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Vilnius Lithuania Photos with Statues

Vilnius Lithuania Photos

This is a naked woman statue; there is always a naked woman or man statue in all cities. I like the mermaid, it is better statue than most, and however the artists revel often in creation of questionable designs. There is statue in England as you enter one of the major parks that seems to be reward or benefit to the devil, like evil is good.

This is a question mark; there are multiple small doors on the barn or garage behind the house. Maybe there are many units in the home and every home has one unit, or possible this is to separate animals. Hard to know, I am not sure how long multiple families home have been in existence.

This is a great photo, a blowers attached to the outside of home, I have never seen this type of device used in this manner.

Travel or communication can be problem in all countries, however the misconceived representation that Europeans speak good English causes problem. My misinterpretation of the abilities is probably because I meet many travelers that do indeed speak great English. However, I have found the average person in most of the Eastern European countries speaks almost or very little English; about the same as if you wanted Americans to speak Spanish, you can find some that speak a little about anywhere.

I am now making signs to help me in the Bus Station or on the bus to indicate clearly, where I am going. My bad pronunciations is alleviated or mediated.


What is this?
This small hoop is located on the front of a home; there are bushes directly in front of the hoop, then the sidewalk. When the home was constructed maybe, there were no bushes or sidewalk and the use was more obvious.

What is this?
This may be a water tower; it is located outside the city along side the road in small scatters of homes. There were three situated maybe 500 meters apart in this area.

Bad photo, however what do you want, the bus was moving.

Look at the spelling of Vilnious, it appears to be spelled Vilniaus, however this could be another city, however I think it is spelled different for the same city.

7:00 AM Taxi
Friday July 8, 2005

I asked the manager of the impossible to spell correctly Filaretai Hostel here in Vilnius, Lithuania when the office opened in the morning, he wish to know why. I said so I can call a taxi, he said there would be no problem. He asked me at what time I wanted a Taxi and I said, 7:00 AM.

He looked at me as if he had never awoken that early in life, and I was crazy.

Taxi came as agreed, and this is good as represents the cultural ability to work. It cost 10.20 Lithuania money to the bus stop; this is maybe about 3 Dollars. U.S. The guy had a meter, upon arriving I was able to find a bus leaving in 25 minutes, so all is good.

I am thinking the price of a taxi is a good value in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for sure, I am told the price of countries goes down. This means from my experimentation that Eastern Europe can be easy to travel. Germany is still a hassle, although I think Poland is cheap.

The cost of Hostel is too high in Riga and Tallinn, however if you worked very hard I think you could find a room in both for 10 Dollars, instead of the 20-25 Dollars. Riga is a very convenient city, however for sure living inside the tourist bubble.

I will go to Marijampole or something like that, close to the border of Poland, and then I have to find a room. So far, my luck at finding rooms in small places has been good. I think the taxis could be help; however, no one in Lithuania speaks English worth a hoot. I need to figure out a way to communicate, they just ignore me, so very difficult to figure out, sign language, writing thing down etc, does not work when people ignore you.

Curiosity Traveler

I am slowly reaching one of my goal... hehehe
I wish to tap into the collective knowledge of the world.

The internet is interactive, a person can comment on my issues or photos. My biggest problem of travel is the total lack of information about the things that interest me.

I stopped today and looked at what at first I thought was a basketball rim. What is this thing, who know, I will post soon. However I see traveler writer and guidebooks, magazine only talking about what they know. This it not travel, a traveler needs to learn about what they do not know.
So my goal is slowly evolving to where we all can post pictures of items and we can all learn or be curious about the world togethers. I know it is possible to take pictures of every strange item on the planet, and then we can learn together. This is why I really wish people would post their answers in the comments below the post on the blog. Then the world can learn along with me, that people for helping a traveler in a strange land, learn about the strange thing he encounters.

It is raining, it rained yesterday, this would spoil the traveler that must keep moving to enjoy lifes day, it just allows me to read my book "Alaska" by James Michener.
That man is a wonder, all those page and really before the computer.

London Bombers - Are they the Devil

London Bombers - Are they the Devil
The people that represent this religion are the Devil, they are evil to kill, then everyone just stands around and does not point their finger at the real problem. A religion that is working hand in hand with the devil.

Al Qaeda, the devil has many faces.

London Bombers

Reservations Kick me out of Filaretai Youth Hostel

I must leave tomorrow.
Reservations Kick me out of Filaretai Youth Hostel

Annoying... I am in a Backpacker Hostel and now I must leave, I will leave Vilnius as I am looking to find something normal. These tourist bubbles are killing me, I need a place where I can see a hardware, a shoe shop, a normal store. I am tired of Souvenir shops and restaurants selling nothing but food from other countries. It would be nice to see a tourist restaurant in Lithuania with a sign.

Lithuania Food

Ok, Vilnius is better than Riga for medieval Building and for sure it has two things.

1. More great looking churches, they challenge Chang Mai, Thailand for number of Religious buildings.
2. Stunning blond girls, I am not sure how.

However the city is very confusing from Filaretai Youth Hostel direction and I am not up to bothering with all the maps. It is definitely a city that would take a week to figure out clearly. I wish there was a sign for walking tours in the Hostel, I think I would pay to not be confused.

This is the first time in 8 years of travel I have actually had to leave because of a reservation. I did get kicked out of some Golden Crap place in Pai, Thailand. I think they did not like it that I did not sit around smoking dope like all the other travelers.

Lithuania Architecture Photos

Lithuania Architecture Photos

This arch is leading to somewhere, I suppose to a courtyard, this is very common here in Vilnius Lithuania. I see on the older and the newer. This does not have a gate, a gate would indicate to me a problem with theft and safety. This seem on the minor levels of safety problems, however the courtyards is a safety thing for sure.

Older Arch

I call this a Second Empire, however it was not only Napoleon who used.

What is this? I took photo from bus.

Lithuania Home Photos

Lithuania Home Photos

These are older home, however the clap board construction is around, however I think they have replaced with the concrete rooms.

On the left is the newer type shingles made of some type of plastic like material, and on the right is the Asbestos type, the Asbestos type is common, and is common in the whole world.

There are lots of balconies in Lithuania, and Vilnius has a 3-4 floor type of standard it appears.

These are the new type of living quarters as we entered Lithuania in the bus, they are like the higher rise type building in Turkey. This is rat and mouse type of life like there is in Paris. Very compact and organized living, I personally believe this type of living is bad for the mind and creates all sorts of mice in the brain problems.

A home in Lithuania

Photo from the bus.

Estonia Latvia Lithuania Culture

Estonia Latvia Lithuania Culture

I have noticed that they ignore completely what I am saying no matter how I say it, or what I do... I am good at sign language.

Eye contact is not made and they miss or are not able to communicate. These culture have a very poor ability to deal with direct comments. I am having a great time saying,
"Hello, how are you today?"
It drive these three countries crazy and I think nobody ever says hello.

I went into this grocery store, held up my ATM or Bank Card and made motions of putting this into the machine. They finally shake their head and say no, I go out and start to walk further down the street.

This Bank Machine is inside their store and pointed out, just goes to show you that you really need to be careful when asking people for help. The receptionist at the Hostel said there was none in the old town and I needed to go the miles back to the bus station to find a Bank Machine. This machine is right down the hill from the Hostel.

Beer and Alcohol takes up about 20 percent of all store and in the smaller stores a higher percentage.

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