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An Invitation to Visit Mosul Iraq by English Scholars

I have been working on bringing together and completing an invitation to help the English Scholars of Iraq get some friends to come visit their city. I have in 3 formats. I will probably make some more update and change a little. But all of this is free to be copied, distributed, and printed. Please give to the press, or realize the press of the world is invited to publish. Thank you.

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A Dutch girls last night talked about having a Mission. She says they have mission to go shopping, or to find certain types of clothing, or they will go on a mission tomorrow to find some turtles. I may adopt that mission soon. There is a place where the sea turtle lay eggs.

But I have a mission to find the best way to clean my body. There are soaps that kill bacteria, fungus, and germicides. I have been talking to the Pharmacist in Chaudi a small berg about 3 kilometers from the beach about how to clean. I still have the focus on the rash. It is 95 percent gone, but what I am on a mission for now is to learn how to super clean and make sure that I never catch one of these rashes again. A fungus, or eruption of this type can come from anywhere. I could be sitting in the sand, or swimming in a pool. A pharmacist in Quito, Ecuador said I got it from the water in the Amazon.

Hot water kills most problems in water. But in the tropics there is no hot water. So my clothes are washed in cold water. I shower in cold water.

So the ability to knock out or kill off all them little bacteria or fungus in the water is more difficult. They do have special soaps to assist in this. But the locals, the travelers, and very few people seem to care. I have started to notice on the beach a lot of people have a fungus on their body. It is hard to notice, or know why there are little splotches on the skin.

But my mission and ongoing mission is to find the proper chemicals or cleaning agents to clean. I did take an anti-fungus pill yesterday. Chris gave me the heads up that this existed. So I am cleaning my system.

I wrote a tip last year in Thailand about how to heat water and the need to wash clothes in hot water. Let me go look for the link. Found it….


Had enough of the toilet situation here. I have to walk in the sand, and over these small piece of volcanic rocks to the toilet. When I return to the room my feet are covered with sand. I have my bucket in front of my room and I dip my feet to clean so I do not track sand into my room.

There are various types of toilets in the world. But the squat type toilet here have 2 types mainly. There are ones that you flush with a bucket of water. There are one that you flush with a handle, or pull like a normal western toilet. I have the type in this place where you have to flush with bucket. This coupled with the normal person not using toilet paper and life just gets more and more complicated. But in reality the problem is that it get extremely dirty. I have found that I stay about 2 levels cleaner then the normal travelers. There are modern countries of the world that live like pigs.

My new room will have a western toilet. A pull flush and two showers. I have the bucket type shower presently and the new one will have a shower head. I actually like the bucket type of shower. It is slow, quiet, and invigorating. Dumping a bucket of cool water over you head in hot countries feels good. I will have a common toilet, but the walk to the toilet will be on concrete. Strangely the cost is only 25 rupees more. This is about 60 cents US. I will be paying 3 dollars US or about 2.70 Euros.


They talk about States in India. Like the USA talks or the world talks about states. They say I am going to this X state. So I am going to go in a couple of week to the next state south of here. There are 25 states in India. I want to go to the state of:

State: Karnataka

Beach: Gokarna

Trying to spells these correctly is a chore. Hope I am close. I post this up here on the blog to help me also remember. I am without a guidebook still. This place is predominantly Hindu and few tourist.


I have started to realize I am one of the few people around that does not smoke Hashish.

:the concentrated resin from the flowering tops of the female hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) that is smoked, chewed, or drunk for its intoxicating effect- called also charas; compare bhang, marijuana

- Encyclopedia Britannica

I suppose I do not pay attention to travelers smoking marijuana, hashish, or smoking cigarettes. It is just so common that why would I pay attention. Just normal. What hit me last night was the way they smoke hashish here.

When I have seen people smoke hashish in the USA it is with a small pipe. Now if you would pop out a small pipe here in India they would know instantly that you was smoking hashish. So a common way of disguising the hashish is smoke it inside a rolled cigarette or Marijuana. Since there is lots or it is normal for people in India to roll their own cigarettes this is not out of place.

Now I have been watching inadvertently people smoke hash for the last week. They open up their Rizlas or rolling papers and fill it with tobacco and they cut up small piece of hash and insert into the tobacco. Roll it up and smoke it. Nothing really strange about that. Now the somewhat strange part is that this is normal tobacco.


There was a click in my head last night. They are always using normal cigarette tobacco. This would gag about 50 percent of the people from the USA because only maybe 50 percent of the people smoke cigarettes. So to take a deep breath of a cigarette would make them sick.

But being that most of the travelers, or about 90 percent minimum smoke cigarettes here then this does not bother them. That is what hit me as extreme. To be able to smoke cigarettes and hash at the same time is a really full on, and overwhelming amount of smoke in a persons lungs. This is extreme.

I really cannot be bothered with listening or talking about drugs, alcohol or hashish or whatever they smoke or drink. It is part of life of travelers and very normal. It does separate me sometimes, but that is not important. The thing that separates me more is the British Male bonding or being mates and smoking. There are a few bars here where you will see only men. Once in awhile a few girls, but for the most part only men. They sit around drink, smoke cigarettes, smoke hash, and pontificate. The allow women and welcome women, but I think that most women would just consider this a little too much.

I am reasonably sure that British society is at least ½ again more sexist then the USA society or the Continental Europe. There is definitely a good ole boys club in Britain. Britain is a first level country and this aberration is interesting. Although the British girls act more like men then in most countries, or are more similar to men then other countries.


Was sitting inside my room, typing on the computer. Got up walked to the toilet. A cup of coffee and the day starts. The owner says,

“You go to Flavias?” Or translated to mean… Why are you or are you going to move to Flavias?

Flavias is the name of a Hut Complex directly between my present room and the Beach. Flavias also has palm leave constructed huts also.

I start to say something about … “How did you know?” But stopped myself. This is not important, but somehow she knew that I looked at the concrete rooms of Flavias and was thinking about moving. There is a little embarrassment or shame on my part. I have not normally moved just for the reason of the toilet. But I am moving out of my extremely safe, and extremely large and spacious room, with a great price for a room that I can walk to without going in the sand.

The difference is that I can walk to the outside toilet without walking in the sand. Small, but significant in the dark of night.

She came to my door again… “Ann Dee, Ann Dee” as they say my name. Hard on the Dee.

She thanked me for staying and knows I am moving out. She is very nice woman and wants to learn what is wrong or why I am moving. I told her again about the bathroom. There are about 3 more reasons.

1. Closer to beach.

2. More people in common area for conversation.

3. Even more safe because of more people around.

They rob huts here in the night by breaking into the grass huts. In the concrete ones they come in through the roof. Only the dogs, and other people keep people from breaking in the roof. An isolate concrete building with the tile roofs are very susceptible to robbery.

She is happy because I said to her,

“I will live here for 10 days, and pay 100 Rupees per day, After that I will pay 125 and decide then if I will stay for 10 more days.”

The other guy that was here in the other side said he would stay for 3 months and would pay 80 Rupees per day. I am not sure how long he stayed, but she gave him the discount and he did not stay the time. I advise that only payment in advance is good with travelers. They do not lie, but they will renege on any deal. Western people are not trustworthy with a handshake. They will only hold to a deal if there is a legal or contractual need. But a contract in another country is worthless. So in the end a Hotel owner needs to collect in advance.

For me… My handshake and my word is law. I wish I could say this was 100 percent. It gets closer and closer to 100 percent as I get older. There are times when it is literally impossible to keep your word or handshake, so the percentage is more between 90 to 100 and not 100 percent. Nobody is perfect. If they say to you 100 percent then they are a liar.

I do a test sometimes with people. If someone would say that they are always something. I could say to them… you are always or 100 percent this way. Never a problem and never less, and always hold true. If they would hold that they never let down on what they say. Then I know they are a liar and not to be trusted. Nobody is perfect.

NOTE: All this negotiation and clarification with the owner of my room was done while standing wrapped in my beach towel after returning from the toilet. Life is not very formal and sometime not close to private.


I had a pompous English person try to correct my in that ever present I understand better then you mode of the English to instruct that he was not British, but he was English.

Great Britain encompasses England, Scotland, and Wales, and I believe also Ireland. But there is also the word United Kingdom. All under the rule in round about ways to the Queen. But there is also an entanglement of ownership in values and control with the “Common Wealth.”

I instructed him,’

“British people are touchy and can become quite annoyed if I accidentally displace their specific country. If I was to call you Scottish by accident. So the wise and safe as a person from the USA is to use the encompassing and correct term British when dealing with people that are from Great Britain.”

He knows he does not like to be called Scottish and that British is correct He was being completely pompous. To me this is an attitude of you be peasant, I be noble class. A pervasive theme in 70 percent of the English toward non-English people. They had a long time to learn to be that inherently owned by the Queen. I then said,

“I could call you a POME”

He totally did not understand the perspective of the Ozzies of calling the English Pomes. A girl piped up and said. It is not that he Ozzies were ex prisoners and they should be called POME. Prisoners of her Majesties Empire, but that the people that are prisoners are the people that still live inside the mentality of the British Empire and have never escaped.


Alex Garland in the book “The Beach” probably said this about Goa because so many people from Britain come to Goa. Goa appears to be the first travel trip for many of the young people. While maybe Europe is the first and normally the last travel trip for Americans.


I was talking last night with Gabe. He is a 65 year old hippie. I think that is his age, but I will have to check again. This guy is a walking encyclopedia of hippie or old time stories about, travel, drugs, and of India.

He was saying how 20 years ago a couple of the members of the band “The Who” stopped in Palolem and set up a stage and played music. Just hanging around and having fun at no cost to the local group of travelers.

When I first me him I was either sad or a had a little revolt ion at the thought of still being here or returning so many times. But he enjoyed this place and it is where he lives for 6 months of the year. Not a bad idea. Maybe it was his appearance that said,

“I am a long haired hippie.”


a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic; broadly : a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person

- Encyclopedia Britannica

The aging process of travelers is not so noble some times. 95 percent give up the backpacker scene and adopt the tourist travel mode as they preferred way to travel. As I get older I admit the constant talk about drugs, drinking, and sort of rebellion is annoying.

Some of the older travelers here in Goa are quite clear on why they do not adhere to a normal lifestyle. The work from 9-5, get married, have 2 children, a fence, with “2 cats in the yard, and life used to be so hard.”

A “Crosby, Stills and Nash, Young” rendition of life. This music group and many others are the purveyors of a social norm of how life is, or could be, or should be, and the world is still in turmoil. Woodstock and the Vietnam War has reverberated down through time in a confusion and glimpses of clarity to everyone since. I am too young for the Vietnam War and the full impact. As is most travelers, but it is still discussed all over the world as turning point. I am not sure what direction people turned after this war, but they definitely stopped and started to question societies value system.

I personally do not think they have came up with better values systems, but a questioning of values is good.

A guy here by the name of Chris Time said last night,

“I think all drugs should be legalized. What would be the harm?”

I asked,

“Is doing drugs morally correct?”

He said,

“What are morals?”

I got my answer from him quite clearly. The idea of good and bad was not considered in his realm of thought.

I refer often to the encyclopedia or dictionary for a more consensual agreement on word meanings, and not my own.


- also called moral philosophy the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad, right and wrong. The term is also applied to any system or theory of moral values or principles.

How should we live? Shall we aim at happiness or at knowledge, virtue, or the creation of beautiful objects? If we choose happiness, will it be our own or the happiness of all? And what of the more particular questions that face us: Is it right to be dishonest in a good cause? Can we justify living in opulence while elsewhere in the world people are starving? If conscripted to fight in a war we do not support, should we disobey the law? What are our obligations to the other creatures with whom we share this planet and to the generations of humans who will come after us? …

From - Encyclopedia Britannica


: payment (as a tip or bribe) to expedite service

I have picked up on an in congruency or confusion in my understanding of Baksheesh in India. I thought this was an annoyance bribe given to help grease the wheels. I have often found that information is only for sell in the developing and most of the world really.

But I have never really seen the relationship between a tip and a bribe, and begging. But what has happened in India is that I have had both the beggar and the extorter of tips say the word to me “Baksheesh.”

I understand the extortion principle. They put me in between a rock and a hard place. Make me pay the extra fee to work my way out of the situation. I am almost an expert in avoiding this situation. I can smell the dead end situation arising, and will not go forward.

For example a taxi driver can get you in the cab. You say where you are going. We drive along for a short distance until I am lost, and then he needs more money to find his way to the correct place, otherwise he has suddenly forgot how to find the place. In that situation I just get out of the taxi and refuse to pay. The cost will be the same and hopefully the next one takes me to the correct place.

But to the association of baksheesh and begging was not so clear. But here the beggar appears to be saying baksheesh. I could be wrong and will continue to research this. I have discovered that the root word of bribe came from a French word or associated word to beg, so there are relations.


I took the 2 photos with a Creative webcame used as a normal camera. Cost me 40 dollars in the USA.


There is a man here that earns western wages and works here on his computer. I have lots of people talk or dream of working from another place. He is actually doing this feat. I met a Norwegian guy in Ranong, Thailand that did graphical work and sent back home. Making the full wages of his country and not the country that they was living inside.

There are lots of people that work in other countries. But the wage are paid within the country. There are lot of people that do about ½ their work in another country and go home an finish it. This man does all his work outside his home country and just stops home to visit. He has been living outside his country for the most of the last 20 year.

I will do an interview soon. Quite amazing.


Another day in Paradise!

I said this phrase the other day and a traveler started to tell me about why it was why Goa is not Paradise. I said,

“I was trying to make a happy generalization and I understand there is no such thing as paradise. Just some places are closer then other.”

I have found the world seems to get progressively more literal. Failing to understand the intentions of a person then the literal statements.

I speak Spanish very well. It would be almost impossible for me to speak this language if I need to understand at this high of level of literal sense.

I traveled in Brazil with this Argentina girl for about 2 months. The Brazilian people could understand her Spanish with a push better then my Spanish with a push. Plus she had a bigger vocabulary and could insert a few extra words, or change the words. (Synonyms ) And for this reason they could try and if they WANTED to understand they would understand me. It was more difficult for me.

Now she listened or understood in a more literal way. I could get the intention or meaning a lot faster then her when they responded or answered in Portuguese

So the would says something.

I would tell her in Spanish what they said,

She would answer in Spanish,

They would say another comment.

I would interpret and tell her what they said in Spanish.

She would answer in Spanish.

But all this is about trying to understand by their intentions. Sometimes a person is working too hard on words and misses the meaning of the sentence.

Good news:

1. Misogynist.........Women are no good

2. Feminist...........Men are no good

3. Environmentalist...People are no good

4. Cannibal...........People are good.

- From Chris

Yahoo Groups Down

I have a mirror on yahoo groups of my normal newsletter. I cannot access through the normal links.

Wonder if Yahoo is blocking this country? I had problems in I think Iraq. Went 4 weeks or more with not posting. I still cannot get to those pages.


Back Door!

LOLITA a novel by


Nabokov, Vladimir

Lolita (1955), with its antihero, Humbert Humbert, who is possessed by an overpowering desire for very young girls, is yet another of Nabokov's subtle allegories: love examined in the light of its seeming opposite, lechery.

born April 22, 1899, St. Petersburg, Russia

died July 2, 1977, Montreux, Switz.

in full Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov Russian-born American novelist and critic, the foremost of the post-1917 émigré authors. He wrote in both Russian and English, and his best works, including Lolita (1955), feature stylish, intricate literary effects.

----------------------- From Encyclopedia Britannica


Ironic coincidence has led me on a study of the world “Lolita.”


- Because I met a 15 year old Indian girl on the beach by the name of Lolita.

- Because the book I am reading by Wilbur Smith, “Hungry as the Sea” talks about the “Lolita Complex.”

- The music world has been driving me crazy for years with the use of Lolita in songs. This is a long term form of cognitive dissonance.

Sometime a word gangs up on you and you cannot or I cannot help but be curious. Why is this word popping into my world or photo of the world?

Stephen introduced me and few other people to Lolita. She is a very dark, almost or really is black skinned girl that lives on Palolem beach. Intrigue is around how and what she does for the group of males around the current group of visitors that share conversation.

I was returning from Margao or Chaudi the other day. It is about 40 kilometers north of Palolem Beach. It is the only real city complete with ATMs and such. This means: You can buy what you need.

I enter the beach by way of the lifeguard station. A gas powered rickshaw or a.k.a. Tuk Tuk in Thailand. A 3 wheeled motorcycle with a seat for 2 or maybe 3 has just dropped me off. (The also drive something close in Iquitos, Peru)

Well. I walk down the beach. Tired and beat up from the 1 hour and 12 ruppee trip to Margao. The price for foreigner can be 15 if you are not careful. But as I return from the eggbeater that can only so poignantly remind me of a chicken bus in Guatemala and waddle down the beach. The sun is baking and the fresh breeze is making me remember that I am in paradise and the business day run to Margao is a price I have to pay for paradise.

But… I am approaching my set of huts. Further away from the entrance to the beach then close to the beach. I have to leave the hard wet sand of the waters edge and now cross the dry and soft sand. I am wearing my flip flops. Not a real cheap type, but none the less flip flops of a sort. The type with the big toe and the second toe that keeps them on. Not the best to walk through soft sand. Better to take them off. But I cannot be bothered.

Boom, Bang. Bom…!

Up skips Lolita. Like a smile on wheels. She is in my face and challenging me to avoid here. She is probably in a way tout. A person that want to convince you to buy from her something. I am not and still not sure what she is selling.

I say,


She says,


She says,

“Where are you going?”

I say,

“I am going to my room.”

She says, and this is the pressing issue.

“Do you want me come to your room?

Now. I did not know how old she was at this juncture. She could be anywhere between 15 and 30 in my view. I had not studied her. I had met her. The sun is shining, and the only sure clue to her age is the energy and the smile. She is just too vibrant for an older woman. She has the fell and smell of youth. That brazen, devil could care attitude.

So I am hot… and for a second I stutter and slip back. The heat is pounding on my brain, and I need water. Has she brought me water?

I regain my strength. I place my hand on her arm and say,

“No, I do not think that would be a good idea.”

There is a saying that God always gives us a way out of temptation. I am not sure how he gave me this here, but I can say that I passed the test. What a mischievous God he is.

I am new to India. I do not know the people or the culture. This could have been innocent and she just wanted to talk. It is very possible that was the case. Her older 24 old sister came up with Lolita the next day and talked about this. Lolita was with her. They then bridge on the idea of me taking her back to the USA to clean and arrange around the house.

Who sings that song? “A man needs a maid?”


But all the inner and ever changing group of regulars on this beach has been trying to instruct or nag me on this issue. She is now my problem. I think they wish they had the same problem. Chris Time and his wife had the same problem with her. She would hang around their room and even wanted to sleep in their room. We think this is innocent, but then again you do not get to look into her eyes like I do. I am still confused. She is innocent, with those question marks.

Chris Time is also a blond. That does appear to be a coincidence. All the other hippies are either shaved head or dark. They do not give the absolute contra view of this culture as me and Chris Time represent. I cannot say really he is blond. He has that very spike and glued down hair or glued up hair and the tips of his hair is blond or white. There is contrast that is trendy or fashionable. Looks pretty good, and a lot better then the purple fashion of Europe.

But back to the coincidence of Lolita. I go look around and smuggle around in my computer encyclopedia. It is a wonder of the world that I can sit in my room alone and come to fruition with the understanding of the world Lolita and its implications. To me this can make me a genius. I can have very complex ideas and keep them organized with the assistance of a computer.

So most of this is my happiness that I have found one answer to a long term nagging question. Why do people use the word “Lolita.” There are probably more explanations then this. But this will suffice for now. I will read the book some day by Vladimir Nabokov by the name of Lolita and will further my query.

I am avoiding Lolita. God and good and bad need to take a vacation.

Life is good here. Funny little enigmatic days. Much more mentally stimulating then Europe. I suppose Europe was more wondrously interesting and not so mentally.


Bruce Springsteen you are winding me up!

In the front of a beach front bar sitting peacefully with a non-political and homogenous group of expatriates. Although mostly Brits it is difficult to see a person that claims a country with a vengence.

I try to ignore the first playing of this song. Born in the USA. It is not good to bring attention to songs with the “Americanism” all over them. It only goes to provoke some of the people that hate anyone that could love anything. The Americanism of Patriotism is despised by the nations similar to the USA, and loved by the developing countries.

But sitting in plastic chair that is used world wide. On a floor of sand, in nowhere in the world I hear this song. I am both confused and happy at the same time. The words take root hard in my head more then normal. I listen with a checks and balance to see if they will cause me trouble. There is a dualism in the song for me. I feel that when Bruce sings the chorus.

“Born in the USA”

Repeating this phrase with a cadance and beat that both inspires and to me says I love the country but there is a good and a bad. But in the end. I was born in the USA.

But the words are not pleasant accolades about the USA. They are what to me freedom represents. Placing the name of the USA and the fact that a native born person… Born in the USA went over and killed the “Yellow Man.”

It would be easy to say this is protest song and much easier to support that argument. Some political commentary against the policies of the USA. But it is still to me a song of patriotism and nationalism that will continue to anger the world for as long as the country exist. Because the fashion of the day in the developed world is…

“Thou shall not love anything!”

Especially a country

I can sing a love song. Dream a dream. But in the end to say that I would want to get married till death do we part is not acceptable. The social pressure is to say that we have choice, and if we continue to love and wish to reside together that is fine. But to commit to anything in the X generation is to be common.

But Bruce you are a pain in the butt. Intuitively I can feel the pride in the words for your country. I feel the same pride. But I also know that anything good is paid for with emotional pain. That is the price of all thing great. There is a piece of emotion and a persons mind that must be placed on the table as barter for the world to trample.

So thank you Bruce, but if you are going to do this. Please come and visit so I can have some backup.

I got to buy them another album. They must have 3, and this is in rotation.

( I mean to say CD. Showing my age… oops)


Life is simple here on the beach. Not enough bikinis for me, but that is ok. The season is starting here in Goa, so the Air Charters, the travelers, and the tourist are in migration to the beach. The locals are building new huts. There has been 3 new patio type beach restaurants areas constructed since I arrived. I am pretty sure all these beach structure get washed away during monsoon and the have to build them new every year.

A few expatriates or seasonal visitors to the beach say there is less then a year left on this beach before the tourist own it. I am in agreement. The herd has arrived and this beach will have little drinks with umbrellas in them soon. The aging hippies will move on down.

Very interesting to meet so many old hippies. Like a living history of radical culture. I can sit around and listen to stories about what and who did what 20 years ago. I am not sure I want to be one of these people that has never given up. They are sort of stuck on channel 1960 and have not moved on… I suppose that was a good channel. I am too young for most of the noise, but am still on the fringe of the information curve.

I titled this a well done lobster. I am getting really good brown tan. Cut a few pounds and I will be some real competition for them younger bulls that want to rule. I hate when they try to make me behave. Still in the game, but slowing the pace. I needed to regenerate my mental strength or get the nerve back after using up all my resources in the last few month in Iraq and other mentally taxing situations. Nice to just free float. No worries.

I am happy to say “Life is good.” I like the ring. Make me know that I should be grateful.



Tuesday… The day after Monday.. This is the target day for my newsletter. I have finally got the last Europe one out and about. What a relief to be out of Europe and back in the my proper element. Life is good. But for you people that want some London action. Here is the current newsletter complete with photos and a tip on fitted sheets.

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