I go Visit Indonesia Earthquake

I go visit Indonesia Earthquake

I am making a call audible, I will fly from Kathmandu to Surabaya or Jakarta Indonesia.

I start flying on May 30th, from Kathmandu.

I keep musing on Kevin Sites, Kashmir is big, hard to access where he is until he post, then he post a few days after the actual day of talking. I do not see it a real time. Thus, I need some hints, my guess and understanding is he will go to Sr Lanka next. It would not surprise me if he is in the USA or Europe presently doing one of the many press releases.

The Earthquake and Mount Merapi are now.

I go.

I go visit Indonesia Earthquake

Nepal Photos Squatter Tents

Nepal Photos

This is a squatters or maybe a tent city, they may own the land, however highly doubtful.

The taxi driver tried to steer me to a 3-5 Star Hotel and look what found, the United Nations with vehicles that cost more villages here.

A great explanation of the countryside in Nepal, even though you would think there would be one and two story buildings, they seem to keep making them higher. When needed they terrace the farms land.

Up on the side of a hill was this man looking down in his Military colored clothing. Warning do NOT take photos of Military, this photo was taken from a taxi and a very lucky photo.

Katmandu Tuk Tuk

I see they spelled the name of Katmandu as Kathmandu; it is negotiable what it correct, in the Nepali language it would look like Arabic letters. I pointed at this and the Taxi driver said, the Tuk Tuk in Thailand are famous.

Nepal Photos

Shoes in Nepal

Shoes in Nepal

The majority of person I meet have shoes on their feet, however this is Kathandu, the largest city in Nepal. I wonder how many in the countryside have shoes. People working in the fields are different from the ones in the city. This is along side the road to Dhulikhel, Nepal.

This woman was diligently cutting or working in the field.

There was a flat on the taxi, this woman walks by, and I say hello and snap a photo without bring the camera to see. The woman says,
- Hello, -
I am somewhat amazed, normally the could say Namaste or Hello in the Nepali language; however I expected her to look at me and say nothing. She is smoking a cigarette that is what is in her hand.

These are homes along the river. There is a fringe area along rivers where the water rises and is not good for a home. This area though has water, a place to wash and is good for temporary homes.

These homes are similar in design to Mongolia or the Turags of Niger. The do not appear to be waterproof, however I am very far from them and on in a moving taxi, hard to say or to know.

I often way poverty of a person by what is on their feet or I compare their feet to other persons.

Note that Nepal does have a caste system, not the same as India; however it does exist and is a way of thinking for Nepal people. They use this in evaluating or explaining.

Shoes in Nepal

Maoist in Nepal

Maoist in Nepal

The country of Nepal is optimistic, they is hope that the problems of the past are behind them.

The Maoist and the leaders inside the business and government are asking and receiving commitments from the Maoist.

The bottom line is they want them to stop extorting money from people and businesses. The threat of violence if you do not support the Maoist by giving them money or support.

This is great; this will give the government of Nepal the moral high ground if the Maoist does not stop. Then the government of Nepal will be in a good position to ask the world for financial and military solutions to stop them. The world needs the excuse to stop the Maoist and the Maoist have stood up, volunteered the excuse.

What do I think�? No way they stop. There are many person employed in the business of extortion. They now do not have a job, they were rich and powerful, now they are or should be looking for a job.

Soon there will be the arguments, you did not stand up to your side of the bargain, and the other side did not stand up to their side of the bargain.

The NET benefit now is the King is gone, dictatorship is gone. Some sort of Democracy exist, now the international community can be supportive. Progress is being made in Nepal.

Tourism, the country is dependent upon tourist for a large chunk of cash; therefore, most travelers and tourist are safe. Nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds him or her.

Maoist in Nepal Target of Opportunity Target of Opportunity

7:30 in an Internet Cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The computer has headsets with a mouthpiece.
There is nobody in the cafe, the speed may be high enough to talk.
It is the correct time in the USA to call, about 12 hours difference, or maybe 7:30 at night more or less one hour.
I say this is a target of opportunity.
I am a traveler, I move. is very good if you do not move, use your own computer and are very savvy.
Finding an Internet cafe open at 7:00 in the morning is not normal, I can go the opposite better, 7:00 at night. However, then the speed drops.
I downloaded the program, the headset was not connected and strangely the skype test did not show. It says the user could be blocking.
High speed connections in Nepal are hard to find, I have been to 10 Internet cafes. Target of Opportunity


Andy of
Daily Diary or Travel Journal

Nepal Beggar Photo

Nepal Beggar Photo

This is a beggar in Katmandu, Nepal, he is 62 years old.

I was having fun with this beggar, I first encountered him will sitting in a taxi, over by the Royal Palace. The pain in the butt stood by my window for about 3 minutes with his hand out and looking in pain while the taxi waited for the stop light to change.

I go over to Thamel and was talking with the Nepal boys helping to make my new backpacks. I turn around and look, this pain in the butt in next to me again. I say,

- You are a fast walker. -

I have no idea if he understands; his ploy or method of begging is to appear feeble and weak, to not talk and to act mute. I say,
- Get out of here. -
He does not leave.

He has a Nepali audience, therefore now the ploy is guilt. Make me feel guilty in front of Nepal people. I am laughing; I have encountered this procedure many times.

I ask the Nepal boys,
- Ask him how old he is? -

They asked and discovered he is 62, this is old enough, however this person has all his legs, arms, is in good shape, his clothes are good. He walked from the Royal Palace area quick, I think he is working the tourist areas.

This is maybe a Saddu dressed in normal clothes, he is bum.

OK, I decided to make him work for his money.

I made him pose. I put him in the sun, tried to capture a good photo, then gave him 20 Rupees, or about 35 cents U.S. The price of pride can be very cheap and economical.

I turned away after I gave him the 20 Rupees; I turned around and took another photo. This so-called feeble in pain man had walked about 100 feet in less than a minute. He was moving fast, he is a bum, not a Hobo traveling to look for work; he is a beggar who is trying to manipulate the emotions of the tourist.

There is nothing noble about this man, his pride was purchased for 35 cents U.S.

There is nothing noble about me; I am just a traveler enjoying the planet. I would consider it a fraud to make this man into one of the tear type photos, whereby the world feels something stupid.

There is this other person in the area, walking asking for money, no fingers, a fake leg. I have given him money a few times. The other day he sees me, he starts to come over, he realizes, I have given a couple of time and starts to walk away. I walk up and give some more money. He is doing what needs to be done to survive, the photo would be hard to view, I have trouble taking the photo, therefore would not take the photo.

He has no fingers, he used his nubs of hands to open the bag.

Nepal Beggar Photo

French Swiss Culture in Nepal

French Swiss Culture in Nepal

I just returned to the room. I am preparing to travel today, I need to shower, shave, pack, and more or less place my world in good order.

I am wondering why I need to go downstairs and turn on the electricity for the showers.

I am in a good hotel for the money, it is good value. The location is quiet; I do not have drug dealers outside my door. It is quiet, the room is ok.

I have stayed in this Guesthouse or Hotel now, maybe three separate times. I have learned.
- IF I want a warm shower, I must turn on the electrify myself. -

There is a wall area where the owner, very cleverly has all the breaker switches for the hot water heater tanks. He can regulate the electricity for each room or some double sets of rooms. It is clever, however, dependent upon a Nepal worker to turn on in the morning.
(In my next life� )

I wake up around 6:00 or 7:00, I would like to take a shower maybe around 7:00 in the morning. I have never seen the electrify turned on until 8:00, actually I have never seen it turned on unless I ask, now I do not ask, I turn it on.

The owner is a French speaking Swiss person.
- Does he take a shower? -
- I do not have toilet paper in my room, does he use toilet paper? -
- I do not have a sheet big enough for my mattress, does he use sheets? -
(Forget the fitted sheet idea�)

This is a humorous aspect of culture, he is married to a Nepal woman, he has lived here for a long time. He has become in many ways Nepal culture, or I do not know, maybe he is Swiss culture.

The reason to live in a Guesthouse owned by a foreign person is to avoid the Nepal culture. Mission Impossible.

The art of travel is not to live like a local that is easy. The art of travel is to live in the same buildings or rooms as the locals, however, somehow give myself the standard of living I want.

I have an extra sheet to cover the bed.
I have a bucket and water heater for a hot water shower.
I always carry toilet paper.

I even have a heater for my room, I also carry a mosquito net, cooking equipment, I can live in any four-walled room with access to water. Without electricity, I can still boil water using alcohol as a fuel.

Culture is powerful. People 80 percent of the time become like the culture around them, they do not retain their culture, they lose their own culture.

Then again, I do not know, maybe the French Swiss do not shower or use toilet paper, and do not have sheets.

French Swiss Culture in Nepal

Dhulikhel Nepal

Dhulikhel Nepal
Saturday May 27, 2006

I leave by local bus for the city of Dhulikhel, Nepal. I do not really want to go to Dhulikhel; however, my Napali friends are maybe incapable of believing a foreigner wants to see a small city. I want to go to a no name city somewhere or anywhere outside of Kathmandu or Katmandu far enough to not see tourist.

I talked three times, on separate days, with maps, guidebook, and pushing and shoving them to try to understand.
- I want to go to small city. -
- I want to go to place where there is no tourist. -

They show me on a map, I look it up in the guidebook, the city Dhulikhel is in the guidebook. I said,
- IF it is in the guidebook, there are tourists. -
One of my Nepali friends comprehended this; however, I am not sure, I think he is afraid and does not know.

1. He is afraid to recommend anything that would be maybe uncomfortable or dirty, not tourist grade. (Trekking is uncomfortable; however, it is not being with Nepal people.)

2. He maybe does not know. Nepali persons are not tourist, it is very normal they never leave the specific area where they live. Traveling around, spending money just to look at Nepal people is not something that would be common in a poorer country. The reason person travel in poorer countries is for commerce, or to go to markets. They could go and visit family, however to explore their own country is not a normal activity.

I have no idea, this is just speculation. I can tell you, I tried to say in about 10 different English sentences, all-redundant, however saying the same thing.
- I want to see only Nepal people. -

One person said,
- They will not speak English. -
I said,
- Go to China. -

I could care less about whether they speak English, it is not important, I can travel anywhere without a translator or speaking the local language. In the end, sleeping and eating is basic, they will help me to sleep and eat, and I do not have to speak the language.

On the other hand, I have arranged a strange guide. I had better not use the word guide, this is not a guide. It is a person who wants to learn English, and if I pay for a room, maybe cost me 10 dollars per day for room and board; I will have a new friend to travel with me to Dhulikhel Nepal.

This is an experiment for me; I am trying to find persons to temporarily travel with to these no-name cities. I am not going to Dhulikhel, I am going to some small village close to there, however I need a label, therefore I am using Dhulikhel.

Traveling to no-name cities, with no tourist, no clear reason to enter, other than to look at people is difficult for me. I can go easy, however the boredom or too many questions can be a killer. Sometimes you do not talk to anyone for days, the next time the collect me and make me sit and eat, and listen to person that talk three words of English.


It is lonely and not a thrill, it is real. IF you seen how some of the other tourist dressed, you would understand.

Dhulikhel Nepal

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