Iraq Travel Stories, Page 2


I purchase the doman name for the Mosul English Teachers.

They are doing lots now, and appear to be on the move.

I am looking for Free Hosting for them on a paid server. Not the freebies.

Or a donation to pay for the hosting for one year. About 120 Dollar for one year.

BORN AGAIN BOB ... Sort of makes us look weak.

Theres is this man from the hills around Los Angelos, California here in Baghdad.

I call him "Born Again Bob" He is a good guy and I call him this to his face. But he

does say a lot you need to be born again. So I am just repeating. He is a missionary.

I told him that I am glad he is here. Mainly because I do not see the Missionaries in the dodgy or

really remote area. He said they are there. I said, "But Bob, I have been there, and they are not."

He thinks that all the world is there if he is there. Sort of normal logic.

But in the end he does make me feel a little on the weak side. He just goes out and leaves

anyway he wishes more less. He does not have rod to protect him, so it must be something else.

I was recommending we put him out front of us, and he thought that was OK.

He is going to Basra today also to meet a friend in Kuwait. Bob is a little intense and having

2 hearing aids, plus being 76 does not help. But his intent is good. I may not like all people

and disagree sometime, but if their intentions are good. I am happy.

Bob has been everywhere. Maybe twice. Lots of stories if you will listen to the extra.


A British guy arrived in Baghdad yesterday.

A good traveler and experience in most problems. His name I am pretty sure is Chris.

He has done a lot of the Middle East and was following for about 2 weeks on the Thorntree before coming.

We was having a discusion about family and I told him that my family and especiall my Mother and Father

have learned too well how to follow me around on the internet. He had a simple solution,

"He did not tell his parents!"

I do this sometime. Go to a place and tell afterwards.

I did this on the Babylon trip the other day.

I have no worries on Chris he is experienced, and know the ropes.

Now there is just random bad luck to deal with.

To me a good and seasoned traveler should be able to go to any city. Not speak the language.

Change money and get a CHEAP hotel without really thinking very had.

Chris did this in Mosul. Gave me the card of the Hotel to put on the Hotel Blog.

If a person needs exact hotel address's and exact prices and exact this and exact that.

Stay away from the dodgy countries like Iraq, Iran, and Colombia, etc. There are lots.

Most danger is of theft and not personal danger. I consider Costa Rica the most likely place

to have your backpack stolen. Mexico the most corrupt so far. Bolivia is second.

Thailand the most sex for money place. Danger is funny though. Not as easy to explain.

Lima Peru at 2 in the Morning. Belize City about anytime of the day. Not Caye Caulker.

There is a need to know what specific problems are in every country. I am not sure the guidebooks

alway give the best advice on danger. I would probably say theft is the biggest problem. Not getting killed.


I say the Backpacker come first.

The tourst follow, and the backpackers leave.

Maybe the next paradise... Nah


I had to get up very early so that I can publish the rest of my photos.

Would not want to lose the computer without having the photo of graves published.

Plus the early bird beats the "Ali Babba"

I find that thieves and problems do not happen in the early morning like 8:00

Most are either between Midnight and 5:00 or after about 10:00 in the morning.

So the safest time of the day is probably sunrise till about 9:30 AM.

This is the time the drunks and thieves are wandering home. Good fun to watch.


A Hobo is a person that travels to work.

A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.

A bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

Ergo - I travel to work.


dear andy, overall sounds like you're having lots of good fun and much

adventure in Iraq Andy. the time and energy you spend on your blog and

newsletter seems like a lot of work! well, if what you're doing ever

feels like work it seems like the best job in the world:-) how much of your

time per day do you spend on this???




I spend about 1/2 hour a day on Blog.

I spend about 1 Hour per day on webpage.

I spend about 10 hours a week on the Newsletter or maybe more.

So I say in the end. I spend about 3-4 hours a day on the computer.

I think you can see that my spelling and grammar is an indication of the speed.

WORK - hmm.

I would say easy work and not really work on the blog. Just me talking. If you call talking work.

Webpage and newsletter is work.

But I be Hobo. I am trying to travel from place to place looking for work.

That be Hobo. We travel for work and money.


I would call Iraq as of September 1, 2003 as an ADVENTURE TRAVEL COUNTRY - READ NEWSLETTER FOR EXPLANATION





The water in Iraq is exellent.

Actually it one of the modern countries for me.

I am usually in a lot worse place.

The heat though is bad. But dry and clean.

There is a smog though in Baghdad.

Thanks a lot.



Hi Andy,

That's great to hear. I guess there is a lot of disinformation going

around. The Iraqi people have enough to deal with, without bad water.

Isn't the heat terrible? I have to admit that I hope I am never that

hot again! If I get to travel in that part of the world again, it will

definitely be in winter! I got back to Sydney and it was 7 degrees

centigrade - a bit of a shock to the system.

Anyway Andy, keep up the amazing lifestyle, you are incredible. It's

great to hear of Americans who have their eyes wide open to the rest of the



Susan, Australia


I can tell you that about 20-1 peoples emails and ordinary comments from

other travelers would disagree with you that I have my eyes wide open.

They call me naive on a regular basis. I wish I felt naive.

Most people will say a person is naive, or stupid if they disagree with them.

Sort of chidlike in the end. But thanks a lot

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