Iraq Travel Stories, Page 38


The internet compute functions in the Turkish language.

The letters are almost the same. They can look the same, but at the computer level they are different.

I have worked for 2 hours to get to this point today... aagh.

Plus one of the boys in the hotel was surfing the porn sites and they loaded up the computer with crap files...

tmps and such. Cache. etc.

I have the Hotel Computer clean now, and will defrag for them.

All this to get to here.



I am sitting here behind the desk of the Harbur Hotel in Silopi, Turkey. A man is asking in English if the telephone can receive an international call. I answer for the manager that does not understand English,

"Yes, you can receive a call in your room. I did the other day. I am not sure if you can call out from the room."

He says,

"Thank you, good. I can talk to someone."

I ask him,

"Where are you from?"

He says,


I am a litle credulous. Hmm, why does he not know Kurdish I am thinking?

But the Kurdish and the Arabic are not big friends.

I reach out and shake hands,

He ask me where I am from and I say America.

He says,

"We are friends."

He is very happy to be able to leave the country. With Saddam he was not able to leave the country. He has a PHD from England, and wanted to return to visit. Very educated.

He showed me his Iraq passpor, and we discussed the future.

He said,

"I hope they give me an American passport by the end of the year."

I tried to get clarification, but he means something about travel papers authorized by the USA. He does not like that his passport has a picture of Saddam on it.

He said,

"They will capture Saddam in the next week."

He was checking in to his room, and left. I will talk with my friend later.


The boundaries of countries are losing value. I have discovered that the boundaries are the language. There are a certain number of cities that speak the Turkey language predominantly in Turkey and a certain number that speack Kurdish. To cross the border of Turkey to Iraq, it is more important to be certain which cities are Kurdish and which cities are Arabic. The Kurdish people seem to not be able to predict the actions of the Arabic people. The understand their own, and feel a confidence in explaining what they understand. I am getting very specific on which cities are under Kurdish control. If there is a question. I would not at this moment consider visiting. Baghdad is supppose to be Arabic. But may be different. A big city is normally very Secular in nature.


I have found a taxi to Dohuk. It cost 50 dollars USA from Silopi. I am working on the "Friend of a friend basis." I have people her in the hotel that are friends, and I can trust or must trust my instincts to understand and trust. This friend that works as a cargo shipping company sends people in and out of Iraq al the time. He is about 28, and I am trying to help him to go to Miami, Florida. He has a girlfriend there that he met in the chat rooms. But life is about relationships. But an honest person will gravitate towards honest people and an dishonest person will find the dishonest person. But it takes time to develop a friendship, so there is no quickness to the process.


I have a person trying to call from the USA.

They cannot seem to figure out how to call me...

But a French Friend calls me at the Hotel.

This looks bad. Oh well. So much for the French jokes.

The read the telephone number below. Picked up the telephone and called.