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OOPS. Got the real bosses in life a little on edge. My mother corrected me.

That she was a Christian first and an American second.

I agree, but was more or less trying to explain the racism here in Iraq. The put things

in this order. Country then Religion. Although the religion is more important here also.

But it is hard to believe anyone would kill in the name of a God.

YOU are a PERSON last here. If you are not defined first. You do not exist.

I remember 2 black people in Venezuela fighting over the name.

One was a Moreno and the other a Negrito. The Moreno had straight hair.

The Negrito has curly. I was laughing all the way to the next place.

Sad though. The Moreno was more black then the Negrito. The word Negrito means

Black, blah blah blah. I could care less. They was both nice, but did not want to

talk with each other. They both wanted to talk with me, but not to each other.

I was in between.

This has a strange bearing on life. Chavez is a Dictator. Racist country.

Saddam is a Dictator and this country is racist.

We are humans first and all the rest is just noise.



Why would I want to know? And why would I spend my time pursuing the

question on a Friday night?

a psychological analysis: I was bored one day at work. Couldn't focus

because I was day dreaming of traveling in Iraq. I turned to the

internet and began a targeted search to find people traveling in iraq posting


or blogs. in google i typed "travel OR travels OR traveling iraq

weblog OR

blog" and yours pops up pretty close to the top. i did more searches. i

stumbled upon blogger sites where soldiers or marines stationed in iraq

every once in a while posted some pics or text. but yours was exactly

what i was looking for. it was personal, extensive, random yet specific.

myreaction was, i find this person, who is doing exactly what i was day

dreaming, which of course, this person, sparked my curiosity.

you post all these pics but there are none of you. several times you make

the point you won't show yourself in the pics. i guess i'm just curious,

naturally, and asked for more specifics. i bet i'm not the only one

who's curious.


Probably the number one request.

Photo of me. But here I am a Hobo. I like to travel more then I like

to write this newsletter or blog. If I was famous, or people could see

me and recognize me, they would think maybe I am special.

I am just me. Nothing special. Just a guy enjoying life as I wish.

If a person could recognize me I would be famous.

What good would it do for the world or me.

I think fame is a curse. I would like my newsletter to be famous.

It would be nice to think I open the eyes of the world.

But I believe I am quite handsome and have had well over my share...

But this would just help the letter. Something about a pretty face

sell shoes, cars, and all sorts of things. I would rather you liked me

for my brain. I understand that is not the reason people like each other.

The brain has little to do with it. But for my blog and newsletter.

That is your only option.

Plus I could destroy my passion. My love of travel. Fame. A curse.


I reserved and paid for the domain name. "" today.

It is organization because it is non profit.

It is visit because they want to welcome the world.

Warning ( I do not respect or believe in anyway with their views of Jewish.

The majority of these people are racist toward the Israel or Jewish people

and this is a danger.) My help will not in anyway support this. Plus I do not

recommend anyone of the Jewish religion to come to Iraq. It is extremely dangerous.


A newsletter asked:


what was the plate of food in the picture on this


that you didn't like? it looks kind of gross.

thanks jennifer


Something to do with peppers, onions and rice.

I do not eat food to make people happy.

I no longer care if they are offended. So be it.

It is one of them quiche lover specials for the Fruits and Nuts of the world.


I try to negotiate with most countries.

I say I will trade 5 American Girls for 1 of theirs.

They sort of like that idea.

I have been bouncing off the Iraq people with this Joke.

I wonder sometimes if they have ever seen a women.

They watch the sex on TV and the videos constantly Surf the net

and all sorts of things. Sometimes they act like girls do not exist.

I do not see many, and wonder myself.

Are there girls in Iraq?


I had a person ask me for permission to send or repeat what I said,

You need to include and blame me for all my comments by sending them to my

page. Say written by,

Andy the

Best to say where. Newsletter or blog. But in the end. Who cares. Just get the "" correct....

Andy the noise a.k.a.


You remember that stupid public announcer man for Saddam.

"Baghdad Bob."

I believe that is his name. He is being used to sell here in Iraq.

The made a very funny cartoon or spoof of him.


From Arbil we will go to Kirkuk. Enter the Arab part and go to Baghdad.

I am going to have lots of trouble getting to Tikrit.

Unless the Soldiers help.

Anyone want to give me a ride to Tikrit?

Are you CIA people reading? Get me to Tikrit please.

So I can say,

"Who's next?"

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