Iraq Travel Stories, Page 9


Since I learned to make WebPages the grammar and spell

checkers have greatly improved. I have used the ones in

word and could see how they could make my writing almost

perfect. Although the real problem is how I think. It is not

as simple and clear as maybe yours.

But nonetheless I could do a better job if I used the spell

checkers and grammar aids.


To make the newsletter work. I need to make a "HARD RETURN"

when typing. That means at the end of each line. I hit

the enter key. This is like the typewriters of old.

This is how I learned and quite natural. The new computer

programs are idiot proof.

I have tried on multiple times to copy and paste from Word

to my newsletter list server or other methods. But in the

end only a "Notepad" or text file works. A "WordPad" does

not. Saving as "Text" does not work. There is also an

inherent software and language problem of transferring

from an English Word program to an Arabic Word Program.

I can copy and paste this "Notepad" text file into a word

program and correct. (I really use WORKS) But because of

all the hard returns. Every line shows a capitalization

error and sentence fragments go crazy. It does do the

spell check pretty good.

Volume of information is a problem also. If you want

a real time log. I cannot spend all my time on form.

I must very quickly log it in, and let the noise fly.

I still miss 90 percent of the interesting events.


This is good and bad.

The locals will revolt for sure.

They do not like the people from Turkey.

This in simple terms is the next tribe up the river

and their competition. They have a history of mass murder

and killing between both sides.

But what this society needs is a tolerance of diversity.

I think they will get it only by the sword.

The will never accept it.


Peter was telling me that and this is only heresay.

I do not know the truth, that Israel encourages Jewish

people in places like Peru to come to Israel.

The need new settlement so there is a constant expansion

of Israel. This would piss off the Palestines.

I am in favor of the wall. I do consider it racist in a way.

But I am not going to say that all races can live together.

The 1000's of years of war in the middle east would prove

this to me. People should learn to live together. But in

places like Ireland and Israel this does not happen.

The do not learn. So if you put a fence up around a race.

Say all the straggler out and stay out this would be a simple

problem to a complex problem. The strange part about Israel

is that it is one of the few strictly one religion countrie

in the world. Or they was formed as a one religion country.

In reality they are not.

But it could be said that most of the Arab countries are one

religion and even though they have a token groups. These

groups are always under the possibility of being exterminated.


There has been at least 3 buses of young travelers on a tour

from Baghdad that are now in Erbil. There are lots of young

and beautiful women.

There was a girl next to me in the internet cafe.

"Where are you from?"

"Here is my yahoo email"

"Here is my Hotmail address."

"Will you be in the internet tomorrow?"

I told Peter that was in the booth across from me.

"Pete, there is a God!"

But a little on the mischievous side.

These girls are maybe about 17 and too young.

It is dangerous to talk with them and the boys are

obviously jealous. Just a lot of temptation.

I talk about women and you think I am only selfish or

other. But trust me, in the scope of the world the softness

of women is needed. I am not going to say they are innately

better. But there is a softness that make a harsh climate

and macho world seem balanced. Women are equally violent

and supportive of violence. They do not stop violent



This is inevitable, but I am sure that its worst culprit.

MTV or Music Videos will destroy the culture of Islam.

They have these rules. MTV provokes or encourages a fashion

that is in direct conflict to the religion.

The only hope for the Islamic Religion is to stop Televisions,

Mobile Telephone, and Internet from entering their country.


I am sitting in the internet cafe in Arbil.

Peter ask,

"Where is the picture me on the blog?"

I say,

"It is not in the blog, you need to subscribe to the newsletter to see all the photos."

He says,

"Now I see how you are."

I say,

"I do no understand why people resist doing the easy thing?"

The newsletter is much easier for me to organize and create a comprehensive

display of all links and photos.

I say,

"You all are just a bunch of Wankers."

This is so crazy to me. I make a simple thing.

But they want to just glaze over the information. I do not expect anyone

to read all my newsletter or even sometimes to even look. But it seem

wise to have the information sources available and know how they work.

I really do not like the Thorntree on Lonely Planet. I see it a full of know

it all people and to general. Very difficult for a real traveler. I use it in

Iraq. But the lonely planet does not have any good hotel infomation on

Iraq. So the Thorntree is one of the few possible options.

But I do have a username and password. I do make the knowledge

available. I also put up the wankers blogs. (i.e I hate American Blogs.) When they

are not trying to incite and spread hate, they do tell some specific and

helpful comments. Then they go back to the hate.

"Basically they did not get hug as children. Are not loved now,

except by all the other people that did not get the hug also."

So you want to be famous by getting on Lonely Planet?

Or do you want information?


Peter is thinking that there should be a reward to the first man

that has a interesting relationship with a GIRL in Iraq.

I told him that putting money on it was a British thing.

I forget what it is called. But they have this thing of going

in Pubs...

He is also teaching all the local curse word and bad phrases.

I try to stop him, but I can't stop laughing.


Our friend is wanting to delay a day the trip to Baghdad.

He is a very busy man and has a lot of busines in Arbil, so this is

understandable. So we wait. Kirkuk is a little hot, but Pete went

through this morning. So we play it by ear.


JJ the American made it to Baghdad. Said he has been there a couple of days.

We are writing to find out what the hotel situation is and looking for recommendations.

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