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Cakchiquel Home

Cakchiquel Home

I am finding that I have a small emotional problem with labeling some of the photos Guatemalan photos. It is both bad, and good to label a person.

The people are probably more product to be Cakchiquel, than Guatemala, but proud to be both, not that simple.

I went to a home in Santa Catarina here in Guatemala, very close to Panajachel or Lago Atitlan. Two children took me there, and I wish, I can go there and I believe rent a room. The people speak the language of Cakchiquel, and sort of broken Spanish.

In South America, you have maybe 10-15 Million people that speak the language of Quechua or Quichua. This is not a minor amount of persons; this is a country of persons.
Here in the area of Pana there are many person that speak Cakchiquel, it is my impression that 90 percent of the person in this city of Panajachel Speak Cakchiquel and then speak Spanish to do business. It is similar to the idea in the world that for Airlines, Travel, or Business the language is required to be English.

Not that simple, however more or less correct.

So I did not go to a Guatemala persons home that spoke Spanish, I went to a home or race of people that are defined, different, and unique in customs and behaviors that the Spanish speaking persons, maybe called Mestizos however the common identifier is the language of Cakchiquel then there are sub-identifiers of clothing.

This woman lives in the village of Santa Catarina; she has on one of the shirts, blouse or tops that identify her as being from this village. This is a simplified explanation, a culture or race is defined in on many strata.

This is the three Banditos that brought me to the home, the Juan, Rosa and unknown name. The two are brother and sister and the other mother died, and the man went to Pana to live with another women, I think maybe leaving the boy.

This is the precious however learning to be not so precious Rosa; she was in photos I took before. She is also having the name of Manuela; however, she likes to be called Rosa. They wanted my cell number; the one sister has a cell telephone. Therefore, I called the number of the sister, Rosa then ran off with this phone up the hill, over the steps and to find the sister. Of course talking on the phone the whole time.

The Cakchiquel people are fully aware of cell phones, many have cell phones, I was just allowing a young girl to play on a cell phone, it was not her first encounter with a cell phone by a long shot.

The not so precious part is when she was done, she said,
- A gift for me - (In Spanish, not Cakchiquel)

She is also wanting and I paid 30 Quetzals for School, I have yet and am very suspect of this, they say they go to a private school where they need to pay 30 Quetzals per week. This is complicated; you cannot just call a person a liar. These children have learned many shortcuts because the travelers and tourist put words in their mouth.

- You do not have enough food-
- You need to sell -
- Your mother is sick -
The just need to agree and boom, the money flows; therefore, they learn to be semi-beggars or manipulators of the situation.

This is the bed where I may or may not sleep, I do not want to live in a place where I get 24 hour a day questions. Worst is they having 24 hours a day desire and ask me to purchase things for them. They wanted three Coca Colas, and then the woman pulls three one-liter bottles out of the fridge. Not my idea of what I was going to do.

These are very large speakers for music, in their home. Many people misinterpret the home as being very poor when really it is very normal. This family is not poor; they do not have the possessions of an American or Europe family.

The view out their window is from half way up the mountain. It is a view a person pays for. I am asking myself, why do the Mestizos rich kids live in Guatemala with a crime rate that is difficult and the poor or so-called poor live here in Paradise.

The Guatamatecas come from the Guatemala and Xela to vacation here on the weekends, and the local live here where when they Guatematecans get rich, they will try to buy a home.

Cakchiquel Home

Travel Blog by Satellite

Travel Journal by Satellite

I want to blog from anywhere on the planet, I want to send my Travel Journal by Satellite.

I just received a cell phone call from John Stoltz with
He answered many questions.

This is cutting edge, go-pro type stuff, not the beginner�s version of blogging. I am thinking a pay-to-play version of blogging that I will soon enter.

The BGAN INMARSAT systems is presently in my sights, I think or believe the entry fee is 3000 Dollars minimum to buy the hardware equipment and 10 Dollars per meg of information sent.

11 U.S. Dollars per day to play.
4000 Thousand U.S. total per year to play.

11 Dollars is double the price of my normal room�
Aaagh, that is expensive.

This a picture of a BGAN Satellite systems I discovered in Niger last year.

The Medecins Sans Frontieres had this device.

It really was not needed by the Docs, there was an internet caf� just down the street, but I the save the world organizations do not go cheap, they go first class or they do not go�. Hehehe

I talked with John that sells the Bgan Inmarsat toys.

They have some office in Chicago and one in Rochester, New York, I am not clear; however maybe call this number (773) 248-8686 in the USA. Note, if you want the 1-800 numbers you probably do not need this thingy� 800 numbers do not work from the middle of nowhere.

I have no idea if his system works or not, I was so happy to get a callback from someone in the USA, so I am giving him a free plug. He seems smart, however for sure he is going for the big boy market.
(CNN - Military - NGOs - Mount Everest )

He gave me one reference or an email to a guy from CNN� hehehe, I will try the email, my guess it like Kevin Sites, and they do not return emails very good.

He mentioned Kevin Site, the blog from somewhere person. I told him, Kevin Sites has people following him around making sure his world works, he has support. (I do not consider him in the middle of nowhere.)

My Research Blog trying to find Kevin Sites, or me trying to go take his picture for fun.
(Him in full military gear and me in shorts.) Kevin is supposed to be visiting war zones, or more or less the same places I go.

OK, I am not CNN and I am not Kevin Sites.

I go to Nepal in about 3 months, I will try to climb Everest to find these toys, not really, but I need to go to base camp, on my list.


My next question of John was how do they charge these BGAN systems or satellite internet access systems?

He said,
- Plug into wall.
- Adapter for Cigarette lighter in car.

I am thinking, if I have electricity I normally would not need this baby. Trying to be more relaxed, I am now saying, how do they power it with solar?

To buy this toy, you need all the accessory toys. I need a way to generate electricity. I am not going to ride around in a Hummer so I am going to not carry 6 batteries.

NOTE: I think the system used by the Sailboat people some Watt system would work if I had a Hummer.

April 17 they allow or make this work in North, Central and South America, I leave the USA on April 10 for Budapest, I am not going to be able to test this toy, makes it hard to buy.

All toys need tested, they just do not work. The blog by Cell phone idea has crashed and burned, it just does not presently work.

NOTE: I already carry 70 pounds this is more weight, plus very excuse I have for not calling will be gone.


From my good old Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer.

- The International Mobile Satellite Organization (INMARSAT), founded in 1979 as the International Maritime Satellite Organization, is a mobile telecommunications network, providing digital data links, telephone, and facsimile transmission, or fax, service between ships, offshore facilities, and shore-based stations throughout the world. It is also now extending satellite links for voice and fax transmission to aircraft on international routes.- (2)

Got to go, I am going with three children to Santa Catarina at 3:00 PM Latino time to see their homes, (I hope), I have to pay the bus-pickup fee of 3 Quetzals per head, so my cost to pay my young guides will be about two dollars for three children.

Travel Journal by Satellite

Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

Translated that means a very small machines that will make electricity by using the water from a stream or water from a dam.

I am trying to find a cheap way to generate some electricity in the future to run my computer in the bush.. hehehe

Solar is good, but for a longer period it appears that Water electricity would work. I am thinking the water would be a lot cheaper, because the solar electric cells cannot be purchased just anywhere on the planet. I think I could convert a car alternator to a system, then store in a series of batters. Contrary to any illusions there are car batteries on the planet, the primitive word is hard to find. Coca Cola is already there.

Inverters, converters, etc, all the crap that is needed can be purchase now for a few dollars. I guess the challenge here for me is to know if there is a way to harness enough electricity to cook a cheese sandwich or boil water here in Guatemala, it would get rid of the problem with burning wood. To work you need to be able to make this for less than 20 U.S. dollars in any country. That is my idea of sustainable. They sell electric hot plates on the planet for about 3 dollars.

From this link I found the information below.

-The use of DC motors as generator
Permanent DC motors are a cheap and easy source of generators. They work in the same way as a dynamo. There are more efficient ways of doing this but this is certainly the easiest. DC motors can be found in scraped cars (fan motor etc.). Turn them fast enough and you've got power.-

I found some priced at 1000-2000 U.S. Dollars, I suppose there are suckers born every day.

Micro Hydro Electricity Generator

Buying Plane Tickets

Buying Plane Tickets

I work on my web site daily in a way, not the way probably most of my readers think, I believe they think writing is the work I do, however that is only about 1 percent of the work I do on my web site and the rest is sort of drudgery type entering of data.

I am always arguing with myself,
- Andy, why don�t you go for the big money?-
I shake and shimmer, I feel weak.
- Ok, I know Andy that the big money is in Hotel Reservations and Plane Tickets-
Then I say,
- I know, but these sites make me sick -
- Why -
- You know why, because they only want money, they do not care how they make the money? -
- I know, but this is where the big money is at -

- Andy you know as well as anyone, that people are spontaneous buyers, and will buy anything that is package good. It is your buy the cereal packaging theory of marketing. I have heard you talk about it a hundred times. People buy the packaging not the person. You know that is why you are on a diet all the time.-

- I know, but I feel too cynical, I know people for the most part make some really stupid hotel reservations and especially on plane tickets. I want to hide when someone tells me the price they paid for a plane ticket. Or when they want to say what a good travel agent they have -

- Andy, the big money is in plane ticket and hotel reservations -

- But, I would not buy from my own site -
- Therefore, I am having a moral problem -
---- AAAGH you are too much of a purist, a goody two shoes, it is their choice, you are not responsible for what they do.-
- You are just providing a service -

I am thinking too much, it drives me crazy, I am trying to figure out a way to sell plane tickets, hotel reservations, get help by a travel agent. But I want a checks and balances system to know for sure, absolutely these are the best prices available.

I give one of these sites that will do this an inch and they take a mile. It is so annoying, now I am getting offers from websites wanting to advertise. I would never use them, yet they want me to put their advertisements on my site. I know for sure the readers are clicking and making bad decisions many times.

What the big problem is people buy a price, they are snobs. I am living in a 10-dollar hotel that would be a 50-dollar hotel in the USA or more, it is in the center of the tourist area. I lived in bad rooms in the Caribbean for 50 dollars. I am used to living pretty well, not in slums or at least not in expensive slums.

Buyers of Hotel think paying a lot is a solution, this is so very stupid. Like living in an expensive jail that will not allow you to see the country, you came to visit. I guess I know, that is not what people want to do, they do not want to really live or meet the people of a country. They want to live in their home, however have it suddenly in another country. Then they can have some guide protect, hold, cuddle, and keep them safe. They are such chicken S$^ts.

Fear of making a bad decision; therefore pay a lot that is the belief. Nothing smart about paying a lot for a bad room, in fact to me, this is the height of stupidity.

I get the feeling the internet is becoming the way to really gouge person, they stopped relying on the travel agent, now they are really making some whopper bad decisions. A good travel agent is worth their weight in gold. However, a bad one is so easy to find you have to ask the price of 50 to find one.

How to make a page that sells plane tickets or hotel reservations cheap, good, and give true advice, how to stop the spammers from lying on reviews. I will figure it out, I definitely need this site for myself to use. I have a person, me waiting to use the site.

Buying Plane Tickets

Joe Sharkey New York Times

Joe Sharkey from the New York Times is out and about talking, the Hobo was on the site again.

Thanks Joe from Panajachel, Guatemala.

Joe Sharkey New York Times

Who I want to Meet List

Who I want to Meet List

I am expanding my types of tourism as I see that I want to know about people in the world, specific persons. Maybe those people whom I admire.

I went to Walden Pond to see where Henry David Thoreau dwelled on his experiment in Economy and living simple.

I am sad or believe James Michener is dead; however, I may be able to track down some places.

However, what happens in travel is we go and visit where dead people lived. Many times, it is some famous person�s burial site, or whatnot. However there are famous person that are not dead, that will have statues made, will have museums made about them; there is many people alive that can be found. Many important persons in the world live normal lives and I believe you could actually go and visit. I am sure many writers or researchers could be located. I am betting may former Nobel Prize winners could be found.

There are people of interest alive, not dead and buried yet, I do not have to wait until they are dead to learn about them.

One of the persons that amaze me is Bill Gates; he is the architect of a mental maze that overwhelms my ability to comprehend.

It would be fun to go to Redmond Washington, I think close to Seattle Washington, in the USA and try to go and visit Bill. Nothing to lose and everything to gain, which is one of my adopted mottoes.

First I have to get it on the list of my places I want to visit, I start to muse, think, then when it come up on as the world turns travel trips of mine, I can mark it as a target. I rather go around the planet, sometimes east to west, and then other times west to east, not rich enough to go north or far south yet.

Who I want to Meet List

Wondering or Wandering Minds

Wondering or Wandering Minds

I am trying to research a tip, how to do this, something I can place in my newsletter. I browse around in my Encarta Encyclopedia on my computer. I come across the drawing by Leonardo da Vinci the famous whatever.

He did this drawing of the Vitruvian Man; I will keep this General Audience Rating.

Vitruvian Man
- Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci�s Vitruvian Man, from around 1492, shows a man within a circle and a square�an illustration of the proportional canon of ancient Roman architect Vitruvius. Leonardo and many other Renaissance artists were interested in mathematical and scientific measurement. This work is in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. - (2)

Dan Brown
I have not read I believe three books by Dan Brown, he is the person that wrote the book the - Da Vinci Code - that is presently trendy. I read recently his book the - Angels & Demons - which is here in my room in the�
- Need to be traded for new books pile -

I read first by accident - Digital Fortress -

I do trades, hard to be choosy, normally I look for the words - New York Times Best - blah, or something that would say better than normal. You have to be careful; they can try to put those words there, however not correct.

I have usually in my possession seven books, this is my number, the number I strive to keep at so I have sufficient books to read when I by design or accidentally enter the nothing to do world. Some places on the planet are very interesting for study, but are boring beyond belief. What this means is I can walk around for about two hours per day, then after that I need some entertainment, for me this is reading a book.

I want to go to Africa, I have collected over 30 books in PDF files on my computer, and I figure I need maybe 60 to be safe. Some parts of Africa or the Jungle, probably the Amazon Basin or remote parts of China and blah blah blah are very boring. Interesting, educational, however boring.

In the end, it is conversation that is needed, some type of intriguing somewhat intimate; get to understand another person conversation that is needed most. Therefore, I feel some places best to take a companion or friend, mate, etc.

This drawing by Da Vinci is cool, symmetrical, and creates or tries to explain by drawing what is the shape of a person or the ideals maybe of body structure. It is about - mathematical and scientific measurement -.

I am collect common ideas; I keep seeing that distance or the measurement of items is so closely related to travel.
How long to go here?
How many miles or kilometers?

I need to calculate, or try to anticipate the best way to travel from here to here in a certain time, amount of money to spend, the proper budget.

I guess I am marveling at the insight of Da Vinci, he really was a wiz kid of his day.

Dan Brown seems to be having fun at the expense of some of the nuts on the planet that wish to read so much into everything.

He points out in a book how people plot and plan, then the conspiracy theory people can have something to use for substance. Extrapolate, postulate, and go nutty trying to explain what is not such a big deal to know.

People plot and plan, manipulate to get what they want, they do this for both good and evil reasons.

Big deal, nothing new about this idea, hard to live a day on the planet without seeing this basic human nature are work. Not fun to see the evil side though, nice to feel and see the children here in Guatemala, try, oops succeed in selling me items I really do not want.

I guess I have one more book by Dan on my list to hope to find when traveling. It is random and only in Bangkok Thailand, on Khao San road could I actually have hope of finding most books. I cannot remember the last time I purchased a new book, does not happen much, however trades and used book probably one to two per week.

I think Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand may have the largest collection of Travel Books on the planet in one location. All for sale� Hehehe - Used -

Wondering or Wandering Minds

Researcher Hotel

Researcher Hotel

I have been toying with the idea of having a Hostel for years; I want to have six locations around the planet where I can live. The idea is to have self-supporting or self-sustainable properties that create enough income that they can be maintained and protected while I am traveling in other countries. The problem is I need managers that are responsible and this is tremendously difficult task to find this type of person.

On the other hand, there are these researcher type people, Anthropologist, Writer, Archeology, Photographers, or person of more serious nature who are doing projects. Not normally the volunteers, they have a different goal than normally anticipated. Some of the NGO do have the correct agendas; others do not, or most do not.

I need locations where all the bells and whistle work. Internet in the room, hot water, in a Cultural Location, many small things. A mailbox is needed to receive letters, store bag, there is so many needs not fulfilled by any hotel I have ever encountered. It is annoying to me that a hotel does not feel or anticipate, understand, know, and empathize with the needs of travelers and tourist.

To me the five Star Hotel do the worst, the normal residence of the NGO�s.

Researcher Hotel

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