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I have decided to call Mosul for a reservation is more difficult then going there. It is only one hour from here. I will leave for Mosul tommorrow morning very early and with a taxi. I am going to great work in choosing the correct driver, and make sure they understand the goal. Go look for hotel. Find moderate priced one... (Hobo Budget) and stay. If big problems I return. Maybe I will have a reservation. I will look for grouping of civilians to stay close to, or maybe close to the Soldiers. But the city is very big, and my driver will not know Mosul as well as Dohuk. But they normally know where the expensive hotels are located, and I can work my way down.

The taxi trip to Mosul round trip is 20 dollars. I would prefer a bus for road trips. They are less likely to shoot at a bus I think.


Like I need a policy. But I have methods to my madness.

A big problem is my day before newsletter day. Crunch to finish it.

Photos are big time problem. But I am doing them daily and posting them almost daily, so life is good. I have all the photo links ready to included in the newsletter. Thank you for the help.

Some more.


My inventory of instan coffee is at the critical level.

Some things in life are more important then other.

My coffee, made my way, and in the morning when I want it.

I have not seen much "Nescafe" sold here. In fact none.

But, I have not looked. I will find some today. Trust me.

In lots of countries "Nescafe" means coffee.

As does Coke can mean any type of soft drink.


I want to work for the UN.

The Red Cross has the same type.

I go first class or I do not go. Nothing like making sure they think the outside world is rich and they are poor. I think they could be about 1/2 degree less high profile.

Note: It is easy to ask for money when you think the other person is rich.

I try to get one dollar from people and they still think I am rich and won't give it.

That SUV would fund my travels for 10 years.


This man does not speak a word of English. But his smile says a million words.
When I said "America" he stood up, put his hand to his heart and pull it away.
It is a common gesture here. Like you are my friend, and welcome.


Year in Review 2002: world-affairs

President and Prime Minister Saddam Hussein

From my computer Encylopedia Britannica.

Year in Review 2002: world-affairs

President and Prime Minister Saddam Hussein

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001, Iraq was virtually alone among countries in failing to offer official condolences to the U.S. In line with his adversarial relationship with the U.S., Pres. Saddam Hussein publicly opposed the U.S.-led war on terrorism and called on other Islamic countries to help defeat it. He also decried the military action in Afghanistan, calling it a spark that could set “the world on fire.” In response, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested that once the U.S. had concluded its campaign in Afghanistan, it would deal with Iraq's weapons program as part of its effort against terrorism.

Kiss your Ass goodbye Saddam


I met a writer. I really just shook hands with him. He also came across the Turkey border. He said he was a photographer and had spoken with the US or Turkey Embasssy and they said he could not cross. He crossed.

His name was something like Mike McConnel from Maryland. He looked a little Kurdish so who know the whole story. He is writing a book on the Kurdish. Plus for some Russian magazine that is called "EGO" In the USA usage of the word.

But the funny part is this.

I talked with this Soldier that walked in with him.

He said the guy lived in the complex or something like that.

There are a few USA Soldiers based in Dohuk.

They are protected by the Kurdish Pesmerge. Probably spelled wrong.

So this guy is living with them. Curious to find out how and why?

If he came across the border himself.

I ask the soldiers about how the reporters came to Iraq.

He said,

"The CIA brings them in real quick, they do a story and leave immediately."

I have not idea of what the whole story is, but I tell you I have seen 2 non soldiers from other countries. One I look at the mirror at, and this guy Mike.

But... I live in a Hotel that is only Kurdish.

He lives with the Military. Hard to get the feel of a place.

I was asked today very clearly,

"Why go to Mosul?"

I said,

"I want to feel the city."

Not a normal way of thinking about a city, but that is my way.


But to me I refrain from the safe havens.

Too much and I would not have visited the country.

Plus the Soldiers are sort of young for me.

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

80-90 F or 26-32 Celsius

Most people want to know about the weather.

The temperature in the shade is between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the sun I think it would melt my thermometer casing.

The sun is very intense, but there is almost no humidity. Dry heat.

I pretend I am in a dry sauna.

Not that bad. I think Iquitos Peru was my hottest feeling place I have been.

Here are some toys.

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter