Iraq Travel Stories, Page 25

Peace Corp for Iraq

This seem like a great place for the Peace Corp to send people.

There are problems.
Ther is an organization for imigration here.
Someone shot a RPG Rocket Propelled Grenade at the building here.
The rumor I have heard is that they thought the organization was
controlled by Israel people want to buy up all the land in Iraq.
There is a lot of people that come up with ideas.
The rumor mill is running hard.


I am going to say it again.

It is difficult to walk in Iraq.

There are just too many people that want to talk with me.

Every one of them is interested in America.

They will buy Tea for me, and stand up and give me their chair.

They will surround me by the dozens if I allow it

Popular questions?

#1 Will you take me to America with you?

#2 Where do you live? What state.

The almost all have a friend or relative in the USA.

#3 Are you Christian or Moslem? Seems dangerous but really harmless.

#4 Questions about movie stars or about the television.

They have only had open television for a couple of months.

Of course music videos are popular.

#5 If the USA is so big, why is it taking so long for salaries and the electricity to be fixed. The electricity is interesting. One man today said that he thought that Sadddam did this to torment the people. The electricity goes off all the time. Every business has a generator and has to alternate between current and the generator. But now it is the same. They do not understand.

Hobo Explained to Mosul English Teachers

These friends of mine are all English teachers. I keep saying,

"I am a Hobo."
I am not sure yet, if they fully understand this term.
It is really an USA term only. The British will understand but not
the same. The rest of the world will not normally.
So I wonder? Do they normally want to talk with Hoboes?

Life is Good in Iraq

Clarity is what I like.

Got my internet life in order. All is done, and I am happy.
To me the secret to happiness is clarity.
Serenity is clarity. The days I am clear in my mind on what I am doing
and why I am doing it are the best.

I am excited to see Arbil, Erbil, or Irbil. They spell it different every time I see it
spelled. It is a Kurdish city and comes highly recommended.

The Scholars are hard at work on an idea to become a Sister City with a USA City.
They had never heard of the idea, but they are starved for word of the outside world.


Sometimes maybe... you have a reason to feel paranoid?

But this is a good way to think of a tip.

Normally a tip is easy. There is always something new to write

about or a problem to solve, so the tip comes easy.

This next weeks tip is already written.


or how to know when you are in danger?

Yesterdays problems:

1. would not allow me to send my newsletter.

2. My blog was blocked here and only that page. Nothing else.

3. The USA military looked like they got ambushed on the road, and we had to take a detour.

4. The internet just plain sucked for speed.

People are too friendly. But that is not a problem, but when you are a little on

the nervous side, too many questions is taxing on the mind.

All is working today, and I still smell a rat.

If the USA government is reading this and wants me to listen, or talk, or behave, then please write me an email like the rest of the world. But tell me when or who is blocking my blog...! I am just a poor hobo. That cost me 5 dollars extra in internet time. I could live for 2 days in Thailand for that.

hoboontheroad@ DELETETHIS

But on a brighter note.

I got a great photo of a boy pretending to be Saddam.

He has a big cigar and I will put it up tommorrow.

(Note: Natasha stop donating. You are too generous. Thanks)


I am sending out my newsletter today.

Has lots that is NOT in this blog.

Here is an online link to it:


I was over at my Professor friends. 5 Scholars and a Hobo.

The are telling me all the things the USA should do and sort of insisting.

I finally looked at them and said,


These are not stupid men. Very smart.

It was a wake up. The looked at me and said,


They know history, they know people. They know what Saddam would do

and did to Kurdish people. They know what the Kurdish people did to the Arabic

people on the retreat out of Kurdistand. The know.... too much.

The just had forgotten.

The want money to live. They really have more than most countries.

But they have not been in 48 countries to compare and know this.

But they want it now.

I think they got the idea.

I told my friend.

"Why does 1 American have to die for you?"

He looks down,

I say,

"What do you tell my friend in the USA that had son die here?"

We all agree that Saddam was a devil.

They have not been beaton like in most wars.

My friend said,

"During the bombing by the USA. We went to work, we walked

in the streets, we lived our lives. We knew we were not in danger."

So these are not a beaton people.

They are a confused people who want normal to return.


I get up every morning and go the University Street to use the internet. My hotel is at least 20 minutes away and I have to cross the river. It is a nice trip because I get to see lots of Mosul.

I have one of the boys working in the Hotel assist me to choose a Taxi. There are Taxis that are marked, and Taxis that are not marked. The should know the lay of the land a little better. My one friend has written in Arabic the street. So I show the Taxi the card. Show the man 750 Saddam faced Dinar and they nod their head OK.

We go. 750 Dinar is about 50 cents USA. So the Taxis is very cheap. In most countries of this level it would be 1 dollar. So half priced.

I have had very good luck with Taxi driver. They have been great. But this morning the man obviously did not like the USA. This make the morning and the trip a little more tense. He took his hand. Said "America"

Made and X across his hand.

I have no idea exactly what that meant.

I took my 2 index fingers and said,

"America / Iraq."

Like to show that we are married.

He shakes his head no.


Not a lets get over it type of guy.

I look down the road and avoid eye contact.

Maybe I need to club this guy. Who really knows.

But as a normal disagreement and that all it is.

He took me to the street.

I shook his hand goodbye.

He gave me a clam.

I put my hand to my chest and said,


At least I did no harm to the relationships.