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I go to Jerusalem Now

I leave for the Sheraton Cairo where I will go by bus from Cairo to Jerusalem, Israel. I travel with MISR Tour, which from the ticket is the same as Mazada Tours. The Jerusalem side is more organized and friendlier, however I hope his works. I will get there, however you pay for comfort, or you think you do. I have never found much correlation between paying a lot and comfort on tours. More of seeing how much they can make, you do not return.

Five Star Hotels are nice at 30 times times the cost of mine.

I will leave at 9, arrive he says in 9-10 hours, I think or expect to arrive in 14 hours.

6 at night is 9 hours.

11 at night is 14 hours.

Understanding how they make a story is the secret of making your life better, I know what I am doing, the one that believe them is the one that has the problem.

The trip here was said the same, however I arrived at 11 at night and left earlier.

North Korea Visa For Americans

I just received and email from the something I joined on the page of the Most Traveled Man, this is Charles.

I had to sign up and get a username - password to receive his emails.

However informative for the serious traveler in a way.


Only twice in the last 13 years have American tourists been able to obtain a visa to visit North Korea (And by "visit," I don't mean the Mount Kumgang Tour. I mean flying to Pyongyang, visiting Kaesan, and touring the DMZ from the "other side"). But the third time could be lucky for you. The DPRK government has just today authorized tourist visas for Americans - but only for the next few weeks.

If you are an American interested in visiting North Korea, I advise contacting either Koryo Tours ( or Universal Travel System (, while they both have tour spots available. Your next chance could be many years away.


P.S. I have been waiting for this opportunity for many years, and will be flying to Pyongyang with Koryo Tours on October 1.

Links that work, I hope, I am on Windows 98...aagh

I need to know the price, I will be in this area in four weeks, it is possible for me.

Niger Compared to Egypt

Niger Compared to Egypt
4:38 PM Wednesday September 22, 2005

This is a photo taken in front of my Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

I never seen only a couple of newspapers in Niger.

This rather stunned me when I saw the quantity of newspapers, magazines and books unavailable. Egypt has the same types of problems as Niger I am sure, there are just too many people living in Cairo.

However, with all the social ills of the world at least in Cairo there is a chance that the public would know there is a problem. There are newspapers, television, and radio enough to cover the nation.

Startling to me sometimes is the lack of desire of the world to learn, the real learning happens in the English Language. This is the Language of people that study the planet. Egypt is an Ex-Colony of England; therefore, there is a huge jump ahead of the Ex-French Colony of Niger.

It almost appears that the grouping of lowest educated people on the planet came from what I think they call the Francophone world of Africa, hard to see, however there is what they call the Francophone and the Anglophone people. World that are evolving around a second language as adopted by the colonization process.

I was and am always a little frustrated with what Spain did to Mexico, Central and South America; however, all of these people are evolving educationally very fast, however they are in some way a greater disadvantage than Central and West Africa. Farming on the sides of mountains is not easy, and the Amazon River Basin or the Flood Plain is terrible place for people.

However, the inability to enter the modern world because your second language is French is a sad reason. There is this hooked at the hip connection between France and many of the very strapped countries of Africa. There are also areas that speak English, I am going to try to separate and see if there is a correlation between the languages and the levels of poverty.

Education is needed for people to transform a difficult place into a better place, the Israeli people have taken much of Israel, that is a horrible place to farm and live and created many types of businesses, industry and farming techniques that are evolutionary. While their neighbors have mal-nutrition from inability to create good sources of food. Now it is much easier to feed 7 to 9 million people than it is to feed the 200 to 300 million Middle East countries that surround Israel.

Bus Cairo to Tel Aviv - Jerusalem

Bus Cairo to Tel Aviv - Jerusalem
2:22 PM Wednesday, September 22, 2005

I am ready to leave Cairo, Egypt by bus to Jerusalem, Israel. I am 100 Dollars poorer with a Visa to India in my passport, I have purchased a 55 Dollar U.S. Bus Ticket from MISR Tours in the Cairo Sheraton which I hope gets me to Israel. They seem about 2 on the1-10 scale as far as professionalism, as I had to sit there for one-half hour while every fat man from Egypt cut the line and then when I finally stood up, they decided to do something. First the time was 5:30 in the morning, then they changed to 9:15, I really think they are clueless, however so what same as normal. I was very happy with the Lady in Mazada Tours in Jerusalem, she was top-notch and the only reason I went to MISR tours is because I believe it is their affiliate in Cairo. Palestine people just do not know how modern there country is and how well they live, I just have trouble believing the world some days and all their gripes. In a country like Egypt or Niger where everything is a mess nobody seems to worry, in Palestine or Israel where everything runs pretty much on like clockwork they complain about the quality of Life. All are Arab in Mentality so that means the grab for money, so this is standard. I suppose Niger is not Arab; however, they do grab for money so more or less the same.

I got on the internet and found the telephone number here in Cairo, however opted to take a taxi to the Sheraton Cairo to buy the ticket to Israel. I would fly however; the plane is about 300 Dollars for what should be a 150-dollar plane ticket. There are about 35 Travel Agents outside my door, so this is good and bad; good there are many, however bad because they are not good at helping.

I found it better to buy a plane ticket directly from the airlines as the best option.

Cairo to Jerusalem

I am hoping to leave by bus tomorrow or the next day to Jerusalem by bus, I am thinking this Mazada tours will work again, however not so easy to find here in Cairo.

India now says I will have my India visa at 12:30, I was first in line today when they opened at 8:30 so they seemed ready to help today, they said it would be one more day, so they changed for the better, however I do not have my visa yet, so I am crossing my fingers.

I cannot buy tickets until I am sure, so it just make life a rush.

I will go to Jerusalem, hang for a day, then go to Amman Jordan to try to buy the ticket to India, I am really wanting to see how big of Gate Amman Jordan is for Air Traffic so I can add to my Construct your own Around The World Plane Ticket page.

I am going to India and I learned there are some cheap airfares now inside of India, this is really good because I can pop down to Goa for 43 dollars one way, this is wonderful, I am adding them also soon.

Kevin Sites in Hot Zones

I am sitting here trying to publish over 600 more photos of Niger, so I can send out my newsletter. The radio connection in Niamey, Niger put cuts in many photos and I had to delete 600 plus and try again. This is a glut usage of Internet time for me.

Oh well, so I am sitting here reading the world news with my new toy by Andrew Boy Genious from India -- World News

So now that I am able to read a cross section of news quickly I can sit and read some of the more interesting ideas.

This guy Kevin Sites is going to go to war zone, Yahoo is calling this Hot Zones.

I went to some of the countries on his list, it would be fun to find him and go take photos, lots of fun to follow around what is happening.

Countries on his list:
Colombia YES
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Iraq YES
Israel/Palestinian Territories YES
Korean peninsula
Nepal YES
The Philippines YES
Sierra Leone

"Hot Zone Watch List"
Ivory Coast
Myanmar (Burma)
Peru YES
Sri Lanka
Thailand YES

Hmm Girls Can Lead You Astray

I met a friend and only a friend, however a pretty friend from Iceland in Tel Aviv in the Hostel, I came with her to the Faisal Hostel here in Jerusalem. It is a nice place and full of some form or activist or pro-Palestine type, or maybe anti-Israeli types.

Now many of you who read the Blog or Newsletter already know I am found of Israeli girls, however I suppose I like all girls and really am not prejudice in anyway and will give all my attention to any pretty smile and always do my best, however....

I have found that in Israel, there are few people in the backpacker set who come here just to go see Bethlehem, they all seem to come as either two types.

1. The paid to come young Jewish person that is being promoted or encouraged to come to Israel to settle, I guess they will pay for the plane ticket if you are under I think 26 and are Jewish.
They go to Tel Aviv and other party type places, however I really am not sure.

2. The anti-Israel protesters or anti-occupation protesters, they come in all shapes and forms and mostly represent themselves not this however they are this.

3. The innocent bystanders that are tourist and thought Israel would be a cool place to visit because of all the ancient history... (This is me.)
Plus I thought my mother would like this....

4. NOT Backpacker, however many tour groups playing follow the leader. Probably the best way to come.

However I followed my friend here and I have realized I am in a activist Hostel, I was talking to a girl earlier and she recommended I lie about which Hostel I as this could get me in trouble and she thinks even banned from the country.

I think she is full of crap, however it will be interesting to find out and for sure I am not going to lie... Go to the Holy Land then break one of the Ten Commandments to get out of the place, just seems out of place.

I like Israel, and do not think they will ban me, however if they do, then so be it, however I am a very big fan of Israeli girls and I am sure this irritates the Israeli guys, so they could have a good reason to ban me, however I do not think the Israelis will ban me for me flirting with their girls. I do think this is probably dangerous if I flirt too much with the Palestine girls, they just do not have a sense of humor or sense of sharing.

Oh well, Iceland, you would think they would keep out of trouble, however like the Swedes, and the Japanese, and the Spanish they are all up to something over here. Many Japanese in the Hostel, Basque, Catalonia and enough Scandinavians. Plus too many Americans, they are very annoying as nothing worse than hearing your own culture be... well, not open minded.

This is funny though, a very easy place to stay, no arguments from me, because the minds are not open here, and there is only one opinion about issues, so no need to talk, or why would I talk with person that only have a one-track opinion on issues. I do like Hisham and Mohammed the people who more or less manage the place, they are good folk.

Hobo Travel Newsletter from Jerusalem or Palestine

Today is Newsletter day in Jerusalem, Israel or some would say Palestine, however I will say the Un-Holy Lands... hehehe

Very serious place this Jerusalem place, not my type of place, however interesting in a voyeuristic way.

Here is about 250 photos and a tip on how to visit friends or how not to visit friends when you travel.

I have the Wiki Photos and the Israel Photos here, I am trying to clean house before I take off tomorrow for Cairo Egypt.

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