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Wailing Wall Photos Jerusalem

Here are many photos of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall or maybe called the Western Wall is a Jewish Religious place, this link by those Wiki's probably tells it better.

Serious and solemn, and they got to be hot with all them clothes on.

Both the dressed for the religion garb and not dressed however the same religion.

Wailing Wall

Only men are permitted, my friend Anna had to stay out, then I had to put on this little cardboard hat to cover my head.

The Wailing Wall or the Western Wall in Jerusalem Israel or maybe Palestine.

I was captivated by the water fountain, only in the most modern of worlds or countries will there be a free water fountain, a real mix of extreme advanced society with the very present tribal mentality of Jerusalem.

View of city, looks like La Paz, Bolivia, however white concrete and not red clay roofs.

City or Photos of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the city where they crucified Christ on the Cross as best I understand, I am really more interested in finding where the "Sermon on the Mount" is located, maybe Mount Tabor, however this is of little attention however I believe the "New Testament" was spoke or given there.

Super Jew T-Shirt

Not sure what, but nice to see.

Markets are everywhere on the inside of the fort, this is really a walled city and like a protected Castle or fortress.

They play backgammon, cards, and dominoes in the sidewalks.

Hmm... I thought we threw you out already?...

This is a hole for shooting bows and arrows or guns from at one of the gates to Old Jerusalem.

Starting to Leave Gaza Today

Starting to Leave Gaza Today
August 15

This is an interesting proposition and I have no clue what to think, I am under the newer impression in my mind that there is no solution between the Israeli people and the Arab world, they will continue to kill each other for as long as their religions last, this mean the only way it will end is when the Islamic, Jewish, and probably the Christians stop worshipping.

Strange as this sounds this is happening very fast and very few people here in Tel Aviv seem to worship any Gods, this is not a Holy place and there are not many people around here adhering to any Jewish doctrine, this is more of a listen to what I am saying I am doing and not what I am doing in reality. I suppose more of the practicing atheist way of thinking.

This is the same for the entire world, the people in the USA think first of money then of their religions, then Europe has no God, except in maybe Eastern Europe.

This sound serious and gloomy however not really as nobody in my opinion is his brother’s keeper, they are just supposed to be good examples and hope that follows. Hehehe

MTV RULES the planet, religion is being replaced by the boob tube; we have children with no brains.

Bus to Jerusalem

Bus to Jerusalem
August 15

I have a friend Anna from Iceland, she is still upstairs sleeping in the dorm room, I think we will ride together today to Jerusalem, she leaves tomorrow for Iceland and I will stay in Jerusalem. The country of Israel is like a very large city in a way, I suppose it could take as long to travel across Berlin, Germany as it could take to go from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I heard a person say last night, there is never more than a 3-hour trip in Israel, this country is very small, however in many ways very confusing to me.

I do not think I am confused about the cities of the country; I am confused about what to go and visit. There are three or four major focuses of tourist here, and I am tending to believe that the only people that come to Israel come for a pilgrimage.

Definition of Pilgrimage:
religious journey: a journey to a holy place, undertaken for religious reasons (2)

There are many Jewish people in the Hostel from many countries; more or less the whole Jewish world population seems to come here to visit. On the beach there is man French Jewish people and in the hostel we have every type on the planet, it is hard to say, however I think only about five percent of the visitors to Tel Aviv are non-Jewish, I am told this will be different in Jerusalem however who knows, I suspect there are many of the I-support-Palestine-Suicide-Bombers group there, I am not wanting to listen to this group and I do not want to listen to the group of Israelis that wish to rule the Palestine people.

There are visitors to Israel:
1. Jewish people being promoted by Israel or paid to come visit, they actually pay the youth’s plane ticket and such to come and visit.

2. The older Jewish groups that wish to come and see however have no desires to move here.

3. The ones that wish to come and support what they see as Palestine Refugees, however as my friend Anna who tends to be toward this side, they create little monsters, and Palestine is very modern, she did not see any hovels and she was expecting a big tent city, this is not there.

4. Christians who come for some reason to see the places where Christ traveled, they seem to be run by tour groups only and not traveling on their own.

5. Islamic people that come to Jerusalem, or Arab people, I am not clear on why they come to Israel, as I believed Mecca was in Israel; however, Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, this is the place they need to come and visit one time in their life as a good Muslim.

Jerusalem Hostel Photos

I arrived with Anna to the Hostel in Jerusalem, it a hippie dippie save the world Hostel with all sorts of graffiti on the walls, with tea, hubble bubble, and I am finding out my Journalist. Got cheated by the taxi with the assistance of Anna coming here so that did not make my day, I do not like to be cheated. He was Arab and the Israeli Taxis have not go me yet, although they seem of the same make and model persons.

Jerusalem as my first impression is a place I want to leave, not a warm, friendly place, most everyone I have met is self-absorbed or looks like some type of religious zealot. I am not sure what I will do, I now have a better internet connection than I have had in all of Europe, plus it is free, so I should hang around a couple of days and do internet catch up, the cost is one-half of Tel Aviv which would mean the reason for the save the world hippie hang out mentality. The other place in Tel Aviv was the my parents are rich and and Jewish, sent me here to smoke joints and to play. I am sure they both are equal....

Ooop... Tel Aviv has a great beach.

View from Hostel

This is an Israeli version of a bagel, extra photo in the middle.

This is some German freelance writer that has a broken arm, is from Frankfurt, says he works for about 10 newspapers and one television, nice guy by the name of Oliver. He has been here for two months and for sure is not aware he is now being published because there was no need for the reciprocity of asking about me and I am sitting a this table ready to publish or post this... hehehe...

Here is Rachel photo an American killed while jumping or falling in front of a bulldozer ran by the Israelis, I am sure this will be the poster child of the Palestine movement for years to come.

Israel Recycling

They recycle different here, or seem to, this allow I believe the bums to steal the bottles, maybe this is very good idea.

Girls on the beach

One of my better photos

Lifeguard Stand in Tel Aviv Israel

This is supposedly a way to save people that are drowning, I am pretty sure they use it this way, however also seen used as boat.

Last Night in Tel Aviv

Last Night in Tel Aviv
August 14

I walked into a Hostel, booked a bed, paid the extra shekels to have air-conditioning and made my bed trying to decide if I was ready to take my afternoon nap in a wonderful air-conditioned room. The room was vacant and soon people started to enter, however soon the air-conditioners stopped, most were patient however one guy from Los Angeles and the other half Israeli, so this combination made for a lot of noise and cussing.

However, a girl Anna from Iceland came in with rosy red sunburn cheeks and smiling big with blond hair and blue eyes. A very sticky room as the room became warmers and warmer and the people like me who paid for the Air and were hot. Nobody could accept that they were working on the air-conditioning and it did not work. Ultimately we never had Air and I went out on the rooftop terrace and slept, came back in early and the morning and some girl was sprawled out on my bed in only her underwear, Anna was the same as everyone was so hot they had thrown their covers off during the night, most men so no cheap thrills only Anna and the unknown bed squatter on my bed.

The bugs were not a bother, however as the sun rose they started to gather around some potted plants and this caused me to decide to wake and walk around or come work on my computer. Funny part as the sun started to rise about 15 people arrived home from the bars or party and were sitting talking or stumbling around on the terrace talking and trying to figure out the end of the night or the start of the day. The man fixing or attempting to the fix the air conditioners kept trying to apologize of explain, I did my best to try to make sure they understood words like Coolant, Compressor, Electrical Connections, Fan and many more as they probably did not study this in English class, not high on the needs of words to learn.

Time to go as my shirt is getting ripe and my shower is calling my body. Hope that Anna is still on the bed lying around sleeping; make life better with happy people.

The Nature of Aggression

The Nature of Aggression
August 14

I see many types of aggressive behaviors as people try to either take or stop people from taking. An offensive or defensive aggression, however, there is the noisy type like the Israel culture and there is the quiet type like the German culture or many Asian cultures. I personally prefer the noisy type, it like a barking dog much safer and known, while a dog that does not bark is much more dangerous.

I had a wonderful night last night, and also had a terrible, I sound like an Arabian person that can somehow encompass both types of feeling all the time, while the normal western world only does one.

I left my friends home for many reasons yesterday however mostly remove being in a controlled environment. I had been there for maybe five days and I had no way to enter of leave the jailed feeling home. There is some really good security in Israel and it works both ways, you cannot enter and you cannot leave, I was the latter there was no way for me to get up and take my morning walk, everything was a major plan, I needed to carry everything and if I did not have it, or forgot, I was out of luck. I could not enter the property until somehow they left and found me. There was no way to ring the doorbell, and they could be home and I still could not enter.

I would call this an aggressive desire or defensive aggressive behavior to control you home to the extent that nobody can hurt you, then it catapults to higher levels by refusing me a way to enter of leave. Mostly fear coming out as control, not a good thing.

The end or termination of time spent came because of the endless questions, which for instance is one of my greatest character defects. I ask too many questions and am very aware of this; actively I try to avoid people so my curiosity does not drive them crazy. I have learned a second more important problem is that a person asking questions is controlling the conversation, or trying to control the conversation. This was the end yesterday as there was no way for me to get my friend or past friend to stop prodding or asking questions. I was locked inside with no control over my coming or going and he decides to ask questions about Hip Hop and MTV, Rappers and music, I am suppose to be in love with what he is in love with and if I am not the same, then I do not like him. I have learned to ignore the differences and to overlook the non-important issues like what type of music a person likes; this is really a very non-important issue in life. Everyone likes what he or she like.

Therefore, the questions would not stop and I not being able to leave or enter the premises ended a friendship of sort.

Travel Friendships
There is a very harsh reality to travel friendships, they 99 percent of the time end forever and this is not important. They normally just die for lack of attention and forgetting who the person is or how you met the person. However for me I have taken the need for happiness further by proactively removing some annoying acquaintances from my life, and sometimes I am doing the favor for them because I am annoying them, so I remove myself from their life.

What was that movie where the person kept saying you needed to be able to leave and walk away in ten seconds and never look back? Deniro, Hoffman, there was a guy, he played in the movie… ah, cannot think had a long night and the brain is not clear, age I am not 20 and I cannot remember the way I could very annoying.

However, the bottom line in happiness is not to include people in your life or not to include places and things in your life. The essential decision of being happy is to remove from your life that which does not make you happy, therefore what is left are only the good things.

This is not to say you cannot have hundreds of friends; however, you need to meet many people, then the ones that are obvious problems you walk away from. The words obvious, subtle, and tricky are then the problems, as it is very hard to differentiate between people quickly. In the end it needs to only be instinct for a traveler and not rational. This person has a good feel and this one has a bad feeling, I trust or do not trust the person. Then sometimes you are with a person and you find you are weaker from the relationship so you must leave also, the ones I want are the ones that make me more than I was, somehow making me bigger or better than I was before.

I suppose in reverse I must not annoy a person and make them stronger, and then the funny part is most people find relationship by the common sharing of dysfunctional hooks. I suppose this is a sharing, I have a need, you have a want so we connect, then other parts I have a want you have a need. Hard to envision or explains, however some people need to give and others need to take. Some need to abuse and others have a need to abuse, it goes onto infinity the combinations, just like love.

Niger and Tel Aviv Girls

I am trying to find a flight from:
Tel Aviv, Israel
Cairo, Egypt
Amman, Jordan

These are starting points for flights to Niger the country, however for sure the internet is weak on for finding information, hope I do not need to go to Amman or Cairo just to suss out the solution. As best I an learn I can enter and get the Visa upon entry, however the Airlines are not cooperating so far by giving prices online. The internet does really good for London, Frankfurt and Paris, wonder why they drop the ball on Niger, one reason is high on my Top Travel Sites list is because they do cover the planet, and searching for Niger they enter my realm of travels, this leaves most sites in the dust.

My mother does not want me to go down the Gaza Strip... hehehe, I think she knows me, already have been thinking about this, however sounds kind of boring to me, so who knows.

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