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Wanted Van Help from Readers

Wanted Van Help from Readers
I have deposited money to purchase a Van here in Marijampole, Lithuania. The place is a city that sells cars to Russians and the Stan Brothers, so they must do the paper work fast.

However, I have questions.

1. How long to get registration?
2. What type of license plate I will receive?
3. It there a little sticker that needs to be on the plate that allows me to travel in all the European Union Countries?
4. What type of insurance to I need to travel in all the European Union countries, is there a special name.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, I really need to figure this all out and make a checklist of my worries, and get this solved before I pay the money on Tuesday. I have Monday and hopefully this person Robert that speaks English is going to help, however who knows, maybe he gets around to calling me too late. I will spend all day on Monday trying to talk to the Insurance and Police about these issues

This is the problem, very few people talk English, and the ones that do are young and not so wise about helping or understanding these types of problems.

Please make comments below; it will help the others in the same type of situation.

Traveling by Van in Europe

Traveling by Van in Europe

I am finding that the idea of traveling around Europe in a van has energized me, I am actually looking forward to seeing Europe now, normally I am just annoyed with the inane love of Europe by everyone. The Europeans are in love with themselves and the USA is in love with Europe. To me it has always been an annoying piece of land in the way, and the worst travel value on the planet. There is history in every country, so this stupid comment about history is always silly; there is a long history everywhere. I am not so interested in only white people history.

Right now I am getting a real desire to find out about Black people history or Africa, in fact the Van is a possible option for doing the across the middle of Africa trek, expeditions or long drive in the desert. Oh yes, this is maybe Safariā€¦ hehehe, the whole world is in love with themselves and enamored with their great adventures, they need to come up with better and greater ways to say how they travel.

I believe the train sucks in Europe, it runs at the wrong time, make my life difficult and cost a fortune. The Eurolines or bus system of Europe is a better value for my money and I actually get to see a country. Trains go fast, do not slow down, do not turn curves and for the most part just thread their way though trees quickly and fast, hard to see any culture, however if you wish to see the trees maybe it is better.

I feel the best way to see Europe is to drive; Europe is in many ways worst than the USA for travel. The whole USA speaks the same language, and the Greyhound bus is possible to book online or really, you do not need to book, just show up.

Eurolines bus has this stupid way of making web sites for every country with a completely different system for each country. Then there is the language problem, you have to figure out the website in the mind of a different culture. If there, was just one guide to the times and routes to all the cities in the Eurolines system then you could just show up like the Greyhound in the USA.

With Greyhound you can check city to city, and then get the times, it is still not great.

There is some train book of the world, maybe by Cook that explains all the train routes. I really should figure out where to buy this.

I have figure it out, it is about 1000 miles from here to Frankfurt with a small detour to the Stuttgart area to see my friend Sabine, the cost in Gas is maybe 150-200 U.S. dollars and probably the same as the bus tickets, and easier to figure out.

Russia - India and the Stan Brothers

Russia - India and the Stan Brothers

Map and explanation about getting a Russian Visa in Tallinn Estonia.

I am making some progress on trying to figure out how to get an Invitation and Visa to Russia quickly and simply. I met a very good traveler, level head and makes good decisions in Riga, Latvia who was on his way to Tallinn, Estonia to get a Visa to travel to Russia.

For sure the easy way to enter Russia is from the West side or the Europe side, the Mongolia, China side is just ridiculous unless you already have your Visa from your home country, getting your Visa in Asia is too difficult and very to expensive.


hi andy,
ended up giving my passport to a travel agent to sort out. costs about the
same as doing it yourself. 1200 eek, but 1070 eek if you have proof of
travel insurance. thats for australians anyway. its at Leon Travel in
Tallin. also heard you can get a ukraine visa from
st. petersburg for about $120 us, fast tracked in three days, that was for
an american.
take it easy mate
This is great, I am trying to figure out how to travel across Russia with the least amount of headache, and Tallinn is a great place to hang around for a week while I get a Visa.


To travel from Europe to Asia you have two major choices, and two routes that are more difficult by land with the Stan Brothers

1. Fly from Frankfurt, Germany to Bangkok, Thailand
2. Go from Finland or Estonia across Russia, to Mongolia, to Peking, China by train.
3. Land across the Stan Brothers.


4. Lower route across Iran, Pakistan, to India, up across Nepal and over from Lhasa to wherever.

I suppose I will take all of these routes by the time I am done. I met a German woman who drove from Germany to India by land, now that is an interesting proposition


Leon Travel in Tallinn Estonia

St Petersburg Russia Help

Travelers Guesthouse

Will fax invitation as Part of Travelers Guesthouse in Saint Petersburg Russia

Travelers Guesthouse
129110, Moscow, Russia
Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya st. 50, 10th floor
tel.+7 (095) 631 40 59
tel.+7 (095) 680 43 00
fax +7 (095) 680 76 86

Email to Travelers Guesthouse

Made Deal to Buy Mercedes Camper Van

I am going to buy or I put money down to close a deal on a Mercedes Camper Van on Tuesday. That is when I need to figure out all the paperwork and pay them. It is an old van, tall enough to stand inside, has a shower and can sleep 5 close friends, and 4 not so close friends.

Has a cooking range and fridge, however no toilet, guess I can buy a portable, or go for the woods.

Seem perfect, I am still trying to slice and dice the huge language problem. I need to be sure to get done whatever needs done as far as insurance and plates to travel all of Europe.

I weighed it a lot and there are windows, I think passengers would like to look out the window, this is really a camper van, however smaller like a van, with the vaulted ceilings. I just made the deal an hour ago, and now I have to suss out the business on Monday and close the deal on Tuesday, then I go to Poland.

Amazing the number of stunning blonds in Lithuania, fake or real, who cares.

Note I am figuring this way.
I save on gas because I can share with people, has room to take up to 7 including me easily.

I save on food cost because I can buy from groceries and store.

I get to see the real countries and stay out of the Tourist Bubbles.

I need a break from Hotels and Hostels.

No packing and unpacking.

I will probably sleep along the way about two to three nights per week, this will save about 50 USA per week, minimal.

Just another life.

Marijampole Lithuania with a Railway Track

Marijampole Lithuania
I am happily settled in Marijampole, Lithuania located close to the western border of Lithuania, just before you enter Poland. A quirky city that is on a railway track and maybe you would say the main road corridor leading to Poland.

Automobile or Cars Sales City

This city of Marijampole is a major trade center for this area; it as best I can figure out so far sells many cars to Russia speaking people. Robert the son of a person selling cars that came to the car lot to translate was explaining that people from the country of Kazakhstan come to purchase cars here. The one car salesperson was saying that one van came from Holland and another from Germany. Hard to say, however maybe the cheaper cars are in Germany or Holland, however difficult to access values across multiple countries. Local people do not normally understand the economic impact from country to country or the trade that occurs. The normal local person does not know more than the snapshot of their location.

This city is an importer or distributor of cars purchased from other locations, I believe it behooves me to try to understand this type of economic phenomena.

Travel Europe in a Van

James Micheners book the Drifter talks about a group of travelers going around Europe in a Van, this is the stereotype.

Here is a Hostel International poster and showing the same stereotype. Where is this world?

I am trying to buy a van presently in this small city.

VolksWagons, some are Diesel or Benzine...

I am learning on the fly, I think I need some type of European Union sticker on the plate.

I finally realized that sometimes the gas cap will say if the vehicle is gas or diesel.

I looked very hard at this Ford Transit for 1300 Euros, the cars are sold in Euros.

Marijampole Lithuania Kindness

Marijampole Lithuania Kindness
I sometime believe the cause of all anger or discourse between nations starts with people in cities. I entered a small city by the name of Marijampole and have been amazed at the warm and helpful welcome I have received. The people of Vilnious were cold and distant, in many ways just annoyed to try to help or be of help to anyone. I do not see this as being only to foreigners or tourist; I did not see kindness to their own people. However here in Marijampole there has a been unbelievable levels of welcome.

This man works for Ecolines Bus systems, not Eurolines, Ecolines. I was walking around outside the bus station trying to access or figure out where the center of Marijampole was located. I decided to walk into a bus office and kill to birds with one stone, ask about the location of the center, and learn about possible bus tickets.

Alec and Christina helped me to find a Hotel, explained the location of the center of the city. Alec called around found the best price on a Hotel, and then drove me in his car to the Hotel for free. What a great guy.

The guy on the right is Robert, his father on the left. Robert is helping me to buy a van, this whole city is a rarity, everyone goes out of their way. The taxi driver went to four places to find this Internet Cafe, asked questions and really helped.

Vilnius Lithuania Church Photos

Vilnius Lithuania Church Photo

Church in Vilnious

Church in Vilnious

Church in Vilnious

I wanted so badly to take a photo of this wonderful Knight, the sun was to the back of this Knight and I had to take the photo from this direction to keep the sun at my back.

A nice statue down below my hostel.


A tower in Vilnious or Vinouas Lithuania

An interesting combination of statue, and two churches or two steeples. Vilnious had many churches.

Artist in Vilinius Lithuania

Artist in Vilnius Lithuania