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I will maybe have a person to talk with tommorrow. JJ is coming from Dohuk to Erbil.

I found 2 cheap hotels today. 30-40 Dinars. This is between 4-5 dollars.

Now we are talking HOBO BAREFOOT TRAVEL


So what do I find on the pull down browser line and on my computer all the time.

Iraq people surfing the sex sites. This is nothing new in the world.

All countries do this.

What may be a little different is the all male sexy type movies.

In Mosul next to my hotel there was 2. More hard core there.

Here in Arbil there is one next to the Internet Cafe.

It shows the more risky stuff, but not the get down to business stuff.

I think the TV, Intenet, and Videos will tear them apart.

I have television in my room. I am at their mercy on channel selection.

There is BBC and I think a couple of German and Italian stations.

Hard to say exactly. Most are Arab or Kurdish.

But I am always able to watch music videos.

The are pretty SEXED up too. The have some of the rapper or gang type

from the USA also.
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I am in Erbil. This area is not as warm and friendly as the inner city Arab Mosul.

But they have not been under the sanctions. Or if they have, they broke them all

because this city is like Dohuk, full of Merceded and BMW's.

I cannot understand where they get the money.

I met some Soldiers today. The think this is friendlier then Mosul, but

there never seems to be any that have been in both places really, and if they

have I do believe they cannot and do not assimilate into the societ with the gun and uniform.

The are at best an observer. There is a need for citizens to to mix with the Arab parts.

The Kurdish part really does not need anything as far as I can see.

Maybe some was for the BMW, but other than that nothing.

This is a very high level of development here. Higher than normal for my travels of 48 countries.


I posted this in the hotels section today on the Hotel Guide blog. See above links. I will soon have 5 hotels in Erbil and another 5 in Mosul. Please help me with Baghdad!



I was in a collective taxi coming to Erbil.

There was 4 of us and the driver.

We came over this military made bridge on the road to Erbil

and they started making horn signs with their hands and saying.

"Saddam, NO good!" then doing the finger across their throat.

The fingers were indicating that Saddam was the Devil.

They said that Saddam bombed this bridge.

It was locate a few kilometers before the checkpoint to cross

over into Kurdistan.


I am in Arbil. The taxi driver stopped and insisted I
take a photo of this restaurant...
It just occurred to me on why most people think they hate Americans.
They are probably too afraid to say they are from America or they
lie, so the people lie back. They reap what they sow.
If you complain about the world, people will complain back.
If you are in love with life, then they will love life with you.
If you look for a problem, you will find one. Self prophecy or
writing that substantiate a proposition that is already there.
Of course this could be said about me also. SENDS GREETING...

To Hobo:

You are amazing! The Aug 11 newsletter was so inspiring. Real,honest,

humor, compassion...great. You filled in a lot of the blanks that is

missing about modern day Iraq-the people and their daily lives. Wish I

could send you more money, but I am still recovering and saving up for my

own travels. Debra

Debra has a BLOG also. Go take a look.

Thanks. Like to think the support people gives help the world to be happy.

Or at least helps the day go faster for people tied to their jobs.


my my my.... that macho, men are superior cultural attitude is really

rubbing off on you! that's twice today you've tried to order me around ;-) you're not the

boss of me.

hah! can you imagine a woman saying that to an arab man "you're not the

boss of me!" what a funny notion.

RE: donation.... it's an investment, as well as a vacation. of sorts.

the cheapest trip to iraq i'll ever spend. ;-)

going to bed now. (there's a 12 hr time difference, i think. you

ahead. it's easy to know the time there)

nite nite

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