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JJ crossed the border today.

Read the border comment in the Guide Blog. Link above.


I make me furious to read this article.

Ignorant CNN Article

I have friends here in Iraq. I have not met anyone that wants the USA to leave.

They are frustrated. They are very very happy Saddam is gone.

I have children pretending they are Saddam and mocking him photos on the Home page of my site. Click Above to show.

The people here are frustrated.

Send home her son. He sounds like he has been measure and weighed.

Is not a keeper.

I am in favor of stopping or slowing down the patrols.

They are liberated. We can let them be the police force, and come out when needed.

Work on the electricity and a good airforce base.

Leaving before we finish is the biggest fear they have.

The Arab neighbors and Saddam are paying for the attacks.

It is not the locals.

The press of the world is causing more problems than Saddam.

Like Saddam they are the weapons of mass destruction.


Go figure...!

My mother, family, an friends all keep telling me to be careful.

Contrary to popular opinion.

I am probably one of the most careful traveler you could meet.

In fact, I write lots of Travel Tips on just that, how to be safe.


I have found cold water souces for water in Turkey and Iraq.

They have been everywhere more or less. They look like little coolers.

The water is free and comes from the tap. I am 98 percent sure on this.

One of the biggest signs you can have of the level of development is the water.

I am in Arbil now, but found one of these in Mosul also.

I saw a few in South America. In Brazil. At the airport in Argentina.. (only at airport)

This is not common.

Any country that has bottled water everywhere is usually a great sign of infrastructure problems.

They sell water here, but not really. Not like most countries.

In an heavily tourist area they will sell water for sure. The tourist are paranoid.

The electrical here in Iraq appears to have been bad before the war and now what they

really want is us to improve it. I am looking very closely at the wiring.

Stealing electricity is a world problem. I call it a problem because there is no way to adequately

guage the amount of power used, and you will have overloads and brownouts.

This is Iraq in a nutshell.

But by the shear number of generators, this problem is not new.

It has been here for years.

I have taken photos of the wire hook ups for years for you readers that have read

my newsletters for years. My recommendation is still to take the oil money and

buy electricity and give it free to this country. Free money can make them a welfare nation.



I put up second more concise blog for the actual traveler.

This one will give the fast and quick information on the 3 primary needs of a

real Barefoot Hobo Traveler .. (I include the RICH stuff also for the tourst.)

The links will alwayse be at the top. Help me collect information for this route

from Silopi Turkey to Bagdad and beyond please.


2 Dollars USA or 2000 Saddam Dinars and you are in Erbil in one hour by a very fast colective taxi!

Reminds me of Mexico and the drivers. I want to put my head out the window and scream,


These Kurdish drivers are crazy on this side of Mosul.

The place is great and there is a great big "TELL" next to me.

They build cities out of adobe brick, when they broke or fell apart, they would flatten the ground

and build a new how on top of the old house. Slowly over the centuries it made huge mound

so lots of cities are on top of hill in the middle of flat areas.

This is one of them word you should learn.

James Michener wrote a book called the "Makers Tell" I believe.

I read it in Thailand. Outstanding history of this area.


I can buy a satellite telephone here for 625 dollars US.

I would have to buy cards to use the call time.

It is the only way to call between Mosul and Arbil.

Arbil is about 1 hour away, and not available with land lines.

Very strange. Makes me know how separated Mosul is from the

Kursdistan. I am bouncing really between two countries.

The land under Saddams former rule (Mosul) and the land under

the rule of Kurdistan.


I remember saying that after leaving Turkey that Dohuk was cold or not that friendly. I have been reflecting on this. People in Dohuk are in a lot better financial shape. They was not under Saddams control. Plus they have tons of Soldiers there. But the people of Mosul are isolated. Theyn known as the Minni Droppo, and it's shit. I'm putting in some Angry Girl Attitude in here, am I not? I'm tired and sleepy. It's lunch hour. U know what they do in Italy in afternoons like this? They take a break. All the shops close and everyone simply retire for a few hours. I think they should start introducing that concept in this country. In Malaysia too. Bet people would be more productive that way. Phewph..false alarm! Thought my boss is here. He checks on me a couple of times a day if I'm not working with him. His name is Adam. He's really fu

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