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Travel Tips are Worthless

Travel Tips are Worthless
I aspire to explain travel tips that optimize the enjoyment of being a traveler, or simply a tourist.
I now believe today that writing travel tips is worthless to my readers, there is contempt before consideration of the Travel Tips.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I have realized now and understand that there is the you and me problem. I know I am not you, and you know you are not me. I have always looked at advice or my travel tips as stand alone ideas. Thoughts that have value whether you say them or I say them, or even the President of the USA says them, I really do not care, a good idea is a good a good idea, a bad one is bad, not really important to me who is the carrier of the message, the travel tip.

I now realize the word Hobo, the perception of me, the reader’s anticipation of reading about bums, cheap people, or even a person who life is difficult stops the message.

I am good or even great at marketing, this revelation of how to motivate readers makes me weak in the knees, truly negates the value of years of work trying to help travelers and tourist.

The contempt before consideration stops readers from believing these tips apply to them. I do not expect a person to travel like me, however I do hope and expect a person to see the inherent simple value of a good idea.

In a nutshell, tips not package up in a beautiful package, great graphics, nice page design, then explained by University Professor is ignored.

Travel Tips are Worthless

Food Shortage

Food Shortage
I have almost nothing to eat here in Montericco, Guatemala, yesterday I only ate a Pineapple and a package of Granola I brought with me from Antigua, Guatemala.

I am now at the beach in Monterrico, Guatemala, under a mosquito net, with a fan that is effectively useless in the Hotel Brisa, my friends Chris, Marc and Taia are here also.

Monterrico Beach - Playa Guatemala
Monday, May 19, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Marc the man and Taia the girl are vegetarians; however do eat fish, then last night they were munching popsicles from the store. Chris is a garbage disposal eater, anything you put in front of him.

I have been sick, something is wrong with my body, went to the doctor, went to the laboratory, and went to the pharmacy. I am now taking some medicine hopefully to stop any kidney infections, and Maalox does not help if this is an ulcer, I am baffled.

I have nothing to eat, I am surrounded by food, and however, there is nothing healthy to eat. I have gone in the local small supermarket here two times now; I found a can of corn last night. I purchased the Pineapple from a truck parked in the street, however to really go healthy here in Monterrico Beach is maybe not healthy.

I want to stop eating processed food, keep low on fats and simpler sugars, drop the salt, and more or less just eat natural foods. The world has become a big junk food store, even what they say is healthy if full of simple sugars that will make a person buzz. I do not have much selection in canned vegetables, fresh ones would take hours to cook, and I do not have a kitchen to use.

I am going to need to work hard, carry a lot of food in my bag, close to 10 pounds of 5 kilos of weight. I will carry this weight, I am not sure I have ever seen another traveler carry canned vegetables; I have seen two or three carry a bag of rice.

I think today I will cook some rice with some garlic for flavor, all natural, not additives, nothing processed. I need to clean my body, make it pure, cut weight and get this machine in top shape. Strangely, my I feel I have the advantage over my friends even when I am sick, body hurts, and problems, I still feel I am better equipped to handle the travel road.

There are many food shortages on the planet, surrounded by foods that will make you pig fat, yet have very little true nutritional value. The problem is this, there is are may foods, however in any one location there is only about 30 percent of the types sold, what is easy to find is sold. The WalMart size grocery stores of the USA are truly a nutritional goldmine, however hard to find on 80 percent of the planet, and no guarantee there is half the selection.

Food Shortage

USA Most Welcomed Travelers

USA Most Welcomed Travelers
This honor is shared with Denmark and Finland, I would say the USA citizen traveler is most welcomed because many countries entry officials would hassle the Danes and Fins because they have never heard of the country. This makes the USA the de facto winner.

Most Freedom to Enter Countries List or Least Restrictions.

“Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan score lowest, i.e. their citizens have the least travel freedom.”

Translated into reality, this means, least welcomed.

Antigua, Guatemala
Sunday, May 18, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I continually try to explain the world loves the USA, the USA is wanted, invited; life is easy for us on the planet. The world does not hate us; I now have some facts that back up my opinion, trying to shut up the ambiguous, weak willed, out of control press, who tell people what to think with no facts.

If you are listening to some anti-USA crap, I would say buck up, grow up, and get a life, do not agree with this noise propagated by the wimpy, dainty, weak minded, writers of the planet, who are afraid of their own country, or just hate their father. They do not like anybody that is more powerful then them, and that is everyone. You are listening to the bullies of the planet, or the weak will who think the USA is a bully because they have no power and never will. It is a reverse way of getting us to stop being a strong nation.

Too funny in way, the truth is this, who their right mind would read a blog that makes them full of rage. Who in their right mind would sit around listening to another person criticize their home. (The USA is my de facto Home.)

On the other hand, who in their right mind would want another person to love their country? I love the USA, but I could care less if the world does, I think we just need to do the right thing, and let the cards fall where they fall, doing the right thing is what our responsibility is.

Who cares if Germany likes us?
I am sure Hitler did not like us stopping his evil empire.

Note: This is just a guide for fun, interesting and can help stop the Euro Trash from ruining your day, give you a card up your sleeve, some ammunition to stop the ambiguous gender noises.

A lot of this is jealousy and anger instigated in Europe, England, France, Spain and Portugal were de facto leaders of the planet; Germany never real has been and has tried in two world wars to take the status.

The USA is the de facto leader of the planet, whether we want it or not.

USA Most Welcomed Travelers

Chicken Bus

Chicken Bus Video
Entertainment is provided free on a Chicken Buses in Guatemala… You may wonder Bus or Van, then try to choose, shall I listen to the drone of Tourist blabbing nonsense in a shuttle van, or better yet get on a Chicken Bus in Guatemala for good nonsense fun. There was two real Chickens on a bus, plus a Preacher Boy. Here is a video of Chicken Bus entertainment, note, as you will see there were two live Chickens on the bus, there is reason for the name.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

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Chicken Bus

Movie Makers by Chance

Movie Makers by Chance
I believe formal University education is important, however it does about diddle to help in some careers, however University is a good package of memories, so go do it.

“More people get into Movie Making by accident, then those who go to school.”

- Nathan S. May 17, 2008 a man on a Chicken Bus from Antigua to Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

24 years old, first time outside the USA, Nathan is riding the Chicken Bus to Panajachel, on Lago Atitlan. A newbie, virgin, it is nice to see him come outside, to the outside world, the world outside his country, called the USA.

Bienvenidos ala Mundo

This is Nathan, my first though was,
“This guy needs some sun.”

Maybe some fun on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala will make him a movie maker success, or help in along on what I think is his true passion, I feel it is Photography.

I have a couple of Nephews, maybe three who want to do something with movies, make them, write them, act, I am not sure, but for sure they are in a Chicago University studying how to make movies.

Nathan says he moved from Arizona to Chicago, and has been working for a year in production or filming, he outlined to me in 2 minutes from the seat behind me, the clearest explanation of how the business of movies works. I asked him to send a long written version, hope he does...

“More people get into Movie Making by accident, then those who go to school.”
- Nathan S.

I went to Indiana University, Majored in Philosophy, got confused, went here and there, and have stumbled on a few careers that have nothing and everything to do with University.

Rented Beds to Uni students, manufactured Waterbeds, Concrete Construction, General Contractor, Real Estate Investor, Broker. Internet Webmaster, Blogger.

Nothing to do with school...

I take many photos, I am not a Photographer.
I write a lot, I do not think of myself as a writer.
I make strange cultural videos; I do not see myself as Movie Maker.

Nothing to do with school...

I am Andy, I do know, I like to read books, and watch movies, and avoid disciplines lifestyles, plus, I know I do not really care about grammar, in fact, I despise it.

I have many a person write me email, some idea of a goal, minds a drift, maybe no wind in their sails. I know they want to travel, blog, photograph, make a noise. In the last couple years videos or small movie have been added to this blog. I feel, think, that many people dream of writing or making movies.

I think the art of writing, not sure about movies, maybe I know a little about photography is this, you need to write, photograph and all the other art until you “are one,” not what you do, it is what you are.

Nathan has a webpage, he says about Photography, I think he dreams of taking photos.

A Passion for Photographer

I am living by chance, here a day, there a day, you only have one chance, but who becomes a movie maker by chance?

Movie Makers by Chance

Expats The Wanted and Un-Wanted

Expats The Wanted and Un-Wanted
Expats are either wanted by their county, or unwanted.

I am the Un-Wanted.

Too funny and too accurate, you never want to understand expats living around the world, outside their home country.

Antigua, Guatemala
Friday, May 16, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Un-Wanted in the United States of America

Expatriates, Expats, people who live outside their own country, normally are…

Wanted or Un-Wanted… Un-Wanted in the USA, only a child a mother could love.

Expats The Wanted and Un-Wanted

Dwelling on Economics of Square Rooms

Dwelling on Economics of Square Rooms
I woke up, asking myself,
“Why am I living in this square concrete room with on light bulb in the middle?”

I got up, went to the toilet, and then looked at my bed; the cheap fitted sheet was popped off the one corner. I thought to myself,
“Does anyone care on the planet?”

I really wish hotels owners cared, I cannot think of one hotel owner.

Nobody with any intelligence would continue to pay the price of a Five Star Hotel for more than two weeks, they would move into and apartment saying,
“It is a better deal.”
Rooms in Hotels are not good deals or everyone would live in a hotel.

Antigua, Guatemala
Friday, May 16, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I am lying here in bed this morning, thinking to myself,
“Who really cares about me?”

We or I have been brainwashed all my life to think the rich people do not care about me, therefore by default the poor do, totally wrong.
“The only ones who care for me are the rich people.”

I do not think the rich people and the government; they are one and the same. I do not think they care for me in a personal way, yet they are the only ones that provide excellent service or protection from enemies.

I cannot remember the last time a neighbor offered to help me, I think the idea now is not to love thy neighbor, it is to avoid thy neighbor, he only wants to talk gossip or is jealous.

Envy is truly at the top of all economic hierarchies.

1. Envy
2. Jealousy.
3. Pride, the desire to have the bigger car.
4. Greed

I am not sure what them seven deadly sins are that are not in the bible, however Bill Gates can help me, I will go to my Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia.

List from Encyclopedia Encarta, Wiki works for crap offline:
“Pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.”

This list evolved in a folkloric way as Priest and others tried to come up with ways of trading labels for church donations.

I think the list is great, somehow needs to incorporate the word.

This list is meant and used to make a person feel guilty, rich or poor, old or weak, Obama or Hillary, MaCain and all the people of the world use these labels and sub-categories of these labels to make us feel guilty. Fattening us up with guilt, whereby we will give money.

I have to admit, it is 1 in 1000 that just give money without guilt, just because it is the right thing to do, and will make you feel good. People have this nagging guilt on the back and give to beggars.

I have 40 Q the other day to an American man, robbed in Xela, and had talked the owner into a room in my hotel, I said,
“A gift.”
He started to talk, and I said,
“Do not talk.”

I meant it to the bottom of my eyes, he understood, the last thing I wanted to hear was more of his sad sack story, he obviously was close to be nuts, for sure a loser. I purchased his silence, and if he ever talks sad again, I would not give. I rather thought maybe he was telling the truth, so he needed money for real.

Note, I will give to happy ideas quicker, just seems nuts to enabling sadness on the planet by paying for it.

Every person is a business

1. Envy
- This seems to motivate most people; they want to have more than others.

2 Pride
- The want to look better, have a better-looking car, they want a bigger house, and they want the pride of making their neighbor envious.

3 Lust
- Somewhere in this mix, they want sex.

4. Avarice
- Greed an ugly label yet is the sum total of all envy, pride and lust.

5. Anger
- Business people or all people get angry because of the above list and motivates them.

6. Gluttony
- I have trouble understanding why a house three times the size as needed is needed, it to me is gluttony, the never-ending need to eat or consume.

7. Sloth
- The desire to lie around and do nothing, the number one winning motivation, and is 99 percent of people. They do nothing, are lazy and just cannot work enough to go anywhere.

The majority of people give the minimal amount of work needed in return for their pay, my proof is this:

I know that 90 percent of the people reading this blog post are at work, on the clock, surfing the internet when they are supposed to e working.

Value is a proportion.

Price of a room opposed to all the benefits and services provided.

A person will never and should never want to live their lives in Hotel rooms. The only good value is a five dollar room, after that the tradeoff in dollars is rotten, the more I pay, the worst the value. Truly, the best hotel room is five dollar, and I go and purchase all the benefits I need.

The present room is 15 dollars over-priced due to the fact I am in Antigua, a full on, very little to offer, very little inherent value city, sort of fun to look at for about a day, but only people who live here are more or less born, or need to show off their pride of owning something.

I truly do not understand the tourist industry, I do not understand why people buy SUV’s or Cars so big, Houses so large, everything whopper size, they even need Viagra and Cialis to prove something.

A great value is hard to find, a value where I pay 1 dollar and have no doubt in my mind it was worth the money. I have rented rooms for three dollars and I was positive the value was good.

I think many people know, saying to themselves.
“I was paid a lot of money, and I did not give much in return of value, therefore the money is of little value.”

Really one of them seven sins purged the person of the money.

I am in this onerous, outrageously messy situation. I want to go visit Gabon, Cameroon, maybe Russia. I need cash to do this; my business makes 10 times more money if I have internet access in my room. A benefit or service that to me is of real value of about 3 dollars per day to a hotel room, however I continually have to pay 10 dollars per day to have this benefit.

I make a trade, I live in crap room, pay 10 dollars extra, whereby my business thrives. I purchase something of low value that helps me to optimize my happiness, however constantly annoyed because I am provided five dollars of value at a cost of 15.

I have told many a worker, you make me 100,000 dollars, I will pay you 90,000 of the money, that is until you decide to go work for yourself.

I have worked for myself most of my life.
20 to 52 years of age, this is 32 years of work.

I worked four of them years for a company, and 28 years I have been responsible for making my own money. I do not feel guilty when I walk by a bum, I know I made the money; nobody gave it to me….

I gave it up easier, the money when I was a Real Estate Broker, I knew that the true value of a sale was about 1500 dollars and the silly world had set up this percentage basis, whereby I got 5-7 percent, I would have sold any of them for the 1500 per sale.

Life is really,
“Money for nothing and he chicks for free.”

Governments and big businesses normally have to give a good value or they cannot accumulate wealth. When a business sells services to the government, whether road construction or army tanks, this is the way to sell low value for 10 times the prices.

I have seen people living in hotels for up to three months, these hotels are great values, making very hard to want to move out.

I have told many an owner, if the person only stayed one night in your tourist hotel, they think your hotel sucks. They are leaving to find a better place that is a better value.

The economics of the tourist industry is changing, I just cannot believe anybody would hang around in what is now the larger tourist cities like say Antigua, Bangkok, New York, Manila, Tokyo, etc when they can get on the internet and do a skip, pass it completely.

I really am working to bypass all these larger tourist cities completely; there is just about zero value in learning about big tourist cities.

I like money, but not purchase things; I only have a backpack full of worldly possessions. I am not living my life to watch possessions, it just seems to take too much maintenance to watch a house, or car, I am sloth, I will not give up 6 hours of work to have a car, I like people, I want to talk and enjoy the good people that are becoming increasing hard to find.

I try to dig deep into my memories, who in my life gave me a great value or bundle of benefits in return for the proper amount of money. I think mostly about Wal-Mart, Kmart, or sometimes McDonalds, not outside the USA, however inside.

The new world business somehow tries to convince us to buy low value for some seven deadly sin reason. I am not into sinning, just does not seem to give a good value for the buck.

I do not do things like feed readers a line of crap, make them feel guilty and expect them to pay. If a person reads my blog, they get something for nothing, it is free. I suppose they are tempted to buy something, but I try to warn them, not be sneaky,

I am trying to think about people, who in my life gave me money worth always, who sold me items and did not try to gouge me, I can think of a plumber.

A fair days wage for a fair day’s work, a great way to get that monkey off our backs, that goes by the name of guilt.

Dwelling on Economics of Square Rooms

Is the Shuttle Van a Trend in Travel

Is the Shuttle Van a Trend in Travel
The Chicken Bus won, this is a used American School Bus sent to Guatemala and made into public transportation. I like Chicken Buses better than Shuttle Vans.

Chickens bus, I do not think the locals call it this… I am sure on occasions a chicken or two uses the bus.

I am Chicken to use the small shuttle vans anymore; the Chicken bus has become my favorite mode of travel on short trips in Guatemala.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Thursday, May 15, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Chicken Buses, cheap and convenient form of Transportation in Guatemala. With a Chicken bus, you do not have to plan, just leave and you will arrive after an experience of a lifetime. I believe a volunteer in this country should be required to only use Chicken buses.

On the last trip from Antigua to Panajachel in a Shuttle Van, I got motion sickness, puked out the window, in a plastic bag, and was miserable for the whole next day recovering from the trip. I think there were three or four people puking, the driver finally stopped and allowed us to revive, and he for sure was not helping by riding the break.

There are the alternatives I know of

Private Car - Too dangerous, I have only been here a few weeks and I already know two people who were robbed at gunpoint.

Hired Taxi - Same as private car, probably worst, as the driver could be conspiracy to rob you.
Shuttle Van - The regular size fan with 12 people packed into it and the drivers a lottery and the seat a lottery. A good seat in the second tier and you optimize your chances of not becoming sick.

Pullman Bus - This is a full size bus, however hard to find them to Pana, they seem to leave one time per day, and I waited in Pana for two hours the other time and finally took a Chicken Bus.

Chicken Bus
I do not know about the rest of the world, I came to visit Guatemala.

“Bienvenido a Guatemala”

The Chicken Bus is the people of Guatemala cramped three to a seat, full of strange noises, nice people, and stops a lot. It takes a different road or path to Panajachel, one with fewer curves and you must transfer a couple of times. A full size bus is better for sightseeing than a van, it sits up about 3 feet higher, the windows are bigger and you can see the world better, the best possible for photographers is a full size bus.

The bottom line is this, I get car sick easy, the shuttle van made 25 percent of the occupants sick.

I want to arrive in any city before noon and no later than 2:00, every hour after 2:00 compounds the difficulties of entering a city, the later it gets the more dangerous and stupid it gets. The chicken buses appear to leave continuously all day long.

I feel the shuttle van; the 12-passenger type is a bad new trend in travel transportation. I think the average person does not want to touch a Guatemala person, and for sure does not want to sit next to one; therefore, this method of towing tourist is becoming a standard. I am somewhat sad; it is the best way in the world to avoid a cultural experience in Guatemala.

The whole world feels this NOT- Private, Not comfortable, not a good way to take photos, cramped, get motion sickness type of vehicle is best.

Today, I realized, I just will not try them again, I got sick in Thailand, and many place, this is the last straw, I am chicken bus.

I think I have learn more sitting next to people on buses, I know the world better, I can feel the peoples minds at work, I just get to know people sharing a seat.
(Note, I shared the one seat with a Korean girl, who gave me her email, I like the bus, I am not stupid...)

Is the Shuttle Van a Trend in Travel

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