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If I quit your club do you kill me?

If I quit your club do you kill me?

I often wonder the definitions of words.

What is an organization called that executes you if you leave?

1. Mafia
2. Cult
3. Gang

If I quit your club do you kill me?

This is referring to Afganistan.

Brave New World

Brave New World

I keep getting this thought, it invades my mind, I am not sure why, I do not believe I have ever read this book

By Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

This book appears to be online to read:

To me this alludes to the idea of what the future will bring or has brought.

I am in many tourist areas on the planet, the tourist bubble is not a normal culture, however it is a representation of something. What, I am not sure, however I am speculating it does represent the big city, the faceless word where people pass and try not to notice you.

The - Brave New World - I suspect is a world where every person on the planet reads daily about danger. They believe this noise, then enter the world, proceed to be afraid to look, see, acknowledge or interact with anyone they do not know.

How do you meet the new person, I truly hope it not only on the influence of Alcohol.

Nonetheless my instincts are telling me the friendly say hello world of Guatemala has been or is being changed quickly. They watch TV also� the news is about danger, never about how the planet is becoming so safe it is boring.

The developing nations are learning to be afraid of people, the - Brave New Word - may be a place where we never say,
- Hello, how are you today -
- Hola, Como Estas -

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.

The world is a very safe place, it takes some real work to find a good dodgy place to hang around and watch people. Maybe a good border town is the best it gets.

Say hello to someone today, they are safe.

Brave New World Groups


I am not good at RSS feeds, I need an email in my box, therefore in an effort to make life easier for people I have now added a mirror or copy being sent to Maybe this link will work and it will help some use Google Groups.

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Playing around... I made a group with the - service called - Google Groups. If this is your preferred way of receiving blogs post you can now join and receive them in your box. I am hoping it works the same as

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Antigua Guatemala Photos

Antigua Guatemala Photos

This is a Spanish I suppose colonial type door, my guess is in the 1700-s by the signs on other buildings.

A Latino method of Police control, very common to see a little dangerous to take their photos.

A building in Antigua Guatemala.

A sign saying or indicating the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting place here in Antigua Guatemala. The little triangle is the indication.

A cooking pot that is innovative, taking a 55-gallon barrel and making the holding area for the firewood.

Antigua Guatemala Photos


Wifi is not as easy as the make it.
In the USA it is easy because the telephone company send or sets up a open WIFI for homes as part of DSL. Oops a new open system
However, I purchased a wifi finder.
It found them, but did not say,
- This one is unlocked-
IF I had a little Wifi Finder that told me, this is OPEN or UNlocked I could jump on hot spot easier. Presently I have to turn on my computer in the middle of the street or in the hotel to see if there is one.
IF there was a handheld I would walk in front of the hotel... I should blog this.

I was writing Ash, decided it would be a good idea to open this up and try to find this device.
IF I could walk into the lobby of a hotel or hostel, take a look in my new room. Open the little WIFI Finder, check to see if open, I could then make a decision to rent the room or not to rent the room on the availability of the Wifi.
In the room I am in presently the owner of the Hotel did not know they had WIFI in the room, I turned on the computer by accident and said,

I found it.

I CANNOT OPEN a computer in the lobby of hotels. I have a front backpack, a backpack and who cares what the hotel advertises that never works.


Moble Bookmarks in

Moble Bookmarks in

I want my life in the internet cafes of the planet to be easier. I tried this, it did not work.

The import thing did not work.

I thought, hmm must have a way for Yahoo Mail, I think this is best, I would think has it.
IF you have AOL or Verizon, Comcast then I am worried anyway about you.

I often want a calender, I have finally got it through my head.
In my Yahoo Mail is a calender.

Moble Bookmarks in

WIFI Antennae

WIFI Antennae

Chis sent me a great link on how to make a homemade Antennae for a Wireless connection to my computer.

WIFI Antennae

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