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Burned Out on Lago Atitlan

Burned Out on Lago Atitlan
I am two weeks over my limit on this Lake and the city of Panajachel, Guatemala. Ever since I purchased the plane tickets for Iquitos, Peru, I cannot concentrate.

I leave on Monday, too long to wait.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I like the climate of Lago, Atitlan, there is no place I know that has this perfect of climate. The 1500 Meters above sea level, makes for cool nights, and warm days in the Tropics.

However, enough of the old folks, enough of the ragged burned out hippies form the 60’s, enough of the too tame, pudgy, overweight and wimpy travelers in Pana taking a sabbatical from their parents.

I am ready for another vacation from my never-ending travel vacation, in Iquitos, Peru.

This is one of the city on the edge of the planet, the Amazon basin may well be one of he most out of this world places on the planet, it is not easy, it is not for the boys. Iquitos is closer to a border town, however populated with a group of expats that makes Cannery Row saints and sinners look amateur.

There are few places on the planet, Amazon, around the Congo, and maybe over near Borneo where you can still fall off the edge of the planet.

Burned Out on Lago Atitlan

Memorial Day is for a Noble Thought

Memorial Day is for a Noble Thought

Thanks to every person that died in my stead.

Memorial Day a holiday in the USA will be celebrated in the USA this weekend.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Time to stop and pause, stand up, take a moment, and just consider the implications of Memorial Day and why this holiday exist.

Try to grab onto a Noble Thought and take a pause, life is good, time to find a Noble Thought, and just stop talking.

Memorial Day is for a Noble Thought

A Hobo Does Not Have to Live Like a Bum

A Hobo Does Not Have to Live Like a Bum
There is no pride in living like a bum.

“Hobos differentiate themselves as travelers who are homeless and willing to do work, whereas a tramp travels but will not work and a bum does neither.”

I am for sure homeless…
I am for sure looking for cheap places to live.

I continuously rattle the cage on how to get good values, price has close to nothing to do with value, if it did, then renting a room would be easy. I cannot pay more and get a good room; it does not work that way. YOU cannot pay more and get the best room; it is not the way the world works.

Antigua, Guatemala
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I have had three people comment on the price I paid for rooms lately, these are friends and comrades, and they do not get it. I would pay 100 U.S. Dollars per night if I deemed that a good value, highly unlikely, yet possible.

A good value for a room is this, it is the price you would pay and not feel regrets if you lived there for three months, always saying to yourself, I got a good deal.

It is soul-searching process, a gut feeling, an idea that I got the best deal for the room, I got my moneys worth.

I have never and will never try to be a mooch, I do not try to take advantage of people, I do not try to live free. I pay my way, I do know this, and it is hard to say a 3-dollar room is a bad value; it is easy to see that most rooms over 3 are not good values.

However, there are tons or room on the planet from 0-15 that are good values, however when you get about that, it is touch and go.

Please reader, I try to ignore you, grow up, a good room is good value, what you pay is not the problem, this is your budget, a bum has no money, a Hobo will work and could easily pay, but a lot smarter than a tourist who could not find a good value if they had it sitting on their lap. I want people to be savvy, smart, think, open their brains and live the good life, not squandering their money, their time, and their lives.

I will live in any room, at any price, if it is a good value, not so easy to figure out, but if you keep it under 15 on planet earth, you probably are there.

A Hobo Does Not Have to Live Like a Bum

List of Types of Travel Rooms

List of Types of Travel Rooms
Where do you want to sleep, whom do you want to sleep with? I have a collection of places a traveler can sleep.

Do you know any more, did I miss any?
I am 100 percent positive I did...

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Saturday, May 24, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

We at have this new site, , it has over 6.5 Million Cities and we are loading it with the 25-50 million Travel Rooms on the planet.

We know that some people like to live in Bamboo Huts, others want to live in Resorts, and others want to live at the Casino, the Beach Vacations, live in a Castle, etc.

My personal belief is I must and should be an expert on travel rooms, if we are to become the true Encyclopedia of Travel Rooms, we must know every possible way to describe Travel Rooms. This is presently limited to English, one day we will branch out to other languages.

There is a temptation to use the word “Hotel,” as the ubiquitous word to describe Travel Rooms. This word is highly agitating to Travel Room owners, and most of the owners become nervous and refuse to describe themselves as a Hotel. It is funny; the reason is this, many countries tax Hotels more than say a Guesthouse, however, if you are a Hotel you will probably be in the national Tourist Information directory, while a guesthouse could be excluded. Owners do not want to be taxed more, so they do not want to be called a Hotel. Ironically, the word Hotel Site has to by definition and tax classification exclude about 90 percent of the places to sleep. A list of Hotels is highly inadequate wording, for a site of all the place you can sleep.

I chuckle when I read the words,
“Hotel Site”
It is the list of most expensive classification.

I think there is 370 in this list, do you know another, please add below in the comments?

Type of Travel Rooms -Type of Lodging

1 Star
2 Star
3 Star
4 Star
5 Star
6 Star
7 Star
All Inclusive Resorts
Anymans Right To Camp Sweden Norway
Apartamentos Duplex Full Equipados
Apartment Hotel
Apartment Rental
Apartments Rented By Day
Aparttelle Example Manila Philippines
Au Pair
Avunculocal Residence
B & B
Backpacker Older Part Of Town Hotel
Badanj Cave
Bar With Rooms
Bars Place Items In Locker And Sleep In Bar
Bastle House
Beach resort
Beach Sleeping
Bed & Breakfast
Bed And Breakfast
Bird Watching
Bivouac Shelter
Blast Shelter
Boarding House
Boarding House
Boom Boom Hotel
Boutique Hotel
Budget Anything
Budget Hotels
Bus Sleep On Bus
Bus Sleeping
Bus Station
Bus Stop
Business Traveler
Cabmen's Shelter Fund
Camp On Beach
Camp Outside Of City
Camping Free In Norway
Camping Paid
Campus Lodging
Canada's grand railway hotels
Capsule Hotel
Capsule Hotel
Caravan Parks
Card Entry
Casa Particular
Casino Hotel
Cell (prison)
Central Iowa Shelter
Chambre De Passage
Chez L'habitant
Christian Home
College Dorms During School Vacation
College Lounges Or Common Areas
Comme D'habitude
Commune (intentional Community)
Complex Family
Condo Hotel
Condo hotel
Convention Hotel
Corporate Suites
County Jail
Cream Of The Crop
Culturally Immersed Hotel
Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter
Destination Hotel
Dome Village
Dorm Rooms On University Campus
Dude Ranch
Dude Ranches
Dugout (shelter)
Duplex Flats With Bathroom
Earth Sheltering
Emergency Shelter
Expat Hotel
Expatriate Hotel
Extended Family
Extended Stay Hotel
Extended Stays
Fallout Shelter
Floor Space
Flophouse Hostel
Fly (tent)
Free Loaders Stop
Garage Hotel
Garden Hotels
Gay Friendly
Ger Or Maybe Gurs Mongolian Tent You Can Rent Like As A Room
Golf resort
Grand Hotel
Grass Huts
Heritage Accommodations
Hindu Joint Family
Historical Hotel
Hobo Camps
Holiday Cottage
Home Exchanges
Home Or Living Exchange
Home Watching
Homeless Shelter
Honesty Bar
Hospitality Clubs
Hospitality Services
Hostel Bar Flops A Bar That Has Dorm Rooms Above The Bar
Hostel Europe
Hot Springs
Hotels And Motels
House See List Of House Types
Hunting Lodge
Ice Hotel
Ice Shanty
Independent Travelers
Invitation Only
Irish Round Tower
Jungle Lodge
Language School Lodging
List Of Lodging Types
Living Apart Together
Living In Usa Hotel In Another Country
Locker Storage The Be A Bum Anywhere
Lodges And Sporting Camps
Lodging House Uk
Log Cabin
London Deeplevel Shelters
Love Hotel
Luxury resorts
Manage A Hotel Hostel
Marjaree Mason Center
Market Stall
Mid Range
Mini Dorm
Mountain Huts
Nissen Hut
Nuclear Family
Nursing Home
One Hour Hotel
Pages In Category Shelters
Panic Room
Park Beach
Partial Hospitalization
Pas Cher
Pavilion (structure)
Peace Corp Hotel
Pop Up Canopies
Presidential Suite
Private Accommodations
Private Homes
Psychiatric Hospital
Public House
Public Housing
Railway Car
Raphael House
Refugee Shelter
Resort town
Resources Camp
Rest Home Example Fort Patience Ghana
Retirement Home
Rock Shelter
Room In Village Home Africa
Room Stuffing
Rooming House
Rooms In Private Homes
Rooms Rent A Room In An Apartment Or House
RV Park
Ryokan (japanese Inn)
Salvation Army Flop House
Sanatorium (health resort)
Seaside resort
Self Catering
Shooting Lodge
Short Time Sex Hotel
Sibley Tent
Single Room Occupancy
Ski resort
Sleep On Trains
Sleeper Car On A Train
Sleeping In Airports
Sleeping In Planes
Small House
Snow Ski
Spa Hotels
Spa resort
Space Station
Space Stations
Spiritual Retreats
Stall (enclosure)
Star (classification)
Stay For Free
Storm Cellar
Taxi Hotel
Tent City
Theme Park
Time Share
Too Far To Walk Hotel
Tourist Hotel
Trade Show Hotel
Trades Trading A Stay In A Home For A Stay In Yours
Train Sleep On Train
Train Station
Train Station Sleeping
Train Station Sleeping Dorms Example India
Trains Sleeping On The Overnight Train
Transitional Shelter
Transotel Hotel That Is In Airport Or Transportation Hub
Tree House
Two Night And Out Hotel
Two Week Tourist Hotel
Typhoon Shelter
University Dorms During Summer Vacation
University Lounges Or Common Areas
University Or Dorm Lounges
Up Market
Vacation House
Vacation Rental
Vacation Rentals
Very Cheap
Volunteer And Sleep Free
Volunteer Lodging
Wakeup Call
Wedding Reception
Wendy House
Whore House
Women's Shelter

List of Types of Travel Rooms

Too Busy to Make Money

Too Busy to Make Money
I wrote a satirical blog post saying I was retired, because when I compare myself to retired people, I discovered I work less. Guatemala and Mexico the last two countries I have visited have maybe a 50 percent higher proportion of Americans than other countries on the planet for tourist.

I think they are too busy to make money; this may be an American affliction. It is the American motto,
"I am too busy,"
It defines the nation.

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Saturday, May 24, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

If I was not being annoyed, and trying to figure out a way to step out the back door when I meet these people, I would make sport by counting howmany times they say,
“I am too busy.”

I think it should be the new motto of the USA, not the Land of the Free, it the land of the too busy.

I made a few calls to some Internet Hosting companies using and I could feel the tension in the sales peoples voice saying,
“Hurry up, I am too busy.”
I am very annoyed, there is no way a person that is not already doing this Hosting could ever know about Load Balancing, Squid, Apache and all this information enough to speak clear and explain what I want, I need help, not belittled because I do not already know what I want.

I want some support, I do not want a headache, I want to enjoy life and take it easy, this epidemic of,
“I am too busy,”
the national motto of the USA, or the,
“can you call me back later,”

I continually interview other traveler to discover if they are crazy busy in the brain. I want to know if they are agitated easy, have to run, are talking nonsense, and worst of all, not listening to anything.

I was trying to explain a simple marketing idea, how to advertise a business here in Panajachel, I really like the guy, so I repeated it about 10 times, this mean I had to choose ten separate ways of explaining the same concept. I thought to myself,
“Your brain is too busy to make money.”

The USA people are bragging about how busy they are.

The world as a whole does very little, for the most part they sit around talking to their friend all day, have little money, have little ambition and truly get the life they deserve, as does the Americans.

I have this theory about endorphin addictions, this chemical that the body secretes when excited. It is a euphoric feeling you have just after an exciting moment, such as a roller coaster ride. I see most Americans as on the roller coaster from hell, that never stops, never ends, the twilight zone.

Too Busy to Make Money

Map of Travel to Iquitos Peru

Map of Travel to Iquitos Peru
I will fly from Guatemala City to Lima Peru, transit to another plane and fly to Iquitos, Peru.

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Friday, May 23, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

I was not able to purchase the ticket direct, I had to use:

However, I will fly on:
Cost was 314 one-way including all taxes and junk.

The plane flies from Guatemala to Fort Lauderdale. USA, I transfer to another plane, whereby I fly to Lima, Peru.

In Lima Peru, I will fly from Lima to Iquitos, Peru.
Cost was 111 inclusive of all cost.

Iqutios, Peru is one of the main starting points to catch boats going downriver towards Manaus, Brazil or Belem, the Amazon River located on the east side of the Andes starts down in Bolivia somewhere, according to how you want to complain.

Map Amazon River

Map of Travel to Iquitos Peru

Map of Internet

Map of Internet
I am slowly becoming clear on how Internet page Hosting works on the planet; I found a map of datacenter hubs.

Truly more than I wanted to know.

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Thursday, May 22, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

As I interpret how hosting is performed presently.

1. Co-locate Level - Data Center
A company buy the computers, locates them in the datacenter, the people in the datacenter manage to keep them up and add Ram, software and more Hard Drive Memory.

2. Large Host
This company buys from the data center, however the computer, owns the computer and pays the data center to manage.

3. Reseller Level
This company buys again from the large host does not own much, more or less just does support. This is where most people have their sites now.

As the cost and commitment goes up, so does the levels, we are now trying to move sites from level 2 to level 1.

What precipitates the moves up this chain is when the Reseller or Large Host is refuses to give adequate support or cannot climb above the designated server level. As best we understand, nobody at the large host level understands how to use two computers or more to host a site.

I find we have no choice, we must buy our own computer, have them managed in a datacenter as the knowledge and brain support of the large host fails, there is not sufficient human brain capacity at the large host level.

This is the search for the large dealer, whereby the smaller dealer never will tell you how they do it.

There is a limit to the a brain, not all human brains are the same, I continuosly find that having a large web page has a requirement, I must be able to, or I could use partner if I was not capable, however someone in the organization has to be able to understand extreme technical concepts to expand. It is not just to be a good writer or designer, there is also the need to have and exceptional brain for computers.

Map of Internet


A little salt, some butter, maybe a squeeze of lemon and Don Carlos say people eat these larger than normal ant looking jobbies.

Panajachel, Guatemala Lago Atitlan
Thursday, May 22, 2008
Blog of Andy ---

Size of a U.S. Quarter, or a one Quetzal piece.

This is a close-up, this giant ant thing called a Sompopos by Don Carlos the owner of the Posada Don Carlos here in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Don Carlos says they cut of the last tail section, eat them with a butter, salt and lemon and of course a beer.

I have been living in the Hotel Posada Don Carlos now for a few weeks; I think this is better than a Homestay Spanish Language Immersion School. The family here with five children around keeps me talking Spanish. I cook in the guest kitchen, have Free Inalabrico, Wireless WIFI Internet access in my room, all for 10 US per night or 70 Quetzales.

Immersions programs are business ventures, Don Carlos and family treat me like family whether I like it or not, even coming over to tell me to turn the volume of the Television down late at night.

The best Chocolate Bananas in the City of Panajachel, Guatemala for sale here also.

However, at the end of the day, to be part of a family, cook my food, play on the internet, have a hot shower for 10 dollars is a small price to pay to have a family say,
“Andres, venga, tu tienes esta en Estados Unidos?”

“Andy, come, do you have this insect in the United State?”

I treat owners of hotels like friends, and normal I am in their home and not just a guest.

Note, somebody needs to add this to


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