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German Hoboes

German Hoboes

Photos of Journeyman or some form of tradesman’s, I was told Zimmerman or Timmermans. I am not sure exactly, however the explanation I received from another traveler is these people travelers work their way around by trading carpentry skills or similar skills for room and board. Hard to say, for sure, I do not understand this, however I am pretty sure they are German. I am saying they are Hoboes because this is the classic definition of a Hobo, a person that travels from place to place looking for work. In addition, there are carrying a stick with a bindle.

Bindle of their bags on a stick.

Latvia Girl

Photo of Latvia Girl

A beauty on the phone, the typical stance of the women of the world in this epic of time.

Typical and pretty, thin, tall, and dyed hair, not so proper, on the tall and slinky side, a girl with the low hip pants.

Bright clothe, nothing shy on colors, and polka dots, flowered pants, many way of looking bright in Latvia girls, of course they could also be Russian, I have no way of knowing.

I am thinking this region of the world has the funky colored hair on the planet, this not natural in a way women checking Chad and Australian out in the RIMI grocery store had this bright red hair. Very common in this region of the world, funny looking.

Motorcycle Latvia

Motorcycle Latvia

These two English boys are presently trapped in Latvia; they bribed their way across the border, and were not permitted to enter Estonia. The motorcycles are new and they do not have registration. I guess the world wants to know they are not stolen, go figure.

Riga Old Town Hostel Riga Latvia

Riga Old Town Hostel Riga Latvia

Unfortunately, I made the wrong choice, I stayed in the Argonauts and should have stayed here, just out the underpass and across the street from the International Bus stop, and this is the ideal place for me.

43 Valnu Street
+371 7223406
In the next life, or next time to Riga, this is my top choice, just too convenient, with a full on kitchen, TV, and cable, more like home. I am annoyed that the kitchen of the Argonauts did not have a stove. Like an insult to be called a kitchen, missing essentials to the definition of kitchen.

This is in the Riga Old Town Hostel; it is a site map of the city of Riga, with lots of explanation below the map explaining how to visit local places. I consider this a Five Star type need for a top-notch hostel. I only see this in about one in 30 Hostels or Hotel on the planet.

This is Dave and Colin; we had a great dinner cooked on a real stove in the Riga Old Town Hostel. I met Dave in Tallinn, he is a chef, and Colin is from Wales, he makes money buying and fixing up old home, then selling.

Party Riga Latvia

Party Riga Latvia

This is probably one of the party central cities of Europe, for sure now one of the Stag Party of Bachelor Party locations of Europe.

Two Dutch Girls and Dutch boy with his arm up and a man from Wales.

Colin from Wales with the hard body girl from the Netherlands.

Me with my future wife, although she does not agree in the least with this idea, I asked her to travel across central Africa with me, however I am really not getting anywhere. She is a great girl of 23, says I am old enough to be her father; she has no mercy on me.

They told her in Morocco they would give 25,000 camels for her; I proceed to say that was a lot of money for one girl of course saying that she was not worth 25,000 Camels did not make time. I had a lot of fun with this group, in the party capital of Riga Latvia.

I go their emails like a wise man would, they are from The Hague, Holland or The Netherlands.

Bauska Latvia

I am off by bus to Bauska, Latvia, Europe is so easy on travel, only about one-two hours away, a walk in the park. It is on the south border of Latvia close to Lithuania. I am doing the chase to look for real Latvia, a place again on the map not in the guidebook, or at least not in mine.

I admit I am having more fun in Europe this time, with my two-wheel cart I have not broken my back with the great amount of walking in Europe.

The other travelers here in the Baltic States are a high level of conversation, Berlin was more on the MTV and less on anything. Riga is a full on, no stop party city, however it is fun and interesting wrapped in the Medieval style. Lots of strippers and one traveler was actually complaining saying he wanted to me nice girls. This is not normal for a traveler to say.

I went out with two Dutch girls, a Wales man, a Portugal guy and few miscellaneous last night, lots of fun and crazy, however Sunday night so less crazy.

I am really wanting now to buy a Van so my Hotel problem would be solved, the need for reservations is a real problem for me, I just like to wander, not wonder if I have a room.

I go for the bus now, have photos!

Map of Latvia in Riga

Map of Latvia
I am Riga, Latvia, I will go south to Lithuania tomorrow I hope, I am not sure where as my goal of going to Belarus has to be delayed until after the conference in Frankfurt because I do not have time.

I am thinking I will post an advertisement or flyers in cities saying.

I want to buy Van will pay 1000-2000 Euros, now I the problem is to get this translated and printed. Europe is not good on internet cafes and services, so much more difficult.

Riga Latvia

Riga Latvia
Riga is the capital of Latvia, a city with maybe 850-1,000,000 people I would guesstimate. Feels like there are many people congregating here so I expect it is growing. There is a port on the Gulf of Riga or the Baltic Sea, so positioned good for industrial activity. This is the first Industrial type area I have seen in Eastern Europe as Estonia seem vacant of mass employers, I had hard time understanding where the money was earned in Estonia.

There is suppose to be a Moat here, I will try to walk until I find this, I love moats, walls, and ways a city fortified itself against invaders. Tallinn, Estonia had a wall; however, I suspect they also used water. I will nose around today and see what I can discover. The emphasis here is on drinking, and the conversations are not about great places to see, more about the escapades of drinking.

I sussed this out from my Encarta Encyclopedia; I am excited to see as I am told the offline version of Encyclopedia. The online version is open source, as I understand and people contribute, this means the volume of information increases on esoteric or unique information. I am looking forward to opening my insights at the convention on August 4 in Frankfurt; this should be a wealth of research help.

There is a Guild Hall in the Riga, and that is far as I get in the encyclopedia, I then have to look up the word Guild with is more or less a group of individuals that grouped together to help set standards for trade in the area. However, this concept is suspect, however of course any comment is the world is suspect, and however some are better than others are.

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