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Internet Access Liechtenstein

Internet Access Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein 7:46 AM Friday, July 29 2005

I have a need to think in Liechtenstein, everything I do involving the internet has become 5 times more difficult than normal Europe and 10 times more difficult than the normal Americas or Asia Internet

I need to go and stray to my website and add some information to help the topic or subject of

This is what I added, as I need to isolate or separate the travel type of internet access from the home use type of internet.

"The Big Internet Access Myth."
"Europe has great internet access!"
"The USA has great internet access!"

There are two type of internet access for people.
1. Home used internet, by you own computer in your home.
2. Public access, such as in an internet cafe, library, etc, that allows a person to walk up and use.

Europe and the USA have great Internet access for the Home number one and terrible for number two. While Asia and the Americas have great number two, and maybe a bigger problem on number two.

Nonetheless, I am in one of the worst places on the planet for internet access for the traveler. No internet cafés in this area, the cost of this coin-operated one in the Hostel cost about 12 dollars per hour, or about 9 dollars more than expensive Germany, and about 24 times more than Lithuania or Asia and Americas.

The only time I saw this high was in Montezuma beach in Costa Rica about 7 years ago when really the beach did not have internet. The cost of Satellite access in Corioco, Bolivia or maybe on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand has never reached this mark.

The start of this was my inadvertent insult or miscommunication with the “Private Banker,” as I said,
“Liechtenstein has terrible Internet Access.”

What I mean, it there is ZERO good internet access locations for the average traveler. I have arranged to use the internet in the Video shop on the other side of Vaduz from the Hostel a very long walk or a bus trip for 2.4 Swiss Frank. I purchased the 6-day pass of 10 Francs, which works great and immensely cheaper. However, I have seen many travelers just getting on and not pay, as it is an honor system.

Photo of Video shop that allows me use for 5 Franc per hour however, a very long walk or you pay 2.5 France for bus, a 7.5 Franc net cost. The people in the shop are very friendly.

Wifi Access in Liechtenstein Hostel

In the Youth Hostel International in Schaan or Vaduz, Lichtenstein, I tried to figure this one out, however in the end could not feel safe as to how to connect to any of the listed systems. The cost to me is extremely high for a backpacker and to me at a level where the only backpacker that would for me make sense would be the super rich kids. There is maybe 20 percent of the backpackers that could pay 100 Euros per night and are only living in the Hostels so they can say they was backpackers. There is snobbery associated with travel and sometimes a person is only looking for some form of bragging rights.

Cost in Swiss Franc of Wifi Access

Available access durations:
30 minutes CHF 7.-
2 hours CHF 15.-
24 hours CHF 29.-
7 days CHF 98.-

The Hostel has a small franchised machine that emits a wifi signal and they earn a profit from the connections. This internet here the Hostel was the least used Hostel internet access I have ever seen, plus the most expensive, 20 cent of Francs per minute.

Great Day in Liechtenstein

I had an hour discussion today with Martin, the manager of the Hostel here in Liechtenstein, he is a sincere guy and makes a good Hostel.

I did a complete interview of sorts, lots of fun and interesting, these Swiss people have the Hostels figured out, he is one of about 62 of a Swiss Chain of Hostels.

I will put the whole interview in a newsletter.

However today is clean, crisp, warm and wonderful in Liechtenstein, I really am a farm boy at heart and a country with only 30,000 people is perfect for me.

Purchased a ticket to Tuttlingen, Germany today for Saturday and will arrive around 1430, it goes through Zurich.

Sure wish I knew the email address of Brad, the guy I met in Stuttgart, I need to email him, I am still typing or doing the internet in the Video Shop in Liechtenstein, the hostel is too expensive at 12 Swiss Francs per hour. The worst part is I have some cool photos and cannot load them onto the machine in anyway, shape or form.

I am not sure, however pretty sure this link is from the Guardian Newspaper from England, a person posted it in a comment, so I should say thanks. I am sometimes a little nervous or maybe under-informed about the internet world and subject like this, because I am only able to surf for one-hour per day or mostly blog and email.,3605,1537030,00.html

Had a two hour talk with an off-shore bank or private banking person yesterday, I am going to make the conversation the tip in the next newsletter. Since there is no way to transfer information from my computer to this computer, I must wait until I return to Germany, not that these too clever Germans make life any easier.

It is always easier to use the internet in the poor countries, something is wrong here.

There was an American that knew everything about backpacks last night in my room, I am going to bleed his brain for all the ins and outs of backpack. He works for REI or some outlet for backpack in North Carolina. Amazing level of knowledge about manufacturers. I make a run to Nepal to make another prototype in September, so another bang of my head against the wall.


2 Inch Wallet Photos

2 Inch Wallet
Liechtenstein 6:45 AM Thursday July 28

I awoke and went down to the common area to watch BBC, one of two channels in English. Set up my computer, plugged in and looked around, just to the left of my couch was a large or I would say huge billfold, I call it billfold, however most countries call it a wallet. It was sitting there will a little tube of some type of cream.

I pick it up and there is a huge amount of coins in one of the pouches, then I look at the photo, is a boy that was playing pool last night, I am sure he sat down and this huge rock was too large for him to be comfortable, so he sat it down next to him. Getting up quickly he forgot the wallet and went up to his room.

Now the debate, leave it or take up to the management, the management seems to be asleep so hard to make a decision, I really do not like to be close to this as people have a way of blaming the innocent. If for some reason a person has already taken the money out of the wallet, then I could be considered guilty because I am the only person here. I am not going to open it because the more I know about this wallet, the more problems I can have, better to be ignorant, I saw the wallet.

I am now hearing some washing or dishes rattling upstairs, I am going to take this upstairs to Martin the manager, hoping that he will help and look at this as good will. In a corrupt mind, they believe what they would do, while a non-corrupt mind looks at it as being a good thing to do. The corrupt or criminal mind would say to themselves, I would take all the money from the wallet. The owners is probably honest in my opinion, however this is one of them cases where a person can take all the money out of the wallet and no way to decide when it was removed.

I am thinking I will go get my camera so I can take a photo; the big problem is my flash is broken and it is very dark in this basement common area. I will run upstairs and get my camera. I can take it upstairs at the counter and give them wallet to the management at the same time.

I see this older couple coming out of there room, there is this Hymn singing group of Christians staying here, it is the second time I have nodded my head and said hello, they just look at me like and ignore me, this is a small place and you do see the same people.

I took up, the lady of the wife came to the desk, and she asked or said,
“Too much money.”
I do not know, however she opened and looked for money, there was a Euro bill I think, and then she recognized the person.

I took many photos, hehehe, now to see if they worked with no flash, I found the fluorescent light switch for the room. The lights were off earlier and only the sun coming into the room.

This is the common area I was sitting in the morning when the boy left is wallet, watching the London Bombing news on the one station of the TV - BBC

My office while in Liechtenstein

Typing this post on the blog, however I had just seen this huge wallet over to my left, the lights were off, and only the sunlight came in, I turned them on to get all these photos, plus the flash is broken on this camera.

Huge, the reason why he left this, is because it was too huge for him to be comfortable.

The boy who left it.

Bad photo, however the zapper for reference of size, needed for good photos.

Note the Leader of the Velo or Bike group, that is part of ROTARY came and thanked me, then forced the young guy, probably 21, to come and say thank you, I do not think he would have said thank you if the leader of the group had not made him.

The leader was good, this is really a bike tour or vacation tour hostel, not a backpacker hostel, Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

Map of Liechtenstein from Hostel

I am in Liechtenstein, a very small country with maybe the worst internet connections on the planet for travelers.

My Hostel cost 10 Dollars per hour, and I cannot type because the keyboard is messed up or way to small with the keys moved around more than the normal German tzpe... hehehe

...z and y are interchanged.

This is where I am located, I think one of them places where Mafia Bosses come to hide money safe from the other Mafia Bosses. An offshore country, however hooked at the hip with Switzerland and maybe Austria.

Nice place, however clean, crisp, and nobody walks except for me.

The internet is so bad, I finally walked into a Video shop, they instantly understood the problem and gave me a normal more or less computer to use for 5 dollar per hour. Note I still cannot upload photos or pages or update my site.

I did learn that mabye uploads photos now easily for the simple users, I do not play much and do not fix problems that do not exist. Today I have a problem so I clicked on the image link on

Blogger for free, publishes my blog on my website, a control panel for my blog.

Liechenstein, I will be here for 4 days, I need to pay to guarantee I had an expensive place to stay in the Hostel International local here. Great place, however no kitchen for me to cook, all the problems done very well of a hostel. Clean dorm, and maybe the best lockers so far.
Not perfect, but very good.

Vaduy or Schaan are nestled in between two mountain like ranges in a valley, everything is green and quadrangle square organizes, like walking into a bank lobby and living.

Liechtenstein Private Banking 2005

Liechtenstein Private Banking
Wednesday July 27, 2005
I talked with this banker, I am going to make a post somewhere, I will probably type on this page, very funny.

Liechtenstein Photos with Tall Church

Liechtenstein Photos
Wednesday July 27, 2005

There is a tall church in the center of Vaduz or Liechtenstein, the probably better standard for the center is to go directly below the castle lodge in the mountain above the city.

This is grapes being grown in Liechtenstein.

View of the city being surrounded by mountains, the city is more like a long stretch of homes, there is only a very small center of the city of Vaduz, Liechtenstein that is directly below the Castle of the Prince.

This is a Independent Principality, a place ran by a Prince.


Maybe I spelled that correct, I do not care, I am on the worst internet setup for a long time.
Impossible, I will probably not blog for a few days, who knows.

I am safe and in some Hostel with no kitchen, in Shaan, or maybe Vaduz.


Stuttgart Germany to Valduz Liechtenstein

Stuttgart Train to Liechtenstein
I am on the train from Stuttgart, Germany to Valduz, or maybe Schaan, Liechtenstein, hard to say, this country I am visiting is less than 30 miles long, so the map is not very good simple on distances.

However, this morning has been interesting with the two people in the Hostel with me being good fun and an interesting morning of conversation. We all went down to the Train Station at the same time and share the misery of trying to figure out where to go together.

I laughed when the woman at the ticket counter told me that everyone speaks English, I would have to totally disagree. If you can find a person they may 50/50, speak English. The train was schedule on my ticket for “Gleis 15,” therefore I was set, I had a couple of hours to wait, then off to Liechtenstein, however at the last few minutes the sign said something about 16, and for next 20 minutes I attempted to find a person, conductor, worker, or any type of attendant that could confirm that I need to get on the 16 track train. Finally, as the door was ready to close, a woman came along, looked at my schedule, and nodded here head.

Therefore, I am 95 percent; sure, I am on the right train, if nothing else I will go to Austria.

I have a reservation in Liechtenstein for one night, and maybe will book more if I want after I arrive, hard to say, as always the data is sketchy and can be misleading. I always like to peruse a city before I make a decision, however this is not possible in Europe, I really do need a reservation or a van to drive around, one of the two. There was only one Hostel in the so I had no choice, this is ok, work best in cities where you do not need a reservation, however one is better than none. at least list a few extra choices, I am getting excited with this because they are good, they are my prime choice now for Hostel information.

The two travelers from the Hostel were interesting; we went to some Jazz Club for a couple of hours last night and talked a lot. I was laughing as our Hostel was surrounded by Sex Shops and Prostitutes from every part of the world. Mostly I think from Africa as they were 80 percent black, we asked them for directions by accident before learned, and did this also with a pimp, he was polite, spoke English and said,
“I am sorry, I do not know this Bar, however if you want a wife, I can help.”

We had a good time however all of us only stayed one night in Stuttgart because we could not find a room for tonight, and there was zero help or temptations to go see things. The Mercedes Museum was the only option or offered idea.

I do not like trains, not because they are not great and comfortable, it is because they are never convenient. I am not going to arrive until about 6:00 PM and this is late for me, I NEED a reservation, there is no choice.

I can if I wish spend 4 hours organizing, buying my train ticket when I arrive, and this to me is time of travel, I include all this Mickey Mouse planning time as part of travel time. A bus in most countries can be grabbed easily in the morning and you really do see more of the country. A train goes through nature, while a bus will also go through the towns and cities on a more up close and personal level.

I am somewhat excited about Liechtenstein, if I can learn to spell the country, then I will be doing well. Five days in Stuttgart was going to be four days too many, so I am doing great. I skipped Czech Republic and will go back later, I really do not want to visit the party center of Europe during the highest of the high season, and this seems for me like asking for a tourist headache, I cannot be bothered to deal with the lemmings.

I will try to buy a ticket again tonight for Israel on 9 August, I tried last night however, I needed to transfer money, and I do not think the Visa card would work when the money was only transferred a few minutes below into the account. I am hoping this is the problem; otherwise, I will pay about 75 dollars more to buy a ticket with a travel agency. Turkish Airlines is the cheap one from Frankfurt, and Olympic, however the Olympic site is very stupid in design.

Funny, an Islamic country selling cheap tickets to Israel?

I am going now into the Alps or the mountain ranges at the bottom of Germany, top of Switzerland or in Austria, this is why I came, at this juncture I am 150 miles more or less and do not have to go that far into the mountains or from West to East cross them, this would be very expensive, I read that Liechtenstein does not have an airport, however there are more offshore companies set up there than people.

Liechtenstein is one of them countries that main business is hiding money and making great tax deals for rich people, I am going to try to check out Hosting for internet sites in the countries, I do not know how much personal tax they pay, however a German country with good tax benefits is better probably than a Malaysian or Singapore country spending their whole time being deceptive. German is hard to deal with, however what you ask for, IF YOU ASK CORRECTLY they will give you.

I had to get out the guidebook and shoe the exact spelling of the city and country so I could by the train ticket, you either enter Germany on a perfect level or you get a no or nein or shake their head in disgust as if you are stupid. There is a definite I am superior attitude to the German people, or I cannot be bothered unless you are perfect with me. Too much stupid, I would have purchase my ticket from a travel agent last night for Israel if she would not have given me the attitude I know everything and you know nothing. She said there were no tickets available, and I already knew the airlines, times, and what the availability was, I just want a close price and I would buy from the travel agent. I do believe they are doomed to end, there is a limit to the public’s stupidity and how long they will tolerate lack of good service and good prices.

I am getting a little motion sick or dizzy, the train is bouncing and I am at the end of my tolerance to being sick. Bye.