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Budapest to Bangkok

Budapest to Bangkok
This is a record for shortest time on a continent for me, I am flying to Bangkok in two days, I just do not need this now.
I need to purchase a car to travel around Europe, otherwise I feel trapped on this route from major city to major city. I do not like cities, especially where the taxis are expensive and difficult.
The word that would describe Budapest so far is...
Defined in the Dictionary as:
A sharp contortion of the face expressive of pain, contempt, or disgust.
Not on my face, on theirs.
The wonder of travel is to encounter a culture that is happy to see you, and you are happy to see them. Like two children playing in the sandbox.

Budapest to Bangkok

Rain and Gloom in Budapest Hungary

Rain and Gloom in Budapest Hungary

It is rainy, cold, sort of miserable, you want to hold yourself as you walk down the street, I am here too early in the Spring it seems, it may break soon. I will soon head south toward Remain as soon as I figure out the Visa situation. I suppose I could be an illegal immigrant like in the USA, however in most countries they will throw me in jail...

Yossi and Avraham

Yossi and Avraham

This is Yossi and Avraham

Yossi and Avraham, Yossi on the left and Avraham on the right, this is their spelling, not mine.

I was sitting in the John F Kennedy Airport in New York City waiting for my Lufthansa plane to leave. In walks a group with these big hats. My first thought was,

- More Amish Traveling by Plane -

Then I keep looking, the pants were not correct, there was the start of a little curls on the side of the boys sideburns. This just was not Amish, however they had the little caps, and I associated normally with Jewish people; however, the Arabs and the Rap Singers seem to wear them also.

I ask him,

- Where are you going? -

They as best I understand, were going to Mexico City to celebrate Passover.

Yeseph or Yossi, I guess Yossi is a nickname is an intense young man of 14, empowered by a belief; he is or could be intimidating. I considered him very interesting, extremely intelligent, and young and full of energy.

I was trying to learn more about the Chabad, as there are numerous places on the planet called the - Chabad Houses - where Israeli person congregate to all wear their hats and eat kosher foods.

He said he was Lubavitch, not good at spelling it though, his focus stayed on the goal.


He says they adhere to about 613 Plus rules and the Rabbis can make more under certain conditions. I tried to get him a little into the easy argument of Christianity, where all you have to do is ask for forgiveness and you were done, of course, you have to be repentant, serious and real.

Judaism and Islamic religions have may rule, to me this is cause of the terrorist in the world as may person live in an overwhelming and constant state of guilt. I see them as wanting to destroy the temptations they cannot stop in their lives.

Oh well, I tried my best to instruct a little and say, to explain something and not to tell something. This boy?s brains were seeping out the edges of his hat. The lesser intelligent persons are always angry with the person they do not understand.

I will continue the conversation with the Israeli girls in Thailand on my next visit, always a good spin to use.

Yossi has a web site, I have not been able to view it yet, however here it is, and I am hoping it works

Hasidism or Chasidim

Yossi and Avraham

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