Liechenstein Travel Stories

I am proud of England

I keep thinking how proud I am of England for kicking butt, and taking names on this London Bomb problem, three people arrested in one day and in less than 8 days after the situation.

I always call them a brother to the USA.
A mean older brother, however still a brother, hmmm.. does that make France a sister? France is trying to leave the family...

Frankfurt Germany to Tel Aviv Israel Flight

I purchased a ticket from Frankfurt Germany to Tel Aviv Israel Flight for 302 Euro with Turkish Airlines

Hope this works out, I tried to buy from a travel agent in Stuttgart and she said there was no tickets, and the price was 50 Euros more, I try to buy offline if possible. However this looks like it will do good.

I will go see Oren a guy trying to immigrate to Israel, my feeling is he is leaving and de-immigrating. He is Canadian, that is not his fault, he was born that way. hehehe

He is a great guy, very funny, and a real good traveler, always seems to like or hook up with Japanese women. I think his body is the same body structure as a Japanese person.

Buchs Train Station Liechtenstein

Buchs Train Station Liechtenstein
10:22 AM Saturday, July 30 2005

I am sitting at the Buchs Liechtenstein Train Station, my train leaves at 11:10 AM and I will change trains for Tuttlingen, Germany in Zurich.

I am worried about the train station in Zurich, I have plenty of time or about 40 minutes, however they say the train to Zurich is sometimes late. Changing trains in Europe to me is a hassle, there is never any persons around to help, yes they have an information desk, however on the short changes, like less than 20 minutes I need to go strait for the next gate or Gleis as they say in German.

I am doing research.

“What is the large cities where the train in Zurich will go, or my train?

I asked the nice lady who sold me the ticket, and after about 5 minutes of research she is saying or thinking I should look for the sign on the wall or marquee that says “Stuttgart.”

I am looking at the map in my Encarta Encyclopedia to see if there is any bigger cities on the map, that could be used instead of Stuttgart. If I know the largest next city it is easier, mainly because I would normally ask, however this is difficult for lack of service. I really do not ask, I point a the city on the ticket and point or maybe now say Gleis. If a worker wishes they can look at the ticket and help, if I speak English they are more than willing to ignore me and walk away.

I find that most travelers seem so excited they make it, and would never be willing to admit that it is a major hassle. This is like saying to another traveler, I am not good at travel. I really like it when 5-10 people are screaming in my face cities, and I can just say or hold up a piece of paper with the name of the city and they will more or less shove me on a train or bus, this is easier, however not as clean.

I think I am on train number 182(a) or something ab.

Leaving Liechtenstein

Leaving Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein 6:15 AM Saturday, July 30 2005

I am happy to be leaving Liechtenstein today, it will be great to have some new things to look at, and a little less free time. There is a balance in my body that is needed, hard to modulate when I travel, however I am under my daily need of excitement. Liechtenstein is a resting place for me, a great country home in the middle of a beautiful mountain range. This is by far the most expensive Hostel I have ever lived in, maybe the most sterile and least like home.

This is a real strange thought process for me, I catch myself analyzing many situations and wonder why, it is interesting to me that my mind has no ability to ignore anything. I notice everything, this lady became a little enrages or better to say frustrated because as we walked down this long field behind the Hostel I stopped to take photos of Lettuce, Carrots and Potato plants growing. She said when I went to take a photo of a Horse,

“What, don’t they have horses in the USA?”

She is a black woman, about 55 living in Germany, however grew up in England and her parents are from Jamaica.

This is a German conception of the world a perception that is very German, not British, the British would maybe say the same, however not with logic more with the idea of who cares. This cynical, not interested, belittling attitude is a problem in Europe and of course among young people. Adults normally start to learn to encourage people to take interest in the many things that have no value in making money.

I see the horse as something the same as the USA, and shows how we are the same.

Hmm Not Wandering the Planet

I see myself as a person wandering the planet, wondering what to do?

However I am finding I have plenty to do when traveling in Europe, I must and need to stay very organized and follow some rules.

Get a room Reservation.
Book my transportation whether bus, train or what not soon after I arrive.
Plan the day I am leaving the day I arrive.

More anal is to plan all of this before you arrive, but there are limits to me giving up the life of a wanderer.

However, my friend Sabine helped me find a room in Tuttlingen, Germany close to here home where I am going to visit soon on Monday and Tuesday, before another not wandering trip up to Frankfurt for the Encyclopedia Convention.

Great, I have a reservation all is hunkz dory...
I go to my room, thinking I will hang around, talk, watch some tube, (Only BBC)
Sitting there I realized, I do not have the information on the Hotel, I need the name, address, etc, and a reservation without this is not good.

I am used to being in countries where there are internet cafes very close, cheap and easy, all of South America, Central, and Asia, NOT Europe.

Ok, so I take this 20 minute trip back to the Hostel, my day was complete and suddenly I realize I must return to write or copy down all the information. What a drag, what a non-wondering moment in my life. Demands of travel take away from the travel, sometimes though I think the normal traveler loves this scheduling, like there is a challenge to keeping organized, more of an annoyance to me, and certainly not wandering the planet.

I am going to give up, I am going to buy a cell phone so I can get reservations the next time I come to Europe. I hope I can also access the internet when I am out in the jungle, the cell phones in primitive countries have better coverage because they do not lay down the cable or wire now, just install cells.

English typed by German person

Hey Andy !
I made a reservation at the Hotel Rosengarten, Königstr.17 (name of the street), 28 Euros per night incl. breakfst,it´s in the center of Tuttlingen. Phone 0 74 61 - 96 27 0.Take a bus from the railwaystation to the "ZOB" (central busstation).Ask there for the Hotel, it´s 5 min. to walk.I don´t know when I´m back on sunday evening, I call you then !o.k.!

Note this is a private room and only 8 Euros more than the not so friendly Hostels I have been staying in, I believe there is this whole level of Hotels that is off the network, I know there exist many cheap business travel hotels on the fringe of cities in the USA for about 20-25 Dollars USA money.

Liechtenstein Extreme Friendly People

I have been laughing, there are two types of people in Liechtenstein.

1. Extremely helpful and friendly, normally the person on the bus or just around you.

2. Extremely unfriendly. This is normally the people in the tourist industry.

I had a girl volunteer on the bus directions to train station yesterday, making sure I understood.

Trying to buy T-shirt today the world worst B"*çtch was waiting on me and this girl walking with me. The tourist officed directly across street was a 3-4 on a scale of 10
10 being very friendly.

This is not a tourist city, it is place where people hide money. However for two Euros or something they will stamp your passport to say you was here. I learned this as the girl I was walking with stopped there to pay for the stamp.

I have a chance to visit all the countries of the world, I am under the impression, I cannot bother myself to prove to the world. They will have to trust me.


BRAD - Gay Convention in Liechtenstein

I keep forgetting to carry the email address with me and I want to give a heads up notice to Brad from Canada.... WARNING
Starts Saturday 30 of July and they all are going to live in Youth Hostel Schaan - Vaduz Liechtenstein.

I am leaving tomorrow morning, I asked the owner if you made a reservation, he said you reserved a room for Saturday. He also says there is a room or bed available for me, however I am ready to leave, have purchased the train ticket, and really cannot be bothered to live in the Hostel with this new group. Normal groups for this place are bike riders, every day.

The Hostel is the home for a few days as best I understand to a group of Gay people, both men and women for a convention of sorts. I have no idea actually.

Brad have fun... hehehe (He is not Gay)

I am not Gay, therefore I am off Brad, have fun... heheheh
I am off to Tuttlingen, Germany to see my friend Sabine.

Too Funny...

The funny part is the European Union as best I can understand is paying the cost, some 200,000 plus Euros for this group to stay in these places.

Error on the side of Safety

Error on the side of Safety
Liechtenstein 7:46 AM Friday, July 29 2005

I am going up to breakfast, I have been working on my computer in the common area or the TV room, I have to walk up three flights of stairs to put my computer in the very safe locker box outside my room.

I can just walk into the dining room and eat the buffet, place the computer bag by my chair or better on the top of the table. Much faster and easier.

However for sure this is the worst idea, I will take the most conservative option because I do not want to accidentally forget the computer bag and leave in the dining area or make available while I am loading my plate for a quick nab.

The manager Martin says that nobody has ever been robbed here; I believe him and do not believe him. There is always theft in any accommodations, however for sure very few of the trailer Euro-Trash, or Ameri-Trash come here, Liechtenstein is for sure the place for the cultural traveler and the ever present bike riders are more the rich city kids, again not prone to this type of theft, more the corporate type.

Aagh three flights and a walk, the hard choice, but the best choice, robbery happens because I would make the easy choice, not the conservative choice, one is guaranteed safe, while the other is maybe. I error on the side of caution.

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