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Some of you believe you are being watched.

Most believe that in Astrology and all the mystic crap.

Some of you think a good drug will make you think clearly.

I do not believe any of this crap.

But I do believe in how I feel.

I feel that I am in a good world that like me, and does not want to harm me.

Call it a sense of destiny, or what not, but I do not feel in danger at all.

I am OK, and the world is OK. I am positive though that I am not stupid.

I do not and will not do stupid things. I am not controllable. I will not go along

with a stupid action to be part of the gang. After 7 years on the road.

Only being robbed once for 70 dollars in Thailand.

I am getting that feeling of being the master of this travel thing.

But then again. Who would come to Iraq, if they did not think they could handle the

problems. Plus I think there is probably one of the good Gods watching me.

I have a feeling there are a few bad boy Gods. I am not sure though.

BAGHDAD OR BUST - That will put a chill in my mother

I lived a good life. I have not regets. I live my own dreams.

I made more mistake then needed, but I did a few good things.

So let talk about Danger!

Baghdad is a big city. I probably had enough crime before Saddam supposed to have


500,000 prisoner out of the jails

I was told this by a Kurdish man.

I have seen 5 jails on the road to Mosul and 5 jails on the road to Kirkuk.

I took photos. These places are huge. Saddam did not put up with crap.

Any questions and you was in Jail.

So these people are probably in Baghdad.

The you got the Islamic Jihad types.

There is the odd guy that is ex military that has a burr up his butt because

he lost the war, and has no job. So all in all. Why go to this place?

I just want to know.

What percentage want the USA to leave?

I will ride with a man from Erbil. He knows Baghdad.

The danger in Baghdad is the trip from the end of a bus trip or colective taxi to the

hotel. They drop me off at the entrance to Baghdad, and that is where the danger lies.

So by going with Farid. I do not have to do this. Plus if the good hotels are full he

will drive us around until we are safe. Then we just keep our heads down. Stay away

from the UN and their big targets called SUV's. (Toyota Land Cruisers)

Make sure we are not predictable and have a smile. Make some people want to help

protect us. That is done by endearing ourselves with people. Chat and talk with the

locals. They will warn us of any danger.

I am sort of a hard ass about travel sometimes, but most of the time I am surrounded

by people that help me. I meet the best of the best, and have learned to walk away

and be firm with the crazies. I am the one responsible for my life.

It really is not that difficult. But for those of you that think a guy with a machine gun

will protect you. Kiss you ass goodbye. That just gurantees that the crazies think you

are important enough to kill. Be a Hobo.

LETTER FROM READER I am a 20 year old student


My name is REMOVED TO PROTECT THE SILLY. I am a 20 year old student in

Virginia. My passion is for music, literature, and art. However, I am uninspired

by the place I live. Troubles and depression come my way and I blame it

on my locality. I have grown to dislike America and the American dream and

the roles people sacrifice themselves to be a part of. My first hunch is

that I should go to Central America or South America. My education tells me

that some of the most beautiful sites and cultured down-to-earth people

probably live there. I want to be a traveler who inspires people’s creativity

and spreads positivity from place to place. Unfortunately I have been

condemned to this one spot for nearly my entire life. Many of my memories are

painful so I must leave and find peace of mind and see beautiful places and be

a part of ingenious cultures uncorrupted by what corrupts. So I ask you,

an experienced traveler, for your advice. I need to know where to start

my new adventure. Can you point some direction for me? How should I get

there? What will I need to bring? Will I be allowed to cross borders? Is

there a way I can get financial help traveling or any sort of help? (I have

$2000 saved up to do this) What’s the best way for a traveler to keep in

touch with a select kin of people? I anticipate and fully appreciate your

personal reply. Let good times be with you.


Learn to love yourself before you leave the country.

In Peru you can learn how the piss on your foot.

You can learn how the Europeans will make a smart assed remark at every chance

because you are American.

You can learn how the Mexican guy talk the American girls into sex and then

try to make them a wife to pay the bills.

Ecuadorians just bump into you on the street.

Brazilians like to get drunk in the back of the bus and be obnoxious to women.

You can travel and could leave the USA because you have an American Passport.

Be grateful for what you got, and where you are born.

I have found that we are the only country that has the...

"Amercan Dream."

The rest of the world dreams about America and you see only what is wrong.

Go turn on MTV and stay home. You would not be a good representation of the


Note: 2000 Dollars would last about 1/2 year in South America.

And the women are great.


I find that most emails are wanting me to change how I do something or believe I am wrong.

Like a person in the USA telling me how the Iraqi people think...duh, get a life.

There is not many reasons to listen to opinions. I do read all the emails I receive, some are really stupid.

But I try to understand and reply, but when someone just disagrees. Go get you own blog or newsletter.

That is the solution to that. There is a link at the bottom of this page.

It is free. You could have hate mail from all the countries of the world. Just think.


My friend wrote me an was glad I finally gave you a photo.

I thanked her for telling me, and found the photo really quick.

Deleted it. Fame is the rest of them who want to be special.

I just want to earn enough money to travel.

I have never waivered on this. I do this for money.



Lets see, there is lots.

We work too much is my first thought.

But you probably want me to talk about Iraq.

I guess the fact that the Soldiers are unfriendly and for the most part act like

low classed and idiots. That is a start.

I generally do not get people started on by saying anything bad about the USA.

In 7 years of travel I have learned. The Europeans have Pe@## envy and they

are looking for a way to get some Americans on their side.

My friend Jack from Canada used to say in Pie de la Cuesta.

"Remember Andy, lots of countries and most have had their ass kicked by the

USA and want some payback. Most have lost wars to the USA."

He would put in the punch for few European countries.


"Most of Europe, only knows and is good at getting occupied."

Jack was in the Korean War,

Died a couple of years ago.

But had a good horse sense about diplomacy.

Now for me, I am trying to remeber if anyone from any country besides the USA

has ever even sent a dollar. I do remember a guy from Mexico put 1 dollar on his

credit card.

As for the manners of USA Soldiers. I wrote in my first newsletter in Iraq that they

needed to improve their hellos.

I think the Americans are very stupid to fix the electrical problems for this nation.

They are a rich nation. Set up a government and let them swim.

I am 100 percent sure that the electrical problem were here before the bombs

started. Plus you will have a riot when they get a meter and have to pay.

I think the Americans are stupid for wanting to help so much.

Just do the minimun and get out.

Set up a HUGE military base in the north and the south and protect

this region from the crazies. But stay on the base and let the locals kill each

other, and work out their goverment. South Korea, German, and Japan all

have USA military bases.

Newsletter Sent from Iraq Thanks

I guess the best way to read it is to subscribe... hehehe

Lots of stuff in there. My blog is just me making noise.
The newsletter is a complete thoughts, and the tips.
This week was on travel instincts.
Link is above.



I am a American first.

I am a Christian Second.

They want to know why I am here.

"I say I am crazy, and I think I may be."

I ask a man today,

"Why cannot the good Muslim people stop the evil ones?

Is evil stronger than your religion?"

He did not like the question.

I was asked all these stupid questions the other night

and they popped on an extra.

"Do you like the Kurdish Women?"

Catch 22. I am screwed on any answer.

If I say yes, they will be jealous and maybe angry.

If I say no, then may think I believe their women are ugly.

I was quick on my feet I said,

"I do not know, there are no women around to say!"

90 percent of my time is looking at men.

What a life. I have better rearrange my travel priorities.

I go to Baghdad on Monday. Only a week more.

I will try to saty one week in Baghdad. Just to be sure that the

Iraqi people are happy to free from Saddam and like the USA.

I am 80 percent sure now, but Baghdad is a different place.

I will then be able to say after one month in Iraq.

CNN and BBC, Aljezeera and all the medias systematically

and premeditatedly positively distort the truth.


I went to Mosul to pick up 2 articles and a petition and 5 business cards for available hotels.

The had nothing done in my being gone for 7 days. It is more dangerous each time I return.

People learn me and my patterns.

I was lucky and collect 3 more people that live in Mosul that have email address's and speak

some English. I left, enough of waiting for people. They must meet me half way.

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