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Do the Iraqi people want another dictator?

Hmmm? Yes they do.

My friend Hassan explained what a Iraq friend did in the new democratic Iraq.

He parked his car in the middle of the street. Blocked everyone and left it.

The idea of democracy is freedom to park you car and having no one tell you what

to do. A leader for the Iraqi people is not democracy. He is the person like

the man in the Mosque that tells them what to do.

The expect to have the new boss. They want the new boss soon.

Someone to stop the mess. But Democracy to them has nothing to do with

the boss. The just think the boss will fix the problems, and they can do anything

they wish. Including complaining and sitting on their butts.

Freedom is not being told what to do.

Democracy and freedom are always grouped together.

Democracy is a type of government.

If you have never had a democracy. How would you know what it is?


When a person could track me. It is time to leave.


I know how you don't like it when people suggest you shouldn't go

somewhere because it's dangerous and they're afraid. And what I'm going to say

to you here does'nt come close to suggesting such a thing either... but I do

think there is a warning I have to share w/ you. Hope that's ok.

I heard a man in Baghdad from Time magazine. He sounds like one of

those crazy reporters who imbeds themself w/ the resistance fighters. He

says he's heard from Fedayeen fighters from west of Baghdad that the bombing

at the UN was executed by an internal Islamist front (not necessarily

Anwar Al- Islam). He also said he heard (im not sure what "heard" translates

into e.g. rumor or fact) from Kurdish intelligence (Mosul, Kirkuk region) of

a specific threat of another bomb attack in a specific area of Baghdad,

specifically, the area of aid agencies and government type

establishments. It's also been reported that the truck used in the UN attack was

standard Soviet, military, Iraqi army issue. These trucks can be located at any

Iraqi military facility in Iraq. And if I recall correctly the war

coverage I watched for 3 weeks, these bases are everywhere. The whole F'n

country is a weapons depot.

So, Andy....I know you're going to Baghdad, and I know you're a smart,

common sense, seasoned traveler. I know you'll go there and be fine.

But I have had this feeling the attacks in Iraq are going to intensify for

some time now. I've just been waiting, actually. and when I heard this

reporter guy from the Times live on the news it only confirmed my suspicions. I

just want to share with you this "feeling" I have about the situation in

Iraq right now, and to raise raise the following concerns such as...if

you've seen and can recognize what an iraqi military army trucks looks like

start looking around for the nearest barrier you can put between it and you

at any moment. I know, it sounds silly. and come to think of it,

adventurous. just do as you always do being aware of your surroundings.

Also...the Kurds know a LOT! and they've provided a lot of

intelligence before, during and after the war (major combat) let's seee..the Saddam

boys were taken out in Kurd country, they've provided intelligence that lead

to the capture of many of the high ranking Iraq officials from the deck of

55 (is that the number? i thought there were 52 cards in a deck) plus,

special forces have been embedded up there in Kurd country since gulf war I.

So you know, they know a lot. Information is power. My point is, don't let

your guard down to much up there in Kurd country. Information is power.

Have you ever heard it said, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you."

on another're perfectly positioned to have soem great

adventure :-) could embed yourself with either group, the

counterintelligence operations coming out of the north or the resistance fighters (possible

profile: the ones who look evil, dont smile, the angry ones who stare

at you intently) and fight out lots of information....maybe you can do a piece

on your blog where you post iraqi's opinions, knowledge or perception of

where saddam is or what role he's playing in the attacks in the country.

wanna play w/ the CIA???? :-) we could have fuunn! if you did this, they'd

definitely watch you. mebbe not such a good idea.


I ask all the time about Saddam. They do not know anything

and would turn him in if they did. There is an obvious Islamic

movement in the North here.

I posted this now, and because there is Peter and JJ in the country and

who knows else.

LETTER FROM READER why you may be receiving more hate mails

I think why you may be receiving more 'hate' mails here recently is because you haved arrived in 'hot tropic (pun intended)' Iraq and are offering opinions and observation. Morons have taken their stance (pro war, anti-war) and more importantly identified themselves with their stance. Anytime they hear opinions contrary to their stance they take it personally. These are the hippies with credit cards, ivory tower ridden professors that have no empirical evidence compiled to their theories, artless/uninformed do gooders who for some reason do not realize there is Good and evil in this world and it is best to try to keep the evil in check at All costs. Some people don't like to be proven wrong others are so obstinate that they can never be proven wrong. Often they can't see the forest because of the trees....

Nonetheless, I think our administration has mishandled the reasoning for war, but I have been following this Iraq saga for some ten+ years and thought action was overdue. Saddam (along with Milosevic, Pot Pot, Mugabe, et al) basically 'nuts in your faced' the international community and UN and he and his cronies of fear were due for a lickin'. Unfortunately, in war, a lot of good guys have to go too (to a good place).

I have enjoyed your analysis/take on life and Iraq. I am gonna be very interested to see what Arab Baghdad is gonna be like. I will get you some PayPal here soon.

take it easy,

Dave -- from Houston

MY ANSWER: Very good. Nothing needed to add. I agree.


My nephew are telling my family.. Yes.

"Uncle Andy is really a spy."

JJ the American says I look like a spy.

People want to know if I am connected with the CIA?

I tell them. If I am then they forgot to send the check.

I am too poor to be a spy.

Plus... give me a break. Who really knows what a spy looks like?

I can tell you some fun crap.

After September 11 I received some really subversive group mails.

One from a place in El Salvador and another from the border town

of Venezuela. I forget the name.

These were in Spanish and downright dangerous in my mind.

So being the good guy. I forward them and write long emails to

the CIA and he FBI explaining the situations involved.

But do I get a reply? NO. I think they are at lunch.

I also have let me see. I cannot remember.

Yes. I made the CIA factbook my number 3 choice for top webpages

for actual traveler. These are pages that really help me while traveling.

Not at home. But when I am in an internet cafe.

I gave the CIA a friendly heads up email. No reply.

I am not sure they really even exist. In the places I go. They should be around.

It is hard to imagine them being secret enough for me to not pick up

on one in 7 years. But I have not.



I have found in my life that a person that does the right thing

will not be appreciated. Especially while alive.

So do the right thing USA. There will always be people

trying to make money off the telling of misery and the selling

of misery. BBC, CNN, Aljazeera, and all the blogs below.

It is our, mine, and your responsibility in this world to separte

the wheat from the chaff. I wish I could tell you how to easily.

I am now after coming to Iraq almost positive you could just

watch Television and anything they say or infer is happening

or is the truth, you could probably bet the opposite is really the

truth. Life is good.

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